Why do I put off so much body heat at night

Why do some people give off so much body heat? For example

  1. Originally Answered: Why does your body temperature rise while you're sleeping? Sleep and body control of temperature are intimately connected. Core body temperature follows a 24-hour cycle linked with the sleep-wake rhythm. Body temperature decreases during the night-time sleep phase and rises during the wake phase
  2. Why does my body put off so much heat? Hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine affects the regulation of your body's metabolism. An excess of this hormone can cause your body's metabolism to increase, which leads to a rising body temperature. Graves' disease is the most common cause [
  3. Excessive body heat all day, worse when asleep, not cold. internal body temp fine. radiate so much that can't stand clothes. possible thyroid issue? Dr. Ryan Stewart answered Pediatric Endocrinology 17 years experienc
  4. Body heat is a little bit counter-intuitive. If you are warm to the touch to someone else, it actually means you are losing body heat. That would explain why you feel cold before going to sleep - you're constantly losing body heat, which means your skin feels warm to someone else. So likely you're actually not that overweight
  5. Why do I give off so much body heat? Hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine affects the regulation of your body's metabolism. An excess of this hormone can cause your body's metabolism to increase, which leads to a rising body temperature
  6. 11 Answer s. You should go to the doctors to check for hypertension. I think it's due to the body's repairing processes. Temperature goes up to speed that. But, as per first poster. It's definitely worth a doc's visit. I tend to also produce a lot of heat, but it's equally distributed throughout my body
  7. Basically when the mitochondria get dysfunctional, they 'uncouple' from the normal energy-producing process. Instead of making the ATP we need for our muscles, they turn all/most of the nutrients..

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  1. Intense body heat at night. NEW by: F I'm a 57 year old female. For the past 10 years, until a few years ago, I'll awake at night feeling overheated workout sweat. It wasn't everyday but probably at least once or twice a month. My husband would say I was hot as a furnace and move to the far edge of the bed
  2. Sort by. level 1. vaporsnake. · 7y. Metabolism and thyroid function are some important factors in body heat generation. Say, people with hyperthyroidism may generate a lot of body heat. But I'm just going to assume your friend is healthy and it's a matter of a higher metabolism. 83. level 2
  3. Effects of Body Overheating (At Night/Sleep Too) human body, especially at night and during sleep, promotes hyperventilation, reduces body O2 content, and worsens health symptoms. It is noticed that increased temperatures and overheating intensify breathing not only in dogs but in people too. This is especially noticeable in children
  4. Doctors don't know why hot flashes are so common during the menopausal transition, but it has something to do with changing hormone levels. During a hot flash, you may experience any of the.

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Why do I give off so much body heat? Answered. I don't really know if this is a medical question or not, but like the title says, people say I give off way too much body heat. I'm an 18 year old Male, and yesterday while cuddling with my boyfriend he had to get up for a second because he said I was way too hot, and various friends have also. Do you have excess heat in your body? There can be many causes of excessive body heat and your body will show symptoms of the same. This article explains what causes excess heat in the body, how it can be detected, and some practical tips and foods and beverages that can help alleviate it The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that regulates your body's temperature. When you get too hot, your hypothalamus sends a signal through your nerves to your skin, telling it to increase sweat..

Applying cold water or ice to strategic points on the body where the veins are close to the surface — such as the wrists, neck, chest, and temples — can quickly lower the temperature of the blood.. You're insulin resistant If you're sweating all the time (especially at night) or can't stand the heat, it may be a sign of insulin resistance. This means your body has a hard time keeping blood..

Simple because they have higher body metabolism. What you're feeling is the infrared radiation from your wife's skin. The nervous system controls the micro-vascular circulation in the skin as a way of venting excess metabolic heat out into the environment, and so stabilizing the body's core temperature I am constantly overheated. My body temperature is always normal but I seem to throw off my body heat all day long. Even at night with the air conditioning on I am constantly throwing the covers off, my husband uses me to warm the bed up in the cold months, it only takes me about 10 minutes to totally warm up a king size bed Why would i give off so much heat while sleeping that no one could sleep beside me unless there's something separating - Answered by a verified Doctor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website It's not just in the night that body temperature changes, it's constantly changing throughout the day. Typically, your body starts somewhere around your baseline of 98.6 when you first wake up, and over the course of the morning into the early afternoon, it will increase slowly until it reaches roughly 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit The heat came from the dense foam which restricted airflow and trapped the warmth put off by your body. Luckily, thanks to advances in technology, such as plant-based foams (like our Bio-Pur®), that is no longer the case. All of the best mattresses of 2021 will stand out, in part, because of the way they tackle body heat. Thanks to new foams.

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When your body overheats, two things can happen — your heart rate may slow down and weaken or it may do the opposite and speed up rapidly. The former tends to be a symptom of heat exhaustion. One of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause is night sweats, and it's largely due to the decreasing levels of estrogen in a woman's body. Pregnancy and menstrual cycles may also influence your..

The changing hormone levels in women over the age of 45 often cause hot flashes, which can lead to heavy perspiration-even in the crotch region. Night sweats are also commonly associated with menopause Night sweats, or nocturnal hyperhidrosis, are quite different to waking up feeling hot. Someone suffering from night sweats may well actually wake up feeling cold rather than hot, for instance. MORE GLOSS: Nightwear and bedding that helps you sleep For some, it may be the case that they sweat so much that it soaks the bed

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  1. So when the room temperature is too warm, your body starts to heat up which can wake you and make it hard to get back to sleep. And air conditioning is not always a big help. You may wake feeling alternately too hot and then too cool as the AC cycles on and off
  2. Your body sweats to cool itself down, and as the moisture evaporates, it transfers your body heat into the atmosphere. That's why when you do an intense workout, there's no time for evaporation, so your body keeps on sweating. Every person has anywhere from 2-4 million sweat glands. There are 2 main types of sweat glands; Eccrine and Apocrine
  3. When you sleep, your body goes through different stages of the sleeping cycle. During some of these stages, your body temporarily loses its ability to sweat. This in return causes your body to heat up during night. Your mattress's tendency to get too hot will depend on what it is made of
  4. Science is finding that the link between physical and psychological heat is not just metaphorical: A warm body often leads to warm feelings. In one study, volunteers were asked to either hold a.
  5. The best way to do so, experts from leading electrical installations and repair services, Mr. Electric, tell Elite Daily, is to a) place the pad on top of you, not under you, keeping things like.
  6. No imager can see through a hill or rolling ground, so if you can put terrain between you and it, you're invisible. Solid walls will conceal you, too. Stud partitions or drywall won't reliably block your body heat, and some military systems can see through a single layer of brick, but a brick cavity wall or masonry is enough to hide you

For those who struggle to sleep at night, try using heat to your advantage. The human body has a 24-hour sleep-wake cycle that is regulated by a circadian rhythm. This internal system also affects our body temperature, and at night, the circadian rhythm lowers our core temperature to initiate sleep. Despite the body's natural method to. It's not just in the night that body temperature changes, it's constantly changing throughout the day. Typically, your body starts somewhere around your baseline of 98.6 when you first wake up, and over the course of the morning into the early afternoon, it will increase slowly until it reaches roughly 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit Inflammation can be caused by too little sleep, as well as too much sleep. So, if you're falling short of or exceeding the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, there's a good chance.

If you start to sweat at night, unzip your sleeping bag to cool off and re-zip it when you start to get cold. The amount of heat your body produces during the night changes, to a large extent based on how recently you ate food. So if you wake up cold at night, eat something sweet and fatty like a candy bar (without caffeine) or some nuts Not so much. When your body spritzing them with water can help mimic the process and help them evaporate some of the heat off of their body. The Best Sheets to Keep You Cool All Night. 10. Wipe your face, hands, and feet with a damp cloth. Use a damp cloth or towel by your bedside to wet your face or arms throughout the night. But avoid going to sleep with a wet face or arms. Once you have wiped your body, dry yourself off with a dry towel before you go to sleep Your body's built-in sleep clocks cause your core temperature to drop during the hour or two before bed, and once you're asleep, it should continue to drop very gradually until reaching its. When you heat up a sore muscle, it effectively increases blood flow to that area and opens the muscle up. This is why a heating pad can be so soothing and is a very useful device for treating that sore neck that you woke up with. The problem with this is that increasing blood flow to one area of muscle for too long can also increase inflammation.

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2. Too Much Heat Styling. It's no secret that heat styling makes your hair weaker and more prone to breakage over time. And as you might imagine, it's even worse if you don't use any heat. Memory foam and night sweats My memory foam mattress makes me sweat. You're not the only one. This level of heat moulded around your body as you sleep is a common cause of night sweats. This means you're excessively sweating during sleep, even if the temperature of the room is cool when you wake

The Department of Energy recommends turning down your thermostat between 10 and 15 degrees for 8 hour stretches, which admittedly sounds a little nuts. If you like it at 70, you're probably not. At night, when the sun goes down, our body temperature starts to drop and Melatonin (a hormone) is released in our bodies inducing sleep. Our temperature is lowest at night until around 4 a.m. our bodies start to prepare to wake up. Many parents complain about their baby's sleep in the early morning hours. It's the lightest sleep of the night A combined TV heater, what a great idea, must be saving a few quid.:D. Don't want to be a wet blanket but it actually warms the room because it's wasting electrical power by producing heat, in addition to the required light and sound. Unfortunately it will continue to do so in the middle of Summer. 0 The last point is this, and it's an important one: Don't slack off on the rest of your sleep hygiene. A weighted blanket can help you to de-stress, relax, and relieve anxiety

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The best and most comfortable temperature range, as well as the safest for your machine, is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have to use your portable oxygen concentrator outdoors, find a shaded area under some trees or by a building. Keep an eye on the weather to make sure it won't be near the maximum operational temperature, and. Those are some of the hidden things that body shops do to most of your paint jobs, that's why a lot of people don't trust body shops and would rather do their own paint jobs. Especially if you're doing something personal or sentimental. One cool thing about learning the skill is, people start to respect you and you start getting jobs Turn off your lights and electronics 2 hours before bedtime. They produce not only light but also heat, and turning them off prevents heat buildup. Drink a glass of water before bed. It may mean a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but it can also help you cool down before you go to sleep Layer your clothing so you trap in your body heat as you sleep. Wool long johns, a flannel shirt or sleep set, long sleeve t-shirts, and sweaters are all items you can layer on for warmth. Wearing layers, as opposed to one big, fluffy one-piece sleepsuit, allows you to shed clothing throughout the night as your body warms up. [6 Change clothes after a workout. If you usually wear leggings during a workout, sweat can be more visible on your butt due to the pressure of the clothing, Dr. Baxt says. And if you're seated for.

The optimal condition for your body is a balanced environment that is not too acidic and not overly alkaline. If your body is overly acidic, you may be more susceptible to certain illnesses.You may also become deficient in certain nutrients. This is because when the body is too acidic, the body may need to take minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium from your bones to neutralize the acid Why Do I Feel Chills, but No Fever? A fever is an abnormally high body temperature. A normal body temperature usually ranges from 36.5 o C to 37.2 o C, or 97.8 o F to 99 o F. A person with a fever experiences a temperature spike, often starting from 37.2 o C or 99 o F.. While a fever is technically not an illness, it is often a symptom of one, usually an infection So far this winter, from October 2012, to March 23, 2013, the usage has been 1,501 kWh. I have a 5.4 kW PV array that supplies about 200% of my electrical consumption, including that of the heat pump, so the heating system is very green. I have since installed mini-splits in two other houses Weight fluctuations mean that body weight increases and decreases over a given time. We've all experienced the Monday morning scale scaries. After a weekend of cocktails and burgers, you ever-so.

In the late '80s and early '90s, no TV drama packed a punch like In the Heat of the Night — and no character went through more hardships than Althea Tibbs.. Throughout the course of the series, the guidance counselor (played by actress Anne-Marie Johnson) was held captive by a murderer, terrorized by an ex-boyfriend, raped by a fellow teacher, and witnessed the suicide of a student The cause of feeling hot is a malfunctioning fight/flight system. Though not typically dangerous, anxiety can cause flashes of high blood pressure and vasoconstriction. The hot flashes themselves cannot typically be stopped, but it is possible to be more comfortable. Only treating anxiety will stop anxiety-related hot flashes permanently I actually saw fleas three different times on my body, so I know we have fleas. Last night, I put the soapy water with yellow light over it, in my bedroom, and did not see any fleas (and also I have done this before, but cannot catch any) when I woke up. Our dog who is on flea medication, is scratching just a little bit, but not much

Why? Many factors interrupt or hinder a good night's rest - stress, insomnia, bad habits, and physical issues, such as rotator cuff pain. Yes, that is correct. Rotator cuff injuries can cause sleepless nights, although the body is at rest. That said, the next obvious step is determining how to relieve shoulder pain at night TIP TWO: Wear a loose-fitting neoprene sleeve over the elbow area at night - Or a 'leg warmer' - OR a couple of layers of heavy socks with the toe ends cut off (as long as they're loose-fitting.) TIP THREE: Get up and heat your elbow area with hot water under the faucet - If you wake up in a lot of pain at night Ceramic heat emitters produce heat very much like a heat lamp, but do not produce any light. It is basically a ceramic heating element with a screw-on base similar to an incandescent bulb, and emits infrared heat. Like the heat lamp, heat emitters come in a variety of wattages ranging from 60 watts to 150 watts Birds consume upward of 20% of their body weight daily. This would be like a 150 pound human eating 30 pounds of food a day. The result of so much food being converted into energy is heat. Why is my cockatiel yawning and stretching his neck? Bird sometimes stretch their necks and esophagus to clear out their crops

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Panting is a normal behavior for happy and active dogs. It helps dogs cool themselves down because they can't sweat like humans do. Panting allows a dog to rapidly inhale, humidify, then exhale the air, which increases the evaporation of water from your dog's nose and lungs. The evaporation of water cools the body from the inside out I'm so sorry and I can totally sympathize. I will pray for you. I hope you will do so for me as well. Prayer is all you have sometimes when stricken by mycotoxicosis. Comment by Joe — October 27, 2018 @ 10:24 AM. I hate to bring bad news. The only way to get well is get out of that house and do so immediately. See if you can have the mold. For example, some patients may wear a retainer for the first three months following braces during the night and day. Then, after those three months, the retainer may only need to put their retainer in at nighttime. The retainer ensures that the teeth do not shift or move the teeth that the braces worked so diligently to correct That heat has to be dissipated, so your body dilates blood vessels near the skin to carry some of that heat away from your core to areas where cooler air flowing over the skin can carry away some of the heat. Sweat makes the cooling process work even better, because as sweat evaporates off your skin it takes a lot of heat with it

Turn off the heat and add 1/3 cup of coconut oil or olive oil and 1 1/2 tsps of freshly ground black pepper. This will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. If you don't think you will use it in this time it can be frozen in smaller portions. some people are buying silicone coffee beans moulds and freezing it in 1/4 tsp sizes for their dogs Using a crate in a laundry area or garage might be warmer and keep the chicken from using so much energy to keep warm. I have brought a sick bird home during a cold snap to keep an eye on it. I am sure many others have done the same. When transferring the chicken back to the coop, once it is well, do so on a warmer day Fill a hot water bottle and put it in the freezer before you go to sleep. Cool a pillowcase in the fridge before bedtime or try one of the new cooling pillows that are available to buy. Filled with a temperature reactive gel, the pillows absorb excess heat, drawing it away from your body and cooling your skin

The reader is correct - feet do have a big impact on body temperature, and more so in sleep. The feet are ideally suited to helping us keep a stable body temperature, for a few reasons Changes to Body Temperature. Under regular circumstances, the body sweats to lower its temperature through evaporation. 5 Many understand that exercise, warm days, and fevers can all cause a person to sweat, but what may be less known is that consuming alcohol can do so as well. 5 The liver can metabolize about one standard serving of alcohol per hour. 6 As individuals began to drink more, the. 10. Wipe your face, hands, and feet with a damp cloth. Use a damp cloth or towel by your bedside to wet your face or arms throughout the night. But avoid going to sleep with a wet face or arms. Once you have wiped your body, dry yourself off with a dry towel before you go to sleep It's better to wait until you're really sleepy, even if you only get a few hours of sleep, Orma says. The next night, you'll be more likely to fall asleep because you're tired and your body will try to make up for the lack of sleep, so you'll get good, restorative sleep. 3. When you get out of bed during the night, do a mind dump The main thing that is changing overnight is the amount of water in your system. It's amazing how much water weighs! A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, and a pint of water (16 ounces) weighs 1 pound (in metric, 1 liter of water weighs 1 kilogram)

So what you have to do mix the operation of the A/C and the dehumidifier to get the right net temperature that you want. Think of the A/C as a dehumidier that dumps all its heat outside. If you want to dump 50% of the heat outside, you mix the operation of the dehumidifier and the A/C 50:50 Weight-loss statistics show on average, daily weight can fluctuate from 1 to 2 kg (2.2 to 4.4 pounds), per a July 2017 article in the journal Physiological Reports . Body weight is a bit lower in the morning, because there's less food and fluids consumed overnight, and also due to water lost through sweat and breathing, per the American. Why You Should Heat. Just like us, a chicken's body prioritizes its functions. High on the list are functions like circulating blood, breathing and other life-critical purposes. Guess what is last on that list making eggs To top it off, the body's anti-inflammatory corticosteroid levels are lowered at night, while certain itch-inducing hormones and cytokines (proteins that act as tiny signaling messengers) are released in higher quantities — a one-two punch that can make the sensation of itchiness that much more noticeable When I was on it I felt so much better. Have been off for 2 yrs now and back to fatigued and fat and puffy all the time. I know excersise helps and I do force myself to at least walk but not near enough because I get so fatigued I feel I cant even catch my breath walking across the room. I am overweight but still fairly active

For excess wax inside your ear, try to avoid sticking anything in there—pay a visit to your doc to help you clean things out safely instead. Of course, Dr. Dahl understands that people are going. The dare was to keep your heat off until November 1. With the right layers, your body heat can do a lot of the work your furnace has been doing, for free. This winter I have my heat set at. The feathers, which are so efficient at keeping warmth in the body in the winter, also prevent heat escaping in the summer. The chicken needs to cool off by evaporation. Because a chicken has no sweat glands, she loses the water from its respiratory system - in other words she pants to keep cool

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This is true for a few reasons: 1. babies have a high body-surface to weight ratio which increases the risk of heat loss. 2. babies don't have the skills or mental awareness to self-regulate like adults do. Your first instinct may be to check the hands and feet. In general, the hands and the feet are a poor way to tell if your baby is too cold So the rule for a bearded dragon's night time temperature is that it can get cooler but not too cool, and to maintain the correct heat you have a number of options. During the day a bearded dragon will like a temperature of around 95F (35C) but at night time, you only really need to worry if the temperature drops to around 65F (18C) Basically, men generate their own little heat islands, kind of like walking space heaters, Dr. Danoff says. But since women typically have less muscle mass and evaporate less heat through the pores in their skin, they might feel colder than men in a room with the same air temperature.. Some studies have shown that while men feel comfortable in rooms with the thermostat set at 72. As the vagina lies inside of the body, its temperature is hotter than the penis. When the penis enters the vagina, it is suddenly in an environment that is much hotter than the environment the penis is used to. This triggers temperature-pleasure receptors in the penis. Meaning that the penis can sense, neurologically, the change in temperature. The human body uses the extremities, i.e. feet and hands, to regulate core temperature. It works like this; when it's hot outside, the body uses the feet (and hands) to get rid of excess heat and keep itself from 'overheating'. That's why taking off your shoes and socks on a hot day feels like complete bliss (albeit temporary)

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So why do I set 10 alarms and it's possible that you're simply not getting enough sleep each night. This would mean that when your first alarm goes off in the morning, your body has a very. And then, of course, we sweat. And by sweating we put liquid on the skin surface, which is warm to our body temperature, said Young. And then it evaporates. So we're losing heat by evaporation. All this to say that when Gertraude enters her 75-degree house on a hot summer day, her body is in a prime heat-losing state

The computer fan works with a heat sink. The basic idea is that the fan blows air over a very hot heat sink. Since the air is cooler than the heat sink, it just cools it off through conduction of. Belly heat is a perfect example of how reptiles thermoregulate using conduction. It is not uncommon in some places to see snakes basking on roads. The black road will attract heat from the sun. As a cool snake lies on the heated road, this heat will be transferred to the snake, raising their body temperature

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How many broods of young can a crow family produce in one year? In general, American Crows have only one successful brood a year. Figure it like this: it takes from one to two weeks to build a nest (always a new one with each nesting attempt), 6 days to lays eggs (2-6 eggs, average of 4.7 in my study), 19 days of incubation (begun with the penultimate, or antepenultimate egg, i.e., next-to. The church must do a better job teaching a theology of the body that isn't rooted in shame. We are all designed by God and wonderfully made ( Psalm 139:14 ). Everything God gave women was. For an older person, a body temperature of 95°F or lower can cause many health problems, such as a heart attack, kidney problems, liver damage, or worse. Being outside in the cold, or even being in a very cold house, can lead to hypothermia. Try to stay away from cold places, and pay attention to how cold it is where you are

When you keep the two fairly close like I do (60 and 64 degrees), it doesn't take much to heat the house 4 degrees. If a big discrepancy, $250 seems like a steep price. You could just set it to reach that temp. 15-30 minutes before you actually do, so that your furnace has time to catch up to the desired temp Why is my house so dusty? A: Take heart—you're not alone in the battle for a dust-free home. The layer of dust that settles on your furniture can be a combination of many things; tiny. So I use a microwave and a small convection/toaster oven for everything. I even cook pasta in the microwave (just heat up some water in a Pyrex measuring cup, maybe 2-3 times as much as the dry pasta volume, then add the pasta and stir and check as often as needed until done Yes, and the answer is right in the name: heat. High-quality LED light therapy devices give off very little heat, and as I've written about before, heat can be bad news for your testicles and testosterone. Heat lamps simply don't offer the clinically-proven wavelengths and total power output of a good LED light therapy device One common source of stress for cats is when we put them in the carrier to go to see the vet. This is why it is so important to talk to your vet about ways to make trips to the vet low-stress. Vets often recommend things like leaving carriers out year-round and applying catnip and low-stress pheromones to the carrier's bedding help.

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In addition to looking at your cat's ears, mouth, nose, and body movement for indicators of how your cat is doing, you can tell a lot about how they are feeling by the movement of their tail. If it's held high, it means it's happy, and if it's low, it means that it's ready to pounce, so it's important to know what their tail means—it might be. Keep optimal temperature. Too much alcohol intake can increase the body temperature, leading to vasodilation and sweating, which are the body's means of maintaining optimal temperature. When the core temperature rises, the blood vessels enlarge to allow more blood flow to the surface of the body, thus releasing heat

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Heat Diffusion Methods. There are several heat methods that can be used to diffuse essential oils. For starters, essential oil burners such as tea light diffusers and lamp rings are two easy-to-use, inexpensive options. Essential oils are placed on a ceramic or stone surface and heat is applied underneath, usually from a tea light or a lamp light Take a look at this list and see if one of these numbers is yours. 1. Automatic Response to Pleasure. Source: One of the most common reasons women moan during sex is simply because it's an automatic response to pleasure. Just like sighing when you sink into a hot tub, the pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and involuntary response. 2 There are loads of sweat glands on our feet, so there will be more than a little salt for your dog to lick up. However, they may just lick your feet for all of the same reasons - except hunger - that they link your face and hands, it's just your feet happen to be closer to where they are at ground level. This is true for smaller dogs. Photo by Stacy In addition to their grey whiskers and slower pace, the behavior of senior dogs changes as they age. These behavior changes in your BFF can range from minor, such as slight shifts in sleep habits, to severe issues that require medical care. Often they are related to the cognitive decline, pain, and other ailments common in older dogs

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Simply put - you're Bearded Dragon's tank shouldn't have any lights running at night. Another reason that people tend to run lights at night is to keep the temperate up. If you tank temperature falls into the 60's at night, invest in a Ceramic Heat Emitter instead of running the lights 24/7 Last night I caved and actually went in my car to get some sleep because I am so tired. This is what took place prior to me sleeping in my car. I went to be 20 minutes later Luna went under my bed. A cat yowling at night has something to say and wants to say it. Right now. Why Does My Cat Yowl at Night? Vocalization is just one of the ways in which cats communicate with their human families (and sometimes with each other). Much of cat language is nonverbal, making vocalizing an effective maneuver for getting someone's attention

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