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Welcome to the ADGA Genetics website, home of tools to help dairy goat owners make informed herd management decisions. Feel free to join if you haven't done so already. There are additional features available to site members. Pedigrees. Search for individual animals registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) planned breeding valley's-edge l.l. bean x flat rock's hello kitty : sss : humble acres o henry: ss : tiny angels oh rhythm 'n blues: ssd : tiny angels a blu bonnet: s : tiny angels rnb supertramp: sds : tiny angels levi blues: sd : mainesecondwind lb levita: sdd : old oak farm sweet pea.

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planned breeding mint*leaf pbe kodiak x tiny dreams poursomesugaronme : sss : willow run brigand pluto: ss : willow run wrp sirius black: ssd : willow run bugattisolareclipse: s : autumn-acres pitch black: sds : kastdemur's cyclone: sd : autumn-acres tressa's tawny: sdd : autumn-acres talon's tressa. Check for Linear Appraisal and DHI records. You can check and see how much inbreeding is going on, and on who. Its good to look at the goats themselves too to see their strengths and weaknesses, in addition to the pedigrees. If you post a link to the planned pedigree you're thinking of some of us may be able to help 7350 3-Generation Pedigree Blanks (12) 3.00 7020 ADGA Guidebook - (Included with purchase of New Membership) 3.00 ADGA Membership application - Regular/Adult Youth Affiliate Associate Circle Type n/c 7010 ADGA Membership Directory - Members (Included with purchase of New Membership) 5.0 Staff Sign In. Sign In. Login I Here is his other impressive pedigree. Goldthwaite Exotic Affair (ExO) - Elite Sire (ADGA Sire Development Program Buck) Black Mesa Spring Thyme - Elite Doe SG Reuel Rhesa JJ Rio Grande - Elite Sire Black Mesa Brill's Tally Ho B* Goldthwaite Einkorn Goldthwaite Windswept 4*M SG Black Mesa Poppy's Brillosa - Elite Doe The list goes on and on

Membership expires at the end of the current year if dues are paid/postmarked January 1 - September 1. If dues are paid between September 2 - December 31, membership expires at the end of the following year. To see a summary of benefits of each membership type see Membership. Membership. Rate. New Individual Regular. $45.00. New Individual. March 10, 2012 DOB. ORF G KJD. ADGA PEDIGREE. Planned Breeding for Fall 2015: Kastdemur's Almost Famous AI. ADGA PLANNED PEDIGREE. ORF JET BLACK. February 28, 2012 DOB. ORF JET BLACK ADGA Planned Pedigree. Kidded on April 13, 2021 1 buck/2 does buck kid available as wether. Brook Valley GP Shortcake Sweet Garden Giacomo Puccini x Brook Valley CM Creme Brule. Lil Mtn FL Moonstruck CH Terra Bella ST The Flash x CH J-Nels BB Paper Moon. April 14, 2021. ADGA Planned Pedigree ADGA Planned Pedigree. February 15, 2021. 1 doeling retained. 1 doeling reserved. 1 buckling reserved. The Mojo. Desert Diamond Iced Bailey. ADGA Planned Pedigree. February 13, 2021. 2 doelings reserved. 1 bucking reservation available. The Mojo. The Marshall Ranch Belle Starr Four Cedars SA Trillium +EVV 86 X Wood Bridge Farm PromisClasAct Born May 16, 2020 M43: buckling $400 (SOLD CL) Notes: AI breeding, I think this is an exciting pairing, Woody's dam is GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise 1*M VEVE 89, 2016 ADGA Jr. National Champion. Planned Pedigree

Wether: $175. Third Freshening. 1st Choice Doe Retained. ADGA Planned Pedigree. Curbstone Valley Ianeira 7*M 2*D +VVV 86. Sinai Thunder EX Hanukkah *B *S. Mar 24, 2020. Kidded Mar 25, 2020. 2B, 3D DOB: 4/21/2018 ADGA Genetics. ABACA CKH MOON DUST X CHIGGER-HILL SLIK PISTOL PETE _____ ABACA EX AMETHYST-SOLD. DOB: 2/5/2019 ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree. ABACA CHPP SAVANNAH x ABACA RH EXCALIBUR. Pictures taken 2/24/19 _____ ABACA EX TEQUILA ROSE-SOLD. DOB: 2/7/2019 ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree. CHIGGER-HILL EC IRISH CREAM x ABACA RH. Kidded: May 30, 2021. N39 chocolate doeling $450 (reserved MW) N40 black doeling (retained) N41 black doeling $450 (reserved MW) Notes: one doeling will be retained, A.I. breeding, ADGA Planned Pedigree. Four Cedars DB Dapper. TUA Farms SP Lady Liza. N37 $125. N38 $125 Please write, email or call 434-973-8407 for any additional information you may need. Mating Summary & Price List for 2019 Kiddings. * Click on the Planned Pedigree Link for each breeding to open a printable pedigree in the ADGA Genetics Database. (Pedigree will open in a new tab) Dam: Sire: ADGA. Planned Click the breeding cross to see details, view the ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree and make a reservation. A $100 deposit will hold the kid of your choice. Look over the breedings in the listing below and we hope you will find something to bring our genetics to your farm. Flower (E/E) x Perry (A/A) $1000

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ADGA PLANNED PEDIGREE. Platinum Sky M Little Bird Platinum Sky M Little Bird. IMG_6655.jpg. GRASSE ACRES HELIOS X PLATINUM SKY M LITTLE BIRD. Kidding Due - July 1, 2021. ADGA PLANNED PEDIGREE. HERD MANAGEMENT. We feed our herd locally sourced hay and grain. They receive loose minerals and Replamin Gel. The herd is provided cooper bolus and BOSE. ADGA Genetics is a website developed by Gene Dershewitz in cooperation with ADGA. Below are some tools provided on that site. You will be leaving ADGA's website when you go to ADGA Genetics Website . Production Search through Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) data modeled by CDCB from years of DHI production test records for dairy goats Adrienne x AA Bartolomeo. $400. Planned Pedigree Print (adgagenetics.org) Due 4/23 The Spotlight Sale during Annual Convention in Tucson, Arizona is still being planned. Spotlight Sale >> What is the Colorama Sale? The Colorama Sale is a dairy goat auction held each year during the ADGA National Show and is an opportunity for breeders to improve their herd with high quality pedigrees and bloodlines Profiteer van onze lage prijzen en expertise op het gebied van diere

For sale: Lonesome Doe herd name with ADGA, .com, logo, Facebook page etc.... contact me for details. Joined Dec 13, 2007 · 810 Posts #7 · Oct 21, 2009. Tammy, I just went on the planned pedigree and tried it with a registered name, which worked and then with the registration number. Since I was looking for a nubian, I put the number like. ADGA Planned Pedigree *Pairings are tentative, with changes possible. Estimated kidding dates will be added as breeding's are confirmed. Please contact us if you have interest in being placed on a waitlist. Deposits and Reservations There is no fee to be placed on the waitlist for a particular breeding. Once kids are born and those on the. Online ADGA Planned Pedigree of Kids. Reservation Info for Does & Bucks/Wethers. Please send us an email or message us on Facebook with your doe/buck reservation and which breeding you prefer/like (for wethers, specific breeding is not needed). Once your kid(s) that you have reserved are born we require a $100 nonrefundable deposit

ADGA Planned Pedigree. Five-Points HS Sweet Minuet (DesertNanny BH Hailstorm VEV 89 X Tiny Town Sweet Serenade 4*M +VVE 88) Phoenix Farm Castiel *B (Castle Rock Iceberg *B x SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird 4*M EEEE 91) (Castiel was on loan from Phoenix Rising Farm) March 25, 2019. TB PLANNED PEDIGREE (Approximate due to ADGA computer issues) DUE DATE DOES: $350 BUCKS: $250 BAD REPUTATION X JAYNE PLANNED PEDIGREE DUE DATE DOES: $350 BUCKS: $250. Oberhasli. All Oberhasli kids are registered Purebred unless indicated otherwise. ZENOBIA X MATT SANTOS PLANNED PEDIGREE (Approximate due to ADGA computer issues) DUE DATE DOES: $350. planned pedigree Sire : Sierra Aspen PS Panache 1-02 VVV 86 Grandsire : Castle Rock Port Sunlight *B 3-02 VEE 89; ADGA Sire Development Program; littermate to the 2019 ADGA National Champion Doe Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset ADGA Planned Pedigree : ROCK-N-RIDGE DW SHAMROCK disbudded Cou Clair with Blue Eyes Date of birth: 06/06/2015 ID: D1768750: RHYTHMIC ACRES DEUCES WILD: CU AT LIL RED BARN UNO: OLD MOUNTAIN FARM KEIDAN QUINN EE 88 *B NC PROMISEDLAND TUR-BEAU *S: B NC PROMISEDLAND MG BEAU *

So one thing to keep in mind is that ETA is not just the average of the two parents. It is the average, minus the breed average. So if you breed a doe with a +10 PTA with a buck with a +10 PTA, you would think the the offspring should have an ETA of +10, but as it turns out, they will have something like -25 ETA because after you subtract out the breed average, then the number will be negative The planned pedigree for these kids can be seen here.K5 buckling weighed 7-lbs 8-z. K5 is SOLDK6 Doeling weighed 5-lbs 13-o Windsong Farm, LLC - Breeder of ADGA Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in Oklahoma2018 Kids - All of our 2018 kids have been sold.Our entire herd is G6S Normal by parentage and CAE Negative by test Planned pedigree. H19's dam is a tall, long, wide, level doe who weighs 240 lbs. His sire is also long and wide and stands 36 at the withers. At two weeks old H19 is already the same size as our six week old kids. (H19) Rockee at 2 weeks old. SOL Breeder of ADGA Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in Oklahoma KIDDING SCHEDULE 2022 More information regarding pedigrees and accolades for the does and bucks listed below can be seen throughout this website

ADGA Planned Pedigree. French Alpine Doeling. dob 4-5-21. $400. ADGA Planned Pedigree. Promised Farm NSDS Rayner SOLD. ADGA Pedigree. See more pics of him and his Dam and Sire on the Herd Sire Page. French Alpine Buckling ~$400. DOB 2-21-21. ADGA Pedigree. Dam: Krause Farms Chocolate Chunk. French Alpine Buckling~$400 Click on the planned pedigree button for ADGA genetics on pairings. Refer to our Sales Policy first before asking about reserving a kid. Thank you! Note: Approximate due dates are calculated with a 145 day gestation for Nigerian Sansa's ADGA page. Sansa's very stale 2018 linear appraisal score was VEEV88, with an E in rear legs. In 2020, Sansa produced 1523lbs of milk over her 349 day long 4th lactation. Sansa will be bred to Linux in the fall of 2021 for spring 2022 kids. Planned pedigree of kids is here. Doelings and bucklings are $750

ADGAgenetics Planned Pedigree. CoI 25%. Linebreeding on Goldie, Cento, B-Bo and Haiku . Doe possibly retained : RHV CS Elven Magic. 02-01 87 VVVV. Agape Oaks FC Urijah *B. 1/9 . due 6/3 *6/1 triplet bucks (one doa)* $500. ADGAgenetics Planned Pedigree . CoI 5.1%. Doe possibly retained. RHV SMF Daichi. 02-01 83 +V++. Dragonfly HLU Piezo d. Planned Breedings 2020 Bucks DOES Available Goats Sales Policy Category SHOW PHOTOS BUCKS. MALUM. Photo Courtesy of Sugarcreek Haven. Sugarcreek Haven Malum DOB: 02/24/2020 ADGA PEDIGREE SS:Cool Springs Moose Tracks S:Lil Mtn MT Jamocha Joe. Planned Pedigree. EDD. Reservations Available. SG SHOWTIME TS ECSTACY 13*M 86VV+V. Blossom-Thyme FF Kid Rock. Planned Pedigree: 2/9. Retained & Sold. SG Urban Acres AB Bel Aire 2*M 91VEEE . Blossom-Thyme FF Kid Rock: Planned Pedigree: 2/16: SOLD: DKGH JJ Emma. Urban Acres Triumph Spitfire *B. Planned Pedigree: 2/17. SOLD: Dahlia May's Farm KR. ADGA Planned Pedigree Link. Dam's udder pictured 4 days fresh. Not uddered up. Sire's dam, SGCH Haycreeks Fractal Flicker 91 VEEE (Photos courtesy of Haycreeks Farm) Semen For Sale. Heaven's Hollow King Me. 5/$75 or $20 per straw. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates The first buck weighed 8-lbs 4-oz, the second buck weighed 7-lbs 6-oz and the doe weighed 7-lbs 6-oz. Leila is a big doe with a capacious udder and a well defined medial suspensory ligament. You can view the planned pedigree here. The sire's dam's milk estimate is 3,449 lbs in the 99 percentile

  1. Jane (an SG/Elite Oliver ++*B ++*S daughter) is out of SG/Elite Redemption 1*M *DAR VEEE90 Breed Leader AGS 4x, ADGA Top 10, 8.1#, Milked 1380# (305). Dam of 4 SG/Elite sons and daughters. Gambler (Southern Grace O Happy Day x Buffalo Clover VAL Dauphene) info below Planned Pedigree
  2. ADGA Pedigree N001986938 (PB Doe) DOB: 2/8/2018 FS80 (AV++) @ 01-04. Image courtesy of White Fields Nubian Farm. SSSS: LAKESHORE-FARMS MR. BENTLEY Planned Breeding Rams Ewes Livestock Guardians Story of San Isidro Contact.
  3. ADGA has a lot more online features. More shows, and the performance programs (linear appraisal, DHIR, etc.) and access to the ADGA genetics site where you can do planned pedigrees and other useful things. AGS registrations are slightly cheaper, but that's about it. When I first got into goats I signed up for both registries
  4. River x Nero Planned Pedigree: SG Leisure Time Lola, A Show Girl (1xGCH) We can only do our best, utilizing ADGA pedigree, LA, DHI, show & other records to breed pairings that can produce improvements for dairy characteristics and conformation. II.5. Goats are herd animals as such we only sell our goats to homes that already have other.

Click on the planned pedigree tabs to view the pedigrees of potential kids from ADGA Genetics. Refer to our Sales Policy first before asking about reserving a kid. Thank you! Note: Approximate due dates are calculated with a 145 day gestation for Nigerians and a 150 day gestation for Guernseys If you're interested in reserving a kid from a particular doe, please contact me to be added to the free reservation list.Once a reserved kid is born, half the purchase price is due as a non-refundable deposit within 5 days of notification.All non-reserved kids will be sold on a first come, first served basis.Wethers canno PEDIGREE LINK Sire: Sierra Aspen PS Panache 1-02 VVV 86. Grandsire: Castle Rock Port Sunlight *B 3-02 VEE 89; ADGA Sire Development Program; littermate to the 2019 ADGA National Champion Doe Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset! Granddam: Trilogy Ranch MH Jasmine 7*M 5-03 VEEE 91 Dam: Owlhaven MH Buddleia 1*M VG89 VEEV (2nd fresh ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree. Pictured at 2 months old Full sister from 2020 Pictured at 2 weeks old Dam: Aquilina Atticus. For Sale - $600 Purebred buck kid, white DOB: 3/4/2021 S: *B Barnowl Qamar D: Barnowl.

Doe prices start at: $300 and UP (Non show quality/pet/family milker - UN registered) - I will be honest in MY opinion of the Dam at the time of breeding - as well as offspring when born. $400 and UP (for show and milk quality) Prices will go up from there based on genetics, show, milk quality and the individual goat ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck. PF9 N6. Born 3/18/21. Buckskin with white & roan, moonspots, Brown eyes. Sire: Little Tots Estate Trailblazer. Dam: Painted Feather MV Moonspot. Planned Pedigree. $350 - SOLD Ashley Ne ADGA Registered LaMancha Buck-3/21/20-DNA on file with ADGA Click here for pedigree. Rustic Wood's JG Dirigo ADGA Registered Experimental Buck (50% LaMancha, 50% Alpine)-1/13/21-DNA on file with ADGA click here for pedigree. Chewey LaMancha wether (former breeding buck)-2012. 2021 Planned Breedings (for 2022 Kids

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  1. Buckling: $400 -- Sold. Born April 5, 2018, this handsome blue-eyed buckling brings the best of our dairy genetics (see ADGA planned pedigree, right). His first-freshener dam is currently milking 5 cups on a 12-hour fill at 4 weeks fresh. Her udder is butter-soft and milks out like a dream
  2. Castlewood Farm Purebred Nubian Goats, Lewisburg, Tennessee. 1,492 likes · 11 talking about this. Castlewood Farm is located in Middle Tennessee. We breed Purebred ADGA Registered Nubian goats
  3. Jadi's At Long Last. Available After DNA or as wether for $100. Doeling: Hope . Jadi's Fashionably Late. Available After DNA. Planned Pedigree. Russian Ridge Broken Branch. Farm Wildwood Marigold. Freshened: 6/17/2021
  4. ABACA Nubian Dairy Goats. March 8 at 2:45 PM ·. Doeling-ADGA purebred Nubian bottle Doeling DOB 2/27/21. Disbudded, tattooed, and comes with application for ADGA registration. Whole herd tested negative for CAE January 2021. Pictures include doeling, dam, dam's udder, paternal grandam and paternal granddam's udder. Link to planned pedigree
  5. ADGA ND Doeling. PF9 L26. Born 10/10/19. Blue eyes, moonspots, wattles. Sire: Little Tots Estates Trail Blazer. LA 2019 VVE 88. Dam: Gotta B Kid N Zella . Jr Champion Do e. Planned Pedigree. Sold - Alyssa Williamso
  6. Planned Pedigree. Bred: 11/12/2016 Due: 04/11/2017. Kidded: April 14 Single doeling Confirmed via BioTracking. PUREBRE
  7. AMETHYST - BABIES DUE JANUARY 2021!!!! 3rd Freshening Udder. Photos courtesy of Churn Dash Farm. FLG Farm PH Amethyst. DOB:05/06/2016. ADGA PEDIGREE. SS:Chenango-Hills IPG Gwaine. S:Hinote GW Purple Haze. SD:Kush-Hara Morganite
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KIDRON VALLEY RM SCOUT - ADGA Purebred Nubian buckling - $400. Dam: MORGEN STAR ABJ ADELAIDE. Sire: J&M HIDEAWAY GS RAMBLING MAN *B. Nigerian Dwarf Buckling - $135. Sire: Jordan Red. Dam: Galilee. KIDRON VALLEY RM BOONE - ADGA Experimental Saanen Nubian buckling - $150. Sire: J&M Hideaway GS Rambling Man *B. Dam: Dzminskis I Sugar Plum For personal reasons I am having to find new homes for my ADGA Oberhasli herd. I will add pictures later, or feel free to text with any questions. DOES: All are gentle and friendly and can be hand.. planned pedigree we reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding and to modify breeding plans and pricing at any time All available kids from our breeding schedule, along with our Terms of Sale, will be listed on the For Sale page

View ADGA pedigree here. Four Cedars SA Taima X Minterbay Belles And Whistles ADGA Pedigree Kidded: April 25, 2018 K27 doeling K28 wether, sold K29 wether, sold. Four Cedars Trillium X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B Planned Pedigree Kidded: March 16, 2018 K2 doeling,. Tamris Farms Nubians. April 16 at 8:55 AM ·. Simply amazed by this 2nd freshening 2 year old : Tamris Farm Sweet Avalite 14*M , dry leg, JR. BIS, 5th placed senior kid at ADGA Nationals 2019, part of our 1st place JR Get of Sire for SG +*B My-Enchanted -Acres LM Candyman EX 90 ( Thank you Wingwood Farm and My-Enchanted Acres ) and she was.

Purebred Nubian doe kids. -. $450. (Albany- Knox Butte) Doe kids seeking new pastures. Purebred Nubian. We are a DHIA herd with milking records for all dams. High production lines. The perfect new pasture will come with experieced goat owners who have plans to milk their does 2x a day and want a lot of milk when these girls are mature ADGA Registerable Nigerian Dwarf Doeling She was retained but I had to make hard cuts to the herd and downsize. She comes from Little Dill's and Sisters Three lines. First three pictures are of her, 4th is the planned pedigree, 5th is her dam, 6th is her sire, 7th is her sires dam. Serious Inquires only Linking to planned pedigree ? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. 2Sticks 2Sticks · Premium Member. Joined Dec 13, 2007 · 810 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 13, 2012. When you make a planned pedigree on ADGA, how do you link to it? Do you somehow have to save it first? I think the new ADGA website is not as easy to manuver as. I'm looking at my new buckling's planned pedigree on ADGA ( going to send in papers, just waiting on some more so i can send them all in at once ), and it's saying at the top under planned breeding ETA ETA 21: 39 and ETA 12: 100 - so what does this mean Wethers are $75 and the doeling would be 300-400. Planned Pedigree. Born 2/15/2021. EMERALD C RANCH HG AMETRINE. 1st. EMERALD C RANCH DRIFTWOOD. Ametrine had 1 doeling! The doeling will be made available, probably priced between 300-400. Planned Pedigree

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ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree. CoI 22.6%. Linebreeding on Rosasharn WT B-Bo ++*B, 37.5% (6.3% homozygous). RHV SMF Yuki . RHV AM Formal Affair . $400 $100 wether. ADGA Genetics Pedigree. Loose Linebreeding on ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++B (19.1%; 1.3% homozygous) CoI 7.2%. SG RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M . RHV PZ Butch Cassidy . $550 ADGA Genetics. Some of the pedigrees I see have a COI in the teens and I too wonder if this is 'good' since the lines are exceptional or if that degree of inbreeding is borderline. Maybe its a personal judgement call - Whatever level you personally are comfortable with depending on the strength of the pedigree ADGA Planned Pedigree -1 wether available-1 doe available ** means the pregnancy is IDEXX/BioPRYN and/or Ultrasound confirmed. Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side.Yiddish Proverb. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Please refer to the breeding list for planned pedigrees and reservations particularly when Jenn is on the road appraising for ADGA or judging shows around the country. We strive to raise strong, healthy, show quality animals, without giving up dairyness and milk production. The herd actively participates in an array of ADGA programs - ADGA.

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ADGA PEDIGREE SS:Luv Lil Mtn CH Swipper S:Double AP AP SW Bocephus SD:GCH J-Nels DH Li'l Red Planned Breedings 2020 Bucks DOES Available Goats Sales Policy Category SHOW PHOTOS. Planned Breedings 2020 Bucks DOES Available Goats Sales Policy Category SHOW PHOTOS Voodoo. VOODOO. Sugarcreek Haven VooDoo DOB:02/10/2020 ADGA PEDIGREE SS:Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B S:Cedar View That's Amore *B. Estimated Kidding Planned Pedigree Comments Reservations Price . Did Not Settle  Doe Reservations Closed Doe reservation (LC) Butterfly Kiss is the daughter of our ADGA Top Ten Milker and we expect heavy milk volume from her as well. Butterfly Kiss is the daughter of our ADGA Top Ten Milker and we expect heavy milk volume from her as well All our goats are ADGA registered. Our does start at $300. We will have 15+ wehters available for $150 each, $250 pair or $300 for triplets. Planned Pedigree ADOBE ACRES MS JASMINE SUMMER X URBAN ACRES HWT KING MIDAS. Reservations Available. Does/Bucks $400, Whethers $150. Due: Mid MARCH. BLUE EYES & POLLED POSSIBLE BLUE ICE SR SUNBURST X. ~3 rd Junior Yearling @ 2019 ADGA National Show That fall I planned a breeding trip to California where I wanted to use a son of GCH AUSTINIA. TRIXIE was the obvious choice as my objective was to combine the most dimensional mammary systems possible all in one, up-close pedigree

Once her pedigree is up go the left side and click Linear History. The screen pics are of a doe of mine. This is an awesome site for a lot of reasons but the biggest for me is to improve breeding programs. When you use the LA numbers on a planned pedigree it'll show you the bucks daughters averages and you can see in numerical form what he. Some of our goats have amazing genetics, milking ability and conformation, thus reflected in the price. Superior Genetics (SG) indicates that a goat is in the top 15% of the breed and Elite are in the top 5% of the breed. If you are looking for a specific breeding, please contact us regarding individual prices. Buck - $350-$750 each Planned Pedigree here When viewing the ADGA pedigrees, be sure to click on format this page for printing and scroll down to see milking records and linear appraisal information, or click on blog links under an animal's ADGA link for information about parent performance..

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  1. ADGA Genetics *DNA on File* Born: 2/28/2019. Linear Appraisal Scores: 2020 - LA Cancelled. Pedigree: Sire: Stayawhile CR I Got Your Black *B SS: SG Dill's BJ Curiouser +*B, VVV88 ~ 2019-2020 Elite Buck ~ SSS: SG Dill's TS Banjo +*B, +VV84 ~ 2018-2020 Elite Buck ~.
  2. Planned Breedings 2020 Bucks DOES Available Goats Sales Policy Category SHOW PHOTOS Gidget. GIDGET. THE BAYNARD GIDGET DOB:01/30/2020 ADGA PEDIGREE SS:CH JNels DH Be Bop +*B S:JNels BB Rune.
  3. Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm was the 2017 Spotlight Buckling at the 2017 ADGA National Convention in Georgia. He sold for $10,400 and is owned by Karyl Dronen (Body Shops Herd) in Houston, Minnesota

Sir Echo Farm Senior Does. SGCH Sir Echo Mutay 3*M. (click name for pedigree) Performance Data. ADGA National Show Placings: 2017: 4th place 7 & over. 2015: 3rd place 7 & over. 2013: 1st place 5 & 6 year old. 2013: National Champion ADGA National Show Placings: 2019: 1st place Senior Yearling. Res. National Junior Champion. Milking Performance: Linear Appraisal: Back to Top. Home About Us Senior Does Junior Does Bucks. Planned Breedings For Sale Reference Does Reference Bucks. Akbash Livestock Guardian Dogs Contact Us Our Chestnut Project


Kids from this cross will be $350 for horned, $375 for polled. Planned pedigree: https://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=A002003720&DamNum. We are a clean tested, closed herd and members of the ADGA and ANDD Planned Pedigree . $650. Does - De Novo Denali. Suitor's BM Zinqua Boom. Planned Pedigree . $500. Does - Leisure Time GQ Calamity Jane. Joie de Vivre CT Hullabaloo *B. Planned Pedigree . $500. Does - Juniors Under Consideration for 2021 Breeding. Cascade Valley HB Willow Oak. Tua Farms AC War Machine *B . $600. Does - Cascade Valley. Konza-Kids Dairy Goats. 679 likes · 6 talking about this. Striving to breed quality, registered Alpine and Oberhasli dairy goats since 1983. We focus on production and correctness in conformation,.. Breeding / Kidding Schedule. I require a $100 deposit per kid ordered. I will only take 2 buck and 1 doe reservation per animal, so get your orders in early! Please make all checks payable to Krista Myers. Please read the Terms and Conditions below for more information about ordering kids. Also, Please Contact us first before sending your.

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The two Thyme daughters freshened this year in April- Shiraz and Champagne- who is quite the milker as a yearling. Thyme is a good natured, deep bodied, wide buck with great breed character. Thyme's maternal sister, Wingwood Farm Lovin Terra , was the 1st placed intermediate doe at the 2015 National ADGA Show Planned pedigree shown HERE. SOLD - CJ ~ Wether ~ Disbudded/Blue Eyes. SOLD - KM ~ Doe ~ Polled/Blue Eyes. Camanna RM Sing Hallelujah! VVEV88. X. Castle Rock Huron Sunset *B ++V83 (1-04) Sunset Knoll is a proud member of the ADGA and AGS. Kidding Schedule - 2021 If you'd like to make a FREE reservation, just send an e-mail, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If all my reservations are full, just go ahead and send me an e-mail, I keep a wish list as well

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Looking at the depth of his pedigree the three Hoach's bucks we have owned, ++*B Hoach's California Gold, ++*B Hoach's Lyric Liason, and *B Hoach' s Lyric Landslide are in the pedigree eight times. Lifeline's maternal sister in the Pleasant Grove herd was fourth at the 2009 and 2010 ADGA National Show and appraised FS-91 (E,E,E,E) Devil Goat ME Pegasus. Born 5/29/15. (ADGA Pedigree Peggy) -. Devil Goat ME Fuzzy Lumpkins. Born 3/23/16. Caprinos RI Doris x Camanna Moonlight Elvis 2020 KIDDING SCHEDULE. If you would like to place a reservation for a 2020 kid, please be sure to fill out and submit our Reservation Wist List . You will not be placed on any wait lists until we have this form on file. We only accept paid deposits from Performance Herds at this time. if you do not Milk Test, Linear Appraise and/or Participate.

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Planned Breedings 2021. Our herd has grown significantly since last kidding season. As a result, many of this spring's kids will be available for purchase. Doe Buck Due Date Kid Price Pedigree Link. Lana CH Sapphire Dany SG Savanna ADGA ADGA ADGA. Male (3092427) American Staffordshire Terrier. Father: White Rock Lobotown Born Supremacy. Mother: JUNIOR WW, HJCH Tiger Tattoo's Iron Rose. Created by Tiger Tattoo Amstaffs Pedigree Database and information. Organized Sports for Your Dog. Training your dog is a fun activity for you and your dog

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Barnowl Ariena: born 11/28/2012 *photo credit: Barnowl Dairy Goats (ADGA Pedigree Ariena. Seven Winds SDK Hang Loose **LM Buck For Sale $450**. Sire's Dam: SG Lucky*Star's TA Brash EEEE 91. See Anchors Aweigh Farm's website for goats for sale from their herd! All of my Nigerian Dwarf bucks are co-owned with Anchors Aweigh Farm (owned by Wendy Brandt of Fort Benton, MT), check them out! Please read our Sales Policy - click here Registered kids carry the herd name: 6E Farmstead and will be named according to our theme for the year. If you would like input on the name, please ask for a list of available names. Wethers will be castrated at the age of 15 weeks. It is the BUYER'S responsibility to bring the wether to 6E Farmstead for castration June 19, 2021 - Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association Sr/Jr Doe & Buck Show @ Hamilton, MT July 10, 2021 - Treasure State Dairy Goat Association @ Big Timber, MT July 30-Aug 1, 2021 - MT State Fair Sr/Jr Doe Show @ Great Falls, MT (This has not been officially posted, but based on prior years, this should be the weekend of the ADGA show) Linear Appraisals in MT for 2021 - TB

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2nd Freshening. Titania had 1 doeling and 1 buckling. The doeling will be retained. The buckling will be evaluated at 3-4 weeks old and made available either as a buck or a wether. Prices will be in the 400-600 range Planned Pedigree