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In form, the labarum of Constantine was an adaptation of the already existing cavalry standard of the Roman army; the pagan emblems were merely replaced by Christian symbols. (Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Labarum (Chi-Rho)) Note that the this alleged Christian symbol was originally a pagan emblem known in antiquity Past interpretations of the Chi-Rho have been limited on account of the assumption that there was a strict divide between paganism and Christianity at this time, and thus the Chi-Rho has often been treated as an indisputably Christian symbol

Similarly, the cross was a pagan symbol, used LONG before Christ, to represent the sun-god, life, power, etc. It was used by pagans in their rituals which God hates, used to honor false gods whom God considers ABOMINATIONS The Chi-Rho was simply an ancient Pagan yantra a diagram that contained the mantra with it that of Chi-Rho originally Chi-Ram to activate the energy points and connect the energies of the moon and sun chakra's. This shows how the enemy Stole and has corrupted ancient symbols to damn humanity with. Source. The Truth Behind The Christ Myth. The Chi-Rho symbol The Chi Rho (/ ˈkaɪ ˈroʊ /; also known as chrismon) is one of the earliest forms of christogram, formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters— chi and rho (ΧΡ)—of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos) in such a way that the vertical stroke of the rho intersects the center of the chi Wikipedia says:- The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined letters Chi and Rho standing for chr?ston.

The most famous page is known as Chi Rho, which are the first letters of the word Christ in Ancient Greek. The letters themselves are the centrepiece of the folio. The page is covered in a.. It relates to the story of Constantine and the Chi-Rho. Note that is the shape of a Sun or Sun dial which was symbolic of the pagan sun god. See the witchcraft symbols page too. Chi-Rho - a pre-Christian symbol, the Chi-rho signified good fortune

Notice the red Chi Rho pagan symbol, the masses once again have no idea what they do! The New World Encyclopedia educates us in that a Christogram is a combination of letters (a monogram) that forms an abbreviation for the pagan name Jesus Christ. A monogram consists of linking overlapping letters or graphemes to form one symbol There are alternative theories of the origin of the Chi Rho, most based on modifications of pagan symbols. But regardless of its exact origin, the fact is that there is no record of the Chi Rho being used before Constantine, and it became a commonly used Christian symbol after that, especially by soldiers

The Chi-Rho symbol was used by the Roman emperor Constantine I, which is known as Labarum. Early pagan symbols similar to the Chi Rho were the Staurogram and the IX Monogram The version of the Christogram above used by Constantine is to this day emblazoned on the pagan alter of The Catholic Church. The Christogram of Constantine is also. The Chi Rho is a Christian symbol for Christ written by superimposing the two Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) which are the first two letters in Greek of the name of CHRist

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A pagan image is not a real person. A pagan image is an idol. It is either a representation of a demon or it is a symbol of some sort of spirit or demigod (which is a nice name for a demon). Even if the Amazonian female statue is nothing more than a symbol, we don't venerate symbols. We have symbols in church. The Chi-Rho is a symbol As a peaceful and public-spirited faith, Christianity represented no threat to pagan Rome. Arguably, history has proven him wrong in this assessment. The Christians never staged a coup, but the Chi-Rho did eventually triumph, and pagans were the ones watching as their gods were torn down and their temples shuttered The famous Chi Rho page is an example of the fusion between Christian and Pagan culture. The Chi Rho symbol is an early Christian representation of the word Christ (chi and rho are the first letter of Christ in Latin)

The traditions of the Chi Rho Fraternity (Alpha Omega) are among the oldest and most honorable found within the Knighthood Orders associated with Freemasonry. The Greek letters Chi Rho (pronounced the same as Cairo) were utilized by the Order just after the battle of Saxa Rubra (Red Stones) on October 28, 312 A.D Although not technically a Christian cross, the Chi-Rho invokes the crucifixion of Jesus, as well as symbolizing his status as the Christ. The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined letters Chi and Rho standing for chrēston, meaning good

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The Chi-Rho emblem can be viewed as the first Christian Cross. As a pre-Christian symbol, the Chi-rho signified good fortune. The Chi ro became an important Christian symbol when adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine, representing the first two letters in the name of Christ- the Chi, or 'ch,' and Rho, or 'r. Labarum is the name by which the military standard adopted by Constantine the Great after his celebrated vision (Lactantius, How the Persecutors Died 44), was known in antiquity.The original labarum, designed under the emperor's direction on the day subsequent to the appearance of the cross of light, is described by Eusebius (Vita Constant., I:26) as a long spear, overlaid with gold, which. Averil Cameron says Lactantius records that Constantine had a dream the night before battle where he was told to place the chi-rho (a symbol of Christ) on his soldiers' shields. Eusebius, however, makes no mention of such a vision.: 56 Eusebius compares the battle to the triumph of Moses over Pharaoh at the Rea Sea since Maxentius and his soldiers sank as lead into the mighty waters as the.

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The revelation and meaning found in the CHI RHO or XP does not point to a symbol that is from the Creator named YAHUWAH. The CHI RHO or XP which is equal to 616 and 666 is OF THE WICKED BEAST which is OF THE DEVIL. It is my advice to the people of YAHUWAH to avoid the CHI RHO or XP. Take Heed! Shamar! Raah! Credits. Image of The Chi-Rho symbol Eusebius nowhere says a Chi-Rho was used initially. It was just a trophaeon in his words, which was a Staurogram or an upright pole with a crosspiece and usually something on top. It is close to the Chi-Rho, but they are not the same. Other contemporary writings also more closely match a Staurogram than a Chi-Rho (The pagan pangyrics for instance)

The Chi Rho appears in logos of several churches and mission institutes. For example the sisters and brothers of Maryknoll, the Church of Uganda, and others.. Often refered to as a Chrismon, the XP combination became the monogram of Constantine. Coincidentally, the labarum was similar to an existing pagan emblem used as a standard by the Roman cavalry The Chi-Rho symbol would be part of Constantine's personal signature for the rest of his life. As emperor, Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which declared Roman citizens free to worship whatever gods they chose. The Edict of Milan ended longstanding persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire

Chi Rho, pronounced as KEE-roe, is an old Christian symbol—a Christian monogram or Christogram formed by combining the first two letters of the Greek word Christos, which means Christ.. The Chi Rho symbol was employed by early Christians to symbolize both Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is attributed to Constantine I, the Roman. Chi and Rho are the first two letters (ΧΡ) of Christ in Greek ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ.(Christos).Sometimes it is called the Monogram of Christ or Chrismon or Labarum. While it was used very early by persecuted Christians in the catacombs, when Constantine I was struggling to become emperor, he used the symbol at the front of his armies and was victorious (see below) The Chi Rho is a Christian symbol for Christ written by superimposing the two Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) which are the first two letters in Greek of the name of CHRist.. The first public use of the Chi Rho symbol was on the labarum, the shield of Constantine's warriors in the Battle of Milvian Bridge on October. The chi-rho (☧) was used on the standards of Constantine's Roman army when he defeated Maxentius and brought Christianity into the Roman Empire as its official religion in the early fourth century. That is not pagan, although pagans may have used monograms as well, it does not mean that it is only pagan (or for pagan worship). . Another.

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The earliest Christian uses of this tau-rho combination make up what is known as a staurogram. In Greek the verb to 'crucify' is stauroō; a 'cross' is a stauros [these letters produce] a pictographic representation of a crucified figure hanging on a cross—used in the Greek words for 'crucify' and 'cross. The Chi-Rho symbol was used by the Roman emperor Constantine I, which is known as Labarum. Early pagan symbols similar to the Chi Rho were the Staurogram ( ) and the IX Monogram ( ) The version of the Christogram above used by Constantine is to this day emblazoned on the pagan altar of The Catholic Church The chi-rho appeared for the first time in the third century B.C. on a Greek bronze of Ptolemy. Field marks served an internal function, and the mint supervisor probably picked the control mark. Constantine may have been a Christian, but the army at this time was mostly pagan. The word pagan comes from paganus, which means rustic or.

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  1. you my friend have never heard of the celestial chi-rhothe labarium came from the pagan roman peace signthe roman peace sign predates christianity infact the cross at all comes from the egyptian ankh.or keys of life..worship sun gods..ever heard of the cross of lorraine very similar to the cross of atlantis who some claim it as a wormhole gateway..nothing more than pagan worship is.
  2. In Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth, John G. Jackson proposed that Chi-Rho was of Egyptian origin which he based on the work of Sir Flinders Petrie, who stated that: the monogram Chi-Rho was the emblem of the Egyptian god, Horus, thousands of years before Christs
  3. Thus one can see how a seed of truth — that there were grain-cakes associated with the worship of Osiris — grew and mutated under the influence of anti-Catholicism until we have Jack Chick depicting a pagan equivalent of the Mass, complete with vestments, cups of wine, and the chi-rho monogram. Chick's portrayal is one percent fact.
  4. Many pagan religions throughout time were using the cross or various forms of the cross long before YaHuWShuWA was even born. The occult cross is a pagan symbol that was adored in Egypt thousands of years before Y a H u WSh u WA was born, but the origin of the cross was a T , for the pagan God Tammuz
  5. The Labarum of Constantine was a vexillum that displayed the Chi-Rho Christogram, formed from the first two Greek letters of the word Christ (Greek: ΧΡ ΙΣΤΟΣ, or Χρ ιστός) — Chi (χ) and Rho (ρ). Fashioned after legionary standards, it substituted the form of a cross for the old pagan symbols, and was surmounted by a.
  6. Before Christian times, the Chi Rho symbol was used to notate an important section of a passage in the page margin and was known to be a symbol of good fortune for the pagan Greeks. Some coins were also marked with this symbol as well

This epigraphic evidence suggests very strongly that the Greek speaking pagan populace of the Eastern Roman empire c.327 CE would have naturally associated the CHI RHO symbol as an abbreviation for Centurion. I would expect that very few if any of this populace would have known anything about the new testament bible But the borders of this extend into the epigraphic world, as symbols often set in stone. The symbol of the Chi-Rho as centurion must have been known to the Greek east in the rule of Constantine. Constantine: Silver Medalion 316 CE: The first instance of a chi-rho on a coin of Constantine is on a rare silver medallion issued from Ticinum in 315 The Chi Rho is a Christian symbol but is was inspired/copied from designs before it that have nothing to do with the faith. Were they all inspired from the Squatter Man / Tree of Life seen in the skies? Or were the early Roman Christian Chi Rho's a version of Red Sprites that may have been seen in the heavens, if there was a stronger discharge The Chi-Rho (☧), or Christian monogram, is one of the most common religious symbols in Christian art. Traditional archaeology has considered the presence of a chi-rho to be an result there is the potential for confusion when trying to separate Christian from pagan artefacts

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The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined letters Chi and Rho standing for chrēston, meaning good. [2] Some coins of Ptolemy III Euergetes (r. 246-222 BC) were marked with a Chi-Rho According to legend, he adopted the insignia of Christ, the chi-rho, and placed it upon his labarum - the military standards that held the banners his armies carried into battle to vanquish their pagan enemies. His purple banners were inscribed with the Latin for In this sign conquer In this dream he supposedly saw the Chi-Rho symbol, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ, which some believed was a symbol of Christ, This decision had far-reaching effects. Not only was God's law rejected, but people began to celebrate a pagan day (in honor of the sun god) instead of the seventh-day Sabbath,. The Chi Rho is one of the earliest forms of Christogram that is formed superimposing the first two letters Chi and Rho (pronounced Kie and Row) to form the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos) in such manner that the vertical strokes of the Rho intersect the center of the Chi Chi-Rho. Another early Christian symbol, the Chi-Rho monogram is the first two letters of Christ in Greek. Also, the Nouveau Dictionnaire Universel states that the Platonic trinity, which can be found in all the ancient pagan religions, influenced the Christian churches

May 3, 2019 - This is a vinyl decal of the CHI RHO symbol The Chi Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram, and is used by some Christians. The Chi-Rho thus symbolises specifically the status of Jesus as the risen Christ. Spiritual Symbols Theme DECAL DETAILS: - Available in several colours & sizes Constantine & the Sacred Name Code ☧ (Chi-Rho); One of the most sacred Greek name codes in the Bible is known as Chi-Rho. ☧ The code consists of the juxtaposition of the two Greek letters chi X and rho P (the 22nd & 17th letters of the Greek alphabet respectively). The code often is taken to represent the word χριστος (XPRISTOS / Christos) but may also represent the word.

The Chi Rho (☧), or Latin chrismon , is a symbol formed by the superimposition of the first two (capital) Greek letters of ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos, Christ) - Chi (X) and Rho (P). The symbol is one of the earliest known and most widespread Christograms, a type of typographic abbreviation or symbol representing Jesus Additionally, Pagan Greek scribes marked in the margins of especially valuable passages the symbol XP, standing for chreston.18 Therefore Chi-Rho forged the root chr bearing the prefix meaning of that which is possessed of the good or useful, of divinity or godhood An evidenced-based history for the origins of Christianity, using textual and other artefacts, and archaeological methodology Constantine's Vision in 312 AD By Kelly McDonald, Jr. There are a significant number of Christians who believe that Constantine was the first Christian Emperor. Those who hold this view often point to one major event either as his moment of conversion or the beginning of that process: his vision before the battle of Milva Chi Rho Rosary Case in Black, Blue, or White Vinyl, Zippered Rosary Case, *Rosary Not Included*. MarysGardenRosaries. 5 out of 5 stars. (384) $4.00. Add to Favorites

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Jan 11, 2015 - Shop CHI RHO CRUCIFIX CHOOSE YOUR OWN BACK GND COLOR FLEECE BLANKET created by ALMOUNT. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures Chi Rho: | | ||| | The Chi-Rho symbol. | | | |... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive. Sun Worship, Sex in the Bible, and Church Steeples: A Brief History of Pagan Rituals and Traditions Carried into the Christian Church 28 November 2020 - 19 March 2018 - by Ray Hermann, D.Min. Throughout Egypt, from the beginning to the end of Egyptian history (circa 3000 B.C. - 400 B.C.), the sun was worshiped as the deity Ra (or Re)

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Alpha and omega Chi Rho a monogram of chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ) as the first two letters of Greek Khristos Christ, used as a Christian symbol. Hinton St Mary (Dorset) The figure depicted in this mosaic panel is apparently Christ, but it is also Possible it represents the Rebel emperor Magnentius. Mid to late 4th century (c350-400AD) Mar 16, 2021 - Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use All-Weather Die Cut Vinyl Decal Can be Applied to Any Clean, Flat, Non-Porous Surface 5 Year Guaranteed Durability Made by The Masonic Exchange in the US The discovery of Jewish and pagan relics in so important a stop on Jesus's ministry shows that there was more diversity in Jewish life than is with Jesus in front of a chi-rho,. Also, are there any western units that still have christian insignia (other than sails and standards). Just thought it's a bit of a shame that the pagan version has much cooler shield designs. Is the Chi Rho on shields ahistorical or why is the west so devoid of christian iconography? < > The Chi Rho is one of the earliest christograms used by Christians. It is formed by superimposing the first two letters in the Greek spelling of the word Christ ( Greek : Χριστός ), chi = ch and rho = r, in such a way to produce the monogram ☧.The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined.