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A tractor enthusiast. A tractor enthusiast from the country decides to leave his farm and assortment of tractors for a life in the city. He gets a job in a fancy high rise building. One day, the floor he works on catches fire. With one breath the man sucks up all the smoke and flames and blows it out the window Friend of mine rented a farm vehicle but got ripped off. It was a con-tractor. How did the farmer find his missing cow? He tractor down. What sort of robot turns into a tractor? A transfarmer. Last week's rain jokes are here. If you like these tractor jokes, have a look here for an alphabetical list of joke topics Following is our collection of funny Tractor jokes.There are some tractor backhoe jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline Tractor Jokes & Puns. How do you woo a farm girl? A tractor. A farm boy accidentally overturned his tractor one day. The farmer who lived on the next farm heard the noise and yelled over to the boy, Hey Joe, don't worry about it. Come in and have something to eat with us. I'll help you get the tractor up later Oct 18, 2019 - Explore johndeerekid77's board tractor jokes on Pinterest. See more ideas about farm humor, tractors, farm life

Farmer's sign language. A farmer drives across his field one day in his tractor, when half ways across the field the tractor breaks down. Damn it he said. He sees his wife in the farm yard feeding the chickens, he catches her attention and shouts to her and signals with his hand that he needs a pair of pliers to fix the engine in his tractor The Tortured Life of a Tractor Enthusiast (Very Shaggy Dog Joke!) So there was this guy Dave, and Dave had always loved tractors despite being a city boy. Ever since he had been 5 years old he had wanted to own one in particular, a massive green John Deere with yellow wheels A lettuce farm was busted by the FDA on suspicion of combining plant and human DNA to create a new protein hybrid. When they dug up the grounds the found human romaines. Saw a sign at a farm that said, duck, eggs.. I was contemplating the use of the comma when it hit me. I don't get people who hate farm animals 33 Farm Puns You Have Never Herd Before. These farm puns are udderly hilarious. Your bad mood isn't going to last for long. These farm puns will make you laugh until the cows come home. 1. As a farmer, I hear lots of jokes about sheep. I'd tell them to my dog but he'd herd them all. 2 The Farming Joke Book; The Best Ever Book of Farmer Jokes; Jokes For Farmers: Funny Farming Jokes, Puns and Stories . Michelle Miller, the Farm Babe, is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker, and writer, who lives and works with her boyfriend on their farm, which consists of row crops, beef cattle, and sheep

Farmer JOKES. A man from the city is out plowing his field and gets his tractor stuck in the wet ground. A farmer driving by stops his truck and walks to the fence to call over the city feller. You need a mule to plow such wet ground he says. Where can I buy one? he is asked. Well, I just happened to have one for 100 dollars he says What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor ? Wheres my tractor! Farmer Joke 67 Farmer Brown put up a pig-shaped weather vane, but he's not happy with it. Instead of pointing with the wind, the pig vane keeps pointing toward the feed trough. Farmer Joke 68 Farmer Giles is so interested in conserving energy, he built a pig-powered car Farmer Evans was driving his John Deere tractor along the road with a trailer load of fertilizer. Tim a little boy of eight was playing in his yard when he saw the farmer and asked, 'What've you got in your trailer?' 'Manure,' Farmer Evans replied. 'What are you going to do with it?' asked Tim farmer JOKES (random) A farmer lived on a quiet rural highway. But, as time went by, the traffic slowly built up at an alarming rate. The traffic was so heavy and so fast that his chickens were being run over at a rate of three to six a day A Pro-tractor. What do you call a Nebraskan farmer with a sheep under each arm? A pimp. What new crop did the farmer plant? Beets me! What grows under your nose? Tulips! Where do farmers send their kids to grow? Kinder-garden. Who tells chicken jokes? Comedihens! What is a farmers favorite Bruce Springsteen song? Born in the USDA

However, the farmer misinterpreted the instructions and got caught in the act doing something rather awkward. The doctor obviously said, You have to do something sexy to attract her but what the farmer heard was You have to do something to a tractor The advert is incredibly clever and we loved how true to South Africa is it. Watch. Farm Jokes and Riddles for Kids at EnchantedLearning.com: rhymes, crafts, printouts, worksheets, information, books to print, and quizzes. Advertisement. EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages A tractor salesman shows up at Joe's farm... The salesman approaches the farmer and says, Good day to you sir! I'd like to tell you about our top-of-the-line tractor. You will not find a better tractor than this anywhere and I can see that you are a man of discerning tastes. Tell you what -- . Old Joe interrupts the sales pitch and without a.

From jokes about the farmers themselves to classic chicken puns and laughing at the rest of their farmyard friends, here are some seriously quackers farmyard jokes. Question And Answer Jokes Here's a mix of classic funny farming jokes from cow jokes, to those funny farmers themselves The farmer said in Kansas we don't sue people to settle dispute. We do by the 1,2, 3 kick. The lawyer said. The 1, 2, 3 kick. Whats that. The farmer said we kick each other until one give up. And the one who give up first can have the duck. The lawyer was a body builder also. As he size up the farmer as he got off his tractor. He agreed to the.

Farmer Jokes! Plow through Beano's muddy field of fantastically funny farmer jokes! Once you've milked this joke cow and you've got your fill of funny farmer jokes, why not check out these jokes about sheep , weather jokes and summer one-liners Great Farmer Outfits Funny Tractor Gifts. Funny Farming Tractor Lover Easily Distraced By Tractors T-Shirt. 4.3 out of 5 stars 103. $19.95 $ 19. 95. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Corn Crop Top Funny Designs. Corn Crop Top Funny Farmer Farming Corn Lover Summer Gift T-Shirt

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  1. It's the way I tell them.....erm I'll get my coat
  2. Farmer And Wife Joke. A farmer and his wife got into a huge fight after which the wife stormed off. Farmer: Where did you leave the tractor?. Wife: In the Mill field.. Farmer: But there's no way into the Mill field!. Wife: There is now.
  3. Where's My Tractor? 8.1k Views. A farmer and his wife got into a huge fight after which the wife stormed off. The farmer says, Where did you leave the tractor?. The wife replies, In the Mill field.. But there's no way into the Mill field!. There is now.. 25 Best Knock Knock Jokes that are Absolutely Hilarious

farmer jokes. There was a farmer who sold a pound of butter to the baker. One day, the baker decided to weigh the butter to see if he was getting a pound, and he found that he was not. This angered him, and he took the farmer to court. The judge asked the farmer if he was using any measurement. The farmer replied, Your Honor, I am primitive Tractors for kids! Hudson has a huge rock pile to move and play on and with the help of Rubble and some real tractors we try and get the job done on the farm funny farmer taking photos while driving tractor - funny farmer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. prime lamb on green grass - funny farmer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. funny santa claus putting his hat and sunglasses to a tender white rabbit. - funny farmer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images A farmer is in the middle of plowing his field when his tractor runs out of gas. He needs to get back to the farm, but it's too far for him and his dog, Old Joe, to walk. He wanders out to the road and flags down a sports car. The driver says, I'll give you a ride, but that dog can't get in my car. The farmer says, Don't worry Where's My Tractor? 8.1k Views. A farmer and his wife got into a huge fight after which the wife stormed off. The farmer says, Where did you leave the tractor?. The wife replies, In the Mill field.. But there's no way into the Mill field!. There is now.. 25 Best Knock Knock Jokes that are Absolutely Hilarious

Farmer's sign language Joke: A farmer drives across his field one day in his tractor, when half ways across the field the tractor breaks down. Damn it he said. He sees his wife... the joke is just one of many funny jokes on Joke Buddha If you love engine-ious tractor puns, funny farmers, a good crop of straw puns, and baa-rilliant farmer puns, then you're in for a wheat treat with these hay-larious farming puns.. No need to plough the internet in search of punny farm jokes; we have the perfect harvest of corny wheat puns, a-moo-sing farmyard phrases, and farm country word play that will get every girl and boy cattle-ing with. Farm Jokes. The following is a collection of 66 mostly clean, but humorous farm or rural jokes, or videos that were shared as the weekly Friday Funny on Panhandle Ag e-News in 2015 and 2016. Farm folks always enjoy sharing good jokes, photos and stories. If you have a good, clean joke, particularly one that pertains to agriculture, or a funny.

Sexy to a Tractor. Uploaded 01/10/2011. Cletus is passing by Billy Bob's hay barn one day when, through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere. Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls, followed by the left Take a break with some farm puns that are so udderly hilarious, they'll make ewe and your buddies moo with delight! Let's face it: a farm life can be a tough life. Yes, you get to be around all those cute little farm animals (which, to be very honest, is the very best part!), but you also have to deal with some tough circumstances day after day, like the manual labor that can take place in. Chicken Farmer Joke Old Podgy - Prize Rooster. Thomas was a chicken farmer; his farm was dedicated to the fertilized egg business. In his farmyard, Thomas had 450 young hens to lay the eggs. Incidentally, at this stage the female hens are called 'pullets'. Now to fertilise the eggs, which the pullets laid, Thomas had 12 male birds called roosters 1 year ago. Find out what her loved items are, find out when her birthday is, and give her her loved items twice a week. And don't let her see you rummaging thru garbage cans. 5. level 1. junaderer. 1 year ago. Make her a crop top. 3

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Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food. Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can't hurry the crops or make an ox in two days. Like a gardener I believe what goes down must come up. Local. Natural. Sustainable. Make hay when the sun shines. My Tractor Costs More Than Your Beemer. Never answer a question from a farmer This way, you may want to become a Farm tractor driver! Farmers do many hours of driving, there is a possibility that many things happen. Many problems can arise at some point during the trip, as well as many fun situations. Therefore, many human beings have turned these situations into jokes that live for years to inform some of the Farmers. Buy But Farming is Importanter Farmer Tractor Funny Farm Boys T-Shirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase #GAMER#GAMING#GTA

Texture. When Zach told this joke, we both laughed more at the situation than at the actual joke. This joke is more intended as a sort of anti-joke - a joke that is usually funnier to the teller than the listener because the teller gets to see the confused reaction of the listener trying to understand the ridiculousness of the somewhat anticlimactic punch line rd.com, Getty Images Cow jokes for kids. Cows are pretty legen-dairy so of course, there's an abundance of clever jokes that will make your child giggle about how funny these farm animals really. THIS is the shocking moment a furious farmer rams a car with his tractor - flipping the vehicle before almost running a man over in a dramatic parking row. Raging residents said dozens of ve A man from the city is out plowing his field and gets his tractor stuck in the wet ground. A farmer driving by stops his truck and walks to the fence to call over the city feller. You need a mule to plow such wet ground he says. Where can I buy one? he is asked. Well, I just happened to have one for 100 dollars he says agricultural cart carts farm farm equipment farmer farmers farming farming equipment farms horse horses plough ploughing ploughs technological advancement technological advancements timeline timelines tractor tractors. Also available on: Also available as: Download Options. Store/Product Options. Search ID: CS166201

Browse 153 funny tractor stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. man in construction outfit on toy tractor - funny tractor stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. tractor dog - funny tractor stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. funny surprised farmer driving a tractor. Lame Jokes. A farmer is worried that his sex life with his wife is getting a bit dry (NSFW) : They go to see a therapist, who asks them what they think the problem is. The wife says, I just don't have time for it, I'm too busy cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and everything else. Sex is starting to lose its appeal.The farmer is. Feb 19, 2018 - Explore White's Tractors Pty Ltd's board Farmer Quotes, followed by 502 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about farmer quotes, quotes, country quotes Friday Funny: Antique Tractor For Sale. Farm machinery classified adds are normally dull and boring, but do get the point across in just a few words. Recently a farmer in the Panhandle came up with something really clever to generate income for his farm from an antique tractor restoration project that had never quite been completed

Mens Retro Husband Dad Farmer Legend Father Vintag T-Shirt. $18.75. 15% Off with code JULYZWEEKEND. . Tractor Grandfather Farmer Ranch Grandparents T-Sh T-Shirt. $18.95. 15% Off with code JULYZWEEKEND. . Cute Pig Funny Farm Animal Boho Piggy Label Harshdeep Singh, a farmer from Delhi, told Newslaundry that he was in charge of organising langars along the route of the tractor rally. He was trying to decide whether he should organise the langars along the designated route or towards Delhi. No one can protest with a hungry stomach, he said, laughing Problem Solved Farmer Tractor, funny gift for Farmers 7 colours M/F or youth sizes senaxus 5 out of 5 stars (3,484) £ 8.99. Add to Favourites.

Zach Johnson Is YouTube's 'Millennial Farmer'—and His Viral Videos Are Peak Relaxation. He's like Bob Ross or the Pioneer Woman, but with John Deere tractors. THE END OF planting season was in. Farmer gifts for him, Funny Tractor gifts men, farm life, Printed Tractor Socks, life is better on the farm, Agriculture farming, harvester doodlebead 5 out of 5 stars (11,891) $ 9.99. Add to Favorites Quick view More colors Farm Wife Shirt, Farmer's Wife Shirt, Farming Shirt, Farm Life Shirt, Farm Work Shirt, Gift for Farmer Shirt, Farm Wife. Shop Evolution Of The Farmer Funny Tractor Farming Gift T-Shirt created by berryrpdqa69. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is

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Tags: tractor-funny, tractor-lover, funny-tractor, farm, farmer-funny Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. Back to Design. Will Trade Sister for Tractor - Funny Tractor T-Shirt. by Hello Sunshine $20 . Main Tag John Bear T-Shirt. Description. John Bear. Tags: farmers, farms, young-farmer, lunatic-farmer, the-gold-farmer A John Deere tractor is driven in to a rally in support of the farmer protest in India outside of the Consulate General of India in San Francisco on Dec. 5, 2020. (Beth LaBerge/KQED) For more than a week, hundreds of thousands of farmers have been protesting outside India's capital of New Delhi. Support for the farmers extended worldwide. Silhouette Farm Tractor Vintage Isolated Vector Logo Icon Illustration On Black And White Style. Tractor Sketch. Green Farm Tractor. Farm Tractor, Harvest, Farmer Vehicle, Stencil, Silhouette, Vector Clip Art. Funny Vector Tractors With Eyes. Coloring Book Set. Small Tractor Grader Cleaning Snow. Father And Son Farming. Farm Tractor Icon. Farm.

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Coloring Book Woman Farmer Theme 2. Laurel Wreaths. Set Of Funny Cartoon Farmer. Farm Animals Design Vector Set. Farmer With His Potato Crop. Old Tractor. Organic Farmer Planting Tree Woodcut Linocut. Hugging Cow. Happy Farmer Man Carrying A Rake 11. Sonalika Tractor Sonalika Farm Tractors is one of the leading Tractor Manufacturers in India & was founded in 1969. The Company has its headquarters in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.This company has various Indian & International Farm Tractor Brands on offer & has its influence in 70+ countries around the world

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Download 10,799 Cartoon Tractor Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 168,059,320 stock photos online Tractor. Poems. Tractor Ride little boys, Loving My Babys Fathers day paint canvas craft kid, tractor john deere IH Tractors on Pinterest, Case Ih, International 20 God Created the Farmer, Lighted Led Canvas, 17 Best images about Projects to Try on Pinterest, Father The, I've chosen (Tractor by Ted Hughes) with sound.

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Travelling is exciting and fun at Funny Travelling Airport! Come join us for this funny vacation. Experience and learn the basics of airplane travel while having fun. Guide passengers from check-in to takeoff. Finish all stages to unlock achievements and enjoy your travel!Use MOUSE to play the game [54956] A farmer walked into a bar and saw the local tractor salesman sitting there, head hung low, obviouslyupset, drowning his sorrows in his beer.What's up, John? asked the farmer. Gosh Bob, I'll tell you what if I don't sell a tractor soon, I'm gonnahave to close my shop.Now Jo The farmer, from the Belgian village of Erquelinnes, located on the border with France, reportedly moved a large stone 2.29 meters (7.5 feet) so that his tractor could pass through the area. Apparently unbeknownst to the man, the stone marked the France-Belgian border established in 1819 What advice does a farmer follow when choosing a tractor? If it fields good, do it. NED: You shouldn't let farm animals provoke you. ED: I can't help it - they goated me! No farm building should ever, under any circumstances, be used as a convent..

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If you were a tree and I was a squirrel, i'd store my nuts in you. Are you a garbage can because I'm trash and I want to be inside of you. Girl, if you were a chicken you'd be impeccable. Hey you remember that BBQ, when I slapped my meat on you grill Please Check out our New compilation: Thong Panties Fails - Girls Pulling Thong Underwear Funny Compilation || Fail Pirates This is simply too funny, almost nobody can watch this without laughing: VIEW MORE: Recent Fails video here : https://goo.gl/NNWS7U Most Popular videos here : https://goo.gl/NU4T8L Join our Community Here : https://goo.gl/bLk4zw Instant Subscribe and Be a Pirates here. A Belgian farmer accidentally redrew the country's border with France when he moved a stone that was blocking his tractor's path. The stone was moved in the Belgian village of Erquelinnes, the BBC. During the Bush administration, he started writing ag jokes. By 2009, his farm-themed sets took off like prairie fire. Tailoring a show to each audience is key, Mason notes. He'll play to conventional wheat growers in Nebraska one week (lots of gluten-free jokes) and organic produce farmers in Maine thenext

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This tractor is loaded, including a Front AND Rear 3-pt and PTO. Only 363 hours, it's like brand new. Base price on this tractor was $166,597.00, it has over $28,000.00 worth of options and extras on it, costing over $195,000.00 new. This tractor has been impeccably maintained and is in excellent condition, ready to go to work for you Rahul Gandhi drives a tractor to Parliament to protest against farm laws, triggers hilarious jokes Netizens also tagged Delhi Traffic Police to issue challan to Rahul Gandhi in case he is in violation of traffic rules if he does not have the licence to drive the tractor Monarch Tractor is moving farming toward a safer and sustainable future by eliminating harmful emissions, reducing the need for herbicides and keeping workers out of harm's way with its driver. JEROMESVILLE - It was like nothing the small village had ever seen before when more than 50 tractors and other farm equipment rumbled slowly down South High Street on Thursday afternoon Search, discover and share your favorite Farmer GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. farmer 1228 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # today # finale # favorite # bachelor # wife # farmer # tractor # traktor # tv4 # tv4se # farmer # musicals # farming # mgm # judy garland # news # episode 21 # season 20 # field # farmer # nature # bird # boring # farm.

a farmer carrying a toy tractor - funny tractor stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. living with pets - funny tractor stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Merry Cemetery in Sapanta. Romania. Maramures. Is a world wide unique graveyard. The wooden crosses are painted and depict scenes from the life and.. The Funny Farm. 342 likes. Building our dream of peaceful country livin

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Real Tractor Farmer. Real Tractor Farmer is fun addictive farming game.Now its time to become a virtual farmer. Bored with driving little crane or huge construction cranes, than its time to try farm tractor driving and parking. Farming Simulator adventure is a new concept where you will feel like a real virtual farmer JD farmer Beat Up IH Farmer TRACTOR funny sticker decal items in . Item discovered at ebay.com See more similar items Jerry lived a farmer's life. In fact, his sons told me the 1978 speech by Paul Harvey 'So God Made A Farmer,' described their father to a tee. Jerry was a rancher and farmer in Collinsville since. How proprietary, what most think if a tractor is 25-100 Hp , everybody and there brother sells one $10.000-50,000), what most people think of as a big tractor is 100-175 Hp range $100,000-175,000 and they numerous manufactures, what a Farmer thinks of as a big tractor is 450-642Hp and is in the neighborhood of a $1/2 million, there 2 manufactures ‎Become a professional tractor driver in this spectacular, FREE 3D tractor driving simulator game! Advanced and detailed 3D terrain with brand new environment, living animals, traffic, and lot of funny elements to explore! Your goal here is to deliver various cargos around a huge farm complex wit

Anti-humor is a type of indirect and alternative humor that involves the joke-teller's delivering something that is intentionally not funny, or lacking in intrinsic meaning. The practice relies on the expectation on the part of the audience of something humorous, and when this does not happen, the irony itself is of comedic value. Anti-humor is also the basis of various types of pranks and hoaxes Funny Little Farmer Riding Tractor. Eps 10. Farming People Tractor Driver and Woman Harvesting. Farming people vector, man driving tractor working on land, woman holding basket filled with fruits and. Set farm tools gardening equipment and farmer near tractor organic eco farming agriculture concept. Horizontal full length vector illustratio Calling the farmers of Jind (Haryana) as revolutionaries, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait on Sunday hailed the decision of carrying out a tractor parade in protest against the Centre's farm laws on Independence Day. Addressing media near a protest site in Delhi, Tikait said carrying out a tractor rally is not a 'bad thing', and driving tractors with a national flag increases. Funny landscape with tractor on the road. Tractor cartoon colored. Red tractor. Farmer riding a tractor. An bearded farmer is driving vintage obsolete farm tractor. Cartoon. Caricature. Tractor. Cartoon Monster Truck. Vector Cartoon Monster Truck. Next Page. Previous. Next An anonymous reader quotes NPR: Modern tractors, essentially, have two keys to make the engine work. One key starts the engine. But because today's tractors are high-tech machines that can steer themselves by GPS, you also need a software key -- to fix the programs that make a tractor run properly. And farmers don't get that key

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Tractors come in all sizes with different horsepower engines. Tractors make farming easier and more efficient. You can attach a plow or blower and use your tractor to remove snow, attach a bucket and move wood, stone or mulch, use the forks to lift large logs, small dead trees and other heavy objects, and even use your tractor to mow your lawn With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Farmer animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>

Buy a farm tractor t-shirt today, and it ships within 24 hours and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose from thousands of farm tractor shirt designs for men, women, and children which have been created by our community of independent artists and iconic brands. Our high-quality farm tractor shirts are available in multiple sizes and body styles Real Farm Tractor Simulator 3D is a real funny physics engine game. If you like Simulator Games, drifting, tractor, try it. Explore the mini world and drift a lot. You can turn off ABS, TC, ESP. Damage the other vehicles on the streets. ***FEATURES*** * Easy controller * Realistic acceleration * Beautiful Graphics * Realistic sound environmen bitty. Interests:Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED (gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,200 ,230 ,230, '39 H , 400,450 x3 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family Funny farmer portrait, vector image. Label or logo with farmer. Funny cartoon farmer. Cartoon farmer on tractor. Set of funny cartoon farmer. Tractor vector logo design template. harvest or farm icon. Cartoon little boy and dog in the farm. Vector Collection of Cute Cartoon Farm Animals and Barn

NO farms no farm girls funny woman Girl's Tee. $18.74 $24.99. How I Roll (Tractor Trailer) Dark T-Shirt. $17.54 $26.99. Red Tractor Kid Kids Light T-Shirt. $18.74 $24.99. Will Work For Tractor Parts Light T-Shirt. $14.94 $22.99. My Tractor T-Shirt White T-Shirt Portrait of farmer woman in field during harvest Satisfied young farmer woman standing with crossed arms in front of combine harvester and tractor with trailer in corn field farmer women tractor female stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Farmers examing dirt while tractor is plowing field Young farmers examing dirt while tractor is. Cute Farm Animals - Watercolor Farm Animals, Pig, Cow, Lamb, Goose, Horse, Livestock, Bird, Tractor, Farmer, Open Farm, PNG - Instant Download - This is digital clipart. 300 dpi. - 23 transparent PNG images - image size 3500/4000 pixel Canning Jar product Grab Your Balls Funny Farm. from $ 23.99. Customizable. New. Women's Knotted T-Shirt. Highland Cow Girl Just a Girl Who Loves Highland. from $ 24.99. Customizable. Men's Premium T-Shirt. farming, farming luscious, farming simulator, farm. from $ 23.99. Customizable 10 reviews of Curtis Farm Tractor & Tree I am surprised to hear about the last review! My husband and I thought the owner to be a great help. He not only came on short notice but stayed longer and was able to accomodate the changes in our plans. They even made log stepping stones out of the tree for the kids to play on in our play area

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