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  1. When a white male loses a penis length contest to a black male, then takes a viagra
  2. A permanent white mark, generally upon one's head, that indicates the status of leader of ritual sacrifices in a literary cult. v 2. To create the white mark refered to in definition 1. v 3
  3. A hardcore punk band from the late 70's to the 80's. Contrary to the most highly voted definition, the band was not led by Henry Rollins, but Greg Ginn, the only member that was ALWAYS there. He started the band, Rollins came way later to have led the band
  4. Police. Due to the black and white color scheme of most police cruisers
  5. g from a valley area. There is no one group or stereotype associated with the bandana. The movement began in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska in 2002 and has a strong following
  6. A person who is righteous and fights against evil ''bully'' in many ways. A white wolf is someone who has analytic morals and beliefs to justice. Although this personality is not common to those days

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Gang Terminology - Gang Enforcement. Gangs have developed their own spoken language or terminology. Depending on which gang you are dealing with the language will vary. Members find many ways to say the same thing. The vocabulary can be extensive and confusing. We must understand that this terminology, like all terminology, is a dynamic and. white flag: Dictionary/thesaurus [home, info] Business (1 matching dictionary) White Flag: MoneyGlossary.com [home, info] Computing (1 matching dictionary) white flag: Encyclopedia [home, info] Slang (1 matching dictionary) white flag: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Sports (1 matching dictionary) White flag: Sports Definitions [home, info

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  1. Flag definition is - any of various monocotyledonous plants with long ensiform leaves: such as. How to use flag in a sentence
  2. Redneck is a derogatory term chiefly, but not exclusively, applied to white Americans perceived to be crass and unsophisticated, closely associated with rural whites of the Southern United States. Its usage is similar in meaning to cracker (especially regarding Texas, Georgia, and Florida), hillbilly (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks), and white trash (but without the last term's.
  3. Capture The Flag Urban Dictionary. By Tania Sari | February 17, 2020. 0 Comment. Urban dictionary o definition png financial glossary dictionary finance news juneau district healthy living for smart kozhikode single use plastic regulation. ← White Flag Like Song Russia Flag 1940.

To avoid getting in trouble with the law, at school and at home, teens often use slang or street names to talk about drugs in secret. If you hear your teen using any of these slang terms, it ma Noun: Flag a flag Yo mum A bird Red and black green Parsad R k Green flag: Verb: To flag move to warn alert I don't know Cool Kalal: Adjective: Flagged gorgeous red the flag Cool green Hindu: Definition: This is a flag A cloth on rod is mark of a country or team This is a red flag. A red flag A way of waving cloth to warn someone its a flag lmao It's means nothing Mental health awareness Hindu. Dictionary of Lesbian Terms. AG: An acronym for Agressive Girl. Not necessarily as masculine as a butch or stud, but an AG has more masculine qualities and is sexually dominant. A top, so to speak. Baby Lesbian: A lesbian who is between the ages of high school graduation and drinking age

Define red flag. red flag synonyms, red flag pronunciation, red flag translation, English dictionary definition of red flag. n. 1. A warning signal. 2. Something that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth.. Face with Tongue Emoji Meaning. A yellow face with small, open eyes and a big grin, playfully sticking out its tongue.Can variously convey a sense of fun, excitement, silliness, cuteness, happiness, or jesting, as if saying Just kidding!. Generally less goofy than Winking Face With Tongue and less animated than Squinting Face With Tongue..

Pirate Flag: Urban Dictionary [home, info] (Note: See pirate_flags for more definitions.) Quick definitions from WordNet (pirate flag) noun: a black flag bearing a white skull and crossbones; indicates a pirate ship Also see pirate_flags Words similar to pirate flag Usage examples for pirate flag Define flag. flag synonyms, flag pronunciation, flag translation, English dictionary definition of flag. n. 1. A piece of cloth, usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, standard, signal, or emblem. white flag - flag consisting of a piece of white cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender or to ask for a truce Kekistan is a fictional country invented by users on 4chan's /pol/ board as the tongue-in-cheek ethnic origin of shitposters known as Kekistanis who worship the ancient Egyptian diety Kek. In late January 2017, Kekistan began widely circulating on Twitter following its promotion by YouTuber Sargon of Akkad 2021 Emoji Slang: A Guide for Parents. **This blog post was updated on May 28, 2021.**. You probably know some of the slang terms your child uses while texting, but you may be completely baffled by all of the emoji slang they use to chat with friends. But don't worry — we've explained some of the most common emojis teens and tweens use so. The insurrection was led by a number of factions, many of whom - such as QAnon and the Proud Boys - are associated with far-right and white supremacist ideology. A number of flags and symbols were also present, including the Confederate flag and the Gadsden flag featuring the slogan Don't Step On Me

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Like many terms, there's no agreed-upon rule on it, because different people have different associations with the word. To explain that, we can look at the definitions for it on Urban Dictionary, a site that explains slang terms and colloquial phrases. The user-submitted definitions include ad hominem attack and an insult The flag was adopted as a symbol of Southern heritage, slavery and white supremacy. It endures as a symbol common to white supremacists around the world. Read mor Upside-Down Smiley. Upside-Down Smiley is the embodiment of passive-aggression: seemingly friendly until you take a closer look. You receive this emoji when you've inadvertently pissed someone off.

Organization 1488. Crew 1488 (sometimes called Organization 1488) is a small racist prison gang based primarily in Alaska, though it has a small presence in Colorado. Its primary symbol consists of a swastika intertwined with an Iron Cross, with 14, 88 and SS lightning bolts inside the Iron Cross. Hate Symbol For example, a recent University of Birmingham study found that a balloon followed by a comma and a teddy bear meant I'm thinking of you but don't have the words to say it. (You have to wonder how on earth that became a thing.) And that's just one of many fascinating secondary emoji meanings. So read on to learn the secret meaning behind some of the most popular emojis If you would like to report objectionable materials, you may use the Flag for review feature on any topic or reply. Urban Dictionary or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements. Whip definition is - to take, pull, snatch, jerk, or otherwise move very quickly and forcefully. How to use whip in a sentence

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American definition is - an American Indian of North America or South America. How to use American in a sentence What does Rainbow emoji mean? The rainbow emoji depicts a colorful arc of a rainbow. When not representing the meteorological phenomenon, the emoji can express various positive emotions, such as happiness, feelings of togetherness, hope, and good fortune. Along with the rainbow flag emoji ️‍, it's commonly used to express LGBTQ identity and pride Retreat definition is - an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. How to use retreat in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of retreat Gay slang terms can provide a simple way to describe a group of people, or be offensive. Learn what's acceptable and what's not in modern LGBT slang Hibiscus Emoji Meaning. A pink hibiscus, a flower that grows in warm climates.Depicted as a single, deep-pink hibiscus flower with green leaves and prominent, yellow stamen. Commonly used for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and other special occasions.May be more generally used to convey such ideas as love, happiness, and beauty

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This gentle color also means that you deeply sympathize with someone. Don't forget the importance of support during hard times. Using this emoji you will immediately make it clear to a person about your compassion. +add. Copy & Paste this emoji: Tap to copy → . Contents: Examples of Purple Heart Emoji using Red-flag definition is - to identify or draw attention to (a problem or issue to be dealt with). How to use red-flag in a sentence

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Watering hole - this is one of the many British slang words for a pub. Wonky - is another word for shaky or unstable. You can use it to refer to a person or an object. For example, you might say a chair has a wonky leg. Wangle - means to get or do something that is a bit devious If you are an adult and you would like a copy of the updated complete London Slang Dictionary (for example, for law enforcement, a writing project or something like that), click the Add to Cart link and you will immediately be sent a secure downloadable copy: Get the FULL London Slang Dictionary. Was £9.99 Now ONLY £3.99! Squaw definition, a contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian woman, especially a wife. See more From the microphone to the mailbox, FEMAIL cracks the X-rated code behind some of the most popular emojis to keep your messages free from unwanted raunchiness What Is Cancel Culture? Canceling is a complex individual act that spreads to groups and can cause harm. Posted July 27, 2020 | Reviewed by Ekua Haga

Anarchist definition is - a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power High quality Urban inspired drawstring bags by independent artists and designers from around the world. Made from quality woven fabrics, and featuring a huge selection of prints and designs, drawstring bags on Redbubble are easy on the eyes, and the shoulders. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours May 8, 2018 - Explore Keerthi Sathiraju's board urban phrases on Pinterest. See more ideas about urban dictionary, made up words, modern words

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  1. Meaning of Eggplant Emoji. Eggplant emoji is the picture of the vegetable of dark violet color, known also as aubergine. Though in terms of its original meaning it is much like Tomato emoji and other vegetable-related emojis, Eggplant somehow has become a subject of numerous jokes and it is mostly used as a synonym for male genitalia across social media — this surprises many people.
  2. Flags Golf Accessories Mobile Accessories Posters Stickers United States USD $ Canada CAD $ United Kingdom GBP £ Australia AUD $ Created with Sketch. 0; Trending. The Arizona Bowl Breaking 100 USA vs. Everybody Call Her Daddy. Call Her Daddy.
  3. Don't be haunted by the many ways the Ghost emoji is used!Ghosts represent all kinds of things—the past, the unknown, people who have died, people who want to be invisible, premonitions or feelings, paranormal events, and more. There are even a whole bunch of words for the thing: specter, spirit, spook, ghoul, phantasm, apparition, wraith, and poltergeist, to name a few
  4. Breaking the rules. Be Gay, Do Crime means breaking the rules and challenging authority. At a time when 'gay' has been used as a slur to mean weak or lame, this repositions it as rebellious.
  5. Welcome to Chubbies. Here is what we believe. We believe in the weekend; We believe that short shorts is a redundancy; In fact, we believe that 4 inch inseam shorts, 5 inch inseam shorts, and 7 inch inseam shorts are just about all you need.; We believe in swim trunks, swim shorts, bathing suits, swim suits or whatever the heck else you wanna call 'em because we believe that if you.
  6. Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe.It is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Covering an area of 207,600 square kilometres (80,200 sq mi) and with a population of 9.3 million, Belarus is the thirteenth-largest and the twentieth-most populous country.
  7. A Anda An Urdu language word meaning egg, for the pure-white uniform of traffic police in urban Pakistani areas like Karachi. Aynasız A Turkish phrase derived from word ayna, referring to 'those without a mirror', a pejorative description of police lacking honor and having too much shame to look at themselves in the mirror.Often used by Turkish and Middle Eastern immigrants, particularly to.

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California State University, Northridge (CSUN / ˈ s iː s ʌ n / or Cal State Northridge) is a public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.With a total enrollment of 38,815 students (as of Fall 2020), it has the second largest undergraduate population as well as the third largest total student body of the 23-campus California State University system, making it. 13/52 & 13/90. The number 13 used in conjunction with either the number 52 or the number 90 is a shorthand reference to racist propaganda claims by white supremacists against African-Americans to depict them as savage and criminal in nature. In this numeric shorthand, the number 13 refers to the purported percentage of the U.S. population that. Additionally, as a white flag is the universal symbol for surrender to superior force, the counter-opposite black flag would logically be a symbol of defiance and opposition to surrender. Historical origins. The black flag represents the absence of a flag, and thus stands in opposition to the very notion of nation-states View Hate symbols in a list of titles. Hate Symbol. 1-11. 1-11 is a numeric symbol used by the Aryan Knights, an Idaho-based prison gang, to identify themselves. Substituting letters for numbers, 1 and 11 mean A and K, i.e., Aryan Knights. Hate Symbol. 100%. 100% is shorthand for 100% white among white supremacists ↑ Urban Dictionary's definition of GFTOW ↑ Kyo's Model of the Female Psychosi: The Rationalization Hamster (archived from July 21, 2017). ↑ The rationalization hamster, or Matria Toxicanus by Kimski (July 18, 2014) A Voice for Men (archived from February 7, 2017). ↑ rationalization hamster by rampaging teddybear of wub (June 05, 2012.

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By 28 February, a definition appeared on Urban Dictionary, Pride flags torn down less than 24 hours after they were put up in 'disgusting' act of hate . Patrick Kelleher - July 30, 2021 An alternate super straight flag. Super Straight (SS) is the sexual orientation for those who are heterosexual, but claim to only be attracted to or only date those who identify with their assigned gender at birth ().This orientation is most commonly used by cisgender people. It is claimed that they see transgender people as the gender they are but consider sex characteristics rather. Whether you are an out-and-proud gay man or an in-the-closet newbie, your dictionary of gay slang will always be as varied as your little black book of boys. So the next time someone tells you they know 'just the right twink for your daddy charms,' here's a little glossary of gay slang to help you understand what they really mean

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Braai [br-eye] is a widely used noun and verb for an outdoor 'barbecue' where meat is cooked over a fire or coals. Eg. 'We're having a braai tomorrow.' 'We braaied the meat yesterday'. A braai is a popular social event in South Africa and even has its own dedicated public holiday, known as National Braai Day, which coincides with Heritage Day celebrated annually on September 24 0:00. 0:00 / 8:49. Live. •. On August 1st, Urban Dictionary [9] user Kevinlovesdanny defined Virginity Rocks as A motto used by Danny Duncan to encouraged his audience virgins. The only exception is to take another persons virginty. The definition gained over 160 upvoted and 50 downvotes in a year The English language is notoriously difficult to get to grips with. Sure, you can master the basic range of vocabulary to successfully order yourself a portion of fish and chips, but a complex spelling system and seemingly nonexistent rules of pronunciation make sounding like a local a little more tricky. To further muddy the waters, entrenched in British culture there exists a language within. The flag is folded to represent the original thirteen colonies of the United States. Each fold carries its own meaning. According to the description, some folds symbolize freedom, life, or pay tribute to mothers, fathers, and children of those who serve in the Armed Forces Demigender (from demi half + gender) is an umbrella term for nonbinary gender identities that have a partial connection to a certain gender. This includes the partly female identity demigirl, and the partly male identity demiboy.There are other partial genders using the demi- prefix for the same reasons. For example, deminonbinary, demifluid, demiflux, and so on

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A basic white girl is a girl who tries exceptionally hard to be different and stand out from the rest, but inevitably ends up being exactly the same as most other white girls. She thinks she's in trend and setting new trends herself, but in reality, she's just following the exact same *old* trend that many other girls are following to. A Parent's Guide to the Latest Teen Slang. Charise Rohm Nulsen. Updated: February 9, 2021. Here is a complete list of the latest teen slang words and phrases that were popular in 2020 and are showing up in 2021, and what they mean. Even though you're a parent, it probably still feels like you were a teen just a few years ago in some ways But if you're an upper-middle-class white person who owns your home, and most likely benefited from the Trump tax cuts, and more likely than not, you don't know anyone who has contracted COVID-19 because you're lucky enough to not have to work in person, and you still have your job, maybe it's better to remember that while presidents may be temporary, they can cause tremendous harm in.

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Steve Will Do It Route 420 Flag. Sold out. Steve Will Do It Route 420 Flag. Regular price $40 USD Sale price $40.00 USD Steve Will Do It Weed Hat. Sold out. Steve Will Do It Weed Hat. 1 Colors. Regular price $35 USD Sale price $35.00 USD Steve Will Do It Route 420 Hoodie. Sold out. Steve Will Do It Route 420 Hoodie. 2 Colors. Regular pric White Heart emoji is a white colored heart. It is one of the many types of colored heart emojis available for you to use. It can be used to show your ️️ Love for something or someone. You can also use it to show your craving for some white chocolate. Use this emoji with the Face Blowing a Kiss emoji to express your love Learn more about slang in popular culture and find links to online American slang dictionaries


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Symbols. Heart emojis, clocks, arrows, signs and shapes. Heart with Arrow. Heart with Ribbon. Sparkling Heart. Growing Heart. Beating Heart. Revolving Hearts. Two Hearts Black nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that Black people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a Black racial and national identity. Black nationalist activism revolves around social, political, and economic empowerment of Black communities and people, especially to resist assimilation into white culture (through integration or otherwise.

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Four of the nine NIPR plants - cape tulip, Manchurian wild rice, salvinia and water hyacinth - are present in Northland. The council develops its own strategies for other pest plants that are a problem in Northland. The Act requires weeds to be assessed for the impact they have economically, environmentally and culturally (Māori) There are many subtypes of bears, like a polar bear, which is a older bear with white hair. Cub . A baby bear. As bears are typically older men, cubs are younger ones. Urban Dictionary has the. A cisgender (sometimes cissexual, or shortened to cis) person is a person whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. For example, someone who identifies as a woman and was identified as female at birth is a cisgender woman. The word cisgender is the antonym of transgender. The prefix cis-is not an acronym or abbreviation of another word; it is derived from Latin meaning on this.