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Birthstones are gems assigned to the month of a person*s birth. They are popular gifts in the U.S. 100+ Gems 100+ Gems - Photos of over 100 beautiful gems ranging from the popular to the obscure 16-17 Interesting Facts About Gemstones 16. Blue John is a semiprecious gemstone found only in Derbyshire, England. The mineral is a form of fluorite with bands of purple and yellow Here are 10 gemstone fun facts: Garnet was named after the seeds of a pomegranate. Amber is the softest gemstone; diamond is the hardest. The largest diamond found in the United States, to date, is known as the Uncle Sam Diamond Gemstone Facts. Gemstone Facts. Thank you for visiting our online store! We have been in the gemstone business full-time for over 20 years, and have dealt with thousands of gemstones of every variety. As a gem cutter, Andrew has a more intimate knowledge of stones and their properties than your average dealer Gemstones also called gems or jewels are rare minerals and few noncrystalline materials of organic origin (e.g., pearl, red coral, and amber). They are the result of crystallization under high pressure. The vivid colors and attributes of gemstones owe it to the presence of impurities during the stage of crystallization

The Facts Produced in the bodies of marine and freshwater mollusks naturally or cultured by people with great care. Lustrous, smooth, subtly-colored pearls are jewelry staples, especially as strands. More about this Stone Buyer's Guid Let's have a look at some interesting facts about these gemstones: The name for every specific gemstone comes from its monetary value, celestial or spiritual properties and socio, cultural importance in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, and Greece The most popular and hardest gemstones on earth are diamonds. No other gemstone or even 'stone' that is harder than diamond on earth and diamond can only be polished or cut by another diamond itself. However, diamonds and many other hard gemstones can chip. Although they are very hard but don't forget they are also brittle

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  1. Gemstones are so fascinating! Their colors, properties, myths, and legends are diverse and fascinating. Folklore about stones has been revered and honored for centuries in all cultures. The information presented on these pages was compiled from a wide variety of rock, gem and lapidary books and from information gathered on the internet
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  3. 12 Interesting Facts To Know About Gemstones and Crystals by Petar Mikonoss December 9, 2020 Shiny crystals and breathtaking gems are well-known and adored among people for the healing energy they radiate, but also as one of the basic elements used to make the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry
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  5. Spinel has been dubbed the great imposter — many famous rubies in crown jewels around the world are actually spinel! Pictured here, the Black Prince's Ruby which is actually an irregular cabochon of 170 carats of spinel. It wasn't until 1783 that spinels were chemically differentiated from rubies and recognized as their own gem species

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  1. Gemstones are quite fascinating and there are many who admire their natural beauty. Wearing them is jewellery is an age-old practice that was quite popular among the ancient people. At the same time, it is also believed that gemstones are also considered to have healing abilities and many are advised to wear them for peace and prosperity
  2. Scientific Facts about Wearing Gemstones. July 29, 2020 iCrowdMarketing. For centuries, gemstones have been at the center of attraction for humans. The vibrant hues with sparkling luster and enigmatic properties lure people into buying them. But, beauty is not the only reason to invest in a precious gemstone. It goes beyond the physical attributes
  3. Facts about Crystals and Gemstones. Crystals come in every sizes, shapes and colors. Many are multi-colored. Their matrixes follow the patterning of Sacred Geometry. All crystals and gemstones are living organisms. Crystals have a life energy of their own, they are alive and usually grow in clusters. They are part of the Mineral Kingdom

Gems and stones have been believed to hold metaphysical properties, alter our moods, and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. Here, we lay out a field guide to the most popular. Amazonite is one of the oldest mined gemstones on earth, with studies from one Egyptian mine dating as far back as 1800 BC. Amazonite's more scientific name is Microcline, but the name Microcline didn't sound very exciting so this gemstone was given the name Amazonite which is much more exotic sounding gem explorer; jewelry jewelry; jewelry explorer ; time machine; more good stuff more good stuff ; glossary; Museum Exhibits; careers; GEM EXPLORER View All Gems Find My Gem. View All Gems Find My Gem. Polished Rough more to see and do. GemKids Glossary. Story of a Gem. Jewelry Time Machine.

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Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones. The others are emerald, sapphire, and diamond. Ruby comes from the Latin rubens meaning red. Rubies are made of corundum Gemstone Facts There are over 3,000 different minerals, but only about 50 are commonly used as gemstones! So what makes a gemstone? Generally speaking, a gemstone is a stone that is beautiful, rare, and durable (resistant to abrasion, fracturing and chemical reactions). Some minerals can be very beautiful, but they may be too soft and will.

What Is Emerald - Gemstone Facts and Information 30th April 2020 | 15 min read Emerald is simply one of the most desirable, famous and historical gemstones of all time. Part of the Beryl family of gemstones, which also includes Aquamarine and Morganite, Emerald has been mined for around 4,000 years Fact: Gemstones are used in many industries other than as ornamental jewelry, though that is their most prolific use. Fact: Some Gemstones are the same elements but with different names. Sapphire and Ruby are an example of this. Fact: Rubies rate 9 on the hardness scale and only Diamond beats them among gemstones The gemstone is known for its intense blue-green color and can be found in various shades of blue. The finest color is an intense blue that is uniform throughout the gem. Many people think that turquoise was named after its color when in fact, this isn't the case. The name turquoise comes from the French word for Turkey since the early belief. Gemstone Facts; Gemstone Facts. Amethyst. Color: Pale lavender to deep purple. Gem Family: Amethyst is a unique member of the quartz family. Source: Mined in mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and African countries like Zambia and Namibia, small amounts of amethyst are also found in Arizona Gemstones are minerals or other materials that, because of certain outstanding physical properties such as color, clarity, and hardness, have aesthetic value for use in jewelry and other adornments

Gemstones. Discover the truth and the old-school myths about gems and semi-precious stones. previous. Rock On. Read. Quiz Emerald is one of the four recognized precious gemstones. The others are ruby, sapphire, and diamond. Emerald is the birthstone of May and is the traditional gift for the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversary in the US. Emerald is made from beryl just like the gemstone aquamarine. Emerald gets its green coloring from trace amounts of chromium. > Gem Facts . Important Facts About Gemstones. Gem Facts. About Gems. Hardness. Hardness is the gem's resistance to being scratched. This is one of the ways that a buyer of rough gems will use to determine what type of gemstone they are looking at. The Mohs hardness scale was developed in the early 1800s by German mineralogist Frederich Mohs

Traditionally, precious stones were the Big Four gemstones — diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Semi-precious stones were everything else. Today, gemologists don't use these terms because they imply that some gems are better or worth more than others. In fact, some so-called semi-precious stones would be worth far more than so. For centuries, people of many cultures have ascribed various meanings and powers to different gemstones. In fact, there are now specific gemstones assigned to each month of the year, known as birthstones.The history of birthstones potentially extends back to the 12 stones recorded in the Book of Exodus as decorating the breastplate of Aaron. Although these stones indicating the 12 Tribes of.

The interesting fact about the gemstone is that no agate stones look exactly similar even if they have been carved out of same specimen. Every gemstone has some fascinating and interesting facts associated with it, so here we are going to reveal top 10 interesting facts about Agate Gemstone. Let us get started without further wait:-1 Finding Gems in North Carolina. Recent reports on the Huffington Post and ABC News websites describe how some visitors have found emeralds worth over $10,000 in-the-rough. If you want to read a great summary of North Carolina gemstones, see Joseph Hyde Pratt's classic article titled: Gems and Gem Minerals of North Carolina in the 1933 edition of American Mineralogist Not only do gemstone facets create beautiful patterns on gem surfaces, they also help gems shine. While gem cutters will learn all about facets, all gem enthusiasts, especially gem buyers, can benefit from learning about facet types and functions Read on for five facts about gemstones that will blow you away. 1. Amber Is the Softest Gemstone. We sometimes talk about gemstones in terms of softness and hardness. This can determine how durable a gemstone is, although typically only the experts can tell the difference. Amber, formed from the sap of fossilized trees (we're talking 30.

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March: Aquamarine. Aquamarine, March's birthstone. Derived from Aqua, this gemstone was thought to protect sailors out on the open ocean. Formed from the mineral species of 'beryl', this cool blue colored stone is durable and pure. with a hardness of 7.5 on the Moh's scale, this gem is easy to care for and has favorable attributes for jewelry Gemstone facts. Much of the colored gemstone supply is from small-scale miners. Between seventy and ninety percent of gemstones are supplied by small operations, benefitting local economies. Ethical gemstone sourcing hinges around three primary questions: To what degree is there traceability and transparency back to mine Gemstone, any of various minerals highly prized for beauty, durability, and rarity. A few noncrystalline materials of organic origin (such as pearl and amber) also are classified as gemstones. Of the more than 2,000 identified natural minerals, fewer than 100 are used as gemstones and only 16 have achieved importance

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Historically, gems have been divided into precious and semiprecious classes. There are a number of semiprecious gems, many quite beautiful, but diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds continue. Category: Gemstone facts. Precious metal clay silver. Is Precious Metal Clay real silver? Precious Metal Clay ( PMC ) As a solid -phase sintered product of a precious metal powder used to form a precious metal article, the material consists of microscopic particles of pure silver or fine gold and a water-soluble, non-toxic, organic binder that. This gemstone has been the birthstone for the month of January since the 15th century. However, it was added to the modern list of birthstones in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers. 3. The stone is a symbol of lasting friendship. No gemstone is without its lore. Over the years, garnet has been a symbol of peace, health, and deep. In fact, the state recognized aquamarine as their official gemstone in 1971. Like emeralds, aquamarine gemstones are a member of the beryl family. The presence of iron in aquamarines causes it to take on a turquoise-like color. Don Pedro Aquamarine. Known as the gem of the sea, aquamarine was believed to keep sailors safe and guard against storms Gem Facts - AwesomeGems.com. The GIA type Color Scale: The 3 charts below are based on the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Color Stone Grading System, where the Color with it's various Hues, the Tone, and the Saturation of color in a particular gem is listed

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Collectors recover this gem by digging to bedrock and using screens to recover the garnets. Bruneau jasper The most famous jasper in Idaho is the Bruneau jasper, a red and green gem-quality stone. The Bruneau jasper deposits are, for the most part, covered by unpatented mining claims and are situated approximately 50 road miles south of. This gemstone is a variety of the mineral olivine and derives its vibrant green color from the presence of the trace element iron. Peridot seems to have a rich and extensive cultural significance. Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones believed to have been mined in 1500 BC in the red sea. Facts about spinel Pure Beryl is colorless; traces of different impurities are responsible for the color diversity and varieties. The list below describes each color variety, and most have a link for more specific gemstone information for that variety: Emerald, the green variety, is the most popular green gemstone and is one of the most valuable gems.; Aquamarine, the blue to blue-green variety, is the most. Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones available today. It belongs to the very large family of quartz gemstones. It is the purple Amethyst's yellow cousin or, more properly, sister since they are so closely related. The only difference between these two members of the quartz family is the rate of oxidization of their iron impurities

Alexandrite Gemstone - 10 Interesting Facts And Myths Alexandrite is the rarest gemstone and the most valuable of all other gemstones owing to its qualities and its availability as well. Russia, the land where alexandrite gemstones were first found has not been producing these gemstones for long now This gemstone is so rare that fascinating facts are hard to come by for this article. I have found a few. Guinness World Records lists the largest known Grandidierite in the world as the 78 carat specimen owned by Joseph Fam from Singapore in South East Asia

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October Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Opal Gemstones « November Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Topaz Gemstones; 15+ Most Popular Types Of Rings With Examples Of Each » You may also like. The Best Fake Diamond Options (That Actually Look Real!) Green Stones in Jewelry: Best Green Gemstones Used in Jewel Facts about Gemstones. Amethyst is formed in silica-rich liquids deposited in gas cavities of lava that occur in crystalline masses. Such cavities occur in the earth's crust for several reasons such as gas bubbling in circular cavities or filling of veins.. Amethyst in Hebrew is Ahlamah which also means dream Ruby Gemstone Facts & History Where Rubies Are Found: For centuries, the majority of the world's rubies were mined in both Mozambique and Myanmar (Burma), specifically the Mogok Valley in the upper region of the country. More recently there has been a considerable amount of mining in the center of Myanmar, in the area of Mong Hsu Vital Statistics. There are three important measurements of a gem's physical and optical properties you should be aware of: 1. HARDNESS: Devised in the 18 th century by Viennese mineralogist Friedrich Mohs, the Mohs' Hardness Scale measures the ability of a gem to resist surface scratching. Mohs quantified hardness on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest and 1 the softest

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Top 6 Fascinating Facts About Cubic Zirconia Gemstones. Posted on December 7, 2017 Updated on December 7, 2017. They say diamonds are a woman's best friend. However, nowadays these are increasingly being replaced by their much affordable clones Cubic Zirconia gemstones.Brilliant and alluring to the core, Cubic Zirconia stones have been adorning all types of jewelry pieces for many years now The gem was named the official state gemstone of California in 1985 in recognition of the fact that, despite it being found in trace quantities in Arkansas as well as Japan and Australia. Official state gems and gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones - sapphire, diamond, emerald, garnet, turquoise, jade, pearls photos, fun facts

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Learn about gemstones mining, gemstones information and other gemstones facts at the AfricaGems gemstone safari section. We have 26 years of experience in gemstone trading. Visit AfricaGems and share our experience in precious gemstones mining All birthstones, their reviews and interesting facts from Birthstones.Today. Topaz - The November Birthstone. The twelve zodiac signs are an alternative version of birthstones related to the twelve months of the calendar. The Topaz is the November birthstone related to those born in November [ Let us go through some amazing facts, stories, and history that you might not know about gemstones, their name, origin, properties, and other dynamics. Below I am listing some absolutely amazing fun facts about the variety of gemstones we found on our planet. Garnet Garnet gemstones hold an origin dated back to the ancient Egyptian period Poudretteite appeared in a gem-quality version only in 2000. The gemstone arose like a phoenix and shook gemologists from all over the world. Poudretteite is a rare gemstone discovered at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, during the mid-1960s. Until 2000, these were the only specimens of poudretteite known to exist with no gemstone potential Agate gems belong to the family of chalcedony. They have the reputation of being the only banded form in the family. This article unfolds some of the most interesting facts about agate gemstone which can be quite surprising for you to read. Here is a list of 10 such myths and facts which are a must read for everyone. Fact 1: Nomenclatur

Facts About Carnelian Gemstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits Arya Magdalena - November 27, 2019 0 Similar to the first blaze of equinox brilliance or the surprising fire of sunset, the carnelian gemstone really mesmerizes Crystals and gems. Crystals are found everywhere. Most rocks are made of them, and most sandy beaches are actually billions of broken crystals of quartz. Quartz is a type of mineral, which is a substance found in rocks, soil, and sand. Even the sugar and salt in your kitchen are crystals. Some of the most beautiful crystals may be cut and. FACT #1.The Michigan State Gem is commonly called Greenstone or Isle Royale Greenstone. The correct mineral name is Chlorastrolite, which is a variety of pumpellyite. Chlorastrolite is found chiefly as small rounded pebbles on the beaches of Isle Royale in Lake Superior and also throughout the Keweenaw Peninsul Facts About Carnelian Gemstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits. Similar to the first blaze of equinox brilliance or the surprising fire of sunset, the carnelian gemstone really mesmerizes. The bold energy of this gemstone can bring a rush of joy and warmth that will linger, stimulate, and empower. Known as the stone of courage, leadership. Gemstones Astrology, meaining, healing properties, characteristics, benefits and facts in Indian Vedic Astrology System & in Ayurveda. Birth Gem Stone, gemstones names, Gemstone Meaning, Astrological gem stone and more

Despite the lack of scientific research, a number of people swear by the powers of crystals. So, if you're curious to give them a go, make sure to keep an open mind and check out what each stone. Dec 24, 2017 - Explore The Pink Buffalo Store's board DID YOU KNOW Gemstone Facts, followed by 1555 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about gemstones, stones and crystals, crystals 8. The Regent. Like most of the other gems on this list, the Regent was mined in India, in the early 1700s. But in a morbid twist, the gem is supposed to have been stolen from the mine by a slave.

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Facts and Properties Despite its high hardness rating among gemstones of 6.5-7.0, it is not a very hard stone. It will chip and crack fairly easily. As with all gems, safeguard your agate from sharp blows and scratches. Avoid contact with household chemicals. It is non porous but the texture is greasy and is opaque. But they take to polish easily Atlantisite Facts: Known for its prophecy, poignant healing properties, it is sometimes called Tasmanite. Atlantisite is a blend of yellowish-Greenish Serpentine and purple Stichtite and possesses the properties of both in one single magnificent gemstone Gemology, gemstones, minerals and more Welcome to YourGemologist. Here you will find the internet's largest gemology study and reference site that is totally free. This information is for anyone wishing to learn more about the world of gemology. It is free with only very loose copyrights as listed below The most lavish gemstones on the planet, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, fall into what was called precious gemstones. All other gemstones are referred to as semi-precious. Some are far less valuable than precious gemstones while others can cost quite the pretty penny. Sapphires are the gemstone variety of the corundum mineral Here are the top ten rarest gemstones on Earth! 10.) Tanzanite. Despite a rather unappealing name, this gem is one of the most beautiful cool-colored stones on the market. With a light blue and occasionally purplish tint, this gorgeous jewel goes great surrounded by diamonds or encased in silver

Ametrine. This transparent quartz has colors of both amethyst and citrine, and is called ametrine or amethyst-citrine. Golden shades of citrine glow in the heart of this gem. Shades of amethyst's purple contrast with citrine's orangy yellow. Reflections from the back facets blend into sunset colors in this rectangular cut In 1986, California named benitoite as its state gemstone, a form of the mineral barium titanium silicate that is unique to the Golden State and only found in gem quality in San Benito County. [73] ^ Colorado is the only state whose geological symbols reflect the national flag's colors: red (rhodochrosite), white (yule marble), and blue. Separating Facets from Facts. Jan. 16, 2018 -- When Sadie Kadlec approached her boss at a high-end fashion firm in New York City to ask for a raise a few years ago, she secretly clutched two small. Gem Water Uses, Meanings And Facts. If you have ever been intrigued by the healing qualities of crystals, you'll be astonished to know, water can interact with such crystals to garner the benefits of their healing features. This type of water is called gem water or crystal elixir Eric Braunwart says his company, Columbia Gem House, Vancouver, WA, chose the mellifluous name and hopes that with proper marketing, good supply and marketable sizes, the gem is on a fast track to join tanzanite, tsavorite and Paraíba tourmaline in a select group of newer world-class gemstones

Gemstone Facts What people don't know about gemstones is that they are just a bunch of colorful stones and rocks polished and precisely cut to be made into jewelries. Attractive as they seem, these stones are usually minerals dug out of the planet, others are tossed out The gem can cost somewhere around $35,000 per carat. Pink star diamond. Weighing around 59.6 carats. The pink star diamond is world renowned as the most rare and expensive gem. This unique gemstone was put up for bidding in the year twenty thirteen. At the Sotheby's auction. Here, it was sold to one of the bidders for a price of 83.2000000 dollars This translucent gemstone can be found in a variety of shades of green such as pale green and apple green. It's one of those rare gemstones that have a long and deep history. Jadeite was in fact found used to make weapons and tools in the ancient Mezzo American era. The gem is highly valued in the Mayan and Chinese legends

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Super Fine Quality GIA Loose Alexandrite Gemstone in Cushion Cut, 2.62 carats, Green Blue to Burgundy, 8.38 x 6.8 x 5.13 mm Sale Price: $38,973.00. High Quality Genuine Loose Alexandrite Gemstone in Emerald Cut, 0.22 carats, Rich Teal to Burgundy Eggplant, 4.3 x 2.9 mm Sale Price: $1,964.00. Must See Loose Alexandrite Gemstone in Emerald Cut, 0. Grandidierite is named after Alfred Grandidier, French explorer of Madagascar, specialist of its geography and natural history. Grandidierite forms characteristic translucent bluish green or greenish blue elongated crystals. It has strong pleochroism: dark blue-green, colourless and dark green. Crystals up to 8 cm in length and limited amounts. search. In 1965, the Ohio General Assembly adopted flint as Ohio's official gemstone. Large quantities of this gem exist especially in the eastern and central parts of the state. Flint, a variety of quartz, is a hard and durable mineral. American Indians, both before and after contact with European settlers, used flint to make a wide variety of. A gemstone is a crystalline mineral that can be cut and polished to make jewelry and other ornaments. The ancient Greeks made a distinction between precious and semiprecious gems, which is still used. Precious stones were hard, rare, and valuable. The only precious gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald

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Gems can be cut from both the precious and common forms, but Precious Opal is the primary gem form of this stone. There are many varieties of both precious and common Opals. The most desired and beautiful form of opal is Black Opal, which is opal with a dark blue, dark green, or black background with a strong play of color Aquamarine - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths. Belongs to one of the varieties of Beryl mineral, Aquamarine derived its name from the blue sea water. Renowned as the stone of people born in March, Aquamarine is comparatively a common gemstone and aquamarine silver jewelry comes at an affordable price. It is found in deeper and. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO 2).The synthesized material is hard and usually colorless, but may be made in a variety of different colors. It should not be confused with zircon, which is a zirconium silicate (ZrSiO 4).It is sometimes erroneously called cubic zirconium.. Because of its low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamond.

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Crystal Quartz Facts and Buying Guide by Sheweta Dhanuka In ancient times, it was used for making tools and weapons. And also since many years it is used as ornamental stones and gemstones. All the varieties of this stone are used for creating fascinating carved pieces ideal for decorative purpose. Sculptors o The gems come in a variety of colors - white, gray, peach, pink, yellow, blue, and green. Some types are completely transparent, while others are entirely colorless. The most popular type of moonstone is the rainbow moonstone, which is an iridescent white or gray with a blue sheen in the light, and the highest quality examples of these stones.

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