This hook only works if you haven't overridden GM:PreDrawViewModel. Arguments. 1 Entity vm. This is the view model entity before it is drawn. 2 Weapon weapon. This is the weapon that is from the view model. 3 Player ply. The the owner of the view model. Page views: 9,368 Updated: This Year Playing. Getting Started 14 PreDrawViewModel then if vm then vm: SetMaterial (nil) end return false else return wep: PreDrawViewModel (vm, wep, ply) end end. I just didn't replicate it in PR because I'm not sure about the edge cases I've handled in it, but I can do, if you prefer 2. You're short of an end, as the compiler so clearly tells you. A lua conditional statement looks like this: if <condition> then <statements...> end. And a function is like this. function foo (params) <statements...> end. Also, your brackets don't match. Share Derma was created by Garry and TAD2020 and is the easiest way to create on-screen menus for your gamemode or addon. Derma differs from vgui in that its code only needs to be run once, therefore you should NEVER put Derma code inside GM:HUDPaint or simi.

PreDrawViewModel PrePlayerDraw PreReloadToolsMenu RenderScene RenderScreenspaceEffects ScoreboardHide ScoreboardShow ShouldDrawLocalPlayer StartChat SuppressHint VGUIMousePressed. Sandbox Hooks These hooks only work in the Sandbox gamemode and it's derivations. Server. CanTool PlayerGiveSWE DisplayName = Default Class. PLAYER. WalkSpeed = 400 -- How fast to move when not running. PLAYER. RunSpeed = 600 -- How fast to move when running. PLAYER. CrouchedWalkSpeed = 0.3 -- Multiply move speed by this when crouching. PLAYER. DuckSpeed = 0.3 -- How fast to go from not ducking, to ducking

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and break do else elseif end false for function if in local nil not or repeat return then true until while continue goto client client_dll menu_dll server game_dll dof_ents customizablespawnlistnode null skin branch gamemode gamemode_name version versionstr _g _modules _version act_180_left act_180_right act_90_left act_90_right act_arm act_barnacle_chew act_barnacle_chomp act_barnacle_hit act.

Fix GM:PreDrawViewModel overwriting the weapon method by

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