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How To Destroy a Hard Drive: What Works. 1. Data-Wiping Programs. Later versions of software, like Windows 10 and 8.1, will have their own update and recovery functions that will not only reset your PC but also erase data. But if you want complete assurance, you can turn to data-wiping programs One of the ways is to burn the hard drive completely. This will ensure that every form of data saved on it is removed. No one will be able to recover it. But, the problem is that when hard drive burns it releases toxins in the air Use a precision screwdriver to remove the casing from the computer and locate the hard drive—it looks like a slim, rectangular metal box. Once located, remove the hard drive from the computer... If you're in a hurry, you can damage it in a way that only a dedicated hacker will be able to recover any data. 1. Flip the hard drive over so you can see the main circuit board. The fast way to..

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  1. The first isn't technically destroying a hard drive, it is more like wiping it. Doesn't sound as fun but it is less involved. You can use a program like DBAN to wipe the drive. You will get the program on a floppy disk, CD, or USB drive and you simply run it once one of those is inserted in your computer
  2. Smash the drive with a hammer. Before doing this, insert the drive into a cloth bag so the pieces don't go flying everywhere. Get a hammer (either one lying around your house or at a hardware store) and smash your drive with it until the drive's broken into thousands of tiny pieces
  3. Method 1: Don't Destroy Your Hard Drive in the First Place; Wipe It. One way you can protect your personal information is by using a program to wipe it. Before doing this, make sure that anything you want to keep from your hard drive has been backed up. Next, find a program that will wipe the information from your hard drive

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Indeed, opening up the drive—a task easily achieved with a screwdriver and hammer in a few minutes—and using brute force on the platter is the best way to destroy it in short order. Laptop hard.. Even if you destroy your USB flash drive, the data on it could still be accessible. To kill the data, you have to kill the memory chip. Find out how Wiping a hard drive in essence destroys the data by writing over it with random characters. There are many free utilities to help, a good one is Active@ KillDisk. You can download the free utility from their website, click: Active@ KillDisk Method 1: Destroying a hard drive with a hammer This is the fastest and most effective method of physically destroy a hard drive. A user just needs to take a hammer in his hand and start hitting a hard drive with it. Moreover, one should be alone in a room while performing this task to avoid any accident with flying pieces of metal and glasses Microwaves are handy for destroying CDs and DVDs, but you'd have to cook a hard drive for a long, long time to blister the drive's platters. Several Web sites suggest soaking the drive in diluted..

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Perhaps one of the fastest and most direct methods of destroying the platter in a hard drive is to bash it with a hammer. Platters are generally made out of glass or ceramic and will easily shatter. Others are made from metal and a good hammering will make them unusable. Is it the best way to destroy a hard drive The above ways could not help you erase data permanently and completely, so here I will introduce you the best way to destroy a hard drive: that is to use a professional hard drive wipe tool to wipe disk. Wiping disk is the safest way for data protection. And this way can be used to erase data completely not only on hard drives, but also on. How to destroy a hard drive the fast way. If you're in a hurry, you can damage it in a way that only a dedicated hacker will be able to recover any data. 1. Flip the hard drive over so you can see the main circuit board. The fast way to render a hard drive unusable is to remove the exterior circuit board †[A HAND IS HOLDING DOWN THE HARD DRIVE WHILE THE OTHER HAND USES THE HAMMER TO SMASH THE HARD DRIVE.] †[ONSCREEN TEXT]: Damage the disk surfaces and parts. †[THE TOOLS THAT WERE USED TO DESTROY THE HARD DRIVE MOVE WHIMSICALLY ACROSS THE SCREEN.] †Nice! Your hard drive is destroyed. †[ALLSTATE LOGO APPEARS

BitKiller. As one of the more simpler data destruction programs, BitKiller lets you add an entire hard drive to the list of files to destroy without any extra options or buttons to make things confusing. Plus, it's completely portable. Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data, Write Zero Drilling The Hard Drive Some people have taken a high quality power drill or drill press, and a high-speed-steel or cobalt drill bit and made multiple punctures right through the hard drive casing and the platters inside. It could be very noisy, and pieces could go flying. It's possible to break the drill bit and have that go flying too Crushing an SSD drive. Physically breaking a drive is the simplest way to prevent access to a hard drive. Crushing a drive is quick, simple and does not use electricity. For example, our hard drive crusher, EDD, is perfect for the task. When an SSD goes through a crushing machine, it literally bends and snaps

The best way to completely destroy a hard drive is a white phosphorus hand grenade (if you can get your hands on one). Just find a good open area where you don't care if the surrounding area is heat damaged, put the drive there, put the grenade on top of it, pull the pin and step far away from it Or, you can destroy the drive yourself if you know the best way to destroy a hard drive. You may be able to complete the process in a few steps. Step 1: Backup Your Data. This is the first and the most important step in the process of destroying a hard disk permanently. You must back up all the data you want to keep, be it photos, videos, music. Knowing the best way to destroy a hard drive is critical too. Most organizations and individuals today store a lot of confidential information on hard drives, flash drives, optical media, mobile phones, and other equipment

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We delete or remove data/information from our computer, actually from the hard drive, when we don't need them anymore. In that case, sometimes, we need the data permanently deleted that can never be recoverable as a safety issue, especially when w.. Ugg I gave DBAN to a co-worker who was looking for a way to erase drives. This version automatically erased any drives it detected after like ten seconds after booting to it, you hit a key to skip it. Well, he leaves it in the production ghost machine (also had 2x CD-RW drives) so he could make a bunch of copies of the CD

When you remove the hard drive, strike the hard drive a couple of times on various sides. Sooner or later, you will manage to open it. Logically, the next step is to find the silver platter disk from inside. How you will destroy it depends on the equipment you have. You can use the hammer as well, but be sure that you are fully protected Now that we've established that using bleach isn't an option, let's move onto some more sensible suggestions to either wipe your old hard drive or even destroy it. 1) Securely wiping the drive using software. If the hard drive is still working and can be attached to your computer, wiping it using software is by far the best solution The quick way to destroy a hard drive. and the fastest way for me to get to London was via a bizjet - which I met at Hollywood Burbank Airport, and we flew to London (11 hours later). So, I get picked up and delivered to the office, made a point of showing the staff how to install the cart, left them a spare and I was done.. It's an old Sony Vaio. The screen and CPU are all one unit. Smashing it would involve breaking up the screen which would be a mess. As it's Vista based (there, I said it ) I doubt I would be able to load any software onto it to do any cleaning.Guess I'll dig out the hard drive and destroy it Fastest way to physically destroy a hard drive? by BlastoZero. on Oct 29, 2012 at 19:58 UTC. Solved General I have around 100 hard drives to wipe and then sell to a scrap yard. I get paid by the pound so I want these to be fairly intact. So far 75% are spinning and DBAN DOD 8 pass wipe is working perfectly

The Guard Dog destroys all the data on a drive, even in parts that computers cannot access, and it can erase any magnetic media - VHS tapes, DAT tapes, ZIP disks and the like - in the same way. STEP 1: Remove the hard drive from your computer. Use a precision screwdriver to remove the casing from the computer and locate the hard drive—it looks like a slim, rectangular metal box. Once. How to destroy a hard drive the fast way. If you're in a hurry, you can damage it in a way that only a dedicated hacker will be able to recover any data. 1


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Once a drive is properly destroyed, the owner (ex-owner?) of that drive has the peace of mind that none of the data on it can ever be recovered, through any method. Machines exist to shred discs down to cornflake sized pieces which are then taken. Hard drive Erasure is the most common way of trying to sanitize information on a hard drive. That does not mean that it is always the best method. The truth is that simply deleting information on your hard drive doesn't erase the information at all - it only moves it to another location on the hard drive 2. Destroy the hard drive. A sure way to completely destroy the hard drive is to make it physically impossible to access the disks. This can be done by dismantling the pieces of the hard disk with a screwdriver and using a hammer to scratch and mangle the disk. The goal is to make sure the disk will not work when it is loaded into another hard. There are various ways to destroy the data from a hard drive completely, and you should focus on the things that will help you in the right way. By focusing on the things that matter the most, you will be able to select the right service or product to destroy a hard drive completely How to Destroy a Hard Drive the Right Way. Many people have interesting ideas about how to destroy a hard drive. Some include driving out to a remote location and tossing the hard drive overboard, while others propose microwaving the device. Let's take a look at what methods work, and which ones are simply urban legends. Water Damag

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There are a few reasonable ways to do this. Destroying the platters. Hard drives work by using magnetized platters. The easiest way to destroy these would be to simply open the hard drive casing (often doable with nearby screwdrivers) and pour something like sand into the case Hard drive crushers (like the Crunch 250 Hard Drive Destroyer) exerts 'more than 3 tons' pressure through the hard drive and is able to destroy 250 full height and 500 laptop hard drives per hour. It only takes a few seconds to crush a hard drive using this method and is 100% safe as you won't have any parts flying out at you that you.

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The best way to destroy a hard drive. Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2010-Jan-20, 10:24 pm AEST posted 2010-Jan-20, 10:24 pm AEST User #300632 65 posts. thepaul93. Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/Rb8HdB. posted 2010-Jan-15, 3:53 am AEST. They can of course be rented for the day, so if you have enough of them to make it cost effective, this could be the best way to destroy a hard drive for you. Bash it with a Hammer Perhaps one of the fastest and most direct methods of destroying the platter in a hard drive is to bash it with a hammer This is the best way to destroy an old hard drive. Can you destroy a hard drive with a hammer? Although destroying a hard drive with a hammer is a money-saving and quick way. But this way is also dangerous — the bits of glass or metal will fly all over and can scratch you

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The rest part of this instruction will show you how to wipe a hard drive, external disk, SD card or flash drive via different ways. Method #1: Completely wipe computer by resetting your PC This method wipes computer by using the reset feature in Windows 8.1 or 10 during reinstalling operating system, which has an option to remove everything on. Physical destruction is the ultimate way to prevent others from retrieving your information. Of course, you should physically destroy the device only if you do not plan to give it to someone else. Specialized services will disintegrate burn, melt, or pulverize your computer drive and other devices

If you do not intend to use that drive again, then the best way is to destroy it physically. The platter consists of aluminum plates with a magnetic plate. You can also crush it to destroy the data on it. A sledgehammer would be enough for this task, but if you want, you can use other objects too. Hard Drive Destruction The best way to destroy the information on a hard drive is to take it apart and then run a degausser over the platters, said Robert Roederer with Level 6 Shredding in San Francisco, which wipes. Hard drive erasers. If you don't have a PC, you could buy a standalone hard drive eraser. This is much the easiest way to erase hard drives, and companies that decommission lots of PCs should. How to Destroy Hard Drive Data Yourself: a DIY Approach. Many suggestions arise when searching for the phrase how to destroy a hard drive, including such marvels as: Hammering the hard drive on a parking lot. Melting with acid. Roasting the disk in an oven, followed by an ice bath. Bending the platter. Throwing the disk in a fireplace My hard drives are now destroyed enough and out of the house. If found, no one is going to attempt data retrieval and I was not injured in the process. Here is what I did to destroy my hard drives. For the destruction of the first hard drive, I wanted to see how hard it was to open the case and remove the data platters

The best way to do this is to destroy the hard drive before disposal and to effect that disposal in such a manner that the physical remnants leave no traces of recoverable information intact. Most laypeople don't possess the equipment or expertise to achieve this on their own Shearing and crushing are two ways to physically destroy technology so data can never be retrieved or reconstructed. Shearing slices the entire hard drive into small pieces with 40,000 lbs. of destructive force. The process completely obliterates the drive platters, mechanisms, and electronic components, rendering the data unrecoverable The Best Way to Destroy a Hard Drive. The most effective way to destroy the electronic data on your hard drive is through the process of hard drive shredding. This type of destruction method physically destroys the hard drive using a heavy-duty shredding machine that is specifically built for electronic media Regulations governing hard drive disposal also exist on an industry-specific basis, with, for example, the healthcare and financial services sectors having their own legal frameworks relating to data governance, as well as data and infrastructure disposal. Deciding on the best way to destroy a hard drive also has to take in material considerations

As most of you now know how important it is to carry out secure hard drive destruction before reselling or donating your laptops and PCs. You must now ensure that you erase data from hard drive in the best possible way. Fact # 1 | You Cannot Destroy A Hard Drive With Wate How to Destroy Cell Phones. There are several methods used for destroying old cell phones like destruction or demanufacturing and degaussing, however some options provide more benefits than others. Finding the Best Destruction Method Cell Phone Shredding. Shredding is the easiest and often cheapest method BEST WAY TO DESTROY A HARD DRIVE. Forums: Computers, Hard Drives, Format, Reformat, Hard Drive Tag Email this Topic • Print this Page . High Seas 1 . Reply Sun 31 May, 2009 09:59 am @High Seas, PS lots more info and programs listed her

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There are numerous ways to destroy a hard drive from wiping it to demolishing it. Once the hard drive is removed, your local Best Buy can recycle the unit for you. Items with LCD screens do require a $10 fee for hazardous materials handling but in return we give you a $10 Best Buy gift card To erase the data on my old hard drives, I strip out the hard drive from the computer and then use a screwdriver to open the hard-drive case. I then light up my acetylene torch and cook the actual platter. Within a few moments, it's melted and virtually destroyed. I can't believe for a second that any data is still there Smash the Hard drive; Perhaps the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to destroy a hard drive is to smash it using a hacksaw or hammer. This is the best alternative to burning or soaking the hard drive in acid. Simply take a hammer and smash the hard drive into bits and pieces. Be sure that the platters and discs are destroyed Hard Drive Shredding: The Only Foolproof Way to Destroy a Laptop Hard Drive. We, at Data Destruction Corporation, pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to provide on-site hard drive shredding services. Furthermore, our shredders are operated by highly-skilled technicians who are ready to come to your place whenever you need them 07-16-2009 03:12 PM. There are numerous ways to destroy a hard drive from wiping it to demolishing it. Once the hard drive is removed, your local Best Buy can recycle the unit for you. Items with LCD screens do require a $10 fee for hazardous materials handling but in return we give you a $10 Best Buy gift card. Adam