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  1. A breakaway halter is a great solution for pets that love to run around. This type of harness is designed to provide an alternative way to let your horse or donkey move around without having to put their paws on the ground. These tethers usually come with a leash attached but some of them are designed to be used with a leash alone
  2. The breakaway halter is commonly used to protect your horse when tied to a trailer or cross tied. Shop breakaway horse halters with breakaway crowns or breakaway tabs in colorful nylon or nylon padded styles from top brands like Dura-Tech , Weaver and Premier
  3. A breakaway halter is a great solution for pets that love to run around. This type of harness is designed to provide an alternative way to let your horse or donkey move around without having to put their paws on the ground. These tethers usually come with a leash attached but some of them are designed to be used with a leash alone. Read full.
  4. Breakaway halters are horse halter that have a replaceable leather breakaway crown, or leather strip. The breakaway halter is for protecting your horse while in situations like being tied to a trailer, or cross tie. Breakaway halters, as the name implies, are made to break when the halter gets hung up or the horse panics
  5. Weaver Leather Breakaway Original Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 319. $30.89. $30. . 89. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon

Breakaway horse halter has a replaceable leather crown or leather strip for your convenience. The breakaway halter is for protecting your horse while tied to a trailer, or cross tie. Top brands from Kensington, Collegiate, or Tekna. All horse breakaway halters for sale come with HorseLoverZ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. reset done. Categories Weaver XTended life Breakaway Halter is designed to break quicker than traditional leather fuses, featuring a replaceable hook and loop closure for quick and easy fastening and replacement. The XTended Life Breakaway halter is constructed of the same premium nylon with triple-ply cheeks and box stitched stress points that you've come to expect. SmartPak Beta and Cotton Breakaway Halter. $59.95. Save 10% with. NEW. 3 colors available. Kensington Premium Breakaway Halter. $39.99. Baker™ Halter. $36.95. 3 colors available. Kavalkade Cavo Halter with Lead. $59.95 - $64.00. SALE. 1 color available. Rambo® Fieldsafe™ Halter - Clearance! $32.95 $23.06 A breakaway halter has a leather crown strap or a leather tab connecting the crown strap. The crown strap comes across the top of the horse's head. When a horse pulls back or panics, this leather strap (or the tab connecting it) is designed to break, releasing the horse from the halter A beautiful, affordable leather halter that's a 'step up' from the typical nylon halters. If you're looking for a great all-around leather or an economical show halter then this is the one. They are available in 3 sizes: Large, Medium, Small. The small will likely fit approx 6mo up until 1 to 1-1/2 years of age

Breakaway Halters are a good choice for the barn or trailer as an added safety measure, especially for horses that have a history of pulling back while tied. The crown piece of the halter releases your horse under high pressure, preserving the rest of your halter. Comes in 1 Color. New The SmartPak Breakaway Halter is one smart barn staple! It features a leather crown piece designed to break under undue pressure. This leather crown piece is adjustable, along with the chin strap, giving you the ability to create a great fit for your horse. Plus, this halter also offers a heavy nylon webbed noseband and cheek pieces that are.

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Intrepid International Breakaway Leather Crown Padded Halter is a triple ply webbing halter which has a leather crown.. This leather crown is replaceable as it will break away when the horse is in a panic like situation like he has got himself caught in a fence, the breakaway halter will break and help in avoiding any injury to the scared animal.; It has adjustable chin and throat snaps There are two main ways to ensure your halter will breakaway. Option #1 is to acquire a halter made fully out of leather. This can be expensive depending on style and size. Budget-friendly option #2 is to add a break-away component to the horse's existing halter. Here's my simple, step by step process to turn a regular nylon or cotton. Breakaway turnout halter that provides both safety and comfort 1 triple ply nylon web with padded nose and padded neoprene crown pad to prevent rub marks Full leather crown piece ensures breakaway safety Heavy duty brass plated hardware Double buckle Due to size variances within each breed WeatherBeeta strongly recommends that every dog is measured before a bag is purchased. Step 1: Length Place a measuring tape at the base of the neck, measure along the spine and stop at the base of the tail.; Step 2: Height Measure from the base of the neck to the dogs feet.; Step 3: Neck Measure the circumference of the pet's neck for a snug fit

The Kensington Breakaway halters features a breakaway safety measure. Below the buckle on the crown, a thin piece of leather is attached that will break under high pressure, allowing the horse to escape if he rears or bolts, preventing a potentially deadly accident. Features a snap at throat to ensure identical fit each time this halter is worn Submit. The TuffRider 10006-45-106-C Breakaway Horse Halter & Lead Set is ready to use! Strong nylon material lined with padded suede-like material makes for a sturdy, yet flexible and comfortable horse halter. A leather breakaway piece on the breakaway horse halter will break at high tension and along with a swivel throat latch snap, it will. For your horse's safety, it is best to have a break-away option on a rope halter or bitless bridle. If your horse gets hung up accidentally, a breaking point is essential. Rope won't break - but your horse will! The advantages of each breakaway are: Neoprene: washable, vegan, not as strong as leather. Leather: stronger than neoprene, can be. A commercially produced halter with a leather breakaway strip. Remove the crownpiece buckle from a junk halter the same width as the one you're using to craft a breakaway for. Find a scrap of buckskin or thin, soft leather cut from a worn out purse, boot or coat. Cut a strip of leather the same width as the halter and 8 inches long

PREMIUM BREAKAWAY NYLON HALTER The Kensington Breakaway halters features a breakaway safety measure. Below the buckle on the crown, a thin piece o... View full details $44.99 Halter Kensington Protective Products PREMIUM NYLON HALTER The Kensington Premium Halters is even stronger than your leather halters.. Chafeless Padded Breakaway Halter. $ 49.99 $ 39.99. This high-quality nylon halter features chafeless padding sewn onto the nose and leather crown for added equine comfort. The breakaway feature creates a level of improved safety ideal for cross ties, turnout and Pony Club. Thirteen vibrant color options allow you to match your tack or barn colors Perri's Silver Bling Padded Leather Halter. $113.95. Show More Results. For equestrians looking for the durability of a nylon halter and the safety of a leather halter, we carry breakaway halters. These nylon halters have a leather strap that runs over your horse's poll, which will break away under extreme pressure

Weavers Tack Mini Leather Breakaway Halter Tab. Now: $5.25 Was: $7.00 Save: 25% Basic Halter. Starting at: $12.71 Was: $16.95 Save: 25% Gatsby Triple Stitched No Snap Halter. Starting at: $50.99 Was: $67.99 Save: 25% Gatsby Cowboy Weanling Halter/Lead. Breakaway Halter with snap. This halter has a leather tab that will break if halter gets caught. Great for leaving on horses in pasture. Same as SLT 1630A except it has an adjustment under the chin and a snap on the side. Sizes sm, med, lg, and xl Smilie. They have their place, esp if you turn horses out with halters on, which I don't do. Only time I use a breakaway halter, is one one horse that I have to use the basket type Best Friend grazing muzzle, which attaches to a halter, versus being a complete unit, as she looses the latter all the time You can also buy a Breakaway Halter with Padded Noseband, $34.99 at Kensington, if you are in the market in a new one altogether.Like the leather pieces, this halter can help your horse avoid a potentially deadly situation. Please take the time to invest in a breakaway halter or turn your old halter into one; you could be saving your horse's life Centaur® Super Comfort Breakaway Halter • AirTex™EcoPure™ REACH Approved Foam Padded Nose Cheeks & Crown • Heavy Duty Zinc Hardware • Adjust.. Starting at : $22.95 . Add to Cart. Crown & Nose Memory Cushion Set. Cushy memory foam offer comfort to sensitve areas of the horse's head. Crown features elastic loops.

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36,099 Posts. #8 · Jul 2, 2013. I use breakaway halters but cant say that I've had them tested. I have the ones that are nylon for every day use so easy to wash but have a quite thin leather section that I think would break easily if it had too. I got mine from Dover Saddlery, about $20 This special halter is designed to enhance the use of the muzzle and eliminate concerns of rubs from the muzzle ties. Note: Halters tend to run large - see dimensions below. If your horse is on the cusp of a size - we recommend to go down on size. Available in four sizes; pony, cob, horse, and draft. Leather breakaway crowns About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Monogrammed Horse Halters, Monogrammed Dog Collars & Custom Embroidery by WINDMILL. Our company reputation is built on premium quality products, fast delivery and exceptional customer service. monogrammed horse halters, embroidered horse halters, halters, horse halters, nylon halters, custom monogramming, custom embroidery, horse, dog, monogrammed dog collars, dog leashs, dog blankets, horse.

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Breakaway Safety Feature So Your Horse Will Not Get Caught With This Halter Leather breakaway tab between the cheek and the crown is designed to break under pressure, for peace of mind when your horse is in the barn, turnout, traveling, and at shows Qty 2 - Breakaway Links (or, two strips of leather about 8-9″ long with 3 holes punched) 3. Qty 1 - Extra buckle (you can buy these at the link above, but in the future you can save money by cutting hardware off of halters you throw out, to use for repair projects) 4. Qty 2 - Chicago Screws. 5. (optional, as needed) leather dye to dye. Sara from SmartPak talks about why she thinks the SmartPak Breakaway Halter (http://bit.ly/1wuUbLB) is so smart.The smartest reason to get yours at SmartPak?..

Our Suffolk® by Dover Saddlery® Breakaway Halter has an easily replaceable leather crown. It is crafted of richly colored 1 wide nylon webbing that stands up to daily use. Double buckle replaceable crown. Snap throat. Adjustable chin. Coordinating chrome or brass hardware. Imported. Machine was warm, separately. Attach buckles prior to. Beautiful Foal Halters:Breakaway Crown Nylon Halter Foal Mini Halter Lot of 10 Or 1. Ten Bright colors! HorseNPonyDepot 5 out of 5 stars (256) $ 15.50 FREE shipping Add to Favorites More colors Custom Soft or Stiff Yacht Rope Halters with Paracording NSCustomTack 5 out of 5 stars (922.

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  1. Padded Breakaway Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap. by Weaver Leather. Price: $29.95 . SALE. Silver Tip 4 Knot Rope Horse Halter. by Weaver Leather. Price: $25.45 . Adjustable 3/4 Suckling or Foal Horse Halter. by Weaver Leather. Price: $18.55 . Adjustable Fashion 1 Horse Halter
  2. Here is a video on how to add your Breakaway Halter Adapter to any halter: Learn more about the Breakaway Halter adapter in this blog article: How to Turn Your Nylon or Beta Halter into a Breakaway Halter. Horse Size: Mini-Small Pony, Horse, Draft. Reviews. There are no reviews yet
  3. Get this Weaver Leather breakaway halter for horses at https://bit.ly/2RfJOxY.Developed in partnership with Brett Mills, inventor, horseman and founder of R...
  4. Frequently Bought Together: Total Price: $65.98. Add Both to Cart. This item: Lettia Bling Breakaway Halter $28.13. High Country Plastics Halter House $59.99. Mineral Feeder Black 3.5 Quart $5.99. Read More Read Less
  5. Comfort padded crown, noseband and cheeks. Adjustable chin. Need more information about the Equi-Star Super Padded Comfort Breakaway Halter? Get a quick answer on our Live Chat! Got a question? Get a quick answer on our Live Chat! Item # 200-180615. UPC 841095097786. Order Amount
  6. The GreenGuard Premium Breakaway Halter is designed for use with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle. This premium quality breakaway halter features: Premium quality, soft to the touch nylon with durable felt-padded nose Breakaway leather crown that is replaceable Unique throat latch is more adjustable to fit many different head shapes, helping to keep the halter on even the trickiest houdini.

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Gatsby® Ultra Soft Nylon Safety Breakaway Halter. This comfortable halter is made of an ultra-soft, durable nylon, plus a leather piece breakaway piece below the crown buckle that makes it ideal for turnout. Features single buckle crown, throatlatch snap and silver-plated hardware. Replacement breakaway pieces sold separately Equestrian Collections offers some of the most popular Miniature Horse Halters found online. Shoppers looking for the latest Tough-1 Miniature Horse Halters will be delighted! Equestrian Collections offers a full range of the best Ozark Miniature Horse Halters and Intrepid International Miniature Horse Halters, all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee This adjustable breakaway halter is constructed with durable triple-ply premium nylon with heavy-duty malleable iron hardware in bronze. The leather buckle piece is designed to break if the halter catches to avoid injury to your horse Gatsby® Nylon Breakaway Halter with Overlay. Durable and heavy duty with a little charm, this halter is made of double ply nylon with the original horse-overlay design. Features a pre-conditioned leather breakaway crown, rolled throat (not as shown), throatlatch snap, and brass plated hardware. This halter is great for using as a turnout.

The Kincade Nylon Breakaway Halter with an adjustable nose and a snap at the cheek for easy on/off with a double buckle leather crown Frequently Bought Together: Total Price: $46.55. Add All Three to Cart. This item: Millstone German Check Breakaway Halter $35.99. Breakaway Leather Buckle $3.37. Fetch Pet Ocean Buddies Purple Octopus Dog Toy $7.19 Ozark™ Mini Breakaway Halter. Amish-handcrafted in the USA, this halter is made from premium quality 5/8-inch black nylon with heavy-duty chrome hardware. The leather breakaway tab will break if your mini gets the halter stuck. It is excellent to keep on those hard-to-catch minis. Replacement tabs are available Made for superior performance featuring premium nylon and heavyweight hardware, this Weaver Leather 35-6024-BK Original Breakaway Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap features a triple-ply nylon cheek design. The horse halter features a rolled throat and box-stitched stress points for added strength

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Kensington Padded Breakaway Halter Made Exclusively For SmartPak features a thin piece of leather below the buckle on the crown that is designed to break under high pressure. Also. The SmartPak Breakaway Halter is one smart barn staple! It features soft fleece padding for maximum comfort and a leather crown piece designed to break under undue pressure. This leather crown piece and chin strap are adjustable, giving you the ability to create a great fit for your horse Made by Gatsby, a reputable company that has been making quality goods for over 30 years, this is a heavy-duty nylon halter with a breakaway crown. This amazing halter features: Double ply, durable nylon. Double buckle, pre-conditioned leather crown, which is the standard Gatsby replacement halter crown and is easily available for replacement Roma Breakaway Halter - Full, just one of the great products from our large selection here at HorseLoverZ. The Roma Breakaway Halter has a stylish halter with breakaway tab. The crown and chin are adjustable and there is a snap at the throat for easy access grooming EquiStar Super Padded Comfort Breakaway Halter EquiStar Super Padded Comfort Halter - EquiStar concentrates on providing basic qualityriding apparel and equipment at budget conscience pricing. The Super Padded Halter features padded cheeks crown and noseadjustable chin and throat snaps and brass plated hardware

The Centaur Solid Cushion Padded Breakaway Halter has soft comfortable webbing with sueded nubuck nose and crown with breakaway fuse. Features: Nubuck Padded Nose & Crown. Heavy Duty Zinc Hardware. Adjustable Chin. Easy Change Loop Throat Snap. Breakaway Fuse. Check out our Deals and Sales - Unbeatable prices everyday Basic Breakaway Crown Halter with Snap. Starting at: $12.99. Triple E Nylon Padded Halter Trail Bridle. Starting at: $35.24. Plastic Hoof Pick Brush Combo. Starting at: $1.98. Weaver Original Poly Lead Rope. Starting at: $13.04. Bungee Trailer Tie Starting at: $19.45. Weaver Original Breakaway Adj Halter w/Snap. Starting at: $28.95. x. Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart

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Gatsby Ultra Soft Nylon Safety Halter. Made of a ultra-soft, durable nylon, features silver plated hardware, trigger snap on the side, fixed chin single buckle crown and a leather piece between the buckle and the cheek piece that makes this halter a safety halter. The leather piece acts as a breakaway, can easily be replaced and can be used for. SmartPak Beta Breakaway Halter is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 14. Rated 3 out of 5 by Dparent from Fashionable, not durable Bought this less than two years ago for style and most importantly the fact it was a breakaway halter

Tough-1. Poly Rope Tied Horse Halter. Check Price. Bargain Pick. Bottom Line. Effective, comfortable, brightly colored, and extremely easy to fit on your horse, and if you need a straightforward and simple solution, these inexpensive nylon rope halters might be just what you're looking for. Pros This is a breakaway halter made to fit 1:9/Traditional scale model horses, brands like Breyer, Peter Stone, etc. You can use it for play as long as your not rough with it. May not fit all horses. Not sure if it's PSQ (photo show quality). It's a new design I've made and I really like it! It takes HorseLoverZ is proud to offer the latest Horse Halters and Horse Equipment on the market. We have a the largest selection of the most popular Weaver Breakaway Halters, Weaver Miniature Horse Halters or Weaver Rope Halters available, at prices that you can't beat either through our online auctions, sales or our Price Match Guarantee! Purchase your Weaver and Weaver Horse Halters on HorseLoverZ. Breakaway Horse Halter, Horse Size. Item # DYH9. DYHG. $39.95. Image 0. Image 1. Perri's Breakaway Horse Halter is a durable triple-ply nylon halter with double buckle adjustable leather breakaway crown, adjustable chin and throat snap. Read More. Color: Red (In Stock

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The Weaver Leather 35-1022-OR Adjustable Breakaway Nylon Horse Halter is made for superior performance. This horse halter features premium nylon and heavyweight hardware for durability over time. These halters feature a triple-ply nylon cheek design for added style. This halter also features a flat throat and box-stitched stress points for. We carry a great selection of Breakaway Halters by Horseware, Roma, Centaur, Thornhill, Weaver, Tuff Rider and more. Save now with our price match guarantee and FREE shipping on most orders over $100 Equestrian Collections is pleased to offer the latest Breakaway or Safety Halters and Horse Halters on the market. We offer an excellent selection of the most popular Perri's Horse Halters found online. And all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee Breakaway Halters Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Quick view Compare Choose Option


Safety Breakaway Halters. 2 Categories In List. SAFETY Halter with BREAKAWAY LEATHER CROWN. SAFETY HALTERS with LEATHER BREAKAWAY TAB. Beta Biothane. We carry 23 dazzling colors of beta biothane. Looks like Leather, Feels Like Leather. Easy to Clean & Hassle Free! Request a Free Sample Kit Today Padded Breakaway Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap. by Weaver Leather. Price: $29.95 . Adjustable 3/4 Suckling or Foal Horse Halter. by Weaver Leather. Price: $18.55 . Adjustable Fashion 1 Horse Halter. by Weaver Leather. Price: $27.85 . Breakaway Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap. by Weaver Leather

Brown. Suffolk® by Dover Saddlery® Triple-Stitched Halter. $49.95. Dover Saddlery® Heavy Nylon Breakaway Halter. $39.95. LeMieux® Vogue Halter & Rope Lead Set. $42.95. Dover Saddlery® Padded Leather Halter. $39.95 Breakaway 3/4″ Triple-Ply Poly Web Halter w/Snap, Brass-Plated Hardware. #0842 $19.20. Select options. 1. 2. 3 A leather halter like none other! Real control, a built-in lungeing caveson, breakaway functionality and rich leather in one halter. If you choose a punched halter, your halter comes pre-punched on the left side for a halter nameplate - which is available from our site Plates by Horse Education Company.. If you prefer not to affix a nameplate, you can order our traditional triple stitched.

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The Perri's Breakaway Safety Nylon Halter is a great addition to any barn! Top-quality nylon webbing with soft-edged brass plated hardware is sure to keep your horse comfortable while a breakaway crown piece is easily replaceable if needed. With the adjustable double buckle crown, chin, and snap at the throat, this halter is sure to fit. Great quality leather & hardware As others have said if you have a particularly thin skinned horse the nylon might be a tad stiff for 24/7 use I however purchased it for safety for trailing & highlining while camping so suitable for my use & is hard to find a breakaway halter with a fixed leadrope ring & rolled throatlatch which this one does have Halters are used to lead or tie up a horse, fitting behind the ears and around the muzzle. A lead rope or shank is attached to the halter, allowing the handler to guide the horse. Halters are available in a range of types including nylon, leather, breakaway, rope, beta, and show, along with accessories

Find the best bags, pads, halters and other Realtree gear here. Shop Camo Customize your Triple E horse tack. including pads, bags, halters & more! Customize Now Choose from a wide variety of colors, overlays and custom. embroidery to compliment you and your horse. Click Here From draft horse to miniature horse we've got you covered These 1 nylon adjustable chin and throat halters have a burgundy latigo leather crown with a convenient breakaway design for emergencies. Feature brass plated double crown buckles, dependable sewn-in solid brass throat snap and rolled throat design. Replacement Crown (25-1/2L) sold separately

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Breakaway Halter. Nylon Halter with comfort padding sewn into the nose and leather crown. Halter features brass plated hardware adjustable chin and throat snap. Size: Color: Clear: Intrepid Chafeless Padded Breakaway Halter quantity. Add to cart. SKU: TH4 Categories: For the Horse, Halters & Leads, Tack. The ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter is designed for use with the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle. Designed for comfort, our ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter has features to make using and installing the Flexible Filly Muzzle easy. Our horse halter has strategically placed keepers for you to attached your muzzle Leather halters, nylon halters, rope halters, breakaway halters, Silver show halters, Arabian show halters, and leads are all available at low prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for a daily halter for your horse, Schneiders carries a variety of leather or nylon halters that comes in an assortment of sizes and colors. Weaver Breakaway Halter Replacement Crown. Because accidents happen the Weaver Breakaway Halter Replacement Crown will get your halter back up and working in the case the leather crown breaks. The Replacement crown is made of vegetable tanned leather and fits the Weaver Breakaway Halters 5. Next. Horse halters and leads are some of the most used pieces of equipment in a barn. Shop Jeffers Equine's leather halters for show, breakaway halters for turnout, rope halters for training, or nylon halters for everyday use. Jeffers also carries a selection of adjustable halters in sizes for ponies and miniature horses up to large drafts

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Padded Breakaway Nylon Horse Halter with Custom Brass Name Plate JCSaddleryCustom 5 out of 5 stars (838) $ 54.95. Add to Favorites More colors Skinny Noseband - CUSTOM Made to Order Rope Halter - Hand Carved & Stitched Nose Band - With Name Personalization Options by RF Tack RachelFailCustomTack 5 out of 5 stars. Product Description. Comfortable and safe, the Centaur Fleece Cushion Breakaway Halter offers durable construction with a breakaway feature to ensure your horse stays safe while tied or during turnout.Plush fleece padding lines the crown, noseband and cheek straps to ensure a comfortable, no-chafe fit that makes this halter perfect for long-term wear and transport 5 out of 5 stars. Beautiful Foal Halters:Breakaway Crown Nylon Halter Foal Mini Halter Lot of 10 Or 1. Ten Bright colors! $15.50. Loading. In stock. Secondary color. Select an option Black [Sold out] Purple [Sold out] Red [Sold out] Pink Lt Pink Lt Blue [Sold out] Royal Blue [Sold out] Teal [Sold out] Berry Burgundy Lot of 10 [Sold out] Please. Ultra-premium breakaway halter and lead rope for horses. Includes a matching lead rope made of thickly braided poly material. Equipped with 360-degree reflective trim for added visibility and safety. Features stunning nickel-plated black hardware that's designed for durability

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Gatsby® Nylon Breakaway Halter. Beautifully crafted from durable, double-ply nylon with nickel-plated hardware, making it ideal for using as a turnout halter, when trailering, or even in the stall. The pre-conditioned leather crown is designed to break, helping to prevent injury to your horse. The spring snap on the side is extremely easy to. Kensington Breakaway Halter. Safety and style combine in this plaid halter from Kensington. A thin piece of leather is attached below the buckle on the crown that will break under high pressure, allowing the horse to escape if he rears or bolts. In addition, a snap at the throat ensures an identical fit each time this halter is worn. Features Collegiate Triple Stitch Leather Breakaway Halter. This attractive leather halter from Collegiate features triple stitch details and breakaways. Shop Equestrian Collections for Top Brands and Fashions. Discover the latest trends and always ride in style with Equestrian Collections Weaver Leather Breakaway Original Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter features a soft, supple burgundy latigo leather crown as a perfect addition to our popular original nylon halter. This convenient breakaway halter features a 1 in. nylon construction, oblong buckle holes, box-stitching at stress points, a comfortable rolled throat and true-to-fit sizing. Also features brass plated double. This premium Solid Brass halter with adjustable chin and throat snap is made from 1 quality triple ply nylon with brass plated hardware, and a leather crown. Shipping Policy. Free shipping on orders over $50 across 48 contiguous US states. Orders that total below $50.00 will incur a flat shipping rate of $11.50

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Mini breakaway halter is constructed with durable 5/8″ premium nylon and bronze hardware. Box/cross stitching, computerized web cutting and heat sealed reinforced buckle holes. Leather crown is designed to break if halter catches to avoid injury to the horse. Accented with 1/2″ nylon overlay. Quality crafted in the USA Riveted Figure 8 Foal Halter. Item # BCLR1. BCLR1. $14.99. Riveted Figure 8 Emergency Breakaway Horse Halter comes with two different length crown pieces for suckling size through weanling. Riveted so it will break away during an emergency. Read More. (In Stock Centaur Fleece Cushion Breakaway Halter features soft comfortable webbing with fleece covered nose and crown. Horse head embroidery graces the nose. Breakaway fuse at the crown buckle. Adjustable chin and crown for a great fit. Throat snap for easy on-off. Durable satin finish hardware. NOTE: This halter has a trigger snap at the throat latch Sunflower Horse Halter, Flower Draft Horse Halter, Breakaway Large Horse Halter, Custom Halters, Fun Mini Horse Halter, Large Mini Halter. $38.99+. Loading. In stock. Size. Select a size Draft Horse ($43.99) Large Horse ($42.99) Horse ($42.99) Arab/Cob ($42.99) Yearling ($42.99) Pony ($42.99) Weanling ($38.99) Large Mini Horse ($38.99) Mini. Add to your favorite bridle, bracelet, or martingale to identify your tack or for a custom flair. Ensure your horse's safety at all times while wearing a halter! Can convert most nylon halters into breakaway turnout halters Attaches between the crown buckle and the che • Nubuck Padded Nose & Crown • Heavy Duty Zinc Hardware • Adjustable Chin • Easy Change Loop Throat Snap • Breakaway Fus