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18. Treat your city like tourists. This is one of the more uncommon, but fun things to do with your girlfriend. Take a few hours and visit the attractions that make your city great, and take a lot of pictures of the two of you having a good time (she'll love having them). 17 Painting on a large canvas or revving up a wall in the house with your girlfriend can be unexpectedly fun and romantic. If you are ready to go a step further, spray graffiti on the walls or use it to write romantic messages to each other. The wall is the limit! 6 1 . Movie Night. Sometimes the best ideas are the easiest ones, and that's certainly how we feel about this first ladies night in idea that is sooo simple! 2 . Bachelor/Bachelorette Viewing Party {Pink Peppermint Design} Binge watching some Bachelor definitely screams girls night out to me

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7. Do a daily activity naked (somewhere you won't get arrested). You're probably more likely to do this when you're alone, but either way cooking breakfast with no pants on can feel extremely liberating. 8. Go to a psychic. Just for fun, nothing too pricey Daughters are different than sons. It's a different dynamic. It's a different kind of bond. Since I'm very close to my own mother and even thought I'm almost 40 years old, I still LOVE to do things with her! So - I thought of 101 Things To Do with your Daughter that work for all different ages! There's some stuff for just little ones Sometimes crazy can be found in just doing something you wouldn't normally consider. [Read: 27 fun, grownup things you can do once you turn 18] Some may take more than a weekend, while others may be a day affair. Choose one or more of these crazy things to do with friends that calls to you and would bring out your inner child. #1 Go skydiving. Guys, are you looking for fun things to do with friends? You might be looking for some things to do that are out of the ordinary to create some spontaneous connections that will deepen the ways you feel about each other. We're keen on creating opportunities for true bonding whenever and wherever we are with fun things to do with friends

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What we most want to do, all those fun crazy things, we don't do them, because they make us uncomfortable. Sometimes it's not fear holding us back, but rather our own lack of imagination. We get caught up in life and forget to ask what else we could do to make things more interesting A spontaneous, exciting evening or weekend every once in a while can help break some of those habits and bring some excitement back into your love life. Even if it all goes wrong and you find yourself bored to death by the opera, the simple fact that you were both willing to do something new in the spur of the moment will go a long way to. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! BuzzFeed As Is Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and. Spontaneous women are the forever optimists. They find adventure in a less than ideal circumstance. When you're lost and panicking, they're excited about what you may discover on the way. They see good in every situation, and while dating them, you will too. 6. They're up for anything

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  1. Let's go there tomorrow!. That's what to text a girl if you want to ask her out but don't want to be too obvious about it. 19. You seem to be a person who has an opinion and likes to have fun, just like me. So, let's have fun together by going to XYZ tomorrow!. 20
  2. 10. Play a game together. Frank and I just love playing multiplayer games together online. Check out our list of multiplayer games that you can play with your boyfriend/girlfriend here: Multiplayer Games for LDR Couples. Advance to the next page to see more long distance relationship activities and ideas
  3. Every summer we create a bucket list of items our family wants to do. Now that I have teens, we had to be creative as the bucket list for teens involves a lot more creativity than years before. Yes, the kids always enjoy family trips like Hawaii, Italy, Costa Rica, and Spain, but this list is more about things the teens can experience on their.
  4. 61 - Gain some speed on a jet ski tour. Thrashing through the waters of Lake Mead on a jet ski one of the most exhilarating things you could do during your stay. The tours usually include a number of stops, including sightseeing at the Hoover Dam and a lunch break at the Lake Mead Marina. Jet ski tours
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  6. Voila, three adventurous dates in one (if you do each of your scary things on separate dates)! You can even decide to do one thing off the list a month to keep it going! 12. Look up a lists of events in your area and randomly go to one. Almost all towns have a bunch of fun events going on every weekend

If your date asks you to suggest something to do *especially if you're the guy*, make sure you suggest something. The perfect first date ideas. Firstly, contrary to popular belief, a movie is not a bad first date idea. Most guys and girls assume a movie date is wrong because both of you would hardly get to talk to each other. And that's true Fun date ideas. 1. Take a class for something new. There are tons of places that have classes. You can often find them at the local library, a community college, a community center, or even at a craft store or hardware stores. 2. Hit up a go-kart track. Tons of fun even though it can be a little expensive Here are some spontaneous things to do! Dye your hair weird colors. Hangout with people you usually wouldn't hang out with. Race neighborhood golf carts. See a fortune teller. Play manhunt at a school playground at night with a lot of people. Do things you probably wouldn't do like bowling, ice/rolling skating. If you don't ever go camping, go.

19. Have a Girls Night In. Get into your cutest PJs, order some pizza, pop open a bottle of wine, and have a blast with a night in! You definitely don't need to leave the house for a great time with your BFF, and sometimes staying in for the night is more fun than going out If you're a mom looking to make special memories with her little girl, or a daughter looking to bond with mom, we have 25 ideas to consider adding to your mother-daughter bucket list Episode 1 of OMG A Girl. The episode that started it all!Watch the full series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEDsO12Ccv9ES1Qlnwu_Gi72udJyhVXyZ..

20. Make a bucket list independently of the things you want to do together. Then, share and discuss your future together. 21. Set a list of goals you would like to accomplish in a short-term period as a couple. 22. Write a book together. 23. Toy around with joint-ventures. Imagine you are starting a business, band, or blog together. 24 Simple and easy things for tweens, teens, and adults to do when they're bored. Options for girls and boys, mostly at home but some traveling away from home. Good ideas when you're alone, with friends, or with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Perfect for a summer night by yourself or a winter afternoon as a couple or anytime of the year Though a couples relationship doesn't always replicate the ideal duos in the popular romantic movies, it can be quite an adventure filled with fun couple activities, romantic date nights, meaningful bonding and crazy things to do to help to bond your special relationship Studies show girls lose interest in science by age 15, so start early and keep her engaged to fight this startling statistic. We've got the best science experiments here. 8. Go to high tea. Find a fancy hat and get your pinkies up. High tea is a luxurious activity that every mom and daughter should do at least once. 9 Nice Things To Do For Your Wife . We've had such great response to this post, it was only fair to create one for us ladies! When it comes to doing something nice for us, most guys want to, they just need things spelled out more clearly. So guys, based on this extensive Facebook conversationhere are 51 things your wife or girlfriend would absolutely LOVE for you to do for her

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  1. It also sounds like women are sure picky about where they want to go since it said they may not all be suitable for her and why on the 25 fun things to do with your girlfriend say at the end to make sure they are appropriate for her age and not on the 25 things to do with your boyfriend
  2. Have enough money to do all the things on this list. Buy a house on the beach. Live in the place you love. Play blackjack. Put € 200 on black in roulette. Save the life of a man. Invite a poor person to a warm meal. Build a well in Africa. Build a school in a developing country
  3. Feel the fresh air on your cheeks and peek into pretty windows. 3. Bake together. My friend Clare and I would make boxed brownies in our twenties and eat them out of the pan. Now I'd try these. 4. Head to Sephora and give each other makeovers. 5. Play a two-person game — say, gin rummy or Boggle
  4. 20. Loser has to get up and do something spontaneous. If you're thinking of funny bets for a new relationship, then dating bets like this will be perfect when the both of you are out in public. It will be exhilarating to watch your partner try to do something crazy, and will definitely build the bond you have together. 21. Loser makes breakfas

Men LOVE it when a girl can make them smile, and it's only extra brownie points if she can make him laugh too. Be that girl that he actually enjoys being around. Don't be afraid to let your hair down and have some fun. Make silly comments and do silly things, without feeling embarrassed or 'too hot' to do fun things 22 Spontaneous Things to do before Summer is Over. by Lauren Morling on 28 December 2013 Reading time: 5 minutes Summer time: when our hair lightens, our skin darkens, the water gets warmer, our drinks get colder, music gets louder, days get longer, and life gets better. A time when we need to cut ties and sail away from the safe harbour, try. Prenatal yoga, swimming, aqua aerobics are some forms of exercise that you must do before you have your baby. It will take few months after baby to step out and resume a fitness routine. 2. Shopping Spree. While your baby bump is still not creating that discomfort, make sure you fulfill your shopping cravings

I personally do not like doing random, spontaneous things for a girl unless she is actually my girlfriend...I would not recommend doing these things for someone who is not your girlfriend unless you knew for a fact no one had ever before done anything so sweet for her that she was literally speechless After a little while of changing things up and getting out of our comfort zone, I can attest that being spontaneous is a great way to keep the love alive. In this case of 'Planned Spontaneity. Not only do I love you, but I also love your family. You're mine, and I'm yours. We were meant to be I'll support you in whatever you want to do. I can't stop smiling. I had so much fun last night. I think you're a real work! I love you from my head to-ma-toes! I find you very appeeling. I'm for you 13. Buy a Round of Shots. Celebrate her getting engaged, celebrate her getting a promotion, celebrate the fact that it's the weekend: whatever the cause for celebration, be the one to get the party started. Buy a round or two (or three) of shots for you and your best friend and cross it off the bff bucket list. 14 Cute things to say about your girlfriend's body. Falling in love is one of the most amazing experiences in life, and it's nice to express that love through words. So, make the love of your life happy with spontaneous words of affection. Here is a repertoire of cute things to say to your girlfriend about her being in such a good shape

Put These Crazy Random Things to Do on Your List. With this list of crazy random things to do with your friends, there's no reason to be bored. Life throws enough curveballs at us as it is so making time to kick back and have a fun day with your friends is important Here are 50 of our favourite things to do in Cape Town for R50 or less. Updated: 18 February 2021. FREE 1. Walking tours of the city. Cost: Tip-based. Learn more about the city, its history, interesting facts and take in the beautiful sights with Cape Town Free Walking Tours. Explore with a historic tour, an Apartheid to Freedom tour, a Bo-Kaap. Most guys find it very difficult to approach a girl and harder to say what they have in mind but with a little comic relief, it gives you a good platform and confidence to pour out your heart to her. Here is a list of funny things you can say to a girl, we hope you'll find them informative and interesting When the weather cools down and you're planning a date, you've got two choices: Plan something warm indoors or embrace the chill! Whatever you plan to do, make some time to get cozy with a little hot chocolate or some cuddling at the end of the date. 25. Do a winter sport. Take your pick: skiing, ice skating, snowboarding or snow tubing. 26.

Things to Do in Indiana, United States: See Tripadvisor's 840,461 traveler reviews and photos of Indiana tourist attractions. Find what to do today or anytime in August. We have reviews of the best places to see in Indiana. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions Time spent inside kind of forces you to tackle these things you haven't been able to do, UCLA fourth year Ibukun Olabinjo said. For those with a piling list of book titles itching to get started on or for those unsure of books all together, reading acts as an entertaining and fulfilling pastime Don't go on another boring, routine date... use any of these 10 RIDICULOUSLY fun things to do with your girlfriend, designed to keep her interested, and your.. In a relationship, it really is the little things that make guys happy. While you may be trying to find huge, spontaneous things to spring on your man, the truth is that guys are appreciative of even the smallest gestures. The next time your boyfriend is at work, try cooking or picking up his favorite food and bringing it to him around lunchtime The things men really want in bed are slightly different from what women want because they don't see intimacy the same way we do. That's why when a man cheats in a committed relationship, we don't understand why he did it when he claimed to love us

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There's one question all men of the world are trying to answer. It sounds like this: What do women really want? Despite the popular belief, it's possible to find quite a simple answer to this eternal question. The female part of Bright Side finally decided to dot the i's and cross the t's and made a list of 10 things we expect from men. Guys, take note 18 Easy Things To Do Today to Make Yourself Happier. Below are eighteen simple self-care actions or things you can do RIGHT NOW to bring joy to your life: 1 | Set an alarm to remind yourself to watch the sunrise tomorrow. You have the opportunity to calmly start your mornings this way every single day. So get out your phone right now Girls want the same respect that you think they owe you, given to them. On a date, they'll look for the cues- do you hold the door open for them, how you interact with the waitress, do you walk her to her car or her door-it's as if our minds have mental notepads to see if you're there for just the moment or for more There are so many fun things to do over FaceTime with your friends. This year, more and more people are connecting to loved ones over the Internet, but looking for ways to add to their conversations. Here are ten unique ideas to bring on the laughs and the memories Do something romantic and spontaneous, like picking a flower and giving it to her right on the spot. Invent a meal and name it after him or her. Buy some body paint and write your love message on your body. Record yourself reading a romantic love poem for your honey. Then, give your partner a CD and tell them to play it in the car on his way to.

The things men like in women often have nothing to do with looks, bra size or any of the standard things we think men fall for. In fact, although physical appearance is the first thing they notice (don't we all?), when it comes to settling down, looks often come in last and count the least Taking a risk, living life to the fullest, no plans, don't think just do. To be spontaneous is to be the most relaxed go with the flow and have fun person, you would never get mad if plans changed you would get excited because than it would become spontaneous There are a lot of things to do in Cleveland, Ohio, like visit the Buckland Witchcraft Museum, learn the history of the mysterious Franklin Castle, and behold the world's largest stamp, to name just a few of the many things to do here, but there's something extra special about the abandoned lighthouse on the lake. When the wind mixes with the. Don't miss these 10 things to do around the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Dance, drink and rejoice at Twin Cities Pride Fest, the largest free LGBTQ+ pride festival in the country. Find out how to maximize your Pride weekend! Rock out at the Basilica Block Party, the two-day music festival held on the lovely front steps of the Basilica of St. Mary Things to Do in Los Angeles, California: See Tripadvisor's 733,767 traveler reviews and photos of Los Angeles tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in August. We have reviews of the best places to see in Los Angeles. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions

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  1. I'm a romantic at heart and this cold weather is making me sentimental. Jacob and I moved to Amsterdam about three and a half years ago. We got married in Amsterdam and although Amsterdam has a certain reputation, I find it to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe. I've included in my insider tips for my favorite romantic things to do in Amsterdam, cozy romantic hotels perfect for a.
  2. A little girl in the Philippines, for one, was reported to be able to predict fires and possibly start them just by mentioning their existence [source: GMA]. Then there was the 11-year-old girl in Vietnam that supposedly set so many things on fire without physical action that her parents finally got fed up with it and sought help (as if having.
  3. 11 super romantic things to do with someone you love. 1. Kidnap them and take them somewhere special. Plan something for a day when you know your love interest doesn't have anything going on, tell them you have a fun date arranged, blindfold them, drive around to make sure they don't know where you're going, and then go to the.
  4. 10 Unforgettable Michigan Girls Weekend Getaway Ideas. There's nothing better than a Pure Michigan getaway with friends. This sampling of options lets you combine some of the state's best natural highlights with shopping, adventure, new wine regions and hands-on fun. 1. Petoskey. The Inn at Bay Harbor has one of the state's best water views.
  5. We all have these things we want to do with our besties, but never really get down to doing them. Well, this is the year you must try it all! Here is a bestie bucket list for you to check off with your bestie this year! 1. Take an epic road trip together 2. Give each other a complete makeover! 3. Swap wardrobes for an entire week. 4
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  1. 30 Fun Things To Do With Friends Without Spending Much. 1. A potluck dinner party. Host a dinner party and ask everyone to bring a dish to share. If you are not comfortable with cooking, maybe try and learn how to cook a new dish together with your friends. 2. Host a spa day
  2. 14 Fun Things to Do As a Couple By. Apryl Duncan. The typical dinner-and-a-movie date night is always great, but sometimes you also need a spontaneous break from your routine. Think outside the box: brunch, karaoke, or a lazy day at the park count as dates, too. Date nights don't have to be expensive to be fun, either
  3. Everyone benefits from a check-in, especially when it's spontaneous—the perfect close to both of your days. 25. Make a gratitude list. It's so good to be intentional about seeing the beauty and good in our lives. Jot down a few things you're grateful for, you'll be surprised how many there are. 3 of
  4. Do a puzzle and frame it. Plant a garden in the backyard or a potted indoor garden. Go to a reading by a local author. Play catch. Have a picnic. Go to a museum. Learn woodworking together. Take a pottery class. Stargaze together. Find shapes in the clouds together. Go to the zoo. Learn about the history of your community together. Make a time.
  5. e how the girl will respond to you and of course, you don't want to be rejected or embarrassed

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In whatever you try to plan or scheme, try jazzing things and be different from others. Always be spontaneous and unpredictable. It also helps to list the things of a woman's interests, to accurately target places that might be fun for her. If she adores animals, take her to zoos or pet cafés that have dogs or cats 4. Play Board Games. Bring out the old favorites like Monopoly or Scrabble, or find new board games to play. (See also: Board Games That Make You Think) 5. Play Card Games. Invite a few friends.

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People can afford to be spontaneous when either a) they've got the self-discipline to organise their lives sufficiently so that they have the money/time/clean clothes/planning to do things at a moment's notice without inconveniencing anyone or b) when they don't give a monkey's about their responsibilities to other people or themselves Books like Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon, or S.E.X. by Heather Corinna, in which girl sex is considered to be any kind of sex between girls, independent of the body parts involved, and other articles on Scarleteen -- this Yes, No, Maybe list might be a great start -- cover some ideas in more detail than we'll get to today How to text a girl for the first time and get a text back in 60 minutes. The #1 success ingredient to include in every first text. What mismatch there is in your texts when you text her after meeting her in person. Finally a clear answer: WHEN you should text a girl for the first time. 3 Screenshot examples so you get easy inspiration for a fun.

Spontaneous ways to be romantic. If it's been a while, surprise your partner by taking them out for a night of dancing. Take your partner for a spontaneous weekend road trip. While they're at work, send your partner a text saying that you're thinking of them Do Things That Scare You. Being spontaneous involves regularly stepping out of your comfort zone. So, act and move ahead in spite of your fears. I used to be afraid of heights, but one of my friends and I decided to buy a Groupon to go skydiving. Guess what? I faced my fear and it melted away after I made that leap A spontaneous vaginal delivery is a vaginal delivery that happens on its own, without requiring doctors to use tools to help pull the baby out. This occurs after a pregnant woman goes through labor Fun Everyday Activities for 3-Year-Olds. Play doctor or tea party with dolls or stuffed animals. Do a scavenger hunt for colors: Find one item for each color of the rainbow. Play with a cardboard box: Make a rocket, race car, play house, or nest. Make some homemade play dough Invite your little one to participate by encouraging her to laugh or act surprised by the story, touch the pictures, and turn the pages. 5. CLAP WITH ME. What to do: Around 6 to 8 months of age.

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6 things you need to do to make an open relationship work Maybe you're bored with your current sex life. Maybe you and your partner want to meet other people but don't want to break up The key point is that you have to plan in advance on what you will do every Saturday - do this before Saturday arrives! This way, you will not end up wasting time doing random things like spending money on spontaneous shopping because you got bored. Interesting Productive Things To Do On Saturda 12 Things About Those With Fiery Personalities That Other People find Threatening: 1. You do not mind showing emotion. Your emotions do not control you but they do definitely exist. No one can keep you from showing your true emotions. If you are sad, you will not pretend to be anything else. 2. You are extremely honest There are several fun and spontaneous things that you can do for a guy that you like. Being spontaneous is a great way to show him that you like to have fun. Below are some ideas that should impress him

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How to live a more spontaneous life. Becoming a more spontaneous person is certainly not an easy feat, so here are 18 simple things that you can do to live a more spontaneous life. Hopefully, these steps will encourage you to do something more when you're finally ready to. #1 Shake up your routine It is fun to be spontaneous and surprise them, but not when it surprises friends or strangers who may be in eye sight. Believe it or not, you do not have to strip down and bare all to get your. 8 really Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend that You Could Do Too. As Valentine's Day is drawing nearer, more and more women start looking for things to do for a guy. In case you have absolutely no ideas, we come to your rescue. We compiled a list of cute things to do for your boyfriend to make this occasion a day to remember 1. Animal Walk. Inside or out, encourage your child to slither like a snake, hop like a frog, gallop like a horse, or walk like a bear on all fours. 2. Keep the Balloon Up. Outdoor on a calm, windless day, or inside, have your kids use their hands or half of a pool noodle to keep a balloon afloat

Spontaneous is a coming-of-age drama with equal parts ache and warmth, gallows humor and personal insight. Find this movie, devote 100 minutes of your time, and wear a poncho if necessary. Nate's. Of course it can be tough to find gift ideas for him! However, here we have the perfect variety of cute things to do for your boyfriend! Cheap gifts for men still have the ability to make your sweetheart feel like a million bucks, too! After all, saving your pennies never goes out of style girl Treat your pet to a day of perks doing all the things they love to do; chances are high you'll have a great time, too. 25. Start a book club. You can finally start on those books you've been meaning to read. Call up some friends and see if they'd be interested in reading the same novel and meet up once a week or so to discuss—with a. What Not to Do When Trying to Attract a Taurus Woman. Even after you've put your best foot forward in seducing a Taurus woman, there's a chance you could undo it if you're doing the following things. Don't worry, she's not necessarily going to run at the slightest faux pas. Just try to limit these particular ones

Let's be honest, Kansas City, Missouri, is a pretty sweet place. I mean, it's not known as the Barbeque Capital for nothin'... But what's even sweeter is the city's conveniently central location to some other really amazing places. In fact, with so many great places to take day trips, it's just wrong not to take advantage of what the local area has to offer Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday. Our birthday should be about a day to have fun and to do something for yourself. If that means taking a bath and going to bed early, go ahead. If you want to spend a weekend outside with your friends, don't wait any longer and rent a hotel Pump It Up Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury, MA. Fun and creative indoor play for those active kids, with fun birthday party ideas and LOTS of inflatables! VinKari Safari. Woburn, MA. A fun indoor play and party place in beautiful Massachusetts for toddlers up to those kids aged the big seven! One Stop Fun. Westford, MA

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Sometimes doing only the simplest of things can be meaningful. So, don't think so much and do something pretentious to stand out from the crowd. 9. Be confident and sweet. When talking to a girl on Tinder, just like any other kind of conversation, you should always have in mind what are the first things a girl looks for in a guy. Your actions. If you're looking for things to do in Phoenix with kids, head to the Children's Museum of Phoenix for an educational day touring interactive exhibits. With an emphasis on childhood education, the museum is an exciting place for children to learn through play for school readiness and turn learning into fun at the Children's Museum of Phoenix Quotes tagged as acceptance Showing 1-30 of 2,213. No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.. Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.. You couldn't relive your life, skipping the awful parts, without losing what made it worthwhile 6 Things You Can Do On FaceTime with your BFF or BF. I need FaceTime more than ever. There's something about it that make you feel like a person - especially if you've had no or minimal human interaction in a month during quarantine. Cheers to being that smart girl, I know you are Girls who grew up without sisters thinking they know how sisters behave I do love that Monet thinks being spontaneous is gross. In theory he is given a lot of interesting things to.

If you're seeking things to do in Milwaukee that is a little different, this is your answer. There are hidden doors, spy games, and a noir-tinged martini menu that make this a great place to visit! Address: 779 N Front St, Milwaukee; Beer Gardens The Happening: Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. With Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Ashlyn Sanchez. A science teacher, his wife, and a young girl struggle to survive a plague that causes those infected to commit suicide Looking for cool things to do in the city? Why not delve into unusual London. The capital's world-famous museums, attractions and exhibitions are always worth a visit, but in a city as big. The Top 20 Free Things to Do in Colorado. Updated Jun 23, 2020. 6. Scale the Steps of the Manitou Incline. While there have been recent talks about making this hike pay-for-play, the Manitou Incline is currently free to the public. It consists of roughly 3,000 steps and 2,000 feet of elevation gain in less than a mile Free Things to Do in Houston In Houston, it's easy to enjoy budget-friendly attractions that make cents! Spend your day exploring Houston's greatest hotspots, while saving big with our list of the city's most-loved free things to do. Luckily, for locals and visitors alike, several of Houston's most memorable attractions won't cost a dime

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While they do occur, and are recognized by the medical community as a genuine medical phenomenon, such unaided spontaneous remissions without treatment are not particularly common, occurring in only an estimated 1 in 100,000 cancer patients. Yet, in the rare instances when they do occur, the results are startling Find things to do in Atlanta GA with our list of the city's best activities for both residents and visitors. Lean what to do in Atlanta 6 - Aquarius Do Not Want You to Criticize Them. Aquarius individual does not like being criticized at all. They try as much as possible to avoid confrontation. Even when you provoke them, they tend to say things and assume they never meant to make such comments