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Just Touch is a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond. Fly through colourful infinity tunnels and galaxy pathways that open in front of you. Please be aware this app has some strong circulating images and. Sensory JustTouch. Just Touch is a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond. Fly through colourful infinity tunnels and galaxy pathways that open in front of you. PLEASE BE AWARE THIS APP HAS SOME STRONG. Just Touch Too. Just Touch Too from Sensory is an engaging and relaxing touch effects app. Fully accessible with external switches and keyboard, it can be used in a sensory room or anytime. You can experience the live demo on the link to our webpage. If you have our original JustTouch sensory effects app in your school, clinic or sensory center. Download Sensory Just Touch and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎A fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors - Just Touch. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond - Just Touch. Just Touch app can be controlled by assistive. Download Sensory Just Touch and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎A fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors - Just Touch. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond - Just Touch. Fly through colourful infinity tunnels and galaxy pathways.

Just Touch Too - New Release for 2021. Our first release of 2021 on the Apple and Windows app stores! It is also inside Sensory Live! Just Touch Too from Sensory is an engaging and relaxing touch effects app. Fully accessible with external switches and keyboard, it can be used in a sensory room or anytime. You can experience the live demo on. Just Touch - a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors - Just Touch. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond - Just Touch. Fly through colourful tunnels and galaxy pathways that open in front of you - Just Touch Just Touch Too on Sensory Live! This app content is for Personal, Pro Share, and Site License members of Sensory Live! only. Advantages of Sensory Live! Access and install most of the Sensory App House range. Run the apps full screen, from the cloud, on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Install the apps to run offline and run full screen Sensory App House Ltd. Just Touch is a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Similar. See more. Babbles for Babies (The safer bubble popping app) WitSauce. A perfect first app, offering your toddler joy in bursting bubbles and more. My baby Piano (Remove ad) DOKDOAPPS Simply Touch Too. A fun app for young learners. As the SimplyTouch Too name suggests, by tapping a touch screen, shapes will follow your movement around the screen. Change shapes, make the sparkling effects and bubbles follow the touch. 16 different visual effects give variety for a short fun experience

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning. Entertain your baby or toddler in this fun, visually stimulating underwater sensory learning app. Also a great way to help develop your child's hand to eye coordination skills, as well as for the development of children with learning disabilities such as autism. • Different fish to choose from, all with. Sensory Speak Up is a visually stimulating simple game style app that responds to sounds. Speak Up can be used to encourage children to vocalize and make sounds, either through the internal microphone or via and external microphone. Designed to assist with speech therapy, the louder the voice sound, the bigger the shape or pattern becomes Sensory Fun-Painting. Sensory Fun Painting allows you to create beautiful symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations for your entertainment and relaxation. Produce mirror effects using tubes, fans, solids and lines. Fun Painting is a follow on from our Coloco app and expands on the symmetry, colors and effects that you can use Tactile: responsible for processing touch information from the body. The above information can be found more in-depth here. 5 Apps for Sensory Processing Disorder: I have written about countless apps on our blog over the past few years. However, I've yet to cover a list specifically for Sensory Processing Disorder

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Whole Screen Cause and Effect Apps for iPad We often get asked for cause and effect apps requiring gross motor skills i.e. hit anywhere on screen, rather than on just a specific location. Below is a list of apps that either uses the whole screen as an activation area, or a large section of the screen, giving a high success rate Fireworks Arcade is a fun-filled app for all ages, and a showcase app for multi-touch and graphics. Tap or drag to create brilliant displays of light and sound. Compete or relax in one of several game modes. Paint art with firework shapes. Or just watch a generated show. How you play is up to you, so get creative

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  1. An easy to use app that is accessible and good for early learners exploring touch and motion. A free app just released on iOS App Store. #sensory #digitalart #liquidart #sensoryapps New Sensory SandBox released for 2021
  2. JustTouch Too from Sensory is an engaging and relaxing touch effects app. Fully accessible with external switches and keyboard, it can be used in a sensory room or anytime. You can experience the live demo on the link to our webpage
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  4. Miracle Modus- This app is full of hypnotic rainbows and soft balls. The app was devolved to help people manage sensory overload. It has received praise from many different app developers and is easy to use. Free on iTunes. Brain Works- Developed by an OT, the app is loaded with over 130 sensory activities
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Complete the multi-sensory circle by adding the sense of touch to any touchscreen device. Vital tactile stimulation essential for kids with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, executive functioning, auditory processing & advanced early learners Check out our new iPad app, It's hard to describe just how awesome this product is.. Wanneer u over een tablet of iPad beschikt kunt u deze ook inzetten bij het uitdagen van uw leerlingen. De apps staan geordend op de niveaus van SO-Gepiept 2.0. Bij elk niveau staan er een aantal.. Sensory Just Touch - very alerting for sensory seekers - very visual - FREE Art of Glow - draw using various shapes that glow the colours of the rainbow - FREE Fluid - very relaxing - move your finger over water - listen to the music - change the picture from pebbles to their favourite teddy if you wish - FRE

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  1. Touch Activated Sensory Light Show App Review App Info. Price: $0.99. Overview. Touch Activated Sensory Light Show is an interesting app that uses various shapes, lights, and sounds to inspire cause and effect play. With each tap on the screen, players see a unique shape appear and a fun sound play creating a fun light show to enjoy. Features.
  2. Sensory light box. Also, I just found a great brand this week for those who need photos on plain background. Look for Grasshopperapps.com and find the photo touch apps. They use bright photos on a plain white background and you can change the settings to the number of items presented from 1-10, add your own photos, and record your own praise
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  4. App Vendor Price App Description Switch Features/Skills Electra Sensory Apps Ltd. Free Simple special effects app that is visually stimulating - Touch a switch to change electric effect and color. One to four Switches • Age appropriate • Teaches multiple switch use • Visually stimulating Five Little Aliens Inclusive Technology Ltd $2.9

Just Bee. Let's Make The World Sensory-Friendly. Just Bee is a non-profit organization working to connect families with their local community through raising awareness, creating partnerships, and providing training resources for sensory-friendly businesses; encouraging positive experiences for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Our next app book Little Lilly's Touch Book, about tactile sensory avoidance, should be out soon(ish) too. More books to come. If any of you know people in the Autism and special needs community whom you think we should contact about our app, please let us know. We are so excited about Zanny and can't wait to show him off Ipad apps for kids with autism are readily available and include a broad range of skills focus. Whether they need language help, behavioral coping mechanisms or just a brain break with a fun game, here are nine of the best available, all with evidence and research to back them up. Best Apps For Autism. aacorn AA

There's lots for baby to explore in See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book.This sturdy board book, with bright photographs of happy babies, is specially designed to stimulate curiosity through sensory play.Each page has a colorful picture activity that invites baby to touch and explore Sensory Apps Ltd. Free Simple special effects app that is visually stimulating - Touch a switch to change electric effect and color. One to four Switches • Age appropriate • Teaches multiple switch use • Visually stimulating 800-832-8697 ©2016 / Enabling Devices - Educational Apps Chart, Part I www.enablingdevices.com Page

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Sensory Play Ideas: 5 Games to Develop the Sense of Touch. Human touch is essential to a child's development - and the benefits are not just for babies! Touch positively impacts bonding, emotional health, and the development of physical, language and cognitive skills. Playful activities that develop the sense of touch are not difficult. Tom also responds to touch and helps to emphasize the relationship between action & outcome. Glow Draw Sensory seekers will benefit from the neon lights and relationship between drawing on the screen. Kids can draw on photos or a blank canvas so creative options are abundant. Related: Beginner's Guide to Sensory Processing. Apps For Speec Sensory Light Box uses abstract animation, music and sound to introduce basic touch skills and awareness of cause & effect. 30 colourful scenes are included ranging from calming immersives to energetic stims. Many options are provided to customise visuals and control method. Light Box has become a popular app for parents of young toddlers and.

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Touch and Texture Sensory Learning Ideas. Put objects in a box and feel/guess. Sandpaper shape cut outs. Tearing paper (either to glue onto something, or just to tear up) Crumpling newspaper . Sponges- Get out bowls and a sponge to transfer water from one bowl to the other. Play-dough. Bubble wrap popping. Tin foil sculpting or squishing. Salt. Sensory Toolbox. Sensory Kit. UDL 7.3 UDL 9.2. A Sensory Toolbox is a box that contains a variety of sensory items such as fidgets, bean bags, weighted lap pillows, massagers, stress balls, cd player, etc. The Sensory Toolbox can be equipped for the whole classroom or can be set up individually for a student. The purpose of the Sensory Toolbox.

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This includes touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. But it also covers movement, balance, and spatial awareness. When a child is born, their senses aren't fully developed. They only mature over time as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers explore the sensory world around them Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care. This is one of many free activities. Golden Carers has 1000s of activities and resources for senior care. Sensory stimulation is the activation of one or more of the senses such as taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch. Sensory stimulation enables us to engage with the environment and communicate in. Food aversion, or sensory food aversion, is the sensory overreaction by individuals to certain types of food. The taste, temperature, color, smell, or texture of the food can trigger sensory issues in these individuals. Children with autism can be food selective, causing major problems in their feeding. Food texture and consistency are the top. Jun 6, 2014 - Explore Elizabeth Mihocik's board sensory apps on Pinterest. See more ideas about ipad apps, sensory, kids app Xisle Sensory Play. Price: Free / Up to $1.99. Xisle Sensory Play is a fun little baby game. It's a sensory experience with a bunch of colors and interactive elements. The phone vibrates when.

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-Break free from the fast-paced world! Sensory euphoria with every touch to the screen. Discover the new ASMR trend in relaxation experimenting with textures. Touch it, hear it — you'll feel it! - Use your fingers to play in the simulator of the slim. Fill a happy glass with a Slime! - Break the Liquid screen in the form of a slime app Our 10.1 inch special needs friendly touch screen games pad.Pointing at something you want is a natural way to communicate and with our special needs touch screen its just become a whole lot easier. Product Code: BD-18091 Just found you and made me cry my granddaughter has been diagnosed with Autism . sensory she's 8 years old tip toe walks and won't wear shoes in flip flops all the time and pants are difficult one pair only washed every night likes the feel of that pair clothes have to be miles to big and same ones over again school uniform she will only wear bits like pinafore but nothing under so not. Sensory processing disorder (SPD) refers to a condition that affects stimuli processing. Children affected by SPD are often susceptible to stimuli, but SPD can have the opposite effect, too; children may require a more significant amount of a particular stimulus before responding to it. SPD can affect many or even just one sense

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  1. The Sensory Experience. Participant experience has become a central part of the events industry's focus, particularly when engaging all five senses of the attendees. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are all relevant and varied means of creating a rich and entertaining environment that captures and holds an attendee's attention
  2. Apps that Encourage Touching. Cause & Effect Sensory Light Box: $3.99 This cause-and-effect app creates sounds and high-contrast lights when your finger is on the screen, then stops when you remove your finger. Perfect for children with low vision or CVI. Find the app on iTunes. Read a review. Cause & Effect Sensory Sound Box:.99
  3. If you have ever experienced sensory overload after brain injury, you are not alone. Hypersensitivity to stimulation often occurs after TBI because your brain is scrambling to reorganize and stabilize itself. As a result, even just a little bit of stimulation may overwhelm the brain. This article will explore the causes of overstimulation after brain Overstimulation After Brain Injury: How.
  4. powerful sensory triggers. They allow a reader not only to visualize a scene, but to experience it. Inclusion of the sense of touch prevents the reader from remaining distanced or detached from the writing. In the sample text, the sense of touch has been engaged through allowing the reader to recreate a primary sensation: the feeling of
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  6. PITTSBURGH - Most able-bodied people take their ability to perform simple daily tasks for granted—when they reach for a warm mug of coffee, they can feel its weight and temperature and adjust their grip accordingly so that no liquid is spilled. People with full sensory and motor control of their arms and hands can feel that they've made contact with an object the instant they touch or.
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Touch/Pain: Clearly the sense of touch is functioning when a child is born. In fact, evidence shows that infants first respond to touch just eight weeks after conception (Hepper, 2005) The process behind Neosensory Duo. Retraining your brain is easier than you think. All it takes is 3 simple steps. 1. Order Your Neosensory Kit. With fast, free shipping our kit will be delivered to you with all the instructions you need to get set up in no time. 2. Sync the technology. Our tinnitus program leverages the latest in bimodal.

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Researchers recreate sense of touch and motor control in paralyzed patient Imbrie became the first patient in Chicago and just the fourth person in an ongoing multisite study to undergo the. This category gives you access to my special needs apps at the App Store, where the apps are listed and accessible. Most have free Lite versions for trial which are non-customizable (the full versions allow you to change/edit many things, such as importing your own music). Most are switch-oriented whereas some touch or keyboard operated

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Big Hearts Sensory Integration Sensory Processing Disorder Cause And Effect Best Apps Sensory Play Fine Motor Special Education Grandchildren Kaleidoscope - Kooleido Lite ($0.00) Kooleido Lite is a FREE version of Kooleido, a cool, trippy, highly rated visual toy for your iPhone and iPod Touch This colorful educational App for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®, has all 52 illustrated picture cards (plus audio of each card text) from the Fun Deck Following Directions by Super Duper Publications. Select the cards you want students to see, and have them follow one-step directions like, Growl like a bear, to help boost their memory, motor, and auditory processing skills As parents of two young children with sensory issues, we know first hand just how vital carryover is, and just how difficult it can be to make it part of a family's everyday life. Touch Autism I have not seen another app or program like Sensory Treat and would highly recommend downloading it if you are a therapist or parent with a. Over 150 exercises of Synesthesia Meditation App are available in the Sensorium. With the new App, you can access your daily sensory activities even faster. The Sensorium is now just one click away Finally, a Biometric Solution That Recognizes Users Wearing Face Masks and Doesn't Require Touch. Sensory's TrulySecure face and voice biometrics platform provides greater convenience and benefit.

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Visual and Auditory Apps 1 || Sleep Pillow - $1.99 - This is a simple app that plays a handful of different white noise and calming sound options, including waves, thunderstorm, and a crackling fire. There's also a metronome option, which I just noticed and am excited to try in classrooms and during OT sessions Sight Words by Photo Touch, developed Grasshopper Apps, is a simple yet extraordinary app that provides a unique way for students to practice their own sight words.An indispensable classroom tool. Once used, you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Teachers With Apps has been singing the praises for Grasshopper Apps for some time, we've reviewed the wildly popular Sentance Maker and.

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The Cloud Baby Monitor app on iOS is another good option with a one-time payment. It works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and Mac and is very easy to set up. You can stream audio and video from your baby's bedroom over Wifi and 3G or even Bluetooth. Of particular notice is the option to play white noises in addition to lullabies It syncs to the brand's app, so you can control its touch therapy functions from your phone. perfect setting to help restore and relax my body in just a short amount of time. The Sensory. Through the multi-sensory approach, a user hears the words spoken through headphones or speakers, sees the words printed on the screen, and is prompted as to which fingers to press via the on-screen keyboard. Finally, through the sense of touch, they type out the words, harnessing muscle memory in the hands and fingers to learn spelling It does not contain in-app purchases. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. ##### WEEKEND SPECIAL FREE APP TILL 12th to 19th July 2014 ##### Smart Apps For Kids :- This app would be great for early preschool or daycare teachers working with multiple kiddos in the same age and skill range. Touch isn't just a sense used to interact with the world; it also seems to be very important to a human's well-being. For example, touch has been found to convey compassion from one human to another

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App Device About the App Keystrokes Switch Access Five Sharks Swimming $2.99 (CA/AU/US) £1.99 (UK) iPad A simple to play activity app from Inclusive Technology that requires just a touch anywhere on the screen or a switch press to continue the song. Ideal for young children and those requiring simple access or learning numbers 1 - 5 Whether used for recreational purposes or more serious applications, these examples of multi-sensory technology show how taste, smell, touch, sight and sound can be manipulated through such innovations. Imagine watching television and smelling the scenes, not just seeing or hearing them Sensory food aversions occur when a person consistently refuses to eat foods that are of a specific texture, taste, smell or appearance. Picky vs. Problem Eater. While a lot of people would probably describe their child with food aversions as picky, there is a difference between being picky and being a problem eater Or make a sensory bin filled with edible foods. Candy themed sensory bins have been a big hit around here, but just be careful about too much sugar! Tactile. The sense touch is an incredible sensory experience. We recently did a deep dive using our tactile sense as we explored different Oobleck recipes. The difference feel based on changing one.

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  1. Reviews from purchasers:Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box is a multifaceted app to use when teaching cause and effect, targeting, and visual attention. Great for use with low vision kids or as a.
  2. utes and for less than a few dollars
  3. Enjoy our 25 sensory activities for kids! I've broken our list up into two sections. The first section is the majority of our sensory activities and they're more of a 'sensory tub', even though they're not necessarily always in a tub. They're set out as an activity to explore a material or some sort. The second section is the.
  4. Sensory play isn't just about touch. We often think of things like water play, sand pits and playdoh as sensory play but sensory play needs to involve the other senses too. Watching colours change in a colour mixing experiment or the smell of coffee as you grind it, the sound different beans make when poured into different bowls, or the taste.
  5. App Details. Price: $1.99 Where to Buy: Find Cause and Effect Sensory Sound Box at the iTunes Store Developer: Cognable Devices: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Operating System: Requires iOS 4.3 or later Categories: Cause & Effect, Music & Sounds, Games & Recreation Description of Sensory Sound Box. Cause and Effect Sensory Sound Box is a new app from Cognable, a development.

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Sensory imagery draws on our senses of touch, taste, smell sight and sound to create a vivid and evocative picture in the mind of the reader. It is the hallmark of successful writers and poets, and it has been for centuries. If you can master these techniques, your writing will stand out from the rest of the slush pile Sensory Baby (or as my daughter calls it, FISH!) is a great app that not only soothes sensory seekers and calms down sensory avoiders through its interactive virtual fish aquarium, it also teaches young children the basics of using a touch screen tablet. Netflix makes a great app for those who already subscribe! Set up a child's profile. Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), wherein people are genetically coded to absorb more sensory information and often react strongly to stimuli. Sensory processing disorder (SPD), wherein people (especially children) show extreme reactions to specific sensory stimuli. Each of these personality types is prone to sensory overload Running your writing through ProWritingAid's Sensory Report will make sure that you have all five senses covered. The report will tell you how many of each type of word you have used, and highlights them in your text so that you can see how they are spread throughout your document. You can click on each highlighted word, and ProWritingAid. Sensory Sound Box: Very similar to Sensory Light Box, but this app plays with sounds - the sounds change as your fingers move across the screen; Bloom: Create hypnotic music with the touch of a finger; My Talking Picture Board App: Helps children with CVI learn to locate and recognize two dimensional image

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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is commonly misunderstood and tends to be misdiagnosed as either autism or ADHD. And yet the reality is that SPD is believed to affect anywhere between 5% to 15% of school going children.. What makes this condition particularly challenging to identity is that many children with autism also have sensory processing difficulties TOP TIP: Apps that take the Orton-Gillingham approach combine sequential and structured phonics with multi-sensory learning. Touch-type Read and Spell is an Orton-Gillingham touch-typing app for iPads that teaches keyboarding and reinforces reading and spelling skills for students with dyslexia. Learn mor The Senaptec Strobe eyewear is a sensory training tool designed to improve movement, balance, and reaction time by removing visual information so the individual can process visual stimuli more quickly. This product, which can be customized and controlled by our Senaptec Strobe App, which serves as a great segue into the world of sensory training Sensory branding: create a strong, positive and loyal bond between brand and consumer so the customer will turn to the brand repeatedly and barely notice competing products Essentially, it recreates the eclipse using other sensory experiences beyond just sight. The project's app provides a soundscape to help give users and audible understanding of the world during.

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Gross touch also travels with pain and temperature. So, hot or cold, any kind of noxious stimulus and gross touch are grouped together. Then, there's another set of modalities: fine touch, proprioception, i.e. knowing where your arms and legs and where your body is in space is called proprioception, and vibration sense It can cause a gentle touch to cause actual physical pain, while a firm grasp feels comforting and soothing to the child. Sensory dysfunction can also cause a child to have a strong aversion to certain textures in food. For instance, a child with SD might throw a fit if you try to get them to eat pudding, Jell-O or hard-boiled eggs hand2mind Sensory Fidget Tubes, Anxiety Relief Toy, Occupational Therapy Toys, Fidget Toys for Kids, Kids Sensory Toys For Sensory Play, Anxiety Relief Items for Kids, Liquid Motion Bubbler (Set of 4) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 660. $29.99. $29 Name That Category! Fun Deck App lets you: Use the app in portrait or landscape orientation. Select all 56 cards or just the ones you want students to see. Track correct and incorrect responses for an unlimited number of players. Advance players and cards manually or automatically. Receive feedback for incorrect and/or correct responses

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The soft buzz of the machine adds to this effect. This Sensory Bubble Wall fits right into sensory rooms, schools, resturants and nursing homes alike, to helps children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and more, as well as adults with dementia. It also works great as an off-the-floor night light in childrens bedrooms Sensory sensitivity refers to how aware your children are with regard to each of their sensory channels: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and pain. All individuals have varying degrees of sensitivity and have varying ways of outwardly responding and expressing their awareness of these sensitivities. Highly sensitive children tend to have very. iPad App: Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box has 21 different scenes with abstract visuals and high quality audio which encourage the development and awareness of touch through open-ended exploration and play. not just those with special educational needs