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The top 10 traditional cultures in the world, What is travel if not the opportunity to see where and how other people live? Well, we know not all would subscribe to that—after all, we often. The Cultural Influence subranking score had a 10.45% weight in the overall Best Countries ranking. A country's identity is built over lifetimes, but there was some shuffling beyond the top two.

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All that bar-hopping and tapas-eating, the minimal working, the 9 p.m. dinners, the endless porron challenges -- this is a culture based on, around and sometimes even inside food Each of these cultural icons is a symbol with various meanings, it may represent an epoch, an area, a belief, a culture, a country or a city. Below is a top 10 list of most Famous Cultural monuments in the world. Top 10 Most Famous Cultural Monuments Around the World 1. The Kaaba (Masjid al-Haram 2021 Rankings. The overall ranking of Best Countries measure global performance on a variety of metrics. Canada is the best country in the world for 2021 In a world made up of 193 countries, it seems nearly impossible to narrow down a list of the most beautiful. Each country has something unique and downright stunning to offer, from their intriguing architecture and colorful landscapes to complex histories. And, of course, there are the people at the heart of each nation that make their homelands stand apart from the rest

10. The Netherlands. The Netherlands compares to Denmark in the sense that the Netherlands does not have as high of a wage gap as many countries around the world still do. In fact, the inequality rate among wages in the Netherlands is roughly 12.4% which sounds high, but if you return to the data about the wage gap percentage of the United. You'll be surprised at the big data about the largest countries in the world. Ranked by total area - from largest down, here's a list of the largest countries in the world in square kilometers. The World's Largest Countries. 1. Russia. Total area (sq km): 17,098,242 % to world's landmass: 11%; 2. Canada. Total area (sq km): 9,984,67

Find out the top 10 world's most visited countries below: 10. United Kingdom: 36 million tourists . In 2019, the United Kingdom welcomed 36 million tourists to its towns and cities. London is the country's most visited city, with approximately 12 million visitors each year. Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester are also popular city destinations Here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world 2021: 10. Russia. Moscow, Russia. Russia is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia that shares borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland in the West. The total area of Russia is 17.1 million Km2 which is the largest among all of. You can add to that the unfriendly relations that the country has with the other neighboring countries. 6. United Kingdom. It is hated because of its terrible past. It is thought by many people around the world to be greedy as it ruled ¼ of the Earth and it was the first one in the world to bring the slavery system According to the World Bank, countries that generate a per capita of less than $1,026 are considered low-income countries. While the global economy suffered during the pandemic, some nations took the blow harder than others. Below are ten of the poorest countries in the world in the year 2021. 1. The Central African Republic Let's go through the top 10 scamming countries in the world. Nigeria. Nigeria employs a single strategy to deceive the unwary. Everyone has likely seen this someplace, whether in email or social media messages, where they will likely tell you an extravagant fake story about large sums of money in the banking system or a large inheritance that.

F rom European classics that crop up on the list of the best countries in the world again and again - Italy, Portugal, Croatia - to further-flung places that keep drawing travellers in - Vietnam, Colombia, Tanzania - these are the best countries to visit according to the readers of Condé Nast Traveller.The scores below are percentages representing overall average levels of satisfaction Related: Top 10 Richest Cities in the World In terms of GDP rankings 4. China- 60.7 million International Tourist Arrivals. Due to its Communist government and a closed position in international relations, China may seem like an unlikely tourist destination, but it has a great many advantages for foreign tourists Afghanistan - $530. Sierra Leone - $540. Liberia - $580. Below are the world's poorest countries, all in the low-income category, and their GNIs per capita. Here are the 10 poorest countries: Taiwan ( -) Tanzania ( -) Tuvalu ( $36.70 Mn) Montserrat ( $62.05 Mn

Here are our picks of the top ten countries in the world you should visit. 10) Jordan. If you're looking for a slightly off-the-beaten path vacation this year, consider Jordan. One of the safest countries in the Middle East, Jordan is home to the incredible lost city of Petra Here is the list of the top 10 happiest countries in the world 2021: 10. Austria. Austria is an East Alpine landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe. The capital city of Austria is Vienna which is also the largest city in Austria. It is composed of 9 federated states including its capital city This northern Indian city is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, with evidence of settlements dating back to around 1100 BC. But age is not the only reason behind Varanasi esteemed cultural status: the city is considered the spiritual capital of India, being a symbolic place for both Hindus and Buddhists

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  1. Here, according to the 2020 Global Hunger Index, are the current top 10 hungriest countries. 10. Nigeria. Second only to Somalia, Nigeria has the world's highest mortality rate for children under the age of 5 (12%). However, this is not a uniform number across the country's large and diverse population, which illustrates the factor that.
  2. The World Happiness Report (WHR) of 2020 gives a brief description of all the countries' happiness levels in the world. The report is an annual publication of the UN's sustainable development solutions network, which contains data according to various national happiness perspectives and their ranking based on the analysis of people's well-being and living standards
  3. Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World based on the 2021 World Happiness Report. The ranking is based on a country's GDP per capita, social support level, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of corruption
  4. Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In the World 2020-2021.Strongest military in the world.All three branches of military,Navy,Army and Air force are considered.A..
  5. W; Largest Countries in the World (ranked by area) Largest Countries in the World (by area) The largest country in the world is Russia with a total area of 17,098,242 Km² (6,601,665 mi²) and a land area of 16,376,870 Km² (6,323,142 mi²), equivalent to 11% of the total world's landmass of 148,940,000 Km² (57,510,000 square miles).. See also: Most Populous Countrie
  6. More than 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines have now been given out across the world, although some countries are faring much better at rolling out their jabs than others

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  1. The main types of agricultural production are Food, Fuel, Fiber, and Raw Materials. Check out below the top 10 agricultural producing countries with full information. Top Agricultural Producing Countries in World. The following are 10 best agri countries that are producing the best food commodities in the world
  2. This is a list of the world's countries and their dependent territories by area, ranked by total area.. Entries in this list include, but are not limited to, those in the ISO 3166-1 standard, which includes sovereign states and dependent territories. All 193 member states of the United Nations plus the 2 observer states are given a rank number. Largely unrecognised states not in ISO 3166-1 are.
  3. g in at No. 38, a drop of six positions from 2020. No. 10: Austri
  4. We first researched all the available data on all the countries and narrowed it down to the top 50,25 and the final 10. We used a combination of internet, library, industry literature, and Samir Becic's knowledge of over 25 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World

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Launched in 2012, the World Happiness Report is an annual survey of more than 350,000 people in 95 countries asking them to rate their happiness on a 10-point scale. Authors of the report rely on data from the Gallup World Poll to conduct its analysis Following Toppteny introduces you to the top ten fashionable countries in the world. 10 Milan [Italy] Milan is a unique fashion city and the most famous Italian city as a fashion capital. The Italians are known for their excellent taste and choice of clothes and shoes with top-quality materials. Not only celebrities but even the ordinary.

10. United Arab Emirates. With a GDP of $0.4023 trillion, UAE ranks 10th on our list of most powerful countries in the world. Although this list is not merely based on GDP levels but incorporates other important elements of a nation state's power as well. The country is a federation of seven emirates that merged in 1972 In the ranking Top 10 Countries with Most Prostitutes in the World, it is an absolute fact that no one in the world doesn't know about the famous Bangkok city which has worlds' uppermost number of the sex worker. It is the underlying culture of Thailand whereas their major prostitution centers are famously known as Bangkok's Red Light Region Top 10 Countries for Citizenship Best Countries in the World Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases Top 10 Best Countries to Live In Countries With the Hottest Girls Most Famous Countries The Most Influential Country In the History of the World Most Useless States in the U.S.A. Top Ten Most Militarily Powerful Countries Most High. Decreases in happiness from densely populated countries like the US and India have caused the world's happiness levels to fall overall. The report also noticed an increase in negative emotions worldwide. Read More: These Were the 10 Happiest Countries in the World in 2018. Here are the happiest and least happy countries around the world Top 10 most expensive countries to live in 2020 . Switzerland . score 122.4; The nation's picturesque mountains, quaint villages and striking ski resorts come at a cost with Switzerland taking out the most expensive country to live in the world

The main types of agricultural production are Food, Fuel, Fiber, and Raw Materials. Check out below the top 10 agricultural producing countries with full information. Top Agricultural Producing Countries in World. The following are 10 best agri countries that are producing the best food commodities in the world Landing the top spot on the list is Brazil, which has the most — and most diverse — natural resources in the world. From the The Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, which comprise 25. World's best-racing cars and most of the air craft's and built here in Germany. Germany is the mega exporter of world and brands that are legitimately known all around the world. 2. Japan. We have been missing much of Asia's contribution in the list that includes top most industrialized countries in the world

No. 11: France. France ranks No. 11 overall, and is one of the most visited countries in the world. It ranks No. 2 for cultural influence, No. 4 for its heritage, and No. 7 for power . Microsoft. 10. Mali: The French colony of Mali is number 10 on this list of the top 20 most underdeveloped countries in the world with an HDI score of 0.419 and a life expectancy of 58 years. 9. Mozambique: The HDI score of Mozambique is 0.416 with an average life expectancy of 55.1 years, and a GDP PPP of $1,123. 8 6. France. Not only is France one of the top 10 most powerful countries, it is also one of the top 10 countries with the most powerful nuclear weapons, fielding a reported nuclear warhead count of about 300. It is an official nuclear-weapon state and fields one of the most capable militaries in the world Top ten largest oil-producing countries in 2019. 1. United States - 17 million barrels per day. The US became the world's biggest oil producer in 2017, overtaking Saudi Arabia to claim top spot. Production edged just above 17 million bpd in 2019, giving the US an 18% share of the entire global output. The country's rise has been. The Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World - 2018 Update #10 - United States - 31.8%. The US has a reputation across the world for being one of the fattest countries. It is perceived by many.

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A look at the food scenes of the ten countries deemed to have the best food in the world, according to over 40K voters. 10 Countries With The Best Food In The World, Ranked Musi The top 10 happiest countries in the world are: 1- Finland 2- Denmark 3- Switzerland 4- Iceland 5- The Netherlands 6- Norway 7- Sweden 8- Luxembourg 9- New Zealand 10- Austria. Comment (0

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  1. al GDP per capita is Qatar, maintaining its position as the richest Purchasing Power Parity, per capita. According to the IMF's 2020 projections, these are the top richest countries by GDP (PPP) per capita: 10. Switzerland. Total GDP: $749 Billion
  2. UPDATED: Top 10 Gold Producing Countries Frank Holmes June 27, 2021 Gold is one of the rarest elements in the world, making up between 0.001 and 0.006 parts per million of the earth's crust
  3. Power-technology.com looks at the top 10 countries by installed wind capacity in the world. China - installed capacity 221GW. China is the world leader in wind energy, with over a third of the world's capacity. It boasts the world's largest onshore windfarm in Gansu Province, which currently has a capacity of 7,965MW, five times larger.

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The following are lists of countries by suicide rate as published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other sources.. About one person in 5,000-15,000 dies by suicide every year, with an estimated global rate of 10.5 per 100,000 population down from 11.6 in 2008. In high-income modernised countries male and female rates of suicidal behaviors differ much compared to those in the rest. The study concluded with a list of the top 65 friendliest destinations in the world. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 winners. 1. Portugal. Portugal tops the list as the #1 friendliest. 10. France. France made the top ten again this year and snagged one of the top five spots for U.S. News & World Report's rankings for cultural influence and heritage. 9. Norway. A newcomer on. Most of the countries in our top 10 are also popular destinations for migrating high net worth individuals. The least safe countries in the world for woman in 2017 include Somalia, Sudan, Iraq and. Top 10 most gender equal countries in the world. Iceland leads four Nordic countries at the top of the table, while the Philippines joins the top five for the first time in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap 2013 repor t, published today. The report ranks 136 countries on their ability to close the gender gap - making sure women.

Below, we break down the top 10 on our Watchlist. These countries represent less than 6 percent of the world's population, yet host more than half of all people identified as being in need globally, and have produced nearly three-quarters of the world's refugees Qatar. $52,751.11. Australia. $51,885.47. Showing 1 to 10 of 25 entries. Previous Next. Although number one on the global stage in terms of total GDP, the U.S. places fifth with a GDP per capita of $63,051. Interestingly, a number of countries with smaller population sizes have a high GDP per capita. For example, Iceland makes the top 10 at. The United Kingdom is noticeably absent from the list of top 10 countries. Coming in at just $46,344, the UK ranks 23rd behind places like Israel (No. 21; $47,602) and New Zealand (No. 22; $47,499). Many of the world's wealthiest countries are also the world's smallest

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Developed countries are also recipients of remittances, as the presence of France and Germany in the top 10 shows. Remittance inflows are typically less important to their economies, however The Kuwaiti dinar is the most powerful currency in the globe. This country is the fifth-richest country in the world and has a high-income economy. In the Arab world, Kuwait has the highest Human Development Index. Kuwait's economy is mainly Oil and Gas dependent and possesses 10 per cent of the world's oil reserves Welcome to our official 2019 rankings for Top 10 Study Abroad Countries in the World! In our survey of over 20,000 international students, most of you told us that, when deciding where to study abroad, you choose country first over a university or specific type of program.You also told us what you consider the most important factors when choosing a study abroad destination Also See: Top 10 most Muslim populated countries in the world List of Top 10 Major Religions of the World 2020 1. Christianity. Christianity is one the first rank in the list of most popular religions around the globe with more than 2.22 billion followers which is more than 31.5% of world's entire population. It was founded about 2000 years.

When we count the top 10 most spoken languages according to the total number of people who speak them (whether or not the language is their mother tongue), eight of the 10 languages from the list above still make an appearance, but with a few major differences: English narrowly edges out Chinese for the top spot, Japanese and Punjabi lose their. While some masked ceremonies have died out over the years, others cultures have held onto their traditions. Learn the meanings behind some of the most fascinating masks from around the world and find out where and when you can see them. 1. Venetian Carnival Masks. Worn during Carnival in Venice, these world-famous masks date back to the 13th. Based on a Durex survey, Malaysia ranks within the top 10 most sexually satisfied countries in the world. Sexual satisfaction is defined by being free from stress, having the ability to orgasm, being free from sexual dysfunction and the frequency of enjoying sex and foreplay Japanese people have a very strong set of culture when they present themselves to visitors (foreigners), they bow and act politely when in front of a foreigner. 9.Danish - Aside from the wind turbines, bicycle and beer there something more to like about Danes. They are polite and almost all know how to speak English

Ever since World War II, the Balkan countries have suffered internal and external political upsets in trying to find their own identities. The Republic of Macedonia, which borders Greece to the north, was a former part of the Yugoslav Republic until 1992 3. Germany. Germany is the highest-ranking European country for 2021, overtaking Switzerland for third. Culturally, Germany has produced some of the world's leading figures in the natural and. The top ten countries by savings rate were Macao, the Republic of the Congo, Qatar, Ireland, Brunei, Singapore, Luxembourg, Gabon, the UAE, and China. There is a connection between economic growth. If you really want to know whether your country is really a democratic one or not, read the following top 10 most democratic countries in the world. 25. Spain Its democracy score is 8.02. 24. Belgium It scored 8.05. 23. Japan Its democracy score is 8.08. 22. Costa Rica The democracy score that it got is 8.10. 21. United States of Americ

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10. Nigeria: According to Durex, Nigeria is rated the number-one sexually satisfied nation in the world with 67 percent of its population claiming sexual gratification. Perhaps it has something to. In this article we will evaluate the 20 most unhealthiest countries in the world. You can skip our comprehensive discussion of these countries and go directly to the 5 Most Unhealthiest Countries. The 10 Most Multicultural Cities in the World. From London to New York and São Paulo to Singapore, some cities manage to fit the entire world within them. Successive waves of immigrants have all brought with them a piece of their old homes and made a mark on their new, creating diverse cultural environments full of incredible restaurants. Just missing the top 10. Several countries — Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Tanzania — narrowly missed the top 10

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  1. These are the 10 most populated countries in the world: 10. Mexico - 128 Million. The tenth most populated country in the World is Mexico. With a current population of 128 million people, Mexico has overtaken Japan and the Philippines to claim its spot in the top ten
  2. Top 10 most obese countries, as per OECD. So, let's take a look at the most obese countries according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is an organization consisting of 35 of the world's largest economies
  3. The Top 10 Loneliest Countries in the World: 10. Brazil, 9. Kenya, 8. South Africa, 7. Russia, 6. Canada, 5. The United States of Americ
  4. g Countries in the World. We truly want to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can't fall for all types of online scams, but it's always a good re
  5. Proving to be a fountain of youth globally, the continent of Africa boasts the top 10 countries with the largest shares of young people in the world. Somalia, Zambia, and the DRC are just a few to crack the top 10 list. The youngest country in the world is Niger, where almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15
  6. The country consistently ranks among the top education systems in the world, occasionally beaten out by countries like South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Much of that success comes from a.

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  1. The top 10 countries in The top 10 countries in the world for conservation have been revealed. Ken Foxe. Lonely Planet Writer. 15 May 2017. A team of scientists has put together a list of the countries that are doing the most to help conserve wildlife in its natural habitat
  2. Premium Tours put together the ghoulish list of the world's 35 spookiest countries on the eve of Halloween. They analysed an array of devilish data such as the number of reported ghost and UFO sightings, along with horror movie locations and haunted historic places to give each of the 35 countries a ranking out of 10 for each category
  3. DENIS BELITSKY/SHUTTERSTOCK Finland remains the world's happiest country The geography of happiness. Unsurprisingly, there is a strong correlation between unhappiness and the poorest and most dangerous countries.Nine of the top 10 happiest countries are European nations with only New Zealand from outside Europe
  4. In these countries, on average, the individual share of the gross domestic output amounts to $1,125. By contrast, in the top 10 richest nations this figure is close to $78,600. Two of the countries in our list are within the Sahel region, where persistent and widespread droughts cause food shortages and associated medical and social problems
  5. Here is a list of the top 10 economies making the most of the digital age, according to the NRI: 1. Finland tops the rankings for the second consecutive year, thanks to its outstanding digital infrastructure, which the Global Information Technology Report (GITR) says is the best in the world. With more than 90% of its population using the.
  6. 163 countries were ranked with a score (1=most peaceful, 5=least peaceful) with the top ten remaining largely unchanged from 2019:. 10. Switzerland. It scored 1.366 points because it has a low.
  7. g year. The worst humanitarian crises of 2021 will be in countries failed by world leaders. The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has left countries affected by conflict and crisis to struggle on their own—and the world's most vulnerable people are paying the price

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3. Russia. One of the largest countries in the world stretches from Europe to Asia and is a part of two continents. Most of the regions in Russia are very cold throughout the year and summer temperatures can also be below zero degrees. The northernmost region of Siberia is permanently covered in snow and was used as a place to banish prisoners by the Communist regime for a long time An architect is a person who plans, designs and reviews the construction of buildings. Salaries vary depending on various factors such as location, job rank and years of experience. Here are some of the countries in the world with the highest paid architects. 1. United Arab Emirates. Average salary - $98,00 1. China. 10. New Zealand. One of the largest producing honey countries in the world is New Zealand. Exports from honey in year 2015/2016 have earned the country more $315 million and the number is continuing to rise. As of 2016 the country produced more than 20,000 tonnes of honey from 684,046 registered hives Furthermore, all of the countries which were on the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world in 2016 have also made it to the list of the poorest countries in 2017. South Sudan was placed at.

Below is the list of the 10 top producers of cement in the world. 1. LafargeHolcim. With operations in 90 countries, LafargeHolcim is the largest cement producer in the world. The company came into being following the merger of Lafarge and Holcim in July 2015 Finlandia has an average annual temperature of 2.10 degrees Celsius, one of the best in the world for cooling digital mining equipment. Iceland (4) It is one of the countries in the world with the largest number of digital mining farms, and this Nordic country has almost perfect characteristics for this activity Top 10 African countries in Global Cybersecurity Index BI Africa The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), driving innovation in ICTs together with 193 Member States and a membership of over 900 companies, universities, and international and.

List of Top mobile manufacturing countries in the world At present, there are 4.648 billion total internet users in the world. It means around 60% population of the world is having an internet. Robot Race: The World´s Top 10 automated countries #WorldRobotics2020. Jan 27, 2021 — The average robot density in the manufacturing industry hit a new global record of 113 units per 10,000 employees. By regions, Western Europe (225 units) and the Nordic European countries (204 units) have the most automated production, followed by North. Here are the top 10 countries with the highest abortion rates. 10. China. China legally allows abortion and therefore it has quite a high number of abortion rates, with millions of abortions taking place every year. The abortion rate in China is around 27.85%. About 23 million unborn children are aborted annually in China and legally, about 13. These top 3 largest paper producing countries account for over 50% of the world's total paper production very year. Other world's top 10 largest paper producing countries include, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, and Italy. While the leading paper importing and exporting countries are Germany and the United States Of the 154 countries that the firm analyzed, it found that Ukraine, Russia, and Venezuela lead the world in terms of crypto adoption. Rounding out the top 10 are China, Kenya, the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, and Vietnam. Top 10 countries with most crypto adoption. Image: Chainalysis

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Among the top ten most unbanked countries in the world, three are located in Asia Pacific (APAC), namely Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, according to data provided by British research platform Merchant Machine. Vietnam ranks second in the top ten list with 69% of its total population having no access to traditional banking services or similar financial organization, the Philippines. 9 of the 10 happiest countries in the world are in Europe. A friendly face. An annual study of happiness around the world found that positive emotions and overall levels of satisfaction with life.

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The 10 most educated countries in the world. Published Thu, Aug 30 2018 9:12 AM EDT Updated Thu, Of the top 10 best universities in the world, eight are located in the U.S So, here it goes: The top 10 best coffee producing countries in the world. 1. Brazil. If you are a coffee drinker, one of the first countries you will remember for producing some of the best coffee is Brazil. Brazil produces an estimated 54 million bags of coffee. Brazil has maintained the top spot in producing some of the best coffee for over. China is the top exporting country in the world. It has second biggest economy in the world. For these reasons this country is placed in first position of top ten largest exporting countries in the world. There are many countries in the world which produce more to export and gain economy Overall, Malta has an EPI score of 88.48. 10. France. Last on our list of the top 10 cleanest countries in the world is France, one of the most industrialized European countries. France has been relying on nuclear energy for electricity for years, which is why it ranks low when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions The top 10 tomato exporting countries in the world in 2020 Mexico, the Netherlands, and Spain were the leading exporters of tomatoes in 2020. Mexico's tomato exports amounted to 2.61 billion

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Seven of the top 10 emitters actually have a below average emissions intensity; Russia, China and Canada are above the world average. These differences result from varying emissions levels and size of economy, but are also dependent on factors such as a country's energy mix the carbon intensity of sectors like electricity and heat generation. The World Happiness Report, published by United Nations' Sustainable Development Solutions Network, measured the happiness of citizens in 149 countries across the world. The report ranks nations from the most to the least happy based on parameters like GDP per capita, social protection, life expectancy, health, freedom of choice, and perception.

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