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Welcome to the 52 Weeks Photography Challenge! The one and only goal of this photography challenge is to help you become a better photographer. Each week of the coming year - 2021 - you will be presented with a photography challenge. The challenge will be either based on composition, on a theme, or on a feeling Twenty-third Challenge: Starting 18 December 2020 - still running. Twenty-fourth Challenge: Started 19 March 2021 - still running. Twenty-fifth Challenge: Starting 20 August 2021. Twenty-sixth Challenge: Starting 17 December 2021. *All Active 52 week challengers qualify for a 10% discount on most photowalks

52 Weeks of Photography : 2020 Welcome to the second iteration of my 52 week challenge: New and Improved! Last year was exclusively hosted on instagram, but this year I'm branching out to allow for more inclusivity across platforms The free calendar is available for download as a PDF, it's also available in .ics (for iCal) and Google Calendar formats. The annual Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge is a yearlong photography boot camp for all levels. Weekly challenges are broken into three categories that will stretch any photographer's skills 52-Week Money Challenge e e ece e ce s e, c e e u ue s e sece se e 52ee e ee ee e cce ues eee ee 1, u se $1 ee 2 u se $2, cues u e e, e e ec ees ss ee 52, u se se $52, c e es ss $1,378! LGFC ffers ree nancia lannin services el ou navigate ou ersona nances o ore formation,. September 2020 Challenges. August 2020 Challenges. July 2020 Challenges. June 2020 Challenges. May 202 Challenges. April 2020 Challenges. March 2020 Challenges. February 2020 Challenges. January 2020 Challenges

52 Weeks of Photography : 2021. Welcome to the third iteration of my 52 week challenge! We started the 2020 challenge with full of optimism, but as it happened, the world threw us some major curveballs. So kudos to those who stuck with it, even if sporadically! So, here we go into 2021. You're in for a year of growth as a photographer and artist 52 Week Money Challenge Printable Chart. This tools is best used on a desktop computer. There isn't enough space on a mobile device to display the entire chart. Use the form below to customize your weekly savings chart for any date range. Once you are satisfied with your weekly savings chart, click on the 'Print View' button for a printer. A 365 Photo Challenge is a project where you capture an image every day for a year. Instead of coming up with your own topics, the Calendar, and daily prompts tell you what to look for and shoot. The benefits of this project idea come in droves. They help to develop your skills by forcing you to look at scenes and objects you usually wouldn't

Here's a 52-week photo challenge designed to get you motivated and to stretch your creativity. The challenge below is the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge by photographer Dale Foshe of. On the other hand, a 52-Week Photo Challenge is more manageable, giving you more time to plan your shoot, take photos, and process them. Let's focus on quality instead of quantity 52 Blocks in 52 Weeks. In January 2019 a quilt along was formed with CQA/ACC and Jackie White. The goal was to promote quilting across Canada and to encourage new quilters to become more confident. All the blocks were 6 1/2″ and designed with easy to follow instructions that would create a pieced block. A facebook group was also formed

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  1. 52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 8 - Leading Lines. This is week 8 of the Smartphone Challenge being hosted by Khürt at islandinthenet.com, and we are looking for Leading Lines - more specifically, how they can be used to show the concept of infinity. In the nearby town of Confolens there is a little bridge over a small tributary February 22, 2020
  2. Join the Challenge. To add the challenges to your calendar, click on the button above. (click on the Photography Challenge folder>download the Photography Challenge Calendar file>Open it and it will automatically add the 52 challenges in your calendar) Alright, that's it for this week Photography Challenge
  3. The challenge started in 2016 and went on to 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond. Over the years, we have had great feedback and advice from fellow photographers. Advice for Beginner photographers doing the challenge. The number of beginners who are taking the 52 week challenge is growing every year and the quality of images is getting better year on year

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Dec 28, 2019 - Explore Erin Taylor's board 52 Week Photo Lists, followed by 111 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about photography challenge, photo challenge, photography projects 52 Week Challenge 2020! December 28th, 2019. Mel ace. Hi all, As most of you know, for the last few years here on 365, we've been following the 52 Week Challenge created by Dale Foshe and the community at Dogwood Photography. This year, the Dogwood Challenge has been replaced by the Capture52 challenge, and the reins have been taken over by. Sign in. 396508441-Dogwood-52-Week-Photography-Challenge-2019.pdf - Google Drive. Sign i

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  1. Photo Challenges; 52Frames Challenge (2020) Read More. Buy Photos. 52Frames Challenge Week 1 (2020) Self-Portrait! - Extra Credit: Environmental Self-Portrait. 52Frames Challenge Week 2 (2020) Leading Lines! - Extra Credit: 10 seconds or slower. 52Frames Challenge Week 3 (2020) Wabi-sabi
  2. With 52+ techniques, this challenge will help you expand your skills, push your boundaries, and become a better photographer. Best of all, you won't need to buy any new gear! We've chosen techniques that don't require extra money or special equipment besides a decent camera and a basic tripod
  3. This weeks theme: Memories... by photo52. Photo52 Weekly Photography and CreativeCoin Contest. This weeks theme: Memories... by photo52. Photo52 Weekly Photography and CreativeCoin Contest. This weeks theme: Memories... by photo52. Photo52 Weekly Photography and CreativeCoin Contest..
  4. 52 Weeks Money Challenge 2020. Let us welcome 2020 with a goal to do and finish the 52 Weeks Money Challenge yet again. Some have already successfully completed our 2019 Challenge. Let us start the decade by starting it right by committing to a savings challenge. The 52 week money saving challenge is certainly a great way to save this year
  5. 52 Week Money Challenge (50 Cents) Sheet1.pdf. 52 Week Money Challenge (50 Cents) Sheet1.pdf. Sign In. Details.
  6. 52 Week Money Challenge in Reverse. Then I read about people doing the challenge in reverse, where you start off the first week by putting aside $52. On the second week, you put aside $51 for a two week total of $103 and so on and so forth until you end up with $1,378
  7. Click 52 week $ challenge for my version of a 52 week spreadsheet. When you open it, you will need to click Enable Editing. When you open it, you will need to click Enable Editing. Initially I wanted to use check-boxes to track my progress on paper, but this didn't look right to me when viewing the spreadsheet on the computer

I plan to start Week 1 the first week of January, so Christmas would hit during week 51 (and I should have $1377+!). But you could start this anytime that you want - whatever works best for you and your budget. Download the 52 Week Christmas Savings Challenge PDF here. Download the 52 Week Christmas Savings Challenge Excel file here Handpick the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge for You. Learn how to save $1000, $2000, $,5000 or $10000 in 52 weeks. Pick the perfect money saving challenge to reach financial freedom at your pace with jars or aggressive. Follow one of these money saving plans! Get free printables for all save money challenges To finish the challenge, you have to photograph 52 specific subjects in 2017. Taking on this challenge can be a simple way to push your creativity and expand your photography portfolio and skills in the new year. It's like Project 365, but set up to take one photo per week. A 52 week photography challenge allows you to put more planning and. 52 Week Money Saving Challenge . $2,500 . Week Deposit Balance $2020 49 : $2130 50 . $115 . $2245 51 . $125 : $2370 52 $130 Become A Better Photographer With This 52-Week Photo Challenge. Share. Emily Price. Published 2 years ago: January 10, 2020 at 10:45 am-Filed to: photography. photography tip photos

52 Week Savings Challenge $3000 Week 1 - $80 Week 19 - $80 Week 37 - $80 Week 2 - $44 Week 20 -$44 Week 38 -$44 Week 3 - $80 Week 21 - $80 Week 39 - $80 Week 4 - $44 Week 22 -$44 Week 40 -$44 Week 5 - $80 Week 23 - $80 Week 41 - $80 Week 6 - $44 Week 24 -$44 Week 42 -$4 BUT, I'm suggesting a Project 52 instead. A Project 52 Photography Challenge is the perfect alternative to a 365 project. Just one photo a week, for 52 weeks. HOW IT WORKS. The goal of the Eyecandy Project 52 is to get you used to taking photos, learn your camera, get your creative juices flowing and to have fun

Yes. Dec 31, 2019. #1. Welcome to my 2020 52 Photo Challenge and thanks for dropping by. This is my 7th TP 52 Challenge. Why I'm still taking part after all these years? Well, the short answer is I like taking pictures but occasionally I actually enjoy going out to capture photographic images too 52 Week Money Challenge Template Sheet1.pdf. 52 Week Money Challenge Template Sheet1.pdf. Sign In. Details. 2020 52 Week Money Saving Challenge In honor of 2020, these 52-week money-saving challenges will encourage you to stay on target to save $20 every week this year. Filling in one of these cute 2020 savings trackers will mean you have saved $1,040 1 - Traditional 52 Week Money Saving Challenge. The premise behind the 52 week money saving challenge is simple. Start with a $1. Each week, add another $1. At the end of 52 weeks, you have saved $1,378. And let's be honest, trying to find a dollar here or there when starting out is easy 52 photography projects: a great technique to try every week of the year By Chris Rowlands , Phil Hall 01 January 2021 Our pick of the perfect weekend photography project

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  1. 52 week money challenge Keywords: 52 week money challenge Created Date: 1/1/2015 6:56:41 AM.
  2. Furthermore, in this 52-Week Money Challenge using pennies, you can come close to that amount by saving pennies yourself. In fact, at the end of the 52-week money challenge, you will total out at $667.95. - Not bad for saving your spare change. This money challenge is unique in that you can save your spare change and end your year with a nice.
  3. The challenge starts with 50 pesos and the amount you need to save increases by 50 pesos every week until the end of the year (for 52 weeks). Example: Jan 1-7 (week 1): You need to save 50. Jan 8-14 (week 2): You need to save 100. Jan 15-21 (week 3): You need to save 150, and so on and so forth
  4. December 5, 2017 | 52-Week Savings Challenge Naging 52-Week Eating Challenge | Salapi sapat ang iniipon, hindi bilbil. CLICK NOW

Malden 2020 52 week photo challenge, Malden, Missouri. 36 likes. 52-week challenge is A chance to push each other to take better pics and see other perspective 50+ Art Challenges Guide in 2021. Art Challenges have become a huge phenomenon in the online art community, and are a great way to be a more recognized and active part of that community. In fact, there are lots and lots of reasons to participate in art challenges: They expand your boundaries and challenge your comfort zones as an artist Best Money Challenges 2020: Growing Your Money With the 52-Week Money Challenge. The challenge's concept is simple to grasp. You start by saving $1 the first week of the challenge and slowly add one dollar a week to your savings amount. You'll be saving $1 in week one, $2 in week two and $10 by week 10. The challenge gets tricky toward the. INSTAGRAM PHOTO CHALLENGE. Join us for another month of our Instagram Photo Challenge.We are sharing the photo prompts for our January Photo A Day Challenge.We have been doing this for a few years in our Instagram community and we would love for you follow me and to join in the fun! This is a great way to get out your cameras and to get creative while recording moments from your every day lives

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  1. The 2021 reading challenge is here! With categories like, an author with a nine-letter last name, an epistolary, or a family saga, this year's list will hopefully push each of us to new reading heights! And I am so very excited to share it with you.. How it works: This challenge is made up of 52 different prompts to be read over the course of 52 weeks
  2. 52-week challenge. This is one of the most popular money-saving challenges on the internet. How it works is, week 1 you'll save $1, week 2 you'll save $2 and you'll continue the pattern until you save $52 in week 52. Some people find it too difficult to save during the holidays so they prefer to work the program in reverse
  3. The $5000 in 52 Week Money Saving Challenge. This is the money-saving challenge I used last year to save $5,000. There are lots of challenges out there where you save $1 during Week 1, $2 during Week 2, etc. for a total of $1,378 by the end of the year. They are great for beginners. But let's be honest, $1,000 doesn't go very far anymore

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  1. Customize a 52-week money savings challenge chart for printing
  2. 52 Week Money Challenge Printable. The first thing you need to do is download the free savings printable to follow along with the challenge. Simply click right here or on the image below and you'll get a free PDF you can download print out. In this savings challenge, you'll be saving $80 one week and $44 the next for 44 weeks
  3. When I finished my 52 Hike Challenge I felt incredibly accomplished. I felt like for the first time in my life I started using my time to do something that was just for me. I must say that the biggest accomplishment comes after you finish. Since finishing my challenge I have done and decided to do so many things I would've said no to in the past
  4. If you're looking to level up your photography in 2020, joining the 52 Frames weekly photo initiative is the perfect way to flex your creative muscles each week, and become a better photographer.

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The 52 Book Club: 2021 Challenge. This group is for those participating in The 52 Book Club: 2021 Challenge. With categories ranging from Includes An Exotic Animal to Featuring Adoption and An Epistolary, the goal is to diversify our reading and have fun! Group is open to all. Find a book that matches one of the 52 criteria, read it, and. 2021 Photo Challenge Part 2. $99.99. Ricky Tims leads Part 2 (13 weeks) of the three-part, 52-week digital photography class. It is a prerequisite that participants were enrolled in the 2020 Part 1 course. Part 2 is $99. As a reminder, only those who enrolled in Parts 1 and 2 are eligible in the fall to. Details: The 2020 Reading Challenge: 52 Books in 52 Weeks has 52 distinct categories to be completed over the course of the year. The objective is solely to read more. It Includes categories for a book with the letter W in the title, a book written by more than one author, a title beginning with C, and many more The 52 Week Money Challenge is simple. Over the course of 52 weeks, you make a deposit into your savings account once a week. The deposits range in value from $1 to $52. One way people do this is deposit $1 the first week, $2 the second week, $3 the third week, and so on. At the end of 52 weeks the deposits total $1,378 In this 52-week challenge you will begin saving a little at a time to accumulate $5000 this year! Here's how it works, every week you deposit a different amount into your savings account. As the weeks go on you begin to build a steady base little by little. At the end of the year you will have saved $5000 when done correctly

Day 135 = save $1.35. And so on. By the end of the first month, you are putting about 31 cents into your jar, and it builds on from there until you add $3.65 into your jar on the last day. When you mark off your 365-day penny challenge chart, you'll have a grand total of $667.95 saved in 12 months Title: Pins Grace Dec 2020 Author: Grace Del Rio Keywords: DAENy-Pfgb0,BACTKQN78ZQ Created Date: 12/16/2020 4:14:15 P The explorer series is your chance to explore 52 NEW trails! In 2017 we decided it would be a true challenge for some people to explore a new trail every week. Several challengers have already done so, and have inspired us to get you to explore new places you may not even know about. GOAL: Each week hike one NEW trail for an entire year

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4 Comments on 52-WEEK SAVING CHALLENGE$ (13) annmarie andresen says: February 7, 2019 at 12:36 pm Thanks I'm on it double time!! Reply. Sarah says: February 10, 2019 at 2:26 pm So glad!! I hope this money challenge helps you save. Sometimes it is easier to have a concrete plan to stick with! Keep in touch and let me know how it goes Around the Year in 52 Books. Join Group. ~ 2021 Reading Challenge ~. 52 books for 52 weeks. Each week, members read the book of their choice for that week's challenge requirement. ︎ CURRENT WEEK. Add your books to our Community Spreadsheet! ~ 2021 Reading Challenge ~. 52 books for 52 weeks The 52-Week Money Challenge is an incremental savings plan that makes it easy to save money consistently throughout the year. The concept is simple. Start the year off by saving one dollar the first week, two dollars the second week, three dollars the third week and so on. By the end of 52 weeks, you'll have saved $1,378 The original 52-week money saving challenge works like this: Each week for 52 weeks, you deposit or save the number of that week. For example, if you are starting the challenge in 2018, the 1st week of 2018, you would deposit $1 into your savings account (or jar). For week two, you would deposit $2. Week three, you would deposit $3, etc 1. Download the 52-week money challenge pdf here. 2. Every week, save an amount in one of the piggy banks for the week. 3. Color in the piggy bank when your deposit is made. 4. Watch your savings build up. Your final balance at the end of the year will depend on which 52-week money challenge template you're using

Week 52. Create a Portfolio Website Now that you have spent a full year improving your photography skills, it's time to set up your own portfolio website to showcase your work. There are a lot of different options. An easy way is to use a site builder like SmugMug, PhotoShelter, Zenfolio, or Squarespace. Bonus Challenge: Enter a Photo Contes 52 Week Money Challenge for Teens. Simply print off this handy work sheet by hitting the image below and you can see how the growth of each weeks earnings add up to a large end of the year savings! *best to print on Cardstock. As a parent of an older child or teen, this might be a great time to talk to them about. Savings One of the easiest ways to hit your savings goal is to use a 52 week money challenge printable. This printable can help you stay on track and achieve your big goal, like downpayment on a house, funding a wedding, or buying a new car. A 52-week challenge also help you put down the credit cards, and focus on spending less money Mini 52-week money challenge. For those looking to start small, the mini 52-week money challenge involves starting at $0.50 instead of $1. You start off by saving $0.50 the first week, $1 the second week, and increase each weekly amount by $0.50. When the final week of the challenge rolls around, you will be putting away $26 2020 National School Counseling Week Photo Challenge Take a photo/video of the day's theme and share on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram with #NSCW2020. Get students, families and school colleagues in on the fun. Encourage them to download and use the supporter signs listed below. Monday: Happy National School Counseling Week Take a picture.

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52 Week Money Saving Challenge. If you have never heard of the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge, let me explain. Basically for 52 weeks you are to put away money in a bank, envelope, savings account or wherever you want to save money. The first week you save $1, second week $2, and so on. By 52 weeks (equivalent to one year) you will have saved. Back to the 52-Week Money Challenge.... Many of you may have been introduced to the 52 Week Money Challenge last year: (see chart below) If you took the challenge in before, congratulations! If you didn't, now is the time to start. The Challenge works like this, each week you deposit the number of that week of the year into a savings account JBL Tune 225 TWS. $39 at MorningSave. For instance, this week's challenge is to take a picture that tells us who you are, without showing your face.. The idea is that over the course of the. Download and print the Clark 52-Week Money Challenge today! With this plan, you start by socking away $20 during the first week. Then during the second week, you save $35. During the third week, it's $45. And each week the amount you save gets progressively bigger. The 52-week money challenge is designed this way for a couple of reasons Week 21: Bracket exposures and create an HDR image Week 22: Photograph leading lines Week 23: Photograph a bridge Week 24: Photograph an urban landscape Week 25: Photograph a night cityscape or skyline Week 26: Photograph a garden Week 27: Photograph a barn or farm Week 28: Photograph in a storm Week 29: Use a telephoto lens Week 30: Photograph a reflection Week 31: Create a panoram

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How the 52-week ipon challenge works. As mentioned above, this challenge increases in increments, so start by setting a weekly increment that you can handle, which will also be the amount you set aside on Week 1. For example, you start Week 1 with P20. On Week 2, add P20 to last week's savings goal, and set aside P40 The typical challenge has you save: $10 during the first 4 weeks of the year. Average: $2.50 per week. $202 during the last 4 weeks of the year. Average: $50.50 per week. I have created a few 52-Week Money Saving Challenge printables that change up how much you save each week. Both schedules result in saving $1,378 per year, but in different ways On the other hand, 52 weeks Photo Challenge is more manageable, giving you more time to plan your shooting, taking photos and process them. Let's focus on quality instead of quantity. One simple rule - Variety. If you decide to take up the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge, I'm going to add a RULE on it for you, a single word: VARIETY

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This week your challenge is to take a photo from a different point of view than you normally would. The vast majority of photos are taken from the eye level of the photographer, but changing your point of view, e.g. bird's eye view, worm's eye view, becoming the subject or shooting from the eye level of the subject, can create much more impactful photos The 52-Week Money Challenge. The 52-Week Money Challenge to $10,000 is a bit aggressive but completely doable. You start off saving $125 the first week, $150 the second, $175 the third and $300 in the fourth week. It gets even more aggressive the very last week but you're at the home stretch, you can do it Well, a year has 52 weeks and you should thus make sure you save every week starting with this first week. ALSO READ: 8 things you can do today to be richer in 2019 The most popular saving challenge is the 100 bob saving plan where you begin with a 100 shillings on the first week, and the saving amount increases every week with the same amount I even created a $ 20-A-Week Money Challenge Table to check off and monitor my progress. A chart that I'm sharing with you too as a free printable. I printed my schedule out on a full page mailing label sticker and just cut it out and stuck it on the jar. Weeks 1-26 on the front . and weeks 27-52 on the back. You can find the free. 52 Week Challenge 2020. Daughters are Special! Dinner for One. Pelican Going Shopping? Oh No! Best Book! A User Manual for Occupants! Documenting the News

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52 Week Bible Reading Plan Week Epistles The Law History Psalms Poetry Prophecy Gospels (Sunday) (Monday) (Tuesday) (Wednesday) (Thursday) (Friday) (Saturday) 1 Rom 1-2 Gen 1-3 Joshua 1-5 Psalms 1-2 Job 1-2 Isaiah 1-6 Matt 1- 52 WEEKS OF GRATITUDE CHALLENGE. Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life. Learning to Express Gratitude. The Value of True Friendships. It Can Be Awkward Learning to Love Yourself. How Blogging Improved My Life. Let's Be Real: My Struggles with Gratitude. Not Everyone Has Clean Water. Snail Mail Pals {New and Old by including: (1) the relationship between each challenge to the five essential characteristics of cloud computing as defined in the loud computing modelNIST c [3], (2) how the challenges correlate to cloud technology, and (3) nine categories to which the challenges belong. In addition So I created this 30-day photo challenge to help you realise your potential. For each day, you will find an exciting photography challenge that will boost your creativity and skills. By the end of the challenge, you will be coming up with many more of your ideas. You can also get friends and family involved, and compare the results

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Sign in. 52 Week Money Challenge (Dollars - Backwards) Sheet1.pdf - Google Drive. Sign i 1. 52-Week Savings Challenge. Of all the saving strategies, this yearly money savings challenge is probably the most well-known. It's also one of the easiest to follow. To start, make a chart (or print one from the web) with the numbers 1-52, representing the number of weeks in a year. Beside each number, write your savings goal for the week

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A post shared by Allison Baggerly (@inspiredbudget) on Jul 21, 2020 at 1:16pm PDT. 2. 52-Week Money Challenge Backwards. The typical 52-week money challenge is where you save $1 the first week, $2, the second week, and so on. By the end of the year, you would have saved $1,378 The 52 week challenge calendar is the very best reminder. A gathering calendar is perfect for you. The calendars are provided on this page alongside hyperlinks to download them. Such a calendar permits them to mark necessary small enterprise events, meetings, and other business-related pursuits. In the event you're searching for a extra eye-catching calendar, beneath are some completely free. As this year comes to an end and we prepare for the upcoming one with creating resolutions, I wanted to share this 52 Week Money Challenge Schedule for 2020 with you just in case you will be doing the 52 Week Money Challenge or the Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge to help you save money. They are both great and easy ways to help you save $1378.00 next year January 2020 Photo A Day Challenge! Fat Mum Slim / Dec 2019. Happy {almost} New Year! A New Year means fresh starts, and I love that. It allows me to think about what I want this new year ahead to look like for me, and how I can make it a little better 52 Week Mini Money Challenge (Alt Vers) WEEK DEPOSIT BALANCE WEEK DEPOSIT BALANCE 1 27 2 28 3 29 4 30 5 31 6 32 7 33 8 34 9 35 10 36 11 37 12 38 13 39 14 4

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52 week photography challenge for 2017. The original Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenge was a huge success, with tens of thousands of photographers participating from around the world. In celebration of those who have completed the first challenge, a new challenge is now here! The challenge for 2017 has a higher difficulty level than the. 52 Weeks Money Challenge - Free. This app was created based on the popular 52-week Challenge for saving money. The challenge's idea is very simple and perfect for those who have difficulties in planning and, mainly, in saving money. If you are like that, this is a great way to start saving money and gather a good amount after 1 year

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52 Week Photography Challenge for 2018. The first two Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenges were an amazing success, with tens of thousands of photographers participating from around the world. We enter the third year of the challenge with the Community Challenge! This challenge has been created by photographers who participated in past year. Downloadable PDF: Save £650 a year. Downloadable Excel doc: Save £650 a year. Blank template - 52 week saving challenge. If you want to save more or less each week then you don't have to do the amounts I suggest. Instead, use this template 52 week saving challenge crib sheet and enter your own figure Take On The 52-Week Money Challenge. The last post was about how to start saving. In line with that theme, I'd like us to take this challenge together. The original challenge was by Bank Rate for 2015. The challenge was to save $1 on the first week of the year, and to increase the amount saved by $1 every week, until the 52nd week Jan 8, 2019 - When you want to save money but struggle to cut out spending it can be hard. Don't cut back but use these hassle free ways to save money without even tryin I created a 52-Week Money Saving Challenge Printable back in 2014. The original printable was for 2015, but now I have an undated version for you to use any year. You can start this challenge at any point throughout the year. The original 52-Week Money Saving Challenge ($1 per week, $2 per week, etc.) results in a savings of $1,378 in a year