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An Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey can cost you a maximum of 2,200$, meanwhile, the price in the US starts from 3000$. However, The price here in Istanbul, Turkey comes with a full package, meaning your cost includes a free five stars hotel, free airport transport, and, also you get your own translator if needed In Istanbul, Turkey, the average cost of an eyebrow lift is $2450, with a minimum of $1300 and a maximum of $4200. In other cities such as Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir, prices may vary. The cost of eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey depends on a number of factors, including How much does eyebrow transplantation cost in Turkey? The average price of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is $1500, the minimum price is $650, and the maximum price is $2400

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey solves your problem! People with rare eyebrows may experience psychological discomfort due to a lack of facial expressions. 0090 555 016 36 0 The cost of an eyebrows hair transplant starts from 1500 euros and varies according to each patient case. At Clinicana we have not only the best medical staff and techniques in eyebrow hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, but we also offer you the best prices and quality-cost relationship The cost of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is a bit different. Because of this, the price to be determined depends on how sparse the eyebrows are of the person who will receive an eyebrow transplant. In general, every eyebrow transplant doctor makes different prices per root. On average, 1 root can vary between 6-9 tsp → How much does the Eyebrow Transplant cost at CliniCrew Hair Transplant? Depending on the number of follicles transplanted, it starts from 1500 euros. Please contact us for free medical consultation or eyebrow transplant cost Eyebrow grafting can be the best way to redraw, thicken or densify the eyebrows. With our hospitals, the average price of the package Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is 1400 €. The cost of the procedure Eyebrow transplant in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your.

Compare all the hair loss specialists and contact the eyebrow transplant clinic in Turkey that's right for you. Eyebrow Transplant prices from ₺10602 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Choose from 128 Eyebrow Transplant Clinics in Turkey with 416 verified patient reviews Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey. Eyebrow transplant is a huge thing in Turkey, and such procedures have been routinely performed since well before hair transplants became mainstream in the US and Europe. This means that the level of expertise is the highest. Investment in cutting-edge technology and excellent hospitals have also meant that Turkey. The hair transplant cost in Turkey for eyebrows will largely depend on the number of grafts needed per each eyebrow. When the operation is finished, the donor areas are bandaged and the patient is able to leave the clinic on the same day with the least amount of pain. Stages in an eyebrow transplant operation in Turkey In Turkey, the cost of Eyebrow restoration surgery is about $1,200 to $1,800. While it is much more expensive in other countries, for instance, in the UK, the average price is £4,000, and in the USA, the average cost is between $3,000 to $6,000 The cost varies between only £1,000 and £1,300 across the most trusted hair clinics in Turkey. Also, you can learn more about our eyebrow transplant procedures in Turkey here. We offer free face-to-face consultations and personalised reports, prepared by our expert hair surgeons in three countries, US, UK and Turkey

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Especially if a patient that comes to our clinic for a hair transplant decides to have an eyebrow transplant as well, it will provide a great price advantage combining the two procedures. Our prices include accommodation, transfers, medication and personal assistance in your language. CLASSIC All Details Included 1.790 DK Hair Transplantation Clinic Turkey, located in Sirinyali, Antalya, Turkey offers patients Eyebrow Hair Transplant procedures among its total of 2 available procedures, across 1 different specialties. The cost of a Eyebrow Hair Transplant procedure ranges from £843 to £1,687, whilst the national average price is approximately £1,406 The price of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is exceedingly affordable for international patients, particularly for UK patients. The lower cost of living in Turkey, inexpensive overhead costs and the high exchange rate of the English Pound to the Turkish Lira make Istanbul one of the most visited hair restoration destinations in Europe The lower cost of living in Turkey, inexpensive overhead costs and the high exchange rate of the English Pound to the Turkish Lira make Istanbul one of the most hair restoration destinations in Europe. Patients traveling for eyebrow transplant in Turkey can save up to 70 percent on their treatment abroad. After Eyebrows transplantatio

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Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey, The sparseness of eyebrows can be a genetic tendency or a result of aggressive picking habits and is an important cosmetic problem for many people, especially women The average price of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is $1550, the minimum price is $650, and the maximum price is $2400. The cost of eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai can range between 10,000 to 15,000 AED. However, the procedure's specific cost can be evaluated only after the surgeon has appropriately examined you during the consultation

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The cost of an eyebrow hair transplant begins at EUR 1500 and varies. At Fly Hair Transplant, we not only have the finest medical professionals and hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul, Turkey, but we also give you the cheapest rates and a cost-effective partnership. Just contact us and do not hesitate to learn more For the female eyebrow transplantation in Turkey hospitals procedure is done using local anesthetic so the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. The procedure is done using an automated FUE system. The transplantation will start with follicles being removed from the donor site, which is the back of the head, similar to the other hair transplantations Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey Eyebrows, which have a very important place in the appearance of a person's face, directly affect the physical image. As a result of this situation, which can be achieved thanks to the eyebrow transplantation process, it is possible to obtain an eyebrow structure that cannot be noticed in any way and provides a. Looking for Eyebrow Restoration in Turkey? Dr. AS Clinic is top hair transplant clinic in Turkey, providing Eyebrow Transplant by experienced surgeons at a reasonable cost in Turkey. No Marks/Scars, 100% Guaranteed Results. NO Side Effects. Toll-Free: 1800-112-34

Why Consider Having Eyebrow Transplantation in Turkey Being one of the top destinations for medical tourism, Turkey has a booming, cost-effective, and high-end health and medical services industry What Decides The Cost Of A Hair Transplant in Turkey: 2021. In the present conditions, hair transplant in Turkey is among the treatment strategies utilized in going bald, sparseness, and diminishing of the hair, with patients coming in from all over the globe Eyebrow transplantation costs in Turkey - cheaper than in Europe. A comparison between the costs of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey and those in Europe, America and Australia shows that patients can save large sums. Of course, the lower price is not at the expense of the quality of treatment. The difference in price is simply explained by.

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The eyebrow transplant cost depends on the number of grafts that are to be inserted. For two complete eyebrows, about 1,000 grafts have to be transplanted. The pro-graft price in Turkey is well below the eyebrow transplant costs in the UK The reason for this is the low cost of living in Turkey compared to the UK Hair Transplant Turkey Cost. Hair transplant turkey cost is one of the main reasons why around 1.000.000 men from all over the World choose to have hair transplant operations in İstanbul/Turkey.. In European countries, for many people, it is tough to know if they can afford a hair transplant or not since the operations are expensive and they are charged per graft Hair transplant cost in Turkey. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is one of the most frequent doubts when thinking about receiving a treatment to solve your hair problems.. Although Turkey and specially Istanbul are currently known as one of the best destinations in the whole world for medical tourism, especially for its competitive prices, the fact is that not all patients know how much.

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In the hair transplant phase, the hair around both ears is collected first. The next step is predetermined and is drawn into the hair gathered to the one used by our team DHI items technique. Turkey is a medical transplant. In our clinic, this process is carried out effortlessly and painlessly Cost Hair Transplant in Turkey. Hair transplantation is a serious surgical procedure that must be performed by a doctor and a specialist team in a clinic that fully respects hygiene standards

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Cost of FUE in Turkey compared to other countries. Generally, the costs of hair transplant in Turkey average from 1.14 $/ 0.9 £/ 0.8 € per graft : • USD 2,280 for 2,000 grafts or 1,793GBP/2,000 EUR; • USD 3,420 for 3,000 grafts or 2,690 GBP/3,000 EUR; • USD 5,700 for 5,000 grafts or 4,483 GBP/5,000 EUR The average hair transplantation cost in Turkey is around minimum $1,000 and maximum $5,500. That means much cheaper than the normal package costs in other popular countries in this industry. For instance you have to pay around $8,850 if you get a hair transplantation procedure in South Korea. While Germany is around $8,000, it costs $6,700 in. 1 Eyebrow transplantation is performed by transferring the hair follicles taken from the donor area (around the nape and ears) to the brows that have lost volume, under local anesthesia. 1.1 Evaluation of the patient. 1.2 Planning the brow design. 1.3 Application of local anesthesia. 1.4 Operation process (which technique is used

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Eyebrow treatment is substantially more affordable in Turkey than in the UK. In the UK an eyebrow transplant costs £3,000 upwards, whereas in Turkey is costs approximately 1,700€ (all inclusive). At Elithair we provide all-inclusive price packages that include accommodation, treatment, medication, 24/7 customer service and more The average cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey is €2350, the minimum price is €1400, and the maximum price is €3300 with MCAN Health. Similar treatment packages in Europe, the USA, and the United Kingdom cost between € 10,000 € and €35,000. The total price of hair transplantation in Istanbul is roughly ten times in the United Kingdom The cost of a beard transplant in Turkey is about $1,200 to $2,000. While it is much more expensive in other countries, for instance, in the UK the prices range from £3,000 to £7,000, and in the USA, the average cost is between $3,000 to $7,000. In Turkey, the process price is set as a total surgery, not depending on the number of the.

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  1. The importance of eyebrow transplant comes from being one of the most important details of the face, not only for being of an aesthetic value but also for their importance in showing facial features and expressions.. Some people resort to eyebrow transplants if they have an old injury or a scar in the eyebrow area.Eyebrow can be a permanent solution for patients with thin or non-existent.
  2. Eyebrow Transplant Procedure. An eyebrow transplant procedure is carried out similarly to hair restoration treatment in Turkey. Restoration of the eyebrow involves the individual placement of single hair in a natural grown pattern. It is a simple, straightforward procedure performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes approximately 3 - 6.
  3. This is why Eyebrow Transplant is done to give a great aesthetic density and shape. Eyebrow Transplant has become very famous in recent years in Turkey, using the latest techniques. As with Hair Transplant, eyebrow implant make people look great while ensuring the ultimate solution to eyebrow loss and lasting through life
  4. The low cost hair transplant in Turkey also varies depending on the area to be transplanted. Whether it is head, beard transplantation or eyebrows transplant the cost differs according to each treatment. The cost of beard and eyebrow transplant is greater than that of head because of the sensitivity of these areas
  5. An eyebrow transplant is complex and requires a lot of time. Since the procedure is performed directly around the eye, you should only trust an experienced surgeon with the operation. The costs of the operation, which are not covered by health insurance, are much cheaper in Turkey compared to other European countries
  6. Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Turkey, Many people who may have partial or full hair loss problems are looking for the best Beard Transplant Turkey Beard Transplant Turkey, Beard has aesthetic value for men in many societies. Deficiencies in the beard area can have many Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Eyebrow Transplant Turkey.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost ( self.Clinic_Expert) submitted just now by Clinic_Expert. The hair on the eyebrows and the head has a period of development and a phase of rest. In many cases, skin disorders (such as circular hair loss), permanent make-up, chemotherapy, etc., cause deformation or even eyebrow hair loss by plucking of the eyebrows The hair transplant clinics in Turkey applies this procedure for a small amount like £3,000. Absolutely a price should not be a determinitive fact on why Turkey is the most popular for hair transplantation operations. However most patients are willing to have a hair transplant procedure in Turkey by a very experienced hair transplant surgeon

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Eyebrow transplant in turkey. This surgery requires the cause of the eye brow hair loss to be identified initially before any procedure is taken place, if the reasoning is medical then the sickness or disease must be death with accordingly before the eyebrow transplant in turkey is taken place Doctors usually use from 2.400 to 5.000 grafts for a particular area on the head during the surgery. But if this surgery is implemented on eyebrows, it changes from 150 to 200 grafts. FUE generally addresses thinning hair, receding hairline, or bald spots. How Much FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

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  1. SavasISHRS Member Doctor. Since its inception, our hair transplant center has consistently maintained excellence in providing the best hair transplant services in Turkey. Using up-to-date equipment and facilities, together with the knowledge on aesthetic density, we have recorded indefatigable success in hair restoration
  2. Eyebrow transplantation is the addition of hair follicles taken from the back of the head to the places where the eyebrows are not present to the persons who have short eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation is a very easy operation. Beard Transplant Costs Turkey To Whom Hair Transplant can Be Done?.
  3. Prosthe Hair Transplant Center and Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic are few of the best eyebrow transplant clinics in Turkey. How much does a beard transplant cost in Turkey? The average cost of beard transplant in Turkey is around $1,900
  4. Sideburn hair transplants in Turkey are the extra pieces of hair your face has been missing. All jokes aside, sideburn transplants at Vera Clinic are the best quality hair transplants money can buy, and as with all our hair transplant procedures, we offer the best prices worldwide, with our sideburn hair transplant costs being lower than any other country

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  1. g for beard and hair transplantation is increasing. One reason for this is quite suitable for eyebrow transplantation costs in Turkey. Compared with other countries to make the eyebrow.
  2. Hair Loss Consultation! ‌What‌ ‌to‌ ‌Expect‌?‌. January 26, 2021. Scott Baker. Information. Body Hair Transplant! Forget Baldness! January 25, 2021. Scott Baker
  3. ous hair. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is the most effective application among the treatment methods
  4. Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Sapphire FUE is the process of removing grafts from the nape of the neck and transferring them to the area where baldness occurs, as in normal FUE hair transplantation. Unlike normal, the Sapphire FUE technique is the use of diamond tips instead of micro motors for channels opened before planting
  5. Eyebrow transplant, like hair transplants, use existing hair from one area of your body to grow new hair on another. There are two kinds of eyebrow transplants: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): FUT involves the removal of a four-inch-wide slice of scalp from the back of the head. From there, hair is dissected

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  1. The eyebrow transplant prices outside of Turkey are comparatively high. For instance, in the US or Europe, the cost varies between 5.000 and 10.000 USD/EUR. This is why many people address our center for excellent quality transplants at an affordable price
  2. Eyebrow Transplant is a surgical procedure. For this reason, we need to know that a plastic surgeon or dermatologist should conduct eyebrow transplantation. What is the cost of an Eyebrow Transplant? When it comes to plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries
  3. Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is the final solution for this problem, which may appear in the form of a lack of density or very thin or scar tissue leaving empty spots or even the total absence of eyebrows caused by genetic causes or other conditions
  4. The cost of female hair transplant in Turkey is about 2-4 times lower than in the USA, Canada, some European countries like Switzerland or Germany. It is explained by general price policy within the country, the income level of citizens, and competition among local plastic surgery clinics
  5. Eyebrow Transplant. Eyebrow Hair Transplant is a safe and easy out-patient surgical procedure that involves taking hair from the back of the head and transplanting it into the eyebrow area to achieve the desired and thicker eyebrows. As the transplanted hair is directly taken from the patient's scalp, results are very natural
  6. Facial Hair Transplant, Beard and Eyebrow Hair Transplant. DHI technique is considered the core technique for facial hair transplant. It depends on CHOI Pen implanter where each follicle is implanted in the same direction as the existed hair of beard and eyebrow. At the initiation of 2019, hair transplant cost in Turkey might vary between 1.

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Your partner for a professional hair transplant in Turkey (Istanbul). T.: 0090 534 577 88 39 E.: clemens.weber@healthtravels.de W.: www.hair-transplant-turkey.de Compan Turkey eyebrow transplant cost in comparison with that made in Germany shows they can save large amounts of patients. The cheap price is of course not at the expense of treatment quality. The price difference, açıklanabilir.ceb Health Group with low wages and cost of living in Turkey is delighted to convey the advantages of this price you sick Eyebrows transplant in Turkey is a minimally invasive procedure, which make it a low-cost treatment for patients whishing to increase fullness and restore density in their eyebrows. Individuals traveling for eyebrows transplant in Turkey are able to save up to 70 percent on their treatment Eyebrow Transplant Restoring your eyebrow can be done temporarily through using eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow pencils, but what about permanent solution? eyebrow hair transplantation is the best way to increase your eyebrow density or get it back if lost due to whatever reason

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey- Istanbul- Antalya- Izmir. Eyebrow Transplantation. The eyebrow hair has, as the hair of the head, a growth phase and a resting phase. In many cases, it comes through overtaking the eyebrow hairs, skin diseases, such as alopecia, permanent makeup, chemotherapy, etc. to a deformation or a loss of eyebrow hairs EsteNove Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey, located in Levent Mahallesi, Istanbul, Turkey offers patients Eyebrow Hair Transplant procedures among its total of 5 available procedures, across 1 different specialties. The cost of a Eyebrow Hair Transplant procedure starts from £1,430, whilst the national average price is approximately £1,406 The cost of a hair transplant in the UK or Europe can be extortionate, but the price of a hair transplant in Turkey is up to 75% less, but checking out the clinics and comparing prices can be a long job, with all the questions to be answered and forms to fill in Eyebrow Transplant Turkey and The eyebrow transplantation procedure is performed. Individually with the FUE technique as in traditional hair transplantation. First of all, eyebrow is a bristle, it becomes sparse or not removed when traumatized

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Hair Transplant Before and After Gallery. We pride ourselves on the specialist procedures that we provide our patients, and the results that we are able to achieve, no matter the extent of your hair loss. We offer a broad variety of techniques when it comes to our hair transplants in Turkey, including the non-invasive PRP therapy, industry. Turkey has become a global leader when it comes to hair transplantation because it provides quite high-quality services. When compared to other countries of the world, for example, the UK, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is still considerably cheaper. The cost will, however, depend on several factors

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Factors that Determine Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey There are a few things for patients to consider when doing a price research. There are many factors that influences the hair transplant cost. Some things to consider are; Even though it may seem easy, hair transplant is an operation that necessitates expertise and experience. Thus, the [ Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey A Comparison of hair transplant prices in Turkey vs. Europe, UK, USA: Baldness problems are common around world; however the costs of restoration vary in different countries; most patients prefer to take the hair transplant surgeries in Turkey because it is more affordable Maximum Graft Transplant . 100% Satisfaction Guarantee . Hair transplantation is a serious business and if not performed by experienced professionals, it may cause bad and irreparable results. At ROTALIFE, we offer you the most cost-effective hair solutions to give you the hair that you truly desire Eyebrow Transplant is a very accurate procedure, so the doctors in the health and beauty Turkey makes special efforts to perform the transplant perfectly into the channells that creasted carefully in order not to leave any scars, and also they give a high attention to implant angle during the implantation because it will help the hair to grow. Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey. The practices we have carried out with caution in the fields of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry have made our name to be remembered with quality and success and also made our name become a brand. Learn More

The cost also depends on the medical cares and efforts, which the medical center provide before and after the facial hair transplantation, to get the best results. The cost of beard hair transplantation varies from 1500 $ to 1700 $, and the eyebrows hair transplantation is 1500 $. Facial Hair Transplantation Disadvantage, and Cost Turkey tackled this issue by offering great transfer results at low costs. This move made it open to everybody, particularly the overall population. The hair transplantation cost in Turkey: Any method of hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey can cost somewhere in the range of $1700 and $2000. These reasonable costs draw in numerous patients from. If you're a person who is concerned about the way you look because of not having the eyebrows you wished you had, our expert surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey can deliver an eyebrow transplant to help even things out. The end result is natural looking eyebrows which look healthy and full whilst helping to create a younger-looking appearance Eyebrow Transplant. PRP Treatment. Prp Treatment in Turkey. You can meet your desire for thick and healthy hair with the PRP treatment in Turkey. Our experts support you with vampire lifting to greatly improve the results of your hair transplant

Turkey is one of the most inexpensive plastic surgery destinations due to several variables, such as the lower cost of living, cheap overhead cost and geographic location. Patients traveling to Turkey for brow lift—or a facelift in Istanbul—will be able to save up to 70 percent on the total cost of treatment The eyebrow transplant have become an increasingly popular operation in recent years. The grafting of follicular bulbs in the eyebrow is an operation that arose from the need to thicken and delineate sparse and thin eyebrows. In extreme cases it may even serve for partial or complete reconstruction. Free Advice Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic is ranked among the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Beard and mustache transplantation, unshaved hair transplantation, laser treatment for hair, and eyebrow transplantation are also provided here Eyebrow transplant in Turkey Dr. Civas has perfected the art of designing eyebrows by putting into consideration the patient's facial features, resulting in a natural look that is undetectable. He is keen in creating the direction and angle of the recipient sites that mimic the natural anatomy of eyebrows Affordable hair transplants in Turkey and The Netherlands. Going bald is hard to accept for many people. A hair transplant from FUE perfect is the ideal solution for baldness. In our clinics in Hoofddorp (The Netherlands) and Istanbul (Turkey) our specialists are ready to apply affordable hair transplants for men and women

Eyebrow Transplant. Hair Transplantation Phases. Phase. Design Phase. Phase. Local Anesthesia. Phase. Hair Grafts Transplanted. Hair Transplant in Turkey Experienced team and a significant cost advantage Contact info +90 532 068 7064 [email protected Eyebrow lift, also known as the brow lift or forehead surgery, is a cosmetic surgery for achieving a more youthful appearance by raising the eyebrows and reducing frown lines between the eyes and wrinkle lines on the forehead. You will find a rich selection of clinics offering brow lifts in Turkey, particularly in the country's cultural.

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Hair Transplant Cost depends on the treatment. The type of treatment will essentially determine the cost of the transplant (or how extensive it is). For example, prices will begin with 1.099£ if no more than 2500 Grafts are needed. Larger surfaces always need more Grafts, hence the price will automatically rise AFRO HAIR TRANSPLANT. FUE technique BEARD : To create a full beard with FUE technique, 2000 to 4000 grafts from the scalp are needed, 2 to 6 hours of intervention. EYEBROWS : For women, eyebrow grafting is the ideal solution because it gives the eyebrows the relief and density of a real hair Eyebrow Transplant; Contact Us; Feel young again Hair transplant In Turkey. Live the best health tourism experience for the least costs with Pro Clinic. A complete transformation to give you the hair of your dreams. Get Free Consultation. micro-FUE. With a faster pace and gentle care, the micro-FUE can swiftly and permanently erase your.

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  1. Eyebrow hair transplant procedure is performed by a qualified hair transplant surgeon in Turkey and takes only 2-3 hours. Similar to follicular unit hair transplant, eyebrow restoration procedure employs the same technique using individual hair follicles
  2. Eyebrow Transplant Details. FUE Hair Transplant. FUE method is the latest and most developed technique of hair transplant that is being performed. In this method, hair follicles are removed individually, therefore there is not any scar left in the donor area. In this method there will be no visible scars afterwards thanks to a homogeneous.
  3. Eyebrow Transplant Strong, sensual or delicate, healthy eyebrows can amplify emotion, and create a deeper, more nuanced expression. At the Hair Sciences Center Mediterranean hair transplant utilizes state-of-the-art DHI Hair Transplant (DHI) and transplantation techniques to naturally enhance the eyebrows using one's own hair..
  4. Here are some of the reasons hair transplants in Turkey are appealing to some patients: Cheap Hair Transplant - Patients travel to Turkey because the cost of a hair transplant is much less than the cost of one in the United States. In Turkey, the cost can be anywhere as low as $1000-$4000 for a FUE hair transplant
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Eyebrow Transplant Surgery . An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore eyebrows, creating a natural, full look. There are many reasons why someone may want an eyebrow transplant - from patients who have lost their eyebrows due to medical conditions, to those who have previously over-plucked their brows - but no matter the reason, eyebrow transplant surgery offers a. Beard transplant or mustache transplant results in a higher density of beard and mustache after a carefully planned process of beard and mustache treatment. Using the latest technology and having the best beard mustache implantataion surgeons and crew in Turkey, CliniCrew serves you with the best price for it. Please contact us for free medical. The cost of the procedure; The Procedure Of Women Hair Transplant In Turkey. Because women experience different types of hair loss, more caution and attention are given throughout the operation. 1. Harvesting hair follicles: Those women who are qualified for the eyebrow transplant FUE eyebrow transplantation can be used to treat both men and women of all ages, although most eyebrow restorations concern women aged 30-50.Eyebrow transplantation, performed with FUE technique, is the method of choice in these cases; this minimally invasive method can be performed with microtools in order to avoid the removal of tissue and the subsequent scarring of the skin, as opposed to. Beard and Eyebrows Transplant istanbul With Hair Transplant Istanbul Agency you will Save almost 80% on the cost of Hair Transplant compare to the UK, Europe, and Gulf States. We have Partnered with Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey - offering an Exclusive treatment Package and Customer Services An Eyebrow Transplant A thick and well-kempt eyebrow provides proper definition to your face. It provides your face with a neat and clean +90 530 916 35 41 EN | TR | AR. Petzz Mama Sepeti International Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery. Book Free Consultation. Toggle menu. About Us; Services