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But if you're permitted to bring a Keynote file, then any advantage of PPT is rendered moot. It is definitely not easier to use, especially if you will be employing video. Will you be advancing your slides manually each 20 second or is it to advance automatically or by a third party with an eye on the clock As explained in the Controlling a Presentation with the Keyboard section of the Keynote 08 user guide document (3.1MB download), you can press the ? or / key (no need to use Shift) to display a list of keyboard controls while giving a Keynote presentation.This list indicates that you can use the ] key to advance to the next slide In its simplest form, you can always run a slideshow from a Keynote project by clicking the Play button in the toolbar, or by choosing Play→Play Slideshow from the menu. You can advance to the next slide by clicking your mouse, or by pressing the right bracket key, which looks like this: ] On your iPhone or iPad, use Keynote Remote to select your Mac and tap Play (even though the presentation is already playing—this tap asserts control by the Keynote mobile app). Tap the side-by-side.. With Keynote 7 and later you then need to press this Red 'record' button on the bottom left of the presenter display. Now you can manually advance the slides (using the right arrow key) in time with the music. Press the Red button again to stop the recording. Keynote will record the time that you advance each slide

This would be quite simple on either keynote or powerpoint for mac. The problem i've had is using a 3rd party remote to advance slides once it's connected to the projector. See intructions below (have you tried this?) To create a slideshow: Select an album or group of photos you want in your slideshow Emma Bannister. Replied on May 11, 2010. Hi, It might be the show settings - try this.. Select 'Slide Show' tab / 'Set Up Tab'/ make sure that 'Presented by a speaker (full screen)' is selected. if either 'Browsed by an individual or Browesed at a kiosk' are selected you will not be able to move foward manually. I hope that helps

If you set the View of the left navigation pane to 'Outline', it will display both the Title Text and the Body text (but not other arbitrary text boxes on a slide). 'Outline' view is also useful for organizing your thoughts without concentrating t.. You should always choose Manual Advance. This allows you to click through your slides just as you would if you were presenting directly from Keynote. If you don't choose this option, QuickTime will play your slides at its own desired rate, which will confuse both you and your audience One of the benefits of using the Cintiq is that we can stack shortcuts on a single hotkey, like erase annotations and advance slide. Due to the way these software interact, however, the only way to erase slides in presentation mode is by manually clicking the erase button on Ink2Go's overlay menu

You could also set the slides to advance automatically, not on a click. The way to you do that, of course, is you select the slide. Go to Animate and Transitions and you start the transition to the next slide automatically after a delay of a certain number of seconds To advance to the next slide, click the slide or press the Right Arrow key. You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the Pause button. Click to resume recording. When you're done, click to stop the recording

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You can add personalized timings, add narrations and recordings, and in short, allow you to totally forget about manually advancing your slides. 1. Slide Show tab > Set Up Slide Show option This tab will be your best friend for customizing the way your PowerPoint slides advance automatically Choose Self-Playing to export the presentation with set timings. Choose which slides you want to export To use uniform values for slides and builds you've set to be manually clicked, set those in the go to next fields. If you've set custom automatic timings, these values will be ignored and the timings will be honored How To Create An Interactive Keynote 1. In Keynote 2. A great way to direct students to the websites you want them to use, is to create hyperlinked interactive pages in PowerPoint or Keynote. These can be organised in Curriculum and or Group areas Record audio in Keynote on Mac. You can record audio as a voiceover narrative or soundtrack for an individual slide or for your entire presentation. A voiceover narration is a synchronized recording of yourself talking about each slide, which is especially useful when your presentation plays unattended in a kiosk setting

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Advance slides - When you have more than one slide in your tray, you can move through slides in sequence using your keyboard left and right arrow keys. Slides on top — To change whether your slides are in front of the presenter or behind the presenter, go to the slide tray, find the drop down next to Appearance and check Slides on top In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily create an Image slideshow in OBS. You may want to show off multiple images in OBS and you can do that by cre.. Step 1. Open the slideshow (lecture/presentation) with target app, say PowerPoint, Slides, or Keynote, and make sure the content is perfect prepared. Step 2. Open RecMaster and choose Full Screen on the main UI to go on. If you'd like to crop the slideshow to record, select Custom Area to self-define the section with your mouse

Set your hotkeys to advance slides In Streamlabs OBS go to Settings (gear icon in bottom left) then Hotkeys. Scroll all the way down to Sources and expand Image Slide Show. Click any field and then press a key that you want to use as the hotkey for that action Readers will be able to view and manually advance your presentation, but recorded narration and timings won't be available. If you have a Paid Books Account, and choose to use DRM protection in your book, video and audio included in a Keynote widget will be DRM-protected when your book is downloaded via the iBookstore

I have a small presentation of 7 slides.in PP 2016. Slide 1 is a video I highlighted slide 2 to 7and inserted audio from my computer. Slide 1 plays the short intro video then advances to slide 2 where the music starts but from there the slides don't advance. Are you able to help.I don't know if this site is a 'help me' site I'm in. Slides Choose a subset of slides, or a Custom show if you've set one up. Advance slides Set up this version of the slide show so someone can page through it manually. Related information. Add, change, or remove transitions between slides. Start the presentation and see your notes in Presenter view. Save a presentation as a movie file or MP The Keynote Remote feature is built into Keynote for iOS. Once it's connected, the iOS device can serve as a remote control, showing the current slide, the next slide, and the current time at a. I created a Keynote presentation with one slide being an embedded Quicktime movie that plays fine when manually running the slideshow. But exporting the entire slideshow (25 slides) WITH the embedded quicktime movie TO a NEW Quicktime .mov file to create a movie of the complete keynote presentation, the embedded quicktime movie DOES NOT play automatically (even if 'automatic is chosen as the.

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Step 3: Build Your Slide Deck. I'm a Mac user. And I struggle in admitting this (sigh), but most people in the world are not.If you furnish your slides to the Ignite committee, you should turn in a Powerpoint, because chances are, they won't be using Keynote Song and Scripture cues are not eligible for Auto Advance and require that the operator to manually switch between slides. Foreground Auto Advance. Slides, PowerPoints, and Google Slides cues can also be set auto-advance. A common use for this is pre- or post-service looping announcement slides

Option 3: via the Presets tab. Or you can navigate to the Presets tab and add a presentation source by clicking on a + icon: Then click on the Presentation icon and add the presentation using the file browser. To zoom in and out using the mouse, hold down the [ Ctrl] key while you turn the mouse wheel Unless you're using a slideshow remote to control your slideshow in real time, you'll usually want to use autoplay and set your slide duration to a few seconds—usually between 5 and 10. If you're controlling the slideshow manually with a slideshow remote, simply set the playback mode to manual instead

This Keynote slide design was designed to present a company's mission Here is a script that mixes the indexes and wait between each slide. set tdelay to 5 -- seconds -- the length of time each card is shown. tell application Keynote activate tell slideshow 1 to repeat with i in my mixIndexes(count slides) show slide i delay tdelay end repeat. Select the slide where you want the narration to start—in most case this will be the first slide of your deck. Click Play in the top menu and then Record Slideshow. In recording mode, you will see the current time at the top of the screen. Under that you will see the current slide on the left, and the next slide on the right In KeyNote you can automatically change the font type and color of the entire presentation. These changes are made in the master slide mode. To do this, in the top menu select View > Edit Master Slides. 2. Click Format in the top menu, then using a mouse select the text block in the format of which you want to make changes Keynote's Magic Move is a cool transition effect to move from one slide to the next. (PowerPoint doesn't really have an analog to it, though you can get reasonably close with sufficient effort)

Just make sure you select Manual Advance to make sure you can click through the stages of your talk like you are used to from Keynote and Powerpoint. The probably most important thing is to choose Manual Advance as the playback mode If you want to just have Keynote automatically play (e.g., transition the slides and the builds on the slides) you can set up timings within the Keynote slide deck itself (e.g., have one slide on for 10 seconds, then transition, then the next slide for 5 seconds, and so on) until you're satisfied that it's going to output a video that will. My church uses FastStone to show the 'pre service' slides, which I create in Keynote. (I also then use those slides in the slider on the home page of my church - Minehead Baptist Church ) To have a presentation with the 'niceness' on a PC, you can export the presentation as a QuickTime (.mov file) with 'manual advance' which works.

Start the Keynote presentation. If recording, the screen recording software obviously has to be started first. Important: For reasons I don't really understand, I've found that I have to advance one slide (and then go back) by tapping the pencil on the iPad (equivalent to clicking the mouse) before toggling DemoPro or ScreenBrush. If I don. The easiest way is to create your presentation in Keynote, Apple's presentation software. However, you can also create or open a file in the Microsoft PowerPoint app. Swipe to manually advance. The PPT/Keynote Presenter comes with a receiver housed within the presenter that you just have to plug into your Mac or PC and you are ready to go. there are two arrow buttons which advance or reverse your slides, there is a button with a computer monitor with an arrow that puts your slide to full screen and starts the slideshow and another.

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powerpoint 2016 slide show will not advance slides I purchased Microsoft Office and installed it on my PC on 18 March 2016. I have built a 227 slide show presentation and added a fade transition to the presentation, however it will not automatically advance to the next slide despite setting the transition timing to 10 seconds Create your free account today: https://bit.ly/3iKqrqBDo you have a presentation from another software, but want to use the amazing interactivity Mentimeter. User must click 'play' to advance. To remove this setting so that the slides advance automatically: Navigate to Edit mode of the presentation. Select the Options tab. Un-check User must click 'play' to advance at the bottom of the page. Click Save/Apply. If this is checked the slide will pause once the slide's audio is complete Changing Hotkeys Manually: First open EasyWorship and open a Schedule. Go live with the first item in the schedule using the mouse. On the presenter remote, press the Next Slide button. Take note of the behavior of EasyWorship for step 10 below. Close EasyWorship

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  1. - Open A Keynote Slideshow - Advance Slides We are mixing a very cue heavy show, and to save on personnel, our sound board op is firing a lot of it. I would like for her to see a PDF of the script (put into a keynote presentation) on a side screen, and have a hotkey to press to advance pages. This will save her a lot of eye travel time
  2. So the more a human user manually tweaks the slides that an AI tool spits out, the less they'll need to over time. The core AI and feature set are getting better, too
  3. Manually Start a Countdown Timer: When the presenter advances to the slide, the poll is automatically opened. The countdown timer begins when the presenter taps the Enter/Return key on their keyboard, clicks their mouse, or uses the presentation clicker device to advance
  4. The pages or slides continue to advance at the specified interval. 6: To stop automatic page or slide advancement, reopen the Automatically Advance Pages dialog box and select Stop. Show Slide Animations and Transitions in a Shared Presentation. When sharing a Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation in the content viewer, you can animate text.
  5. By adjusting the slide settings, presenters can poll their audience without revealing the results on-screen. Step-by-step . Sign into the session as a Moderator and click the poll question; Click Configure Embedded Slide: In the On-screen Poll Behavior window, select a Countdown timer option or Manually advance to result
  6. I saw a question Want Applescript to change a Keynote presentation to a particular slide But I think that works only for KeyNote. Can anyone help? Thanks. macos starting slide to 2 set temp's ending slide to 2 set temp's range type to slide show range set temp's advance mode to slide show advance manual advance run slide show temp end tell.

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To play a song across slides. See Add or delete audio in your PowerPoint presentation.. Play multiple songs across multiple slides. If your slide show is longer than one song, you can add more songs. However, if you find that you're having trouble synchronizing the music with the slide show, you can use a third-party audio editing tool, such as Audacity®, to string the songs together into one. If you have manually inserted a different image in each slide, the only way to change its position and size is to manually go to each slide. If you have to insert a logo in all slides and change it size, etc. you should add the logo in master slide. In your case, the image cannot be changed at once Slides Preview - Simplicity 1.0. NEW SLIDES - UPDATE 2.0 - 2018. From the day one simplicity was praised by experts and customers alike. Now with update 2.0 we more than double the number of unique slides. So now simplicity 2.0 is charged with 450 unique slides - double value for the same price. Check out some of the new slides PowerPoint or Keynote: Create your presentation in either PowerPoint or Keynote. Try not to have a wall of text on the slides so that people don't get distracted by the slides. A little text and a photo or graphic is all that's necessary. It is important when planning to use slides for a video recording to create the presentation in 16:9 ratio

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From here you simply copy & paste or drag & drop the embedded slides into the appropriate place in the final presentation deck. Manually Advance To Poll Results. New to our PowerPoint Add-In is an option for manually advancing to poll results, functionality that complements our existing automated timers Verify that the PowerPoint Slide Show is appearing in the preview. If the Slide Show is appearing, continue to Step 5. Otherwise, uncheck the Capture Main Screen option and check the Capture Second Screen option. Check each screen until you find the Slide Show. Confirm that only the screen displaying the Slide Show is checked In the Slide show menu item, select set up slide show - and then to open in a separate window. If you are using Keynote, the equivalent option is Play Slideshow in Window under the Play menu. In PowerPoint, you could alternatively select the Kiosk option and determine which screen you would like it to play on

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Delete slides by selecting the slide and clicking Edit > Delete. Or right-click on the slide thumbnail in the sidebar and clicking Delete slide. Or simply press the Delete key while the slide is selected. 2. Add Text. The new slide will be an information slide. Add a title that's relevant to the information that you'll put on your slide TLC's best practice is the 2 second auto advance. Slide has video, presenter wants presentation to automatically go to next slide when video is done - easy. On video slide, set to auto advance after 2 seconds. This assumes the video is the only animation and it is going to start playing automatically

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  1. You might start with the suggestions offered by Miguel Monteiro, and then next, simply power off your PC for 30 to 60 seconds then re-start and re-try If problems persist our next troubleshooting step is typically to do a more thorough tune-up. W..
  2. 1) LibreOffice is an open source office suite. It's as much of a clone of MS Office as iWork is. 2) We do have a developer working on PowerPoint for Mac and Keynote integration for OpenLP. 3) OpenLP is identical on all platforms. Some features are disabled due to limitations of the platforms or applications on the platforms, but OpenLP itself.
  3. Storyline 360 User Guide. Build any course you can imagine for any device imaginable. In this series, you'll learn how to build interactive online and mobile courses with Storyline 360. Add simulations, screen recordings, drag-and-drop interactions, quizzes, and much more. Then let the responsive player make your course work beautifully on any.
  4. When you're ready, export the file to Quicktime format. I only had one slide in my deck with the animation, so I kept all the defaults (Playback Uses: Manual Advance), 24 frames per second. I just turned off Audio (not sure that was actually necessary) Finish it up in Photoshop. Importing the .mov file into Photoshop was pretty straightforward
  5. Put transitions on all of the slides — Dissolve .75 seconds. Put intro music on each title slide and make sure the song is set to autoplay as soon as the slide comes on ( here is a playlist of good ones ). Compress the Keynote file into a .zip file. Upload to Dropbox and also put it on a USB thumb drive
  6. read. As remote participation grows at ACM SIGCHI, so does the need for remote presentations. This little guide.
  7. Project Description. The conceptual idea behind the simplicity was to create a multipurpose presentation template that will deliver cutting edge and premium looking design as well as extremely easy customization for end-user no matter how advance their Keynote skills are. And now, looking at the finished work, we think we have made our job right. Enjoy the simplicity

Yes. But compare with MS PowerPoint very little effects options are available In google Slide - go to insert tab and choose Diagram - choose which type of Diagram- then choose how many laye To make the Google slide show loop (begin again after the last slide), click the checkbox to the left of the Restart the slideshow after the last slide option. Your screen should now look something like this: Set up auto-advance and looping in Google Slides. Step 4 After you have made your selections, the final step is to click the Publish button Advance Deadline for Lead Retrieval (Compulead) 8/23/2021: Last Day to Cancel Hotel Rooms without penalty. Review the Hotel & Travel page for details. 8/31/2021: Complete Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form if applicable and send it to mkutner@showmgmt.com: 9/1/2021: Submit your Powerpoint slide to be included in the Keynote sessions The only reason that I bought this remote was to use it to advance slides in a Keynote presentation. Bottom line: it works great. Yes, I know that you can use the Keynote Remote app and an iPhone to advance slides in a Keynote presentation. But, that requires an iPhone or iPod Touch, which I don't have and wouldn't buy

The screenshots below shows an example of starting a new slide deck in Keynote from a template and what you get in the master slides. If you use what the default slides give you, you'll have a slide deck that looks too similar to others who use the same template. The image below also shows the first default title slide in Keynote and PowerPoint The latest update of keynote allow you to do play the presentation in a window. Upgrade your keynote to 10.1 and simply play your slideshow via play-> play slideshow in screen. 10.1Jul 9, 2020 • Use the new Play Slideshow in Window option to have access to other applications while presenting locally or via video conferencing I have 16 slides with animation that each have varying lengths of audio. I wanted to do what is shown in this video, but take it further by doing this with all 16 slides and be able to start the presentation and let it run all the way through. I want to embed it onto a website that can be played like a youtube video. Any idea if that is possible When I do a presentation supported with Keynote or PPT slides, I don't use notes. I figure if I know my material well, I don't need them. So far, this method has served me well. (However, I do print out 6 slides per page with the slide numbers, in case I need to flip back to a particular slide, using the method you've described.) Repl

Do you know about exporting keynote presentations to Quicktime? It works very well. You use the share menu and make sure that the advance slides manually checkbox is checked. Then all you need on the pc is quicktime and you can run a Keynote presentation with all the bells and whistles. It works very well Notice here that you can see the current slide and next slide. To advance, just use your finger to swipe right-to-left. To back up, reverse the motion. Very, very cool. Even better, you can also get your presentation notes on the iPhone automatically if you play with the configuration a bit

This is, the slides mode if you will. Because I don't want to manually do the back and forth, I automated that in an extension, and I published it. It's called Slides and you can try it yourself. Slides make it convenient for you to use VS Code as a presentation tool. You can toggle slides mode Worship slides (also known as lyric slides) are powerful tools, but that doesn't mean they have to be complicated. Often, the most obvious mistakes I see are also the easiest to correct. Here are twenty easy improvements that you can make as you head into Sunday. 1. Keep slides to a 3-4 lin I want to run a slide show with one of the slides being a video, all running on an automatic loop. Meaning, Slide 1 is a .mp4, Slide 2 is a .jpg, slide 3 is a .jpg, slide 4 is a .jpg, then start back over at slide 1. I would love if there was a way for me to create the slide show in Keynote and then import into OBS PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac. Installing Poll Everywhere for Mac. Poll Everywhere for Mac works with PowerPoint and Keynote. Inserting instructions slides with Poll Everywhere for Mac. Inserting activities with Poll Everywhere for MacOS. Inserting a web page or video with Poll Everywhere for Mac. Presenting your activities with Poll. To insert or put PDF in Keynote presentation, the best way is to convert PDF to Keynote slides first. There are also two other methods, which don't require conversion. #1 Copy and paste content from PDF document. Note that this method is of very limited use. You can choose to manually copy content from the source PDF file and paste it in Keynote

Click on the Home tab of your PowerPoint. Next, click on the small arrow next to the bullets option on the home tab. Finally, click on the Bullets and Numbering option from the pop-up window. A faster way to reach this Bullet and Numbering window is also by using the mouse -. Select the existing bullet list If you make your presentation data by Keynote, please translate it to PowerPointfile and replay and check (character shift etc.). And then please record your voice. (For notes on Keynote, please check this manual P11.) ・Slide size aspect ratio 16:9 ・Please embed the video file in mp4 format slides Videos files with links are unacceptabl If your formatting is simple, and follows the 'layouts' of the PowerPoint or 'Keynote' slide templates then that shouldn't be a problem. But, if you have carefully arranged things in a very particular manner, on top of the slide layouts and used lots of tabs, spaces, text boxes and lines, it may not translate so well to the big screen. Press the Enter key to move to slide 5. You've just seen four different ways of advancing to the next slide. Press the Backspace key to move to slide 4. Press the left-arrow key to move to slide 3. Now you know two different ways of moving backward in a presentation. Right-click anywhere, choose See All Slides, and then click slide 1 2. For a self running slideshow: Export the slides to Quicktime and put the audio in over there. Then just run the slideshow full screen in Quicktime Player. Looped if you want a continuous program. Otherwise, for a presentation where you manually advance slides, it's better to have separate audio on each slide

My keynote from Design Research Society conference. July 27th, 2008. Here are slides and audio in separate widgets. You can start the audio and advance the slides manually to follow along. The talk goes for about 45 minutes and the discussion for another 25 or so After practice remember to select manually before you present the live program or the slides will automatically advance 16. Prepare a one page cheat sheet with slide numbers and topics. To make the Google slide show loop (begin again after the last slide), click the checkbox to the left of the Restart the slideshow after the last slide option. Your screen should now look something like this: Set up auto-advance and looping in Google Slides. Step 4 After you have made your selections, the final step is to click the Publish button Inside the file js/slides.js is a defined object called Slides. There are only 2 public methods on this object: start (which you will see below); and loop, which allows you to manually advance the animation loop when in debug mode (again, see below). Starting the slidesho Set a Countdown Timer. To set a countdown timer, you'll need to have a Cue List open. Then, click More in the top menu and select Countdown. You can also use the F6 key on your keyboard for quick access. This will open up the countdown timer pane (as pictured below). In the black preview screen, drag and drop to position the countdown.

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c. Run slide show, this creates a slide viewer window on the extended desktop. d. Maximize this window on upper left green maximize circle. e. Now, can work on primary while secondary has ppt. f. To advance ppt, move cursor over the projected slide and double click once. Then, will behave as usual once it has focus. g : The page controls will not advance through transitions and animations when sharing presentations created with PowerPoint 2013 or later. Slide List: Shows which slide is currently being viewed and the total number of slides. The drop-down arrow allows you to jump to a particular slide or to advance slides in the Content Viewer Timer will be visible only to active presenters and serves as a reminder on how much time they have left on session or particular slide. Clicking Start Timer button will disable any existing timer and start a new timer ‎Slideshow Remote® combines two great tools in a single app: the most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint and a brand new Keynote and PowerPoint mobile viewer. You can control your PC, transfer files with iTunes (Mac and Windows), open presentations attached to emails, view your slides, d Go to the first slide of your presentation and click on the Sound icon in the Normal view. Click on the Playback tab in the Audio Tools section. Under Audio Options, open the dropdown menu next to.

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The timeline template has been built to work with Office Timeline's free timeline creator app for Microsoft PowerPoint. With it you can add your plan's milestones and tasks quickly, and change them instantly. The tool is a plug-in, which means you can edit this timeline template or create timelines quickly from right inside PowerPoint The highest quality PowerPoint Templates and Keynote Templates download Find editable PowerPoint templates and presentations themes to communicate your ideas clearly and engage your audience. Save time using pre-designed presentation templates that fit well for a wide range of presentation topics, from business to educational slide decks Features of Google Slide . Google Slide can be accessed from different devices such as laptop, mobile, desktop etc. The software lets you access your work even if you are not connected to a network. You don't have to manually save each change as the software automatically saves your document 5. Please ask the chair whether your slides are visible to everyone. If it is OK, please start Slide Show and your presentation. 6. When you finish your presentation, please stop sharing the screen. Moving the cursor to very top of the screen, the small window will be appeared (see below) and click Stop Share Select Your Slides from Slides Pane. In the first step, click the slide preview for the slide you wish to set time for. In case you want all your slides to switch according to a set time limit (e.g. 10 seconds), select one slide and hit CTRL+A to select all slides. In case you want to set a different time for each slide, you will have to select.

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Enable Auto-Advance in the Settings. I have my Gmail set to filter Google Classroom Private Comments. Interacting with students is my top priority. I set up Priority inbox so there is a section in my email with the Private Comments. My work flow is to open the email, hold down the Control key, click on the Reply button within the email, delete. Interactive presentations that provide clear, concise information are often the most effective at getting a point across. And because the modern trend of today involves flashing slides on a big screen, there's no better way to really get into the nitty-gritty details than with a laser pointer Here are slides and audio in separate widgets. You can start the audio and advance the slides manually to follow along. The talk goes for about 45 minutes and the discussion for another 25 or so

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Print, Chose Print to PDF, 6 slides per page. Then you have to choose between horizontal with the second side appearing beside the first slide, or vertical with the second slide appearing below the first slide. This will save a copy of the PowerPoint slides as a PDF file with 6 slides per page For iPad users, the best and most obvious alternative would be Keynote, Apple's answer to PowerPoint. Just like Pages and Numbers, Keynote is one of those Apple apps that sort of do what the. The course covers universal design principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides' typography, use of photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and meaningful charts and diagrams. This course is not a PowerPoint fundamentals course. You should have a basic knowledge of either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. It works fine. But remember that it is a workaround in that you export your slides to iPhoto and sync copies of each slide and then present it as a slide show. The remote doesn't work so you have to manually advance and pause each slide