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Coronary guide catheters have primary, secondary and tertiary curves formed therein to facilitate insertion and positioning of the distal tip of the catheter within the coronary ostium. The distal portion of the catheter may be formed of material, which is softer than the remainder of the catheter This is the most common method to engage the EBU catheter to LM ostium. It involves the following steps. First step : Placing the guide wire into the aortic sinus under the fluoroscopy guidance. The wire should be curved just above the level of the sinotubular ridge so that it is located in the posterior sinus (Fig. 8.4a)

Coronary Guide Catheter EBU (Extra Back-Up) EBU 3

The Cordis Guiding Catheters Portfolio is comprised of the ADROIT® Guiding Catheter and the VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheter Firm catheter shaft for users preferring a passive guide catheter. Available in 6F lumen size (0.070) * Bench test data on file. N=22 for Launcher; N=15 for RUNWAY. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Curve Retention: Testing measures the ability of the catheter to effectively retain its curve shape. Honolulu : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 12pm to 12pm (GMT-10) San Francisco : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 02pm to 02pm (GMT-8) New York : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 05pm to 05pm (GMT-5) Buenos Aires : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 07pm to 07pm (GMT-3) London / Dublin : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 10pm to 10pm (GMT) Paris / Berlin : Monday, November 29th 1999 from 11pm to 11pm. The guide catheter provides support for device advancement (stents, balloons, etc.). It is the conduit for device and wire transport, a vehicle for contrast injection and takes measurements. Guide catheters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a variety of patient anatomies

RunWay FR4 Guide Catheter-6Fr x 125cm x .070 $30.00. Abbott. Model #: PAGH143392 Asahi Peripheral GuideWire Astato XS- .014 x 300cm x 17cm tip. $25.00. Terumo. Model #: 40-6373 Heartrail III Catheter IKARI LEFT - GC-U6IL400N - 6Fr x .071'' x 100cm. $20.00. Medtronic. Model #: SA63DRIGHT. Catheter size • Catheter size in French For each given size - ID is either standard, large or giant 7. Diagnostic vs Guide catheters • Stiffer shaft • Larger internal diameter (ID) • Shorter & more angulated tip (110º vs. 90º), non tapering tip • Re-enforced construction (3 vs. 2 layers). Indian Heart J. 2009; 61:80-88 8 GUIDE CATHETERS FOR TRANSFEMORAL INTERVENTION 21. • Most common catheters - Judkins - Amplatz - Extra Backup support - EBU (Medtronic) XB (Cordis) Voda, Qcurve (Boston) • Catheters with niche use - Multipurpose - RCA graft, High LM takeoff - IMA cath - LIMA, Superior takeoff RCA or RCA graft - LCB, RCB cath - SVG 22

Guiding Catheters. Cordis Guiding Catheters, such as the VISTA BRITE TIP ® Guiding Catheter, are designed for support and performance and are available in different shapes and sizes for precise placement. Also in our Guiding Catheter Portfolio is the VISTA BRITE TIP® IG Guiding Catheter Guide catheter construction differs between manufacturers and usually are very different from their diagnostic counterparts. A stiffer shaft, thinner walls, larger internal lumen diameter, a shorter and more angulated tip (110° vs. 90°), and a reinforced construction (3 vs. 2 layers) are some of the characteristics that differentiate guide catheters from diagnostic catheters

Selection and Manipulation of Guiding Catheter in Left

Encapsulated, high-strength, flat braiding provides high kink resistance, pushability and reliable back-up support. Polyamide outer shaft material enhances shape retention and results in minimal temperature softening during complex procedures. Distal, 7 cm uncoated section ensures good grip at the ostium and contralateral wall support Basic tips to utilize guide catheter while taking interventional device in and out of the coronary arteries Launcher Guiding Catheter EBU 3.5-Non-Expired. Facebook; Email; Print; Twitter; Pinterest; Launcher Guiding Catheter EBU 3.5-Non-Expired Medtronic RunWay™ JL3 Guide Catheter - 6Fr x 100cm x.070 - Non-Expired. $60.00. Boston Scientific. Model #: 34358-138 Mach 1™ Guide Catheter MP1 SH - 8Fr x 100cm x .091.

Guide Catheter Selection for Transradial PCI - Cardiac

  1. An EBU guide catheter was introduced and manually engaged the left main artery using the right radial access approach. A BMW guidewire was introduced and loaded into the CorPath cassette. The robot's turbo feature was used to advance the guidewire to the distal left guide catheter
  2. Newtech Medical Devices_GUIDING CATHETER
  3. Launcher Coronary Guide Catheter The Launcher® Coronary Guide Catheter offers you a blend of flexibility, support and visualization, the capability you need to respond to your challenging cases. Coronary Curve; Backup Support Left. Curve Style; EBU 3.0. Shaft / Outer Diameter(F); 6F. Inner Diameter(inches); 0.071
  4. The XB/EBU-type guide catheters are examples of passive catheters that are utilized extensively, whereas the Ikari left (IL) and JL are active catheters. As mentioned, most of the passive support guide catheters are long tipped stiffer catheters when compared to active guide catheters. Ikari backup force calculation with modification
  5. The retrograde balloon mitral valvuloplasty using an EBU guide catheter with a Tyshak II balloon can be an alternative to standard retrograde balloon mitral valvuloplasty technique whenever retrograde technique is chosen over antegrade technique. This technique is safe, simple and can be performed using routinely available hardware
  6. The retrograde balloon mitral valvuloplasty using EBU (Extra Back-up, Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis, USA) guide catheter and Tyshak II balloon can be alternative to standard retrograde balloon mitral valvuloplasty technique whenever retrograde technique is chosen over antegrade technique.>
  7. Comprehensive suppliers list with E-mail/RFQ form for Coronary Guide Catheter EBU (Extra Back-Up) EBU 3.0. Skype. Coronary Guide Catheter EBU (Extra Back-Up) EBU 3.0 Suppliers EMAIL INQUIRY to 1 suppliers . Cardima, Inc. | Address: 47266 Benicia Street, Fremont, California 94538, US

Guide Selection based on Aortic Configuration Narrow Normal Dilated Left Coronary EBU/XB 3.5-4 JL4, AL 1.5-2 Right Coronary JR 3.5-4 AL 0.75-1 & AR 1 Hockey Stick Left Coronary EBU/XB 3-3.5 JL 3-3.5 Right Coronary JR3 LIMA Left Coronary EBU/XB 4 JL4.5 or > Right Coronary JR 4-4.5 AL 1.5-2 & AR The EBU/XB-type guide catheters are passive type, and this may explain why they are utilized so extensively, whereas the IL or JL is an active-type catheter. What is the benefit of the passive guide catheter? It is not necessary to continually manipulate the guide catheter during the procedure, allowing the operator to concentrate on. But, 6 Fr EBU guide catheter could not be navigated through the radial artery tortuosity because of marked resistance in the advancement of catheter with severe forearm pain. Guide catheter was navigated successfully using the same PAT technique as described for case 1. Navigation was easy and was without any forearm pain


Then, a 5 Fr pigtail catheter (Boston Scientific, USA) was inserted inside the 6 Fr EBU guide catheter.Pigtail catheter went easily inside the guiding catheter with both proximal as well as its distal ends outside the guide catheter ().Both the ends of pigtail catheter were outside the guide catheter because of relatively lengthier pigtail catheter (110 cm) than the guide catheter (100 cm) LMCA could not be hooked with 6F extra backup guide catheter 3.5 (EBU- Medtronic, USA). Somehow it was cannulated with bigger curve (EBU 4). Lesion was crossed with 0.014 run through wire (Terumo, Japan) and was gradually predilated using 2×10, and 2.5×10 mm sapphire semicompliant balloons (Orbus Neisch, Netherland).

Manufacturer: Medtronic Usa. Designed to take measurements and provide support when advancing wires and devices, such as stents and balloons. Workhorse strength for a range of anatomies and takeoffs. Large lumens for contrast flow for visualization. Radiopaque marker band and nylon shaft. Flexible distal segment for backup help Guiding Catheter Guide Wire JR, Hockey-Stick, EBU R, Amplatz Right or Left. Judkins Right. JR, Multipurpose, SLS. allRight (Art curve) RCA: Superior Take-Off. Right coronary . Shepherd's crook. Example of guiding catheter's curve. Kiesz . Right Superior 2. Second wire in a side branch - useful in anchoring the guide (second wire in LCX when dilating LAD lesion) Provides for better backup and allows retraction of the guide when necessary, without loss of position. Also prevents the guide from being sucked in beyond the LM when pulling back balloon catheters

Endovascular Today (ISSN 1551-1944 print and ISSN 2689-792X online) is a publication dedicated to bringing you comprehensive coverage of all the latest technology, techniques, and developments in the endovascular field A 6F EBU guide catheter was used successfully for cannulation of left and then right coronary ostia using the same technique and views as in diagnostic catheterization. Prior to using EBU guide catheter, Judkins right 4 (JR 4) guide catheter was attempted without success for cannulating RCA EBU EBU EBU EBU EBU please add SH to end Of model number. Should your Launcher guide catheter kink during an interventional procedure. we Will exchange the at Contact Medtronic representative more information. Please reference appropriate product Instructions for Use for any indications, warnings and precautions (JL) 3.5 diagnostic catheter. It was cannulated with JL 4 catheter with difficulty. LMCA could not be hooked with 6F extra backup guide catheter 3.5 (EBU- Medtronic, USA). Somehow it was cannulated with bigger curve (EBU 4). Lesion wa

MEDTRONIC GUIDING CATHETER EBU 3.5 6F/7F. Description. LARGE LUMEN GUIDE BALANCING FLEXIBILITY AND SUPPORT Workhorse construction suitable for various anatomies and takeoffs Flexible distal segment enables you to engage for backup support Supportive secondary curve for backup support and curve retentio The ostia of both vessels are involved. B) After predilation, 6F EBU 3.5 (Medtronic) Article Snippet: The diameter of the patient's left radial artery was small, so we used a 6F EBU 3.5 guiding catheter (Medtronic), rather than a 7F one, to engage the ostium of the LMCA. Techniques The EBU 3.0 gide catheter did not sit well. Therefore, it was removed and a 7-French AL1 guide catheter was advanced into the ascending aorta over a guidewire, and used to selectivley engage the left main trunk. The AL1 catheter provided excellent support A 6F EBU guide catheter was introduced and used to selectively engage the LAD with standard interventional techniques. The guide catheter was then connected to the Y-connector and the guidewire and PTCA catheter were placed into the CorPath® cassette, on the articulated arm of the CorPath System

A 5 Fr EBU guide catheter engaged the left CA and allowed a first 2.5-12 balloon inflation, then an NC 3-12 balloon was placed. Despite high-pressure inflations (24 atmospheres), and use of a larger 3-25 NC balloon, a notch persisted (Figure 6a). Afraid of excessive vessel injury, we decide to move to stenting and a DES 3-12 was delivered at 13. Extra Back-up in Transradial Interventions A modification of the Judkins catheters especially developed for giving extra back up during transradial procedures. In general, engagement of the left coronary artery requires smaller catheters (i.e. a JL 3.5 compared with a JL 4) compared with those used for femoral or left radial approaches Catheter, percutaneous - Product Code DQY: Product: Medtronic 6F Launcher Guide Catheter 100cm EBU 3.75 Model Number: LA6EBU375: Code Information: Lot Code: 220772561, 220772562: Recalling Firm/ Manufacturer: Medtronic Vascular 35-37A Cherry Hill Drive Danvers MA 01923-2565: For Additional Information Contact: Medtronic Customer Service 800-716. In Stock! Ships Today! $19.00 each - Medtronic Vascular # LA6EBU35 - Medtronic Launcher 6F Coronary Guide Catheter, 100cm EBU 3. A 6F EBU guide catheter (Launcher, Medtronics, USA) was negotiated over a standard 0.035 guide wire. We experienced severe resistance in the movement of assembly and at the same time patient complained of significant local pain. Contrast injection through side port of introducer sheath revealed severe tortuosity of RA with atherosclerotic.

Launcher Coronary Guide Catheter Medtroni

For the PCI, arterial access was achieved through the right radial artery and a 6 Fr Extra Back-Up (EBU) guide catheter was used to engage the left main artery. The Diamondback 360 ® Coronary Orbital Atherectomy System (OAS) 1.25 mm Classic Crown was inserted and advanced to the LAD lesions Merit Vascular - Cardiac. Interventional Cardiology healthcare professionals rely on Merit for a complete line of Access to Hemostasis Radial and Femoral products and training, including the renowned ThinkRadial education program. For electrophysiologists, Merit offers a Transseptal Portfolio, Splittable Access Sheath Portfolio and a range of.

Choosing Catheter Shapes for Radial PCI - Cardiac

An Amplatz catheter can also be used effectively from either arm in a similar technique to that of the femoral approach. Another approach is to engage the left coronary ostium with a guide catheter such as the XB or EBU. Other catheters include the Kimney and the multipurpose catheters The guide catheter was replaced with a 6-Fr Extra Back-Up (EBU) 3.5 (Medtronic), but passage could not be performed. Resistance was perceived for the additional expansion during stent removal and it was observed that the stent was left at the lesion site . Residual stent removal was then unsuccessfully attempted with a small balloon However, these catheters have not been widely adopted, with contemporary practice still favouring traditional guide catheters: (standard extra backup (EBU/XB; 77-81%) and Judkins Left (9-17%) for the left coronary, and Judkin's Right (JR; 74-81%) and Amplatz Left (AL; 8-10%) for the right coronary, in recent surveys [2,4] Passive guide support can be achieved by larger caliber guide catheter (7-8 F) or more supportive shapes (such as Amplatz, XB or EBU guide catheter). The inherent passive support provided by the guide is dependent on the shape of the guide the PCI was performed using 7 Fr EBU 3.75 guide catheter from the right radial artery. Interventions were planned in a step-wise approach starting with the LCx. The LCx was wired with a workhorse wire over a microcatheter. The wire crossed the lesion; however, multiple microcatheters would not pass the . lesion

SERPIA GUIDING CATHETER 6F EBU 3.5. - 26408805. The medical device SERPIA GUIDING CATHETER 6F EBU 3.5 is realized by PENDRACARE INTERNATIONAL. Trade name. SERPIA GUIDING CATHETER 6F EBU 3.5. Product Code. 26408805. Manufacturer of the medical device. PENDRACARE INTERNATIONAL Heart Care Solutions - Offering Guiding Catheter 6F XB 3.5, Catheter Guide, गाइडिंग कैथेटर in Chandigarh. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 1424338477 Guiding Catheters Left Coronary Extra Back-Up Shapes * Please note that the modified standard catheters will be produced on special request and are subject to longer delivery times and list prices. SHAPE EXTRA BACK-UP Name Picture Observation 5F 6F 7F 8F XB 2.5 SM7465* XB 3 670-052-00 778-052-00 588-829 XB 3 LBT Long VISTA BRITE TIP ™ SM7328 The length of the occlusion was approximately 60 mm. We planned to use the retrograde approach and introduced 7F sheaths into the bilateral femoral arteries. We advanced a 7F 90 cm AL0.75 guide catheter (Launcher, Medtronic Co., USA) into the RCA, and a 7F EBU guide catheter (Launcher, Medtronic Co., USA) into the left main coronary artery (LMCA) The catheter was used to selectively engage the RCA. Selective RC angiogram was obtained in multiple orthogonal views. After reviewing angiographic results, we decided to intervene and investigate the distal LM and ostial LAD and ostial LC stenosis. The catheter was exchanged to EBU 3.5 6-French guide catheter over Jwire

Nevertheless, due to a lack of patient consent on the proposed surgical procedure, a PCI using a transradial 6F EBU 3.5 guide catheter was performed. After wiring a distal part of the LAD with a Fielder XT (Asahi-INTECC, Aichi, Nagoya, Japan) guidewire with the additional use of a microcatheter, the RA with burr size 1.5 mm was carried out. Back-up support catheters were preferred in all cases and EBU catheter, with counter direction rotations, successfully cannulated LCA in most cases. As seen in Table 1 , hydrophilic-coated guidewires were preferred by most operators; however, hydrophobic wire with balloon support was used in one case [1]

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Guiding Catheters - Cordi

The other main factor for choosing PCI over CABG is due to significant past experience in performing ultralow and zero-contrast PCI at our centre. Post consent, the procedure was performed via the femoral approach using a 7Fr 3.5 EBU guide catheter, three days after CAG Using a six French EBU 4.0 guide catheter, a 0.014 mm/l 90 cm Asahi Pro Water wire was placed in the distal portion of the inferior branch of the first obtuse marginal vessel. The lesion involving this branch was subsequently direct stented with a 3.0 mm x 13 mm Cypher stent to 16 atmospheres. The proximal portion of this sten Multiple guide catheters may sometimes require to perform coronary angiogram and intervention. This case had used VL 3.5 > FL 3.5> FL 3.0 > EBU 3.0. EBU 3.0 was used for a better support although FL 3.0 was successfully engaged. If necessary, selective coronary engagement can be done by railing the guide catheter over the J wire Diagnostic catheter exchanged for a guide catheter (EBU 3.5/6 Fr) with angiography showing a non-flow limiting Type B dissection of the LM. 5 of 13 Deployment of a Xience Prime 3.0/33 mm stent in the mid LAD

RUNWAY™ Guide Catheter - Boston Scientifi

Comparison between Ikari L and Extra back up (EBU)/Xtra backup (XB) catheters. Guiding catheters can be divided into active or passive manipulation types. The EBU/XB-type guide catheters are passive and this may explain why they are utilized so extensively, whereas the Ikari L or Judkins L is an active-type catheter In this video, Ibrahim Al Rashdan and Helen Routledge share their insights and experience on selecting the appropriate guiding catheters for interventional procedures and optimising the support. The following additional resources are available: Selecting a guide catheter for LCA (1:21)EBU 4.0 from RRA (2:26) How to engage with EBU shape? (2:36

Guo J - AIMRADIAL 2014 - Single guiding catheter in STEMI

Ebu 3.5-

EBU Catheters. Extra Backup catheters offer greater support for engagement with the Left Main ostium, on account of the broad secondary curve. Guiding Catheters. These catheters are designed to pass PCI equipment through the vessel, and as such are usually larger and stiffer than diagnostic catheters. They perform three main functions serpia guiding catheter 7f ebu 4.5 sh - 27409225; gc .070 f6 3d lima 90-90 - sm7501; special catheter - sm7580; catheter guide special - sm7641; catheter guide special - sm7713; catheter guide special - sm7717; catheter guide special - sm771

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Wholesaler of Medtronic Medical Devices - Medtronic Guiding Catheter(Jl,Jr,Ebu) offered by AGS Techno Vision, New Delhi, Delhi. AGS Techno Vision. DAKSHINPURI, New Delhi, Delhi. GST No. 07AIFPM1775P1ZO. TrustSEAL Verified. LARGE LUMEN GUIDE BALANCING FLEXIBILITY AND SUPPORT Summary Guiding catheter can make our procedure simple by appropriate use Selection of GC is associated with making stronger back up force and setting co- axial position of the system. Appropriate GC selection is an important point to prevent dampened pressure and dissection by the tip of GC, especially, in case with an ostial lesion. Balloon anchoring in SB or guide extension catheter can. Launcher™ 6 F Guide Catheters Ordering Information LEFT CORONARY CURVES Backup Support Left Left Standard (JL) Short Left (SL) JCL Amplatz Left Short Amplatz Left EBU LA6JL25 LA6SL30 LA6JCL30 LA6AL75 LA6SAL75 LA6EBU30 LA6JL30 LA6SL35 LA6JCL35 LA6AL10 LA6SAL10 LA6EBU325 LA6JL35 LA6SL40 LA6JCL40 LA6AL15 LA6SAL15 LA6EBU3

Mach 1™ Guide Catheter - Boston ScientificChoice of guiding catheters in PCIMedtronic The Launcher Coronary Guide Catheter | Medline

Double femoral access was established, with an AL1 guiding catheter for the ostial RCA and a 7F EBU 4.0 (Launcher, Medtronic) positioned at the ostium of the left main. After successful septal collateral crossing, a wire escalation strategy was chosen to cross the lesion EXTRA BACK-UP SUPPORT Select configurations designed ENVOY XB guide catheters are available in 6F. Lateral Stiffness Profile (n=5)2 Measured Force 5F ENVOY Catheter 6F ENVOY Catheter 6F ENVOY DA Catheter 7F ENVOY Catheter Inner Diameter .056 .070 .071 .078. catheters: diagnostic—Judkins (JL3.5, JR5), or dedicated radial curves (e.g., Tiger, Jacky, Kimny, Barbeau); interventional guide catheters—extra-back up curves for the left coronary artery, Judkins right or Amplatz for the right coronary artery. Other options include Ikari, Amplatz, Kimny, and XB-RCA. Medication 125cm catheter length for easy navigation to the target vessel via radial artery. Winged polycarbonate hub for easy manipulation. Wire braided for torque, stability, and control. Shaft material provides thermal stability at body temperature. Large inner lumens to facilitate contrast injection. Soft bumper tip provides atraumatic positioning.

Launcher Guiding Catheter EBU3

Most complex lesions (90%) were treated successfully via radial access with the Guidezilla catheter combined with 6 Fr mother-guide catheters (41% EBU, 25% SAL, 25% AL, and 9% JL); the other 10% of cases were via femoral access. Rates of target lesion crossing success and procedural success were both 99% Heartrail™ II offers dedicated curves for radial access: Ikari curves right and left are developed to improve your back-up force during TRI via the right radial artery. Tiger curves are designed to be used for both right and left coronary arteries. Feel the difference with the 5Fr guiding catheter in 6Fr left Main (LM) was intubated with EBU 3.5 guide catheter. Run through® NS wire (Terumo, Tokyo, Japan) was used to cross the lesion. OCT pullback showed concentric calcification of proximal LAD. Rotablation was performed using a 1.5 mm burr at 1,75,000 rpm, pre-dilated with 2.5 × 12 mm balloon and deployed 2.75 The radial EBUS procedure is performed by inserting a miniature ultrasound probe (radial EBUS probe) through the working channel of a flexible bronchoscope or catheter (guide sheath). Real-time imaging of the surrounding tissue enables the clinician to determine the lesion's exact location and size. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window

Guiding catheter in coronary interventio

Using a 7-French EBU 3.75 guide catheter via the right femoral arterial access, DK-Crush bifurcation PCI strategy was executed (Figure 2). Upon successful completion of the PCI, the guide catheter was removed. The Impella CP was weaned down and removed. The sutures at the pre-closed left femoral access site were secured and hemostasis wa Right femoral artery access was gained using an 8 Fr sheath, and an 8 Fr extra back-up 3.75 guide catheter was used to intubate the LAD. A 0.014″ guidewire (SION ® , Asahi Intecc, Japan) was successfully passed through the occluded lesion with the support of the microcatheter (Caravel MC ® , Asahi Intecc, Japan) For PTCA, EBU Left 3.0 5F guide catheter was used, successfully to hook the LAD. Previous case reports have shown successful hooking of left coronary system with Judkins left, XB and EBU . Judkins right catheter, multifunctional guiding catheters and extra support guiding catheters have been used for hooking right coronary artery 6F EBU 3 guide catheter (Medtronic) was used to engage LMCA. The lesion in LAD was crossed with a BMW guidewire (Boston scientific corporation) and a 3 x 28 mm DES (Cobalt-chromium everolimus-eluting stent; Xpedition; Abbott Vascular, Santa Clara, California, USA) was deployed directly at 16 atm for 30 minutes. The length could be assesse EBU 3.5 Guide, Work horse wire both arteries - •Do not push against resistance and maintain co-axiality of the guide catheter whilst moving the stents in and out of the guide •One should be aware of the bail out strategies and deploying the deformed stent in radial artery peripherally is less of a harm than in coronarie

When planning transradial PCI, standard guide catheters (EBU, AL or XB guide catheters) generally provide adequate support for LAD or circumflex interventions. For right coronary artery. Ebu 3.5-4 / Medtronic. Luncher guide catheter. View more . 1 Video . Read more . Heartrail® II / Terumo. PTCA guiding catheter. View more . 10 Videos . Read more . GUIDEZILLA™ II / Boston Scientific. View more . 2 Videos . Read more . Steerable Guide Catheter / Abbott. View more . 6 Videos Guidelines development is one of the core activities of the European Association of Urology as part of their educational efforts. The current corpus of available guidelines covers most of the urological field. The aim of the EAU Guidelines is to assist practicing clinicians in making informed decisions in a given circumstance; taking the. The must have guide shapes are XB or EBU for the left coronary artery, and AL or JR4 for the right coronary artery. This can be facilitated by increasing guide catheter support (eg. DIAGNOSTIC CARDIOLOGY CATHETERS catalog French internal length number size diameter length of tip description JUDKINS LEFT 7700-10 4 0.042/1.07 mm 100 cm 2.3 cm JL3.5 bumper tip 7700-20 4 0.042/1.07 mm 100 cm 2.3 cm JL4.0 bumper tip 7700-30 4 0.042/1.07 mm 100 cm 2.3 cm JL5.0 bumper ti

LA6EBU35, Medtronic, Launcher, Coronary, Guide, Catheter

#3 In the same month, the EBU 3.5 / 7F guide catheter was placed by right radial access and the flow reserve was measured at 0.84. With the support of the Corsair microcatheter (Asahi Intec Co., Japan), Gaia 2 (Asahi Intec Co., Japan) has currently not undergone occlusion in the proximal Cx segment with developed ipsilateral collaterals (CC 1-2) EBU 3.5 6F 9 EBU 4 6F 2 EBU 5 6F 1 AL2 6F 3 AL1 6F 1 JL 3.5 5F 3 JL 4 5F 1 Table 2B: Data of catheter induced LM dissection. Patient Culprit vessel PCI Culprit catheter 1 First marginal (Cx) AL2 6F 2 Medial LAD EBU 3.5 6F 3 Medial LAD AL2 6F 4 Distal LM EBU 3.5 6F 5 Proximal LAD EBU 3.5 6F 6 LM EBU 4 6F 7 LM EBU 3.5 6F 8 Medial LAD EBU 5 6F 9.

Advance Medi-SurgChina Disposable Femoral Transradial Medical Device Radial

EBU 3.5 leffi coronary guiding catheter was engaged to leffi coronary ostium and 0.014 inch ffoppy guide wire was advanced through the Cx lesion and it was predilated Thrst with Invader 2.5 mm × 1.5 mm monorail balloon Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers 6F EBU 3.5 guide catheter. 5F JR4 diagnostic catheter. PCI kit. ChoICE floppy wire - straight tip. 50mL contrast (PCI balloon solution: 50mL contrast: 50mL saline mixture) Selection of 1.5 - 2.0 x 10mm OTW balloon. ECHO machine +/- device interrogation. Sonoview contrast. Ultrasound (Sonosite) Sterile probe cover. Dehydrated alcohol (CD cupboard Extra back up (EBU) 3.5 were doing well in 2 patients of Type B origin and the remaining one patient was successfully cannulated using Judkins left 4.0. In type C origin 4 patients had successful cannulation with Amplatz Left 1.0, 1 patient with Amplatz Left 2.0 and 1 patient with Judkins left 4.0

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