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brew install git Install Sass & Compass by typing the following into your terminal: sudo gem install compass (you will be asked for your admin password

Thanks. Now run the following steps in your terminal: Terminal newbies, read the Designer's Guide to the OSX Command Prompt first! $ gem install compass $ compass create <myproject>. Note: Values indicated by <> are placeholders. Change them to suit your needs. Note: $ is a placeholder for your terminal's prompt. You don't type it I installed Homebrew as part of one solution I was trying, which installs the Xcode Command Line tools. (I had intended to use Homebrew to install Ruby and Compass in a different directory because I was initially getting permissions errors when using $ sudo gem install compass.)Once I installed Homebrew, I was able to use $ gem install compass successfully Install MongoDB Compass Mac brew. A general overview of MongoDB, providing a basic understanding of the database. Explore MongoDB advantages & drawbacks, use cases, features & functions, and installation. $ brew tap mongodb/brew Finally, execute the following command to install the MongoDB community edition: $ brew install mongodb-community. Bundler makes that possible, even easy. If you're familiar with PHP's composer tool, bundler does a similar job for ruby. Because we like to avoid modifying the system software, we used homebrew to install a local copy of ruby, even though OS X comes with its own copy of ruby. This ensures that system updates won't remove what we've set up

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Note that the folder you installed it in is typically /usr/local, and the user may well have installed other things than Homebrew there since it's the standard place to install custom Unix utilities.I install Homebrew to its own /usr/homebrew directory specifically so it's easy to remove it and rebuild, but brew doctor does warn that a non-standard install place may cause problems Cant install Compass Here is what I get: laurahillsmbp2:~ laurahill$ sass --version Sass 3.4.6 (Selective Steve) laurahillsmbp2:~ laurahill$ sudo gem install compass Building native extensions. laurahillsmbp2:~ laurahill$ $ brew install ruby -bash: $: command not found laurahillsmbp2:~ laurahill$ Julia Soper 24,114 Points Julia Soper.

Go to the MongoDB download page and download the installer (.msi file).. Double-click the downloaded .msi file and follow the instructions. The procedure will also install MongoDB Compass, a MongoDB client that lets you manage your database through a graphical interface.. Once the installation procedure is over, the MongoDB server is automatically started

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Overview¶. Use this tutorial to install MongoDB 5.0 Community Edition on macOS using the third-party Homebrew package manager.. Starting with MongoDB 4.4.1, installing MongoDB via Homebrew also installs the MongoDB Database Tools.See Using the MongoDB Database Tools for more information. MongoDB Version To install the MongoDB CLI, choose one of the following methods: Install with a package manager like Homebrew, Yum, or Apt. Download and extract the binary. Clone the GitHub repository and install the MongoDB CLI with Go. Download Binary. Clone Repository Command Line. When you install Sass on the command line, you'll be able to run the sass executable to compile .sass and .scss files to .css files. For example: First install Sass using one of the options below, then run sass --version to be sure it installed correctly. If it did, this will include 1.34.1. You can also run sass --help for more. Install Compass plugin. Go to PyCharm -> Preferences -> Plugins -> Marketplace and then install Compass. Now, we need to activate the compass support by enabling it from: Preferences -> Stylesheets -> Compass. And now let's create a watcher by going to Preferences => Tools => File watchers. I hope it is working well from your side

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  1. you can do it from AppStore, search for XCode then install it, it's free and about 2.3GB of dowload. Now you have to accept the license # sudo xcodebuild -license This step is a pre-requisite to use xcode
  2. e.g., ```brew install mysql``` (for your Mac OSX box) ii. Dedicatedly create a virtual environment for your development. if you used compass install scripts to install compass, they are already installed; run tox -epy26 or tox -pey27 depending on your python version
  3. I wish to install Compass with: brew cask install compass more info: https://caskroom.github.io. Attachments. Activity. People. Assignee: Kelsey T Schubert Reporter: Sam [X] Votes: 0 Vote for this issue Watchers: 3 Start watching this issue. Dates
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If not install it using brew: $ sudo brew install ruby First try updating your gem version: $ sudo gem update --system Then try again installing compass: $ sudo gem install compass Oh... now you get a: Fetching: compass-1.0.3.gem (100%) ERROR: While executing gem (Errno::EPERM) Operation not permitted - /usr/bin/compass Run the following. brew install ruby. If you wish to have multiple version of Ruby on your system, you may want to look into a package Sass 3.4.19 (Selective Steve) and Compass 1.0.3 (Polaris). If this is your first time installing Sass and Compass or you recently upgraded your version of Ruby, then the easiest way to install both is to simply install Compass. Install Compass in OSX El Capitan. Posted on September 5, 2016 by cristinallamas. After getting this error: sudo gem install compass ERROR: While executing gem (Errno::EPERM) Operation not permitted - /usr/bin/sass. It can be fixed with: brew install ruby sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin compass. Like this Has anyone worked out the correct combination of compass, toolkit, etc necessary for Omega to work correctly? I've used the 'brew' option to install the dependencies but was left with an non-functional installation as it complained of being unable to import some items. When the 'brew' solution wasn't working, I tried bundler install but ultimately it didn't resolve the problem. Here's what I.

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Install Homebrew. Visit https://brew.sh; Find the section labeled Install Homebrew Copy the entire line beneath Install Homebrew Open a Terminal.app window and paste the copied text; The text will look like this, please refer to the text from the https://brew.sh homepag brew install [email protected] After the cluster is made, click on connect and select MongoDB Compass and follow the instructions on screen. Move on to the next section to start installing Petio. Petio as a Service. First make a directory for Petio: sudo mkdir /opt/Petio brew install node brew install ruby. Now you are able to install Grunt and Compass (Sass is automatically installed with Compass): npm install -g grunt-cli gem install compass. Change to the root of your grappelli installation, where package.json and Gruntfile.js are located and install the Grunt dependencies: npm install Also simply brew install saas/sass/sass on Mac High Sierra (10.13.x) Solution no. 8: I used Homebrew to install Ruby and then Ruby to install SASS. Probably only the best way to do it if you already use Homebrew, or want to start using it regularly brew install ruby gem install sass Hope this helps

brew install postgresql@11 # May need to add postgres to PATH in your shell profile, e.g. ~/.bash_profile, Ruby - Non system version to install compass while avoiding permission errors brew install ruby # May need to add ruby to your bash_profile/zshrc and restart terminal GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets The installation instructions I provide rely on using Homebrew. Hence, in case you have not already done so, install HomeBrew on your mac by following the instructions here. Next up, How to setup local MongoDB database (Mac) Then run the following commands on the command line. sudo brew install mongodb-community; sudo mkdir -p /data/d

en MacOS lo puedes instalar mediante brew. brew cask install mongodb-compass-community Joel Dominguez Merino. 4. En las bases de datos no relacionales me gustaba trabajar únicamente en consola. Pero en esta ocasión me acomode mas a MongoDB Compass es mala idea solo usar esta herramienta y dejar a un lado la terminal Install all 3 mysql5.5.xxx.pkg MySQLstartupitem.pkg MySQLPrefPane The first is the MySQL software, the 2nd item allows MySQL to start when the Mac is booted and the third is a System Preference that allows start/stop operation and a preference to enable it to start on boot This generator uses Sass with Compass for preprocessing stylesheets. In order to make use of this feature, you need to have ruby, sass and compass installed. I personally use rbenv for managing ruby. I also use nvm for managing node: brew install rbenv brew install rbenv-gem-rehash. Install MongoDB; Install ruby; Install Sass and Compass $ brew install ruby $ ruby -v ruby 2.5.0p0 (2017-12-25 revision 61468) [x86_64-darwin17] $ sudo gem install sass $ sass -v Sass 3.5.5 (Bleeding Edge) $ gem update --system $ gem install compass Read more about Install Sass and Compass Installing in MacOS. To install MongoDB in macOS, you will need to have Homebrew installed. After installing brew, follow the below step to install MongoDB: brew tap mongo/brew. From the terminal, run the following command: brew install [email protected] To start MongoDB from the terminal, run this command: brew services start [email protected

Press return to allow Homebrew to fully install. The Terminal may also ask for your password because you are installing software. Type your password and press return to continue Create a MongoDB User and password Choose a connection method: Compass Download Compass and install on your machine Paste the connection string, replace <password> with your actual Atlas password, and connect Compass to Atlas Click on Ellipsis () and select Load Sample Dataset to allow Atlas create some sample databases. Step 3: Use the package manager to install Ruby. Alright, so now that Homebrew is installed, we can use it to install a newer version of Ruby. The command is pretty straightforward: brew install ruby. With this, Homebrew will go out and fetch not only Ruby but also any dependencies Ruby needs to run

3. (Re)Install MongoDB. Next, I wanted to do a clean install of MongoDB. I tried a handful of different options, but Brew was the most convenient. For those who have tried to follow older tutorials, mongodb has been removed from homebrew-core. Now, you'll need to use mongo-community, which can be accessed as follows Open the terminal, write and execute the following command there, npm install -g sass. This will install the Sass compiler on your system. 3. Install using Homebrew (Mac OSX) If you use the MacOS, then you can use Homebrew ( Homebrew installation guide) to install Sass on your machine brew search DB ---- Output ---- ==> Formulae ansible-cmdb dbmate lbdb [email protected] questdb ==> Casks 1password-beta dynamodb-local mongodb-compass-readonly actual-odbc-pack dynamodb-local mongodbpreferencepane actual-odbc-pack exist-db mongodbpreferencepane apache-couchdb exist-db navicat-for-mariadb apache-couchdb flvcd-bigrats. I am hesitant to install Breakpoint with my current versions of Sass and Compass because the Breakpoint docs say: Breakpoint 2.2.x requires Sass 3.3.0.rc.2 and Compass 1...alpha.13 or higher. The Breakpoint docs also say to run Sass and Compass commands through Bundler. I am using the command line to run the compass command compass watch

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Step 3) Install the mongo related drivers by issuing the below command gem install mong Install MongoDB Compass- MongoDB Management Tool. There are tools in the market which are available for managing MongoDB. One such non-commercial tool is MongoDB Compass. Some of the features of Compass are given below: Full power of the Mongoshell; Multiple. Install Node.js: brew install node Install Grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli Install Bower: npm install -g bower Install Compass: sudo gem update --system && sudo gem install compass Move into Inks folder and install remaining build tools: npm install Ubuntu. Install Grunt: sudo npm install -g grunt-cli Install Bower: sudo npm install -g bower. To manage MongoDB on your macOS computer, you can use the brew services command. First of all, install brew services by tapping homebrew/services: $ brew tap homebrew/services. To start the MongoDB service, you use the following command: $ brew services start mongodb-community. The above command will start MongoDB as a background service ちなみにbrew tapなるものを初めて使ったが、 brew tapとは公式以外のリポジトリをフォーミュラとしてHomebrewに追加するもので、brewのもとでinstall,uninstall,updateなどが行えます。もちろん自分が公開しているものも簡単に追加できます。 (引用) brew tapと

Install https://brew.sh to get homebrew system running and then. brew tap mongodb/brew brew install mongodb-community brew install mongodb-database-tools. Now in late 2020, the tool no longer meets the criteria to be listed as a top-level installation, so you have to first tap a cask for installation. Also, the tools are now available separate. MongoDB Compass is a free GUI client that boasts that you can interact with your data with full CRUD functionality. Just like with TablePlus, you need to install the app, select New Connection, and then supply the connection string. Unlike TablePlus, MongoDB Compass can't handle special characters in your password

This should install the latest stable Ruby version. Homebrew (macOS) Ruby versions 2.0 and above are included by default in macOS releases since at least El Capitan (10.11). Homebrew is a commonly used package manager on macOS. Installing Ruby using Homebrew is easy: $ brew install ruby. This should install the latest Ruby version. FreeBS This tutorial covers mac installation in MongoDB. This course covers the basics of working with MongoDB. Work your way through the videos/articles and I'll teach you everything you need to know to interact with Mongo's flexible document database management system and create powerful document databases brew install node Install Grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli Install Bower: npm install -g bower Install Compass: sudo gem update --system && sudo gem install compass Move into Inks folder and install remaining build tools: npm install Ubuntu. Install Grunt: sudo npm install -g grunt-cli Install Bower: sudo npm install -g bower Install Ruby: sudo. Follow these steps to install MongoDB Community Edition on macOS using the third-party brew package manager. 1. If you don't already have it installed, go to the App Store and install XCode. Apple's XCode includes command-line tools that are required by brew and is available for free How to Install mongoDB on Mac 2019 has based on open source technologies, our tool is secure and safe to use. This tool is made with proxy and VPN support, it will not leak your IP address, 100% anonymity, We can't guarantee that. Download Mongodb Compass For Mac FREE SUPPORT. Look for contact us page. Have a good one, cheers

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421944037611, BLK BREW UNIT 8GR.SBS V2 MYB9, Saeco Parts and Accessories, Saeco Small Appliance Parts and Accessories. Philips Saeco S.p.A., or short Saeco, is an Italian manufacturer of manual, super-automatic and capsule espresso machines and other electrical goods with headquarters and factories in Bologna I used homebrew to install rbenv ~ $ brew install rbenv That process was successful. Then I proceeded to install the ruby version of 2.6.1 in rbenv but it kept hanging on the following line. ~ $ rbenv install 2.6. .tar.bz2 Installing ruby-2.6.1... ruby-build: use readline from homebrew I think it's stuck, can someone help me fix this I think you have to install ruby-dev first. Try installing that package and then try installing compass again. apt-get install ruby-dev. Share. Improve this answer. answered Feb 26 '18 at 20:23. G_Style. G_Style. 293 3

Install sudo gem install compass -n /usr/local/bin Since macOS El Capitan 10.11 you must install Compass there. Reference. The Sass Way: Getting started with Sass and Compass; Usage cd path/to/the/project # Compile now compass compile # Watch for changes and re-compile compass watc Just worked the first run on an Alpha line, not sure if it was a Compass. And holy beer lord's it was a pain to get up and running. Spent at least a week trying to get it going, they finally send a tech. Then spent another two days replacing indexers, VFDs, chuck motors and finally get the beast up and running Eventually, wholesale customers began asking for syrups to serve alongside the coffee at hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Unable to keep up with demand from the back of its café, Compass began to look for a new way to brew. Everything must be as good as the coffee! Compass Co-Founder Michael Haft explains. We make Real Good. Compass Coffee Simple Syrups are brewed with their customers in mind. From day one, we wanted to make everything in small batches, and from scratch, says Chas Newman, Compass Production Manager.We combine all-natural ingredients thoughtfully and carefully to create fun and exciting seasonal flavors that complement the Real Good lattes and cold brew that Compass is known for website builder. Create your website today. Start Now. R. INDUSTRIAL DESIG

Homebrew. Mac users can install Matplot++ with Homebrew: 1. brew install matplotplusplus. This formula is a contribution to Homebrew by Andrew Kane Install Bolt. To install Bolt with Homebrew, you must have the Homebrew package manager installed. Tap the Puppet formula repository: brew tap puppetlabs/puppet. Install Bolt: brew install --cask puppet-bolt. Upgrade Bolt. To upgrade Bolt to the latest version, run the following command Frewn's Brews. Located in Trollskull Alley of Waterdeeps North Ward, this small tavern is serviceable at best. The owner, Emmek Frewn has spent more on lavish furnishings than what his tavern is serving. Serving only Emmek Frewns very own craft creation, the tavern namesake, Frewns Brew. A quite thick, quite string black ale

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GLFW3. If these dependencies are not found, the build script will download them. In any case, you can install these dependencies with: Ubuntu + GCC. 1. sudo apt-get install libglfw3-dev. Mac Os + Clang. Download GLFW3 from https://www.glfw.org Installing globally locks you down to a specific version of webpack and could fail in projects that use a different version. Bleeding Edge. If you are enthusiastic about using the latest that webpack has to offer, you can install beta versions or even directly from the webpack repository using the following commands

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Now, run the following command in the terminal to install Ruby using Homebrew. $ brew install ruby Step 2: Install Sass. Once you have Ruby on your Mac run the following command to install Sass. $ sudo gem install sass Output YUSUF-MacBook-Pro:~ yusufshakeel$ sudo gem install sass Password: Fetching: sass-3.4.23.gem (100%) Successfully. Code bellow should take care of password service for a Java app. It uses 64 bit salt, UTF-8 encoding, and SHA1 hashing algorithm. It also provides sample code for encrypting and authenticating passwords Overall, this device works great; it's sturdy, very accurate, quiet, and durable. This boat compass is also super easy to install and best of all works on various vehicles so that you can use in whichever way that works for you. Our guide to the best marine GPS systems features more useful products for outdoor adventures, so check them out To install libusb on OSX using Homebrew: $ brew install libusb && brew install libusb-compat Ubuntu. To install libusb on linux: $ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev HMC6352 Compass. INA3221. JHD1313M1. L3GD20H. LIDAR-Lite. MCP23017. MMA7660. MPL115A2. MPU6050. PCA9685. SHT3X. SSD1306. TSL2561. Wiimote Nunchuk

Do you have ruby installed? If not install it using brew: $ sudo brew install ruby First try updating your gem version: $ sudo gem update --system Then try again installing compass: $ sudo gem install compass Oh... now you get a: Fetching: compass-1.0.3.gem (100%) ERROR: While executing gem. Installing Homebrew Now Homebrew doesn't install as cleanly as you would like it to if you are coming from an Intel based mac. For this issue the recommended approach is to install Rosetta 2. Rosetta 2, for those of you not familiar with Rosetta is an emulation software that allows the use of Intel based apps to run natively on the M1 chip Follow these steps to install MongoDB onto your Mac (opens new window) developer environment: Use brew to tap the official MongoDB formula repository and add it to the formula list: brew tap mongodb/brew. Copied to clipboard! Now install MongoDB. brew install mongodb-community@4.4. Copied to clipboard brew install rbenv ruby-build rbenv install 2.4.1 rbenv global 2.4.1 ruby -v. #ruby 2.4.1p111 (2017-03-22 revision 58053) [x86_64-darwin15] Install Rails gem install rails -v 5.0.1. Execute the Rails with this command: rbenv rehash; Verify Rails version: rails -v. #Rails 5.0.1; Setting up a database using mySQL brew install mysq Top Examples mysqlworkbench can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software. sourcetree can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software. Note: Allowing apps to be installed manually brings potential risk from malware. Programs like Source Tree are legit, however try to make sure you are downloading the latest version of the software and.

BlinkM BMP180 HMC6352 Compass LCD LIDAR-Lite LSM9DS0G LSM9DS0XM MPL115A2 MPU6050 PCA9544a PCA9685. Ardrone Installing Node.js OS X. To install Node on OS X, you can use Homebrew (brew install node), or download the package directly from the Node website. Ubuntu. On Ubuntu, you can install Node via apt-get (sudo. MongoDB CLI for Cloud. The MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli) is a tool for managing your MongoDB cloud services, like MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Cloud Manager, and MongoDB Ops Manager. With the MongoDB CLI, you can quickly interact with your MongoDB deployments from the command line for easier testing and scripting. Available Downloads Using the L3G4200D gyroscope with the Arduino. The last piece of the IMU puzzle is the gyroscope (previous adventures looked at the accelerometer and the magnetometer). Once I have drivers for this, I can start to look into combination of the three sensors to provide an estimate of heading Install Command (choco install) Installs a package or a list of packages (sometimes specified as a packages.config). Some may prefer to use cinst as a shortcut for choco install.. NOTE 100% compatible with older chocolatey client ( and below) with options and switches. Add -y for previous behavior with no prompt. In most cases you can still pass options and switches with one dash (-) Mac で pstree をインストールするには brew install pstree だけ. ps -ef でたくさんあるプロセスから特定したものの、瞬時に起動してすぐいなくなるプロセスが暴れていて. ash-3. 2 $ kill -9 87425 bash: kill: (87425) - No such process. としても居ないと怒られる。. 。. じゃあ、親.

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shell> brew install git shell> brew install ssh-copy-id shell> mkdir ~/.nvm shell> cp $(brew --prefix nvm)/nvm-exec ~/.nvm/ shell> export NVM_DIR=~/.nvm shell> source $(brew --prefix nvm)/nvm.sh shell> nvm install v0.12.2 shell> nvm use 0.12.2 shell> nvm alias default 0.12.2 shell> brew install mongodb shell> brew services start mongodb shell> brew services list shell> killall Finder shell. Create Elegant Websites, Web Apps on Cloud with Compass Framework. Compass has Ruby based Free CLI Environment for Development and Paid App.As we mentioned in our previous guides, there are Characteristics For Being a Cloud Application.For Mobile Application Development, we wrote about Junior for HTML5 Mobile Apps.We provided enough examples like with Rackspace Cloud Files and Bootstrap. How to Install Dependencies. On Linux, you need to install some packages before you can install the NPM module: $ sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libusb-1.0-0-dev And on OS X, you need to have the libusb package to install the module: $ brew install libusb Install the module with: $ npm install cylon cylon-crazyfli

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The easy way to install Ruby on Windows. This is a self-contained Windows-based installer that includes the Ruby language, an execution environment, important documentation, and more. Download. Add-ons. Latest News. RubyInstaller 3.0.2-1, 2.7.4-1 and 2.6.8-1 released Step 1 — Installing rbenv. In this step, you will install rbenv and make sure that it starts automatically at boot. To do this on macOS, this tutorial will use the package manager Homebrew. To download the rbenv package with Homebrew, run the following command: This will install rbenv and the ruby-build plugin Elastic publishes Homebrew formulae so you can install Kibana with the Homebrew package manager. To install with Homebrew, you first need to tap the Elastic Homebrew repository: brew tap elastic/tap. Once you've tapped the Elastic Homebrew repo, you can use brew install to install the latest version of Kibana: brew install elastic/tap/kibana. Install via Package Managers Homebrew/brew (Mac OS/X) brew cask install electrocrud. Download Sources. ElectroCRUD on GitHub. How to Video. Screenshots. Build from source. npm install. dist (compass) task Warning: not found: compass Use --force to continue. Aborted due to warnings. Execution Time (2016-08-09 14:24:41 UTC+8) loading tasks 5. If you wanna try without installing it in your machine, try the playground vagrant. cd funzzy vagrant up # Testing vagrant ssh -c cd /vagrant && funzzy watch # Another shell vagrant ssh -c touch /vagrant/.watch.yaml It will take some time to be prepared. Tests. Running tests: cargo test. or simple make tests. Code Styl

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First install Sass using one of the options below, then run sass --version to be sure it installed correctly. If it did, this will include 1.26.12 . You can also run sass --help for more information about the command-line interface The UDRC™ should now decode D-STAR signals received on the radio or repeater's input. Test by keying up and watching the display on the D-STAR Radio. If you want the dstarrepeaterd daemon to start on reboot, issue the command: sudo systemctl enable dstarrepeaterd@1. A video of hints for management of the daemon 2. brew install. brew install node. node -v. sudo npm install n -g-- remove and install. sudo npm cache clean -f. sudo npm install -g n-- npm path problem gem install compass-- cleaning old. bower cache clean bootstrap. bower install. links for angular.js stud

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Forcefully remove MySQL and reinstall. The gods seek amusement in your existence, and made Homebrew update to MySQL 8 while you still need MySQL 5.7. This is painful but fixable. 1. Open your terminal. 2. Use mysqldump to export + backup all your databases. 3. Check for MySQL processes with: ps -ax | grep mysql To upgrade the puppet-agent package version installed on a target, you can run the puppet_agent::install task, which is included in Bolt packages. To update to the latest version of the puppet-agent package: *nix shell command. bolt task run puppet_agent::install --targets <TARGETS> version=latest. PowerShell cmdlet Redis can publish and subscribe to messages using pub/sub message queues with pattern matching.Thus, Redis can support real-time chat and social-media feed applications. Similarly, we can implement a lightweight queue using the list data structure.Furthermore, Redis's list supports atomic operations and offer blocking capabilities, making it suitable to implement a message broker

996530003229, (11005921) BLACK BREW UNIT 8GR, 11005921, Saeco Parts and Accessories, Saeco Small Appliance Parts and Accessories. Philips Saeco S.p.A., or short Saeco, is an Italian manufacturer of manual, super-automatic and capsule espresso machines and other electrical goods with headquarters and factories in Bologna 使用 brew 安装. 此外你还可以使用 OSX 的 brew 来安装 mongodb: brew tap mongodb/brew brew install mongodb-community@4.4 @ 符号后面的 4.4 是最新版本号。 安装信息 Install: Miniconda---In your terminal window, run: bash Miniconda3-latest-MacOSX-x86_64.sh. Anaconda---Double-click the .pkg file. Follow the prompts on the installer screens. If you are unsure about any setting, accept the defaults. You can change them later. To make the changes take effect, close and then re-open your terminal window This will give you a chance to understand what it is doing before installing, and allow you to feel more comfortable running it if you do so. ∞ 1. Download and run the RVM installation script. Installing the stable release version: \curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable. To get the latest development state choco install sass. In the case of any user using the Homebrew package manager for Mac OS X, dart SASS can be installed. Below is the command: brew install sass/sass/sass. Thus, along with so many features, SASS or Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets offers a wide range of features used to design web pages with more ease. SASS provides different. Ok, so now that the problem with brew update was out of the way I needed to install phantom brew install phantomjs. Of course I got yelled at in the output with the following message Error: phantomjs-1.7.0 already installed, it's just not linked Just Link Phantom Right? Well it did sound simple but brew link phantomjs. Gave me thi