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YAESU - The Radio. The Yaesu brand is well known among ham radio aficionados and is synonymous with premium quality ham radios. From stationary multi-feature communications equipment to portable devices, we have led the ham radio market for nearly half a century. Communicating through radio waves with people all over the world is what ham radio. Latest firmware Public models: FTDX5000, FTDX3000, FTDX1200, FT-991A, FT-991, FT-891 In Homage to the found of Yaesu - Sako Hasegawa JA1MP - we are pleased to announce this model. This transceiver covers the HF/50 Mhz bands, is capable of 200 watts of power, VC Tune for the Main and Sub Band included, along with Crystal Roofing Filters for CW (300 Hz Main only/600Hz), SSB (3 Khz), and AM (12 Khz) makes this the ultimate radio

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Yaesu Ftm-400xd Digital Dual Band Transceiver C4fm Fdma/fm 144/430mhz. $596.99 New. $560.00 Used. Yaesu FTM-400DR Digital Dual Band Transceiver. $579.72 New. $540.00 Used. Yaesu Ft-65r 5w Vhf/uhf Dualband HT With Diamond High-gain Antenna. $150.80 New. Go to next slide - Best Selling Cloning different model Yaesu radios. Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by AA5ET, Apr 12, 2020. AA5ET Ham Member QRZ Page. I have a Yaesu FT-1900 that is already programmed for many of the local, statewide, and neighboring state repeaters. Just ordered a Yaesu FT-2980R which, judging by the instruction manual, has almost identical. Yaesu Standard SSM-55A VC27 Earpice / Microphone For Yaesu And Standard Radio Models VX-6R, HX370, FT-270R, HX471 And Others 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 $39.22 $ 39 . 22 $45.99 $45.9 It's worth noting the venerable Yaesu FT-DX1200 recently met the same fate.. To be clear: parts obsolescence happens in the best of times. Covid-19 has simply accelerated the issue. If you've been considering the purchase of one of these models, you might bite the bullet now if you can find a retailer with inventory Yaesu is a Japanese brand of commercial and amateur radio equipment.. It was founded as Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. (八重洲無線株式会社, Yaesu Musen Kabushiki-gaisha) in 1959 by a Japanese radio amateur Sako Hasegawa with call sign JA1MP in the Tokyo neighborhood of Yaesu.The initial intent seemed to have been to develop and manufacture commercial and amateur radio transceivers for the.

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12 v @ 2300 mAh NiMH FNB27S BATTERY FOR YAESU RADIO MODELS FT-26, FT-76, FT-415, FT-416, FT-530, FT-815, FT-816, Replaces Battery Models FNB25, FNB26, FNB26S, FNB27, FNB27S Product information Technical Detail Each piece of software works with a specific radio making it easy for you to handle the radio's features without having to wade through those that don't apply. RT Systems software works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems for 32 and 64 bit platforms. Click on your Yaesu HF radio model for details The Baofeng UV-5R is a hand-held radio that has been marketed illegally in the United States and was produced since 2012. It has been used in a number of projects involving radios. It is described as a popular inexpensive model. . Features. It is designed to transmit on the 2 meter band between 144 and 148 MHz and on the 70cm band between 430 and 450 MHz. Features include CTCSS and duplex. Genuine Original Yaesu Earpiece Microphone in Yaesu Package! Compatible and Replaces Model # VC-27, Has PTT Button on wire. Fits Yaesu Models VX-6R, FT-270R, VX-7R, FT-277, VX-170, VX-177. Fits Standard Horizon Models HX270, HX370, HX471, HX500 & HX600

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Yaesu's FT-3DR is probably one of the hottest transceivers that came on the market this year. There are plenty of breathless videos on youtube reviewing this.. Relevance Product Name Price Size Set Ascending Direction. Yaesu FTA-550AA NAV/COM Aviation Radio. Rating: 88%. 65 Reviews. Special Price. $199.95. Regular Price. $229.95 (FT-290) Common faults found on the FT-290R English language (FT-3000) Yaesu FT-3000 TX mod from 144 to 148 to 140 to 174 MHz. English language (FT-3000) FT-3000 freeband mod (800 Mhz) English language (FT-301) Display led's English language (FT-301) Speech proc English language (FT-33) Extended frequency for FT-23,33, and 73 English language (FT-41) Yaesu FT-41 wideband receive English languag Yaesu announced two new radios are coming to the market! - Yaesu FTM-3207DR and FT-2980R. Yaesu FTM-3207DR and FT-2980R will be available late summer / early fall! As its model name suggests, the new FT-2980R arrives with the solid feature configuration and mechanical toughness of the ever popular FT-2900R - with a superior output power.

Yaesu FTM-300DR Radio Software. $25.00. Add to Cart. Shark 2M/6M/70CM Magmount 48 Whip. $49.95. Add to Cart. Overview . Yaesu FTM-300DR 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver. The new FTM-300DR provides stable and reliable 50W RF power output. As in recent YAESU mobile transceivers, the FTM-300DR is also equipped with a. Basic dual-band amateur handheld from Yaesu. Seems to be a direct replacement for the FT-50. Yaesu.com Product Page; EHam User Reviews. Reviews of the FT-60 link 1; Reviews of the FT-60 link 2; Specifications. Dual-band (2 Meters / 70 Centimeters) Ham hand-held; 5W/2W/.5W power output; 1000 memory channels with memory group feature; 108-999MHz. Are you sure you want to empty your cart? Yes No. Empty Cart. Please log in! Checkout Transfer Car

Yaesu FIF-232C The Yaesu FIF-232C CAT is an outboard interface system required by older Yaesu radio models for interfacing the radio to a RS-232 serial port of a Personal Computer (PC). Some of those Yaesu models are: FT-650, FT-736, FT-747GX, FT-757GXII, FT-767GX, FT-840, FT-890, FT-990, FT-1000D, FRG-100, FRG-8800 and FRG-9600 How to decode Yaesu serial numbers. Position 2: Determine the position of the letter in the alphabet (C=3,D=4,E=5, etc) and then subtract 2. The result gives the month in which the radio was manufactured. Note that the letters will range from C (January) throughN (December). Thus, a radio with a serial number of 5H221234 would have been. IC-7300. HF plus 50 MHz RF Direct Sampling 100 Watt Transceiver with Touchscreen. Originally: $1,299.95. -NOW ON SALE!-. $1,099.95 Buy. *$999.95 After Rebate

YAESU FT-450D HF/50MHz Ham Radio Transceiver. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (24) 24 product ratings - YAESU FT-450D HF/50MHz Ham Radio Transceiver. $505.00. 12 bids. $34.50 shipping. Ending Tuesday at 4:00PM PDT. 2d 4h FTM-3100R Description Hide. Radio Features: 65/30/5 Watts RF Power Output. Heavy Duty Heat Sink with FACC Funnel Air-Convection Conductor (Wind Tunnel) Loud 3 W Audio for Noisy Enviroments with the Front Speaker. 220 Memory Channels with Alpha-Numeric Tags (Maximum 8 Characters) Expanded Receiver Coverage: 136 - 174 MHz 8-pin Modular) for proper Heil adapter cable, compatible radios, and products. If your radio model is not listed, consult your radio manual for input type, and contact your radio manufacturer if necessary. H E I L H A M R A D I O . C O M 8 - p i n M o d u l a r : Heil CC-1-YM adapter cable for 4-Pin XL Buying a Yaesu FT-101ZD or a FT-902 is tempting, prices for these vintage Amateur Radio transceivers are low.I bought hundreds for my business over the past. By 1979 Yaesu had announced a new version of the FT-101 called the Z and ZD digital models. The newer model ZD looked more like the FT-901 and was being called the FT-101ZD a 901 junior. The newer model ZD was reaching for the high technology features now more commonly found in today's amateur radio market

Yaesu FTM-400XDR - 2m/430 MHz: 50 W FM, C4FM FDMA w/ GPS for APRS (1200/9600 bps), Micro SD. RX: 108-990 MHz. The FTM-400XD uses C4FM FDMA (C4FM - 4-level FSK Modulation, FDMA - Frequency Division Multiple Access), which has been developed for the professional LMR communications Yaesu FT-2311 boxed 23cm radio with bracket 1.2ghz . Yaesu FT-2311 boxed 23cm radio with bracket all proceeds go to the palliative support of an m5 who is unable to now operate. FOR SALE Yaesu FT-2311 boxed 23cm radio , AT BARGAIN 100 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE ASK FOR QUOTEIf Your Address Falls Into Any Of The Below Then Please Get In Contact Before s There Will Be Additional Postage Costs Icom portable radios are generally considered easier to use. Yaesu models tend to have a bit of a learning curve, especially if they aren't COMM only models. With enough time, using a NAV/COMM radio from Yaesu, like the FTA-750L or FTA-550L, should become second nature. But that learning curve does exist and is something that might make a.

See the world of fine YAESU-Musen 101 line. Visit the FT 101 pages! See a lot of very special 101 line links to other, great pages from all over the world. The FT-101â€The Radio that Put YAESU on the Worldwide Map. © 2005 Vertex Standard USA, Inc. The FT-101 Series was a true classic YaesuUSA · Yaesu The Radio Show - FTDX10. New Yaesu compact HF and 50 MHz 100W SDR Transceiver available in December 2020. Functionalities of the top line models in a smaller form factor transceiver. FTDX10 is going to utilize the Yaesu Hybrid SDR Configuration

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  1. In addition, the radio is also lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry around. Dual Band. Apart from being highly portable, another wonderful feature that makes the Yaesu FT60 a good unit to have is the fact that it's a dual-band radio (UFH/VHF), offering over 1000 memory channels and up to 10 memory banks
  2. Yaesu FT-101 Home Page - NW2M. Why so many sub-models? FLASHBACK - In 1971, there were 250,000 licenses hams, First Class stamps were 8 cents; Minimum Wage was 1.60 per hour; 8-Track tapes were at their sales peak; Bill Gates was a junior in high school; the original IBM PC was still 10 years away; Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux) was 2 years old; a new Chevy Corvette cost $5,500 dollars; gas.
  3. FTM-10 Wired remote control for the Yaesu FTM-10E and other Yaesu models.zip: 112 Kbytes: FTM-300DR DE Advance manual.zip: 7.188 Kbytes: FTM-300DR DE APRS edition Instruction manual.zip: 7.715 Kbytes: FTM-300DR DE GM edition Instruction manual.zip: 2.581 Kbytes: FTM-300DR DE Operating manual.zip: 18.022 Kbytes: FTM-300DR DE WIRES-X edition.
  4. Yaesu FTdx10 Mars Mod Update: This works for US models as well. But soldering the connection is not needed. You only need a temporary conducter across pad like a small flathead screwdriver long enough to do reset. Soldering is unnecessary
  5. 8-pin Modular) for proper Heil adapter cable, compatible radios, and products. If your radio model is not listed, consult your radio manual for input type, and contact your radio manufacturer if necessary. H E I L H A M R A D I O . C O M 8 - p i n M o d u l a r : H e il A D - 1 - Y M ad ap t e r c ab l
  6. Details about Yaesu FM Transceiver Model FT-1900 Ham Radio See original listing. Yaesu FM Transceiver Model FT-1900 Ham Radio: Condition: Used. Ended: May 20, 2021. Winning bid: US $90.92 [ 19 bids] Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Item location: Verona, Wisconsin, United States.
  7. Welcome to the Category:Radio Models category. This category: Is a sub-category of: Category:Equipment by Type . Lists all the articles that describe or illustrate specific radio models by different radio communications vendors, etc., as submitted by the members. In general, data in any Wiki article: might not be accurate

Our mission is quite simple, Produce the finest marine electronics on the market to meet the needs of boater's everywhere. For more than 50 years Standard Horizon has built and delivered the finest radios on the market and that's why we can say, Nothing takes to water like Standard Horizon Find Yaesu Interface Cables with FTM-100D Compatible Radio Model and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Yaesu Interface Cables include data, cloning and CAT computer interface connections. Developed or selected by Yaesu engineers for specific transceiver models and specific functions, these are original Yaesu cables Each piece of software works with a specific radio making it easy for you to handle the radio's features without having to wade through features that don't apply. RT Systems software works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems for 32 and 64 bit platforms. Click on your Yaesu handheld radio model for details

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Find Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables with Yaesu Compatible Transceiver Brand and FT-891 Fits Radio Model and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables are used to interface your Heil headset to your favorite transceiver. AD-1 series cables are required for Heil boom microphone headset models including PROSET Elite, PROSET, the original and. Solder it in and the radio will come to life. Some of you may have fixed the two way comm. issue on the 847 by installing a new micro with a part number with updated firmware. Yaesu actually put their part number on the micro with yaesu. However this is not true for 857, 857D, 897,and 897D. I purchase these micros from Yaesu all the time Just arrived, used model with manual, cable, mic, remote keypad, slightly scratched. no box sm5000 - with manual, cable & box The FT-dx5000 HF/50 MHz 200 Watt Transceiver is a Premium Class of Yaesu radio with 2 Independent Receivers plus many unique options and accessories designed to meet the Performance Requirements of even the most. K8XG XML Subscriber QRZ Page. With the FT-857D discontinued, and the IC-705 released now; it seems Yaesu must be working on a new all band Mobile. While Yaesu reps I have talked to say they do not know about new releases until they are announced officially, some other hams have rumored they were told a new multi-band Mobile was in the works

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Yaesu FIF-232C CAT Interface Discontinued! Please check our Used List. Recently Sold Used. Rear Panel. The Yaesu FIF-232C CAT is an outboard interface system required by some Yaesu models for interfacing the radio to a serial port of a PC. The FIF-232C converts TTL levels required by the radio to the RS-232C levels required by the computer Yaesu FT-101 Last updated January 24, 2021 A Yaesu FT-101EE tuned to 7.180 (LSB) MHz.Many users left the protective plastic covering on to protect the face from scratching and dirt. Yaesu FT-101 is a model line of modular amateur radio transceivers, built by the Yaesu Corporation in Japan during the 1970s and 1980s. FT-101 is a set that combines a solid state transmitter, receiver and a tube.

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Sears Model 3573 was known world wide as the FT-223. it is 10 Channel Crystal Controlled 2m FM Transceiver. The Yaesu FT-223 was also sold under the SEARS name . by Sears & Roebuck in the United States. The. Sears Model 3573 (412 3573 0600) in the 1978 Sears Catalog . is shown as a crystal controlled transceiver that sold new for $149.9 Yaesu FT-2980R 80W FM 2M Mobile Transceiver As its model name suggests, the... Read more Radioddity GD-55 Plus UHF 400-480MHz Waterproof DMR Digital Radio,10W with 2800mAh Battery Mototrbo Dual Time Slot (Tier I&II

The Yaesu is much higher quality, and it's designed to be an Amateur radio which means it's better at scanning and programming by hand. The Yaesu VX-6R is not even in the same class as the BaoFengs but I included it in the comparison because it's my favorite radio and I think most hams are going to enjoy something like this over a BaoFeng Find Yaesu Transceiver Mounting Brackets with FT-7900R Fits Radio Model and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Yaesu Transceiver Mounting Brackets provide for the mounting of your radio unit and/or faceplate for easier viewing and use. Sturdy metal brackets offer secure mounting. Some Yaesu accessory mounting brackets are available individually or as a kit with a. Model available for download in #<Model:0x00007fcd9583f9e0> format Visit CGTrader and browse more than 500K 3D models, including 3D print and real-time assets Yaesu FT-7100M Radio Head Mount 3D print model YAESU HAM RADIO EXTENSION DATA CABLE FOR VARIOUS MODELS. CONTINENTAL CONTITECH Y-1792 SILENTSYNC BELT FACTORY NEW! 1, Clausing 20 Drill Press Part #2216 Head Positioning Mech - Read Description

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Find Yaesu Interface Cables with FTDX-5000D Fits Radio Model and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Yaesu Interface Cables include data, cloning and CAT computer interface connections. Developed or selected by Yaesu engineers for specific transceiver models and specific functions, these are original Yaesu cables Title: Yaesu FT-200 FT-250 user manual Subject: Yaesu FT-200 FT-250 user manual RTX HF Keywords: Yaesu FT-200 FT-250 user manual Created Date: 12/26/2005 7:54:03 P Yaesu FT-450D is an amateur base transceiver with state of the art features. Much of the specifications offered by Yaesu 450D are just as good as those of rivals! It features a fast 400 MHz IF Digital Signal Processing Technology. Here are some more of its noteworthy features: FM/USB/LSB/AM/CW RadioMercado. 1 hr ·. Soporte marca Yaesu modelo MMB-21 para walkies y scanner posición lateral, en la puerta de coche. Portes no incluidos. Yaesu brand stand MMB-21 model for walkies and scanner... side position, in car door Aircraft Spruce is a worldwide distributor of certified and homebuilt aircraft supplies

Yaesu Radio Programming Cable VX-6, VX-7, VX-170. Aftermarket Programming CableComputer Connector: RS232 SerialRIB-Less - RIB Circuit built into cable.. $23.49 . Add to Cart. Add to Quote Request. Yaesu USB FTDI CT-62 CAT Cable FT-100, FT-817, FT-857, 10 Feet. Aftermarket Programming CableFTDI USB chipsetTX and RX Led indicatorsCable Length: 10. The YAESU DR-2X is a dual mode repeater operating in digital (C4FM) or analog (FM) that covers the VHF and UHF amateur radio bands. It is part of the next generation of digital for use with Yaesu System Fusion II. Replacing your DR-1X with a DR-2X allows for growth in the digital voice world. Introducing the FTM-100DR VHF/UHF Dual Band. Nice radio, but what I would really like to see, is a High Performance VHF/UHF/SHF all mode radio. Like the IC-9700, but then built by Yaesu high standards like the NEW FT-DX101. Dual Receive with a proper interface for satellite mode. Something in the same line as the 101, which is a great radio by the way The MK0 model has SSB and CW only, and covers the bands 160,80,40,20,15 and 10m. The switchboard in all models of the FT-101ZD has the same functions, but in the MK0, MK1 and MK2 models they have black tumblers, in the Mk3 they have silver tips, fitting by the silver rings on the knobs. All models have a width control for varying the passband. Here is a Yaesu FTdx400. The Yaesu FTdx400 was the first in the FTdx series, being introduced to American hams around 1968. It was a 500 watt rig that would transmit in the a.m. mode as well as SSB and CW. This was also a massive radio weighing around 45 pounds with 20 tubes

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  2. g Software for Yaesu Receivers RT Systems is proud to offer program
  3. Base Model Band / QRG Mode Max P/O Quick Note PDF FT-100 10-160 m + WARC/6m/2m/70cm AM/FM/SSB/CW 100/100/50/20 W RX: 0.1-970 MHz FT-100 (older) 10-80 m AM/SSB/CW 150 W 1966 FT-1000D 10-160 m + WAR
  4. Yaesu/Vertex Amateur Radio Articles and Manuals: Some of the Yaesu radio products have a model number starting with VX. While the radio has Yaesu on the front, the manuals say Yaesu/Vertex or just Vertex on them

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  1. 160-10 M 120 VAC Discontinued! Replaced by the FT-1000MPV. Please check our Used List. Accessories. Recently Sold Used. Previous Models: FT-1000: Discontinued Amateur Base Transceivers : Features | Accessories | View Larger | Rear Panel. The Yaesu FT-1000MP introduced Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (EDSP) providing an impressive array of noise-reduction and interference rejection filters.
  2. Both ham radios offer the user an easy-to-control interface with a touch screen display. The Icom IC-7300 possesses a larger screen than the FT-991A, with the Icom measuring at 4.3 compared to Yaesu's 3.5 display. The larger display on the IC-7300 is actually quite impressive since it's the smaller device between the two
  3. Yaesu Serial Number and Date of Manufacturing Decoder. How to decode Yaesu serial numbers and know exactly when your Yaesu radio was manufactured. then subtract 2. The result gives the month in which the radio was manufactured. Note that the letters will range from C (January) through N (December). Thus, my FT-817 radio with a serial number of.
  4. Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-991/991A. Reviews: 177. MSRP: 1699.95. Description: The FT-991 is the next generation in all mode, all band MF/HF/VHF/UHF. transceiver with C4FM (System Fusion) Digital capability. The FT-991. includes multi-mode operation on CW, AM, FM, SSB, and Digital Modes. (Packet, PSK31, RTTY and C4FM), with 100 Watts of HF.
  5. 2-way Radio Repair. Marine Radio Repair. Automated track sensor repair. Automotion APN-115975 Photo eye repair Send an email or call for shipping instructions! Email Address below (best way ) Use Make and Model or radio repair in subject line. to fight spam blockers! lee@hamradiorepairfix.com. Call: 813-784-5536. Hours: Mon - Fri: 9 - 3.
  6. For ham radio enthusiasts who need a radio that will stand up to the elements, the BTech DMR-6X2 is an excellent choice. This handheld model can work in almost any environment, from freezing temperatures to scorching deserts. The hard plastic body can stand up to bumps, drops, and vibrations, preventing damage during everyday use

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All of the late model Yaesu starting with the FT 9000 all the way through the FT 1200 use the same Parametric EQ and mic preamp boards. The suggested level settings will be the same but the actual menu assignment labels are different. EQ1: -6 dB at 200 Hz, Bandwidth of 2 (set to -10 dB if using PR 40 and you get Reports of too much bass) New Model #5573: Yaesu FT2: New Model #5599: Radio Shack PRO-649 Scanner: New Model #5605: Baofeng UVB2: New Model #5609: Anytone 778UV: New Model #5649: Helida T-M2D: New Model #5659: midland: New Model #5675: Hysera HYS TC-MAUV11: New Model #5677: QYT 780plus : New Model #5681: Zastone V10 HT: New Model #5687: Baofeng BF-230 pro: New Model. In addition, the older Yaesu FT-60R radio had 1,000 memories available (the newer FT-65R has only 200 memories), and the older FT-60R also supported AM Aircraft receive (the newer FT-65R does not). Just be aware that just because Yaesu gives a radio a newer model number doesn't mean the newer radio has all of the features of their older siblings Small and Portable. With a dimension of 6.1 x 2 x 9.2, the Yaesu FT-857D is one of the smallest transceivers available in the market. Although it packs a lot of gear in its small size, it is still light enough to be carried around. The addition of a battery makes the radio a little heavy, but this shouldn't stop your show

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The YAESU FTA-550 is packed with features, yet very affordable. With an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-550 Airband Transceiver provides full communication on the Aircraft communications Band and additionally provides VOR and localizer navigation features on the NAV band Yaesu FTM-400XD 50W Dual-Band 2M/70CM Digital C4FM/FM Mobile Amateur Radio Yaesu FTM-400DR, Yaesu FTM-400XDR Mobile Transceiver GigaParts.com JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser i own several yaesu radio's, and have owned icom and kenwood radio's, and honestly prefer the looks and quality of this radio. performance wise, its up there with the best of them, especially with the narrow roofing filter installed. it wont be leaving the shack anytime soon, and has a permanent place there beside another yaesu classic, my ft 102

The VX-2R was an ultra-compact amateur radio transceiver produced by Yaesu between 2003 and 2007.. The VX-2R is known as the VX-2E in European markets. The Yaesu VX-1R was superseded by the VX-2R and is the model that preceded the Yaesu VX-3R.. Feature overview. FM transmit on 2 Meters (1.5 watts) and 70 centimeters (1 watt) on battery power; FM transmit on 2 Meters (3 watts) and 70. The Yaesu FT-2900R is quiet and powerful. This ruggedly-built 2 meter transceivers boasts 75 watts of output. Yet no fan is required thanks to Yaesu's die cast chassis/heat-sink design. The ergonomics are unsurpassed for safe mobile operation. Four power levels are available: 75, 30, 10 and 5 watts. And weather channels are built in with Severe. Find Yaesu Interface Cables with FTM-400D Compatible Radio Model and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Yaesu Interface Cables include data, cloning and CAT computer interface connections. Developed or selected by Yaesu engineers for specific transceiver models and specific functions, these are original Yaesu cables

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The YC-601 came along in the summer of 1974 along with the FT-101B. However, the first commercially available display for the Yaesu radios was the DD-1 by the U.S. Yaesu distributor Spectronics, who made DD-1 models for other radio makes such as Kenwood and others The Yaesu FT-101E is a solid-state (except finals) transceiver covering 160 through 10 meters in USB, LSB, CW and AM modes. The analog display provides 2 kHz accuracy. An eight-pole SSB filter reduces QRM. Input power is a beefy 260 watts PEP on SSB, 180 watts on CW (50% duty cycle) and 80 watts AM (lower on 160 and 10 meters) If you can spring upwards of two hundred bucks for ham radio, the Yaesu VX-6R Ham Radio Transceiver is the radio to go for here. This is a truly handheld Ham radio considering its 2.3 by 3.5 by 1.1 and 9.5oz dimensions. It has a rugged design to take some rough handling for years and excellent waterproof-ability for outdoor use

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The M-100 can be used with current model Yaesu HF radios immediately. The following Yaesu transceivers work with the M100 without requiring the optional M-100PSK power supply kit; FT-450D, FT-817/ND, FT-847 W2FDH Rating: 2021-07-04; Update: Just a solid radio Time Owned: more than 12 months. This radio does an excellent job all around. The filtering is solid and works as it should, it's easy to remove interfering stations, menu is really easy to navigate and as with most modern Yaesu HF rigs, it has an easy to use menu system (as mentioned above) that allows you to easily customize your audio

Note: The ADMS-2900 programmer will work with the new FT-2980 radio. If you have it use it. If you don't have it, get the YPS-2980 so that in the future when you look for the program on your computer, your radio model number will match the number displayed in the icon for the program on your desktop This new product is offered not for necessity. Although I have the newer radios like the TS-890 and IC-7610, I really, really like the 'last generation' of radios. Just a died in the wool OF. Anyway, I was so impressed with the FT-920, I started looking at a newer model. I found a NEW FT-2000 on eBay. It was unboxed, and stored in a cabinet. Still had the plastic across the display YAESU VERTEX FTA 550 VHF HANDHELD RADIO - AA BATTERY PACK The YAESU FTA-550 is packed with features, yet very affordable. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-550 Airband Transceiver provides full communication on the George and Tommy, from AmateurLogic review the IC-9700 with Ray Novak, N9JA. Watch now >. Amateur Product Catalog. Check out Icom's 2020 Amateur product catalog. Featuring everything from the IC-V86 to the IC-705, Icom has you covered Seller: phroberts ️ (677) 100%, Location: Irmo, South Carolina, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 203490062710 YAESU MUSEN Model FL-101 FL101 All Band SSB Ham Radio Transmitter Very Clean. Yaesu FL-101 Yaesu FL-101 as pictured.Powers on and lights up as shownThis belonged to my dad, and has been stored in, and will ship with it's original box as shown.Protective plastic is still on.

Yaesu FT-207R Amateur HT, Yaesu FT207RFlexRadio Systems FLEX-6400 - MØFOX Ham Radio OperatorYaesu FT-991 Memory Manager - Resource Detail - The DXZoneYaesu FIF-232C CAT interfaceNew Yaesu FT-991A Series Yaesu Musen Co
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