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A Silverback gorilla's arms are longer in comparison to a bear that gives him an advantage in reach on a grizzly bear, but that's about it. Grizzly bears are taller than silverback gorilla and more aggressive in comparison, matching a gorilla in strength and size with a plus point on claws won't be a problem Overview: Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla. Grizzly bears and Western gorillas are large muscular and powerful mammals. Bears are immensely strong they can kill any large mammal with a blow, can outrun a horse, good swimmers, and can drag the dead carcass of moose or elk uphill Who would win in a fight between a North american Grizzly Bear and a Silverback Gorilla- The first half is an educational video of each animal and the last h.. Looking at the size difference alone, a grizzly is often at least twice as heavy and can be three times as heavy as a gorilla. That is a very large difference. That is a 70 lb person fighting a 150-210 lb person, or a 150 lb person fighting a 300-450 lb person. The gorilla has very little in the way of defense A grizzly bear is a healthy animal that is known to kill a human; it has healthy canine teeth to tear the flesh of its prey. On the other hand, gorillas are intelligent, flexible, and can climb on a tree. Due to his intelligence, a gorilla can place himself in a position that will give advantage to him

None of what you said makes sense even if you had a 1000 pound grizzly vs a 500-550 pound silverback which is about the average size of the mountain gorilla a bigger species of gorilla.The lowland gorilla averages around 400-450 pounds.Gorillas are also all muscle and not an ounce of fat.A Bears weight is comprised of a large amount of fat Gunther said that he had no disrespect (apparently for gorillas), but that he'd put his money on the grizzly bear, which has strength, teeth and claws. @logbahm No disrespect, but I would put my $.. In a straight up brawl my money is on the bear, especially if it's a grizzly. That thing is just built to destroy. 6. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 2d. I'm going to assume you mean grizzly bear vs a silverback gorilla, in which case I think the grizzly bear would win cause it is massive, has sharp claws, and teeth. 5. Reply. Share. Grizzly Bear vs. Western Gorilla Comparison The grizzly bears and gorillas are portrayed to be the two most ferocious of all animals. The Gorillas are found in Africa, whereas the grizzly bear's habitat is mainly in North America The fight between these two is a far-off call until one travels a great distance to fight the other A gorilla's fists might be almighty clubs, but they aren't as formidable or sharp as a bear's claws. A gorilla does have an even more powerful bite than the bear, but it also has much smaller jaws, and would be unlikely to fasten its teeth onto enough of a bear to do serious damage before the bear could retaliate

While gorillas are quick — making speeds of up to 20 mph — the bears have them beat. Grizzlies have been clocked at speeds of up to 35 mph, a good 15 mph more than their primal opponents. The silverback is now at disadvantages of size, strength and speed. In other words, it doesn't look good The Grizzly bear is a strong animal that is known to kill even humans. It has strong canine teeth that tear their prey's flesh. Western gorillas on the other hand are very flexible, fast and can climb up a tree within seconds. This means a gorilla can strategically place itself in a position that gives it an advantage during the fight GRIZZLY BEAR VS WESTERN GORILLA - Who would win a fight? - If a gorilla and a grizzly bear were to fight to the death, which one would win? Let's compare the.. Assuming both combatants are average adult males, the grizzly will have a size advantage, weighing 400-800 pounds vs the gorilla's 300-400 pounds. The gorilla may be stronger (maybe; bears are damn strong too), but the grizzly has claws and teeth more suited to fighting A quick Google search will inform you that the average male grizzly bear weighs an astronomical 600 pounds, while the average male gorilla is only a puny 350 pounds. Immediately, the odds are stacked heavily against the gorilla, before the opponents even lock eyes

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Grizzly bear vs Gorilla fight comparison - who will win? On one side we have grizzly bear, and on the other we have Gorilla. Both are compatible with each other. Both have their unique characteristics, which will make them win or help them to win the fight. After reading this article, you are now complete with the knowledge of their features And this is assuming parity, 400 lb bear vs 400 lb gorilla. I have no need to justify how badly a 800+lb bear is going to maul an animal with thin skin (gorilla skin is barely any thicker than a human's), half the weight, and no practical offensive weapons to speak of 17 (55%) Eastern Gorilla (coalition of 2) 14 (45%) Grizzly Bear (sow) - Ursus arctos horribilis. The grizzly bear is a large predator that is different from black bears due to a distinctive hump on its shoulders. Grizzly bears have concave faces and long claws about the length of a human finger

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The gorilla is a vegetarian, a forager... the Grizzly is a carnivore... a hunter The gorilla does have strong forearms but that is to uphold his upper torso off the ground and to easily tear off stubborn foliage and to fight off aggressors A grizzly would tear a gorilla apart with little effort. In your own example, OP, there's a 360lbs difference. One good swat from a bear would take a gorilla's face right off The average male gorilla will come in at about 475 pounds, the average male Grizzly bear at 600. A supremely fit Silverback gorilla at about 600 pounds, a truly dominant grizzly at 800 pounds. The gorilla, is incredibly strong, unfortunately for our dear cousin the ape a grizzly is even more powerful

Gorilla Vs. These battles are purely hypothetical for a whole bunch of reasons. The greatest of which is that most of these opponents don't reside in eastern Africa where the mountain gorillas live. Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear. For this hypothetical battle, we'll imagine an Eastern Gorilla vs a Grizzly Snicker all you want, what Carbonatedwaterfish said is valid; OP said it's a 500lb ape vs a 500lb bear (a large ape vs a slightly smaller than average bear). the grizzly is 500 pounds the Gorilla.. the grizzly is 500 pounds the Gorilla is 500 pounds to be even. don forget that a Gorilla can lift at least 4 tons. This is bear VS gorilla, not gorilla VS tiger..

Each one is a total different weight class if this were wrestling. We'll go with the males for comparison sake. -Eastern gorillas the largest would be considered light weights weighing in at 450 lbs. -Grizzly bears would be middle weights at around 900 lbs. -Finally the heavy weights Polar bears can get to 1500 lbs The most common defense that gorilla supporters will use is that the gorilla is simply smarter than the grizzly bear. And this I cannot deny. It is a fact that the gorilla is significantly more intelligent than his opponent. However, even that intelligence is not enough to overcome the sheer brute force of the grizzly bear Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear. In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) gytalf2000 September 29, 2005, 8:48pm #1. I have not done a animal vs. animal thread in a while. I know they would never encounter each other in their natural setting, but I still wonder which animal would prevail in a fight. Which beast would win such a conflict and why Grizzly wins and it's not close. Brown bears can go upwards of 10' and 1000 pounds. Only change the gorilla would have would be to mount the bear and choke it. It would go to bluff charge the bear or it would straight up charge it and the bear would disable it in one swipe and kill the gorilla in less than 5 min Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based music blog. Once called the New Yorker of hipster blogs, we blog about relevant artists of the day, with no particular genre-specific focus

A slightly bigger than normal, angry, adult, male grizzly. Wherever the grizzlies naturally live, except it's only the size of a football field. The people can be whoever you want, but no weapons. They have to fight this bear with their own selves. They may use the torn limbs of fallen friends as weapons against the bear. I think you could get like ninety of them to surround the bear, then. This is way faster than a grizzly bear's speed, which may go up to 35 miles per hour. Now we shall compare the bite force of the two animals. The grizzly bear wins this round, with a bite force of 1200 pounds per square inch. On the other hand, an African lion has a bite force of only 650 pounds per inch GRIZZLY BEAR VS WESTERN GORILLA - Who would win a fight? Admin — February 1, 2020 35 comments. Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Google+ Pinterest. Spread The Viralist. GRIZZLY BEAR VS WESTERN GORILLA - Who would win a fight? - If a gorilla and a grizzly bear were to fight to the death, which one would win? Let's compare these two. Grizzly bear vs Gorilla fight comparison - who will win? On one side we have grizzly bear, and on the other we have Gorilla. Both are compatible with each other. Both have their unique characteristics, which will make them win or help them to win the fight. After reading this article, you are now complete with the knowledge of their features A large male Grizzly Bear beats any land animal save for elephants, hippos and rhinos. A large male grizzly can weight 1500 lbs, the biggest gorillas are 600 lbs


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The bear can bite through bedrock. Here they are: Weighing in at 430 lb and measuring 5 ft 11 in. The Shutterstock Silverback Gorilla. Weighing in at 790 lb and measuring 6 ft 6 in. The Alamy Stock Photo Grizzly Bear. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE The animal channel claims that the Silverback Gorilla is stronger than a Grizzly Bear. The show mentioned that a large male silverback has strength to bench press 4600 pounds. It makes sense. Gorilla have been around a long time in Africa. They must be able to defend against lions and other big animals. It takes 6 grown men to control 1 male chimp

Silver Back Gorilla VS Grizzly Bear. Tony Merkel from the confessionals podcast posted this and I thought it was an interesting comparison. He writes The picture poses a fun debate. But this fun debate should put some perspective on the EXTREME strength and size of a sasquatch The Grizzly bear has about a 200 pound advantage (700 lbs vs 400-500 lbs) so I think the Grizzly would win. The silverback would probably instinctively know it would lose the fight (by sizing him up and realizing he is much bigger) and avoid confrontation Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Deputydave, May 23, 2020. Which would win? Silverback Gorilla I vote grizzly. They both have strength. The bear has the claws. For the record, I don't want to fight either one of them. nikerret, May 23, 2020 Grizzly Bear Vs Mountain Gorilla Www.seguinchristianacademy.com Visiting Denali National Park (bear, seal) Sep-02 32-37 Alphabet 25 things that start with B Sep-00 Animals--Grizzly Bears Grrr-izz Feb. 1999 20-27 Animals--Ground Hogs Upon marmot mountain Animals--Mice.

what if the gorilla is trained by master seagal. surely there's a front kick technique that can 1 shot a grizzly bear. sloppypie, Jun 21, 2018 #6. Big Tuppy Hole Gold Belt. Joined: Jul 3, 2007 Messages: 21,069 Likes Received: 1,152. What about a Gorilla and 5 strongmen vs a bear Big Tuppy Hole, Jun 21, 2018 #7. TribalDrumz Red Belt. Joined: Nov. Grizzly bear. Bite strength . The grizzly's powerful jaw closes with a force of 1,250 PSI (pounds per square inch), while the tiger's has a force of 950 PSI, which is still enough to bite.

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That weight is what a gorilla is going to have to deal with when fighting a bear. Grizzly bears weigh 800 lbs, can toss around 700lb dumpsters like they're beach balls, can run faster than gorillas (max at 40mph vs 25mph) and can bite through cast-iron. And their necks are too thick for a gorilla to choke A average grizzly bear is 2 meters and 400kg (6,5ft 880lbs) A average silverback gorilla is 1,8 meters and 200kg (5,9ft 440lbs) The bear is heavier, uses claws and can lift +/- 400kg, the gorilla is faster and can lift +/- 2000kg But the bear would rip a silverback gorilla to shreds, but couldn't do it to a reindeer? lol. And I know my last post is going to prompt many to choose the bear just out of spite but it doesn't change the facts, the gorilla is much stronger and has many more advantages and would break the grizzly in pieces breaks its neck and rip it's jaws apart Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. KFX909 · Registered. Joined Oct 23, 2007 · 227 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Grizzly Bear - Ursus arctos ssp. The grizzly bear is a large predator that is different from black bears due to a distinctive hump on its shoulders. Grizzly bears have concave faces and long claws about the length of a human finger. Their coloration is usually darkish brown but can vary from very light cream to black
  2. The Grizzly Bear is a subspecies of the Brown Bear found mostly in North America. It is noted for being one of the largest subspecies of bears. These types of bears are omnivores. They eat plants (Mostly seeds, berries, roots, grasses), fungi and meat (Mostly deer, elk, fish, dead animals, and insects). Some of these bears enter human settlements and steal food from garbage dumps. Tier: 9-B.
  3. A silverback gorilla weighs around 350 pounds and only fights for hierarchy. A male grizzly can weigh up to 1700 pounds, and is a predator. Gonna go with the grizzly on this one. MaximeJaccon. #9. A grizzly beats a silverback 10 times out of 10. The average silverback weighs around 350 pounds and stands at 5-and-a-half feet tall
  4. After comparing African lion vs Grizzly bear in my previous article here I am moving to one step forward with Compare Grizzly bear Vs Siberian tiger. As you all know Tigers are more technical and intelligent than African lion so here is the perfect match for grizzly bear to prove his robustness and power against the big Siberian tiger
  5. The average male grizzly outweighs the average silverback 2x over. They're covered in hair and fat, which is going to give the gorilla's bite a problem. They're well known for their incredibly strong bones which is a problem for blunt pounding a gorilla is going to rely on
  6. The bear actually is a predator and is twice the size of the gorilla. Now give the Gorilla a spear and the understanding to use it and that Gorilla will be sleeping on a bear skin rug. Problem is Gorilla haven't ever needed to use a weapon to defend itself so comprehension is problem. A chimp would figure a spear out pretty quickly

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  1. Yes the grizzly would be nearly twice as tall, and as wide as the gorilla is tall! Point is, if you compared the biggest of both animals, the gorilla would simply be outclassed by sheer size, weight, and power, not to mention the near impenetrable fur on the bear. No amount of Gorilla brain power is going to make up for that
  2. I've just been watching a TV Show about events between wild animals and people, it made me wonder, what would happen between a grizzly and a silverback? 2 Very heavy animals built to survive in their chosen environment, a grizzly with devastating claw strikes and bite power vs a silverback with a punch and strength of God knows what, so nature experts, what's your opinion on which would come.
  3. Silverback gorilla vs grizzly bear, Does first response pregnancy test work before missed period, I mean, they already fucked us over on jetpacks. Let's at least see bears vs gorillas and all kinds of other shit fighting via hologram. It's in a month and a half

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Grizzly bear vs silverback gorilla. Who would win? 1 2 3. MasterLucienJaccon #11. Additionally, what is the point of this debate? shadow1414 #12 @MasterLucienJaccon. #11. I was bored. 2. FIRD4US_10 edited #13. @shadow1414 My baby will won in that battles. JM9966 #14. gorilla because he can climb tree. 1 Ultimately, we believe the odds are in the gorilla's favor. However, alone and at night the lion will have a strong advantage. If the lion can get in close enough and score an accurate bite, he could end the fight before it even begins. However, a gorilla is a mighty foe with more stamina and fearsome strength Want create site? Find Free Themes and plugins.If you want to compare it like humans, you have to give the humans inhuman like characteristics (which defies the whole purpose of comparing it to humans in the first place which is why you can't) . Let me know and I'll be happy to share some links though if you don't want to google it. Who wins in a fight between the two of us? Répondre.

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This point seldom gets brought up in the bear vs tiger threads, when it's cited that tigers are known to kill bears at equal/greater numbers. A bear forages around al, day, eating whatever it wants. Tigers are ambush predators. Having the element of surprise would be huge in a confrontation like that The grizzly bear is a subspecies of brown bear, one of the largest carnivores on land. It has a large shoulder hump, powerful forelimbs and long claws. For the most part, the grizzly bear is a slow-moving vegetarian. A typical day begins with foraging followed by a long nap, then more foraging at dusk

The grizzly bear can only lift about 1102 pounds whereas the gorilla can lift over 4409 lbs that is more than to family cars. Next i will start with body mass and height the grizzly does get UP TO 8 feet but has an average of 5 to 6 feet (a common mistake) , less impressively the gorilla averages 5.5 to 5.9. feet Gorilla Bite Force: 1,300 PSI. It not so much the teeth, but the massive neck and jaw muscles that give the gorilla one of the strongest bite forces in the primate kingdom. Grizzly Bear A fall. Compared to prehistoric bear species, modern bears are relatively tame. Then again, today's bruins don't have to carve out territory from other terrifying predators such as saber-toothed cats.

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  1. 'Invisible Gorilla' Video Shows People's Multitasking Limits; Why Using Cellphone While Driving Dangerous. Watch the video in this story. Did you see the we won't give it away
  2. Grizzly Bear Charge Stopped with a .44 Magnum. Arizona - ( Ammoland.com )- The video was filmed by Leon Lorenz on 14 June, 2010. Lorenz originally filmed grizzlys without carrying a pistol. His.
  3. Sen. Susan Webber, D-Browning, urged patience for the scientists and policy makers working on the grizzly bear issue to complete their jobs. As a Native American, Webber noted that the bears play.
  4. Bear takes this. The Gorilla might be stronger (according to animal planet the Gorilla is the 5th strongest animal pound for pound while Grizzly sits at no 8) than the Bear, the Bear is an apex predator, has better weapons (powerful paws and 5-4 inches claws, massive jaws filled with sharp teeth) and defensive adaptations (dense fur, fats around their neck and strong skeletal system.Bears are.
  5. The Gorilla is too mobile and smart and still as strong as a Grizzly Bear. It would just find a branch or weapon of some sort and bash the hell out of the Grizzly Bear's skull
  6. ute mark of this episode to hear Grizzly Bear vs. Gorilla Reprise..
  7. @z0mgItsHutch Ok now I'm fuckin' triggered. The grizzly bear is 3 times the size, with steak knives on the end of every finger. What makes you think the gorilla stands any chance

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The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis), also known as the North American brown bear or simply grizzly, is a population or subspecies of the brown bear inhabiting North America.. In addition to the mainland grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilis), other morphological forms of brown bear in North America are sometimes identified as grizzly bears.These include two living populations — the Kodiak. Gorilla vs lion: Silverback gorilla vs lion. Lions vs gorillas: Gorillas and lions all inhabit the same general area in east Africa. However, the African lion lives in the savannah which is predominantly grassland and gorillas live in thick forests usually at an altitude of 5,400 - 12,400 feet

grizzly bear vs. gorilla. Gorilla vs Bear (Is a Bear Stronger Than a Gorilla) March 17, 2020 admin 0. Gorilla (Silverback Gorilla) Gorillas are herbivorous apes and the largest living primates who are native to Africa A polar bear is 3 to 4 times heavier than a gorilla. They are much more aggressive and armed with sharp claws that are not long like knives such as a grizzly bear. Polar bears claws are hooks meant for grabbing prey in a way that the prey can't get away. They drag massive animals out of the ocean on to the ice A scenario that I have had in my mind for years popped up as I was watching it: a fight between a Silverback gorilla and a Grizzly or a Polar Bear. I think the gorilla may have a slight edge in strength but I wonder if the weight, claws, fangs and the general nasty attitude of the bear (I am at the top of the food chain, pal) might even. Must check- Polar bear vs Gorilla fight. Where do you found Grizzly bears? These bears are also known as North American brown bear as they make up most of the bears in the North American region. What is the weight and height of a Grizzly bear? The grizzly bear weights about 180-360 kgs. They also have a perfect height of 6.50 ft

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Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear. Post by David » Sat May 23, 2020 2:57 pm I was looking up videos on various woods loads in different calibers last night. I happened upon this topic and a few others that were similar that posed an interesting evaluation of strengths and weakness. Sorta an 'Animal Fight Club' Grizzly Bear (sow) 9 (69%) American Black Bear - Ursus americanus. The American black bear or North American black bear ( Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most common bear species. Black bears are omnivores, with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location The grizzly bear is a type of brown bear. Some experts say the grizzly is a subspecies of brown bear, while others say the two bears are the same animal, and grizzly bear refers to brown bears.

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  1. Siberian Tiger vs. Grizzly Bear A male Siberian Tiger confronts a male Grizzly Bear in the Roman Arena. Neither animal can escape but they have the full area of the arena
  2. ini and genus Pan.. Primates are mammals.The order Primates consists of approximately 300 species or more including apes, monkeys, lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, and humans. These mammals differ from other groups of mammals by having.
  3. Bart the Bear (January 19, 1977 - May 10, 2000) was a male Alaskan Kodiak bear best known for his numerous appearances in Hollywood films, including The Bear (for which he received widespread acclaim), White Fang, Legends of the Fall, and The Edge.He was trained by animal trainers Doug (b. October 8 1942 in Erie, Pennsylvania) and Lynne Seus (nee Lynne Beers on March 27, 1944 in Lincoln.
  4. Bouie Boi (@bigboybouie) has created a short video on TikTok with music son original. | #duet with @strongsack #bear #gorilla #grizzly #animalfights #fyp #wildlife #nature #wild #animals #vs | Grizzly bears have been known to make even Polar Bears back down | In the 1800s Grizzly bears where feared by the most experienced hunters as gorillas in the same time period where hunted for fun.
  5. Kodiak vs Grizzly Bear Kodiak and Grizzly bears are members of the same species Ursus arctos, and they resemble each other except for few characteristics.Those few facts are important to know as those would lead anyone to understand the difference between two very closely related and resembling bears that both live in North America
  6. Aug 5, 2013 - Grizzly Bear Vs Silverback Gorilla Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Download Millions Of Videos Online. The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Discover our featured content
  7. Silverback Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear?!!! Epic fail. Fuck off. Quoting: Anonymous Coward 862202. Try Decaf there Sid Vicious...actually more like Gary Glitter..with a bit of Pete Townsend... Not doing it at Wembley after all...will do it in a cooler place like Ireland... ya dickhead! Anonymous Cowar
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Grizzly bears are one of the strongest mammals on earth. An adult grizzly bear, with a weight up to 1,000 lbs, is around 5 times stronger than a human. They are so strong that they can easily lift a 700 pounds rock with just one paw. Keep reading, and learn more about the grizzly bear strength When it comes to the grizzly bear vs kodiak bear, in terms of size the grizzly is usually smaller. Grizzlies are usually about 6.5 feet long and a little over 3 feet tall at the shoulder when standing on all fours. When standing on hind legs these bears can reach a height of around 8 feet, though larger bears can reach up to 10 or even 12 feet. Grizzly bear vs. Chuke discusses the fight of a gorilla vs a bear and the pros and cons of each animaland then comes to his conclusion. December 13 2015 the data fields require correction gorillas do not have 32 canine teeth. Don't get me wrong bears are insanely strong too but they weren't designed to rely on it completely like gorillas do To give the animals an incentive, the researchers smeared a measuring device with honey, jam and puréed fish heads. Based on the data, they concluded that a bear is 2.5 to 5 times as strong as a person. Cairns surmised that if you tick off a grizzly, its bear-zerker rage will kick in, and it will be even stronger The Real Wood Adventures Grizzly Grotto playset has space and activities for up to 10 kids to play at once. The roomy, comfortable, 5' high clubhouse deck has two moveable fabric shades and is perfect for campouts, stargazing, and all of kids' favorite activities. Little Tikes knows how important active play is for kids' bodies and minds, so.

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The huge cat would pounce straight for the Ape's throat. With the Gorilla caught off guard the Tiger is able to avoid the Gorilla's powerful arms and get inside. The Gorilla ferociously tries to bite at the Tiger, but its too late. The Tiger sticks its four inch canine teeth through the neck of the Gorilla and the fight is over We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Dangerous-Game 357 Magnums: Cor-Bon, Grizzly Clear Winners The facts simply bear us out on this one - some 357 Magnum cartridges are suitable for backwoods self-defense, and some are not. We preferred two 180-grain rounds with great penetration