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Our CineStarPanel™ star ceiling panels are 1 deep Fiberglas acoustic panels that are covered with flame-resistant acoustic fabric. They're made with 3 different diameter fiber-optic strands and alternating twinkling and static LEDs to create a more natural looking sky CineStarPanel™ star ceiling panels are made with 3 different diameter fiber-optic strands to simulate dim, medium and bright star effects, randomly positioned on the panel by skilled craftsmen to create a more natural looking sky. To make an even more authentic star presentation, we use alternating twinkling and static LEDs with the digital. Orlando Florida Fiber Optic Star Ceilng Panels. Twilight Star Ceilings Featured on DIY Channel. The TWILIGHT STAR SYSTEM PANEL is a state of the art module LED star system that creates a nighttime starry effect. The system includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects such as, summer nights, ocean surf and, tropical rain FTI's Starscape fiber optic star ceiling system is unique in the market. The product is custom engineered for the site and delivered as a kit. The star ceiling system installs in the shortest amount if time when compared to the general offering of spooled fiber and light source 4' x 8' LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel Kit. This kit is designed to be embedded in the back of an acoustical panel, sheet rock or headliner. The kit includes 8 9' bundles of 24 .75mm fibers for a total of 192 fibers. The LED engine has various effects that can be controlled via dip switches on the back of engine including shooting stars

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  1. e from Wiedamark.Use their suggestions of which kit to use based on the size area you're doing. Based on the size of my area, I went with one of their largest kits - the 600 strand 3-size star kit
  2. Fibre optic star ceiling light is a popular choice for a home cinema room building project or for living room decoration. Our fibre optic starlight ceilings come in rectangular or round shapes in a variety of sizes. The panels are available in four colours: black, white, silver and gold
  3. Infinity is a modular panel-based star ceiling system designed by Starscape Star Ceilings Ltd. The System. The whole system has been designed from the outset for ease of installation. Individual panels have a bundle of 100 mixed diameter fibres (0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm) distributed in a natural star pattern across the face. On the rear of.
  4. Fiber Optic Ceiling is the final choice for halls, home theaters, kids bedroom etc Description: Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light- It's a new concept to create a galaxy effect with twinkling and color changing stars in the ceiling created through fiber optic and ceiling and walls come alive with star points, recreating a starry night sky
  5. Fibre optic star ceilings are perfect in the bedroom or nursery for creating that sensation of sleeping out under the stars, and a star ceiling also adds that finishing touch to a dedicated home cinema room. Fibre optics can also be used in a huge range of other innovative lighting applications, both indoors and out

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  1. Wiedamark is the world's largest supplier of fiber optic star ceiling solutions. We have developed a strong reputation for providing outstanding customer service and support to clients seeking our assistance on their starry projects. Our solutions range from a vast array of economic star ceiling kits to manufactured star ceiling panels shipped ready to plug and play
  2. Fiber Optic Star Tiles are the most versatile and simplest fiber optic starfield to install and they are virtually maintenance free. These are high quality acoustic fiberglass with Guilford fabric facing. Surface Mount Panel 24 x 24 1 Thick Panels w/ 1 Backer (2 Total Thickness) - 18 Stars. Surface Mount 24 x 48 1 Thick.
  3. ator (light engine), fiber optic strands, RF remote control, and power supply. The kits come with everything you need and are great for DIY jobs where fiber runs are less than 16 ft
  4. Fibre optic star light ceiling acoustic panel | STAREFX-PANEL AC120x60. The StarEFX acoustic is a 1195Lx595Wx38Hmm (4'Lx2'W x 1.496H) star light panel that mounts onto an existing ceiling with a set of screws. The panels are made from an absorbent fibreglass material for increased sound acoustics..
  5. This fiber optic star ceiling kit, including 1pc 10W dual port LED light engine with 600 mixed diameter fiber optic cables to make vivid star ceiling field. If you would like to create a ceiling with three different sizes of stars and cover a about 150 square feet area, we suggest that you purchase this model

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Building the first of three fiber optic start ceiling panels for our home cinema.View part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yczu3C6QJn4music by : http://ww.. Our Fiber-Optic Star Panels for your home theater room have been designed for maximum enjoyment and ease of installation. No more smashing nails into your ceiling or struggling with fiber-optic cable management. These panels are built with a self contained box frame that houses the lightbox, fiber-optic cables, and 110v power supply. This makes. SoundRight Fiber-Optic Star Panels are available in a few different styles. Choose between RGB or White LED lighting, Two-Tone or Single Tone Frames, Square or Round, and multiple sizes. The SoundRight Fiber-Optic Starpanel comes included with everything you need and is very easy to install Fibre optic star ceiling kit Create your own starlight ceiling in your home. Give your home the star treatment with a fibre optic star ceiling kit.Our star ceiling kits are complete sets, containing optical fibre bundles and a light generator - all you need to create your own starry ceiling Mar 25, 2017 - Explore Taj's board Fiber optic Ceiling on Pinterest. See more ideas about star ceiling, fiber optic ceiling, fiber optic

If you want to buy a fibre optic star kit it makes sense to buy from a firm which specialises in this area of fibre optic lighting. Although we're involved in all sorts of fibre optic lighting, star ceilings are our core business and our DIY fibre optic star kits reflect our experience and expertise in this sector Fibre Optic Star Ceilings Often one illuminator or light projector is used to create this effect spanning across an entire room or space. We have fibre optic star ceilings for residential home theatre applications through to large commercial night clubs or wedding halls with animated shooting stars and comets

Installation Video for a Fiber Optic Star Ceiling by Fiberoptics Technology Inc. Installation in drywall with Custom Harness System for child's bedroom.https.. arya's fiber optic star ceiling panels fiber optic series - the inspirational story behind the product Teeter Works' Arya fiber optic Panels are the newest technology in digital star lighting. Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of our star ceiling Panel Starlite star ceiling panels are easy to install. No more banging or forcing fiber optic through drywall. The plug-and-play panel systems make estimation easy as well, bringing a high-end star ceiling experience within reach for all interior applications and environments Star Ceiling Panels. Star Ceiling Panels are by far the easiest way to get a beautiful star ceiling. We offer 2 pre-wired panel options. For those of you that have a drop ceiling grid system you will want our Drop-in Pre-Wired Star Panels.. If you are looking for something that you can mount directly to your ceiling you should look at our Direct Mount Pre-Wired Star Panels We are the industry leader in Fiber Optic Star Ceiling applications. Enhance new and exciting room designs with our Twilight Star Ceiling Panels. Surface Mount Twilight Star Panels. The Twilight Star Panel™ from Impact Lighting Inc's EpiXsky Division continues to be the leader in digital star lighting technology

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Customized aesthetics and acoustics, part of the Kinetics StretchTRAK acoustical wall and ceiling system, professionally installed by Kinetics. Starcoustix PX | GX Fiber-Optic Acoustical Panels learn more. Factory made-to-order, shipped ready for installation on drywall ceilings or lay-in grid systems If you're working with just two panels then there are two options. The first option is to use a pair of our Orion DIY star kit fibre harnesses, using a single shared MiniLED600 light source in place of the standard MiniLED550.The 600 is twin-port or double-barreled light source so it can take two separate fibre harnesses

Recreate this vision indoors using end light Fiber Optic cable. Constellations, comets, or shooting starts work together to create a dazzling spectacle. The fiber is inserted into acoustical panels or rigid foam PVC panels which are attached to the ceiling. The acoustical panels are finished in fabric, while the PVC panels are a painted finish Fiber Optic Star Ceilings. Our incredible CineStarPanel™ fiber optic ceiling panels create a realistic and relaxing starry night above, plus opens the feel of your room like a skylight to the night sky. All of our US made star panels are self-contained, with the control boards and fiber optic network built in - plus we now offer RGBW stars. Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel With Day Time Stars: I wanted to create a star ceiling, but since we are currently renting, I didn't want to drill into the actual ceiling. So here's how to create a portable star ceiling you can take with you. The total cost of this project is around USD $10 Fiber optic star ceiling kit Perhaps the most important (and most expensive) component of this project. Foam insulation board, 2 I used 6 sheets of 4' x 8'. Black felt Used to cover your panel. I had to use about 13 yards, which was about 1⅓ bolts. 3½ black screws, and washers Used to attach the panels to your ceiling

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  1. Jul 29, 2019 - Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling: For my wife & I, a dream of ours has always been to have a home theater to watch movies with our family. This past winter we've finally been able to make it a reality. We had our basement finished and in doing so, I planned a good sized room to
  2. Each panel is hand made meaning that each and every fibre optic light (or star) is placed separately which ensures that your ceiling looks as realistic as it can. Most panels on today's market are mass produced so that every panel looks the same, this means that the realistic effect that we can create does not show on other systems
  3. These pre-fabricated fiber optic star ceilings are available up to 5' x 10' and easily mount to existing ceiling or drop into an existing grid. The panels are available in over 40 colors providing your with flexible design options for your galaxy star ceiling system. The pre-populated acoustic ceiling panels are NRC and fire rated for your.
  4. readymade Fibre Optic Star Ceiling Panels, Fibre Optic Star Cloths and much more. Home Cinema There's nothing quite like a star ceiling to add the finishing touch to a dedicated home cinema room, helping to make the room a special refuge from the everyday world, somewhere where you can really relax
  5. Galaxy Fiber Optic Panel Systems incorporates our own Clear Nite background panel. The Clear Nite background is a 3/16 gloss black acrylic panel whose highly reflective surface allows for depth and multiple light point representation. Standard Clear Nite panels are 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' and fit into standard drop ceilings

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Fiber Optic RGBW Twinkle PMMA Fiber LED Optical Star Ceiling Kit Light 300pcs*2M. $72.20. Was: $76.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer Stunning LED stars through optic fibre. Long lasting low power LED technology with 50k hours life. Flock velour panel coating improves room acoustics. Standard 600 x 1200 mm Star Panel attach directly to any ceiling. Simple Plug & Play installation daisy chain one panel to the next. Fast installation (average room 3 hours

Fiber Optic RGBW Twinkle PMMA Fiber LED Optical Star Ceiling Kit Light 300pcs*2M. $64.60. Was: $76.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer Incepted in the year 2009, LED Smartlight is involved in offering prime class range of Fiber Optic Light, Underwater Light, LED Spot Light, LED Track Light, Commercial LED Light, Chanel Bar LED Light, Theater Step Light and Surface Mounted LED Light. All these products are admired widely because of their qualities such as brightness, durability, ruggedness, reliability, accurate dimensions and.

(A Fiber Optic Ceiling with black lights around the edge for looks only) Fiber optic star ceiling by Jeff, on Flickr Of course my view is going to be a little biased... but I will try to be fair to all three options. First, lets go over Fiber optics. They are great to view in almost any light. This is a big pro when compared to a painted. Infinite Star Ceilings from Judge Ceilings: Trust the Judge. Images provided by StarScape. Categories: Ceiling Lighting, LED Lights, Fibre Optic Lighting, Starlight Fibre Optic Panels. Write a review Please or register to review Related Products. QUICKVIEW. LED Non-Corrosive IP65 Fitting. £49.95 Add to Cart. Compare

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  1. um framed, stretched-fabric panel that is easily assembled, hung on the ceiling and wired by your AV integrator. HOW IT WORKS. The kit comes with three items: an alu
  2. The StarEFX acoustic is a 1200mm x 600mm star light panel that mounts onto an existing ceiling with a set of screws. The panels are made from an absorbent fibreglass material for increased sound acoustics with a black lining giving a clean and neat face finish. Each fibre optic star light shines through amazingly in a white light replicating.
  3. Star Ceilings & Star Domes These star ceiling and dome lights add an amazing element that will elevate your theater experience for your family and friends. Our Plug and Play Star Ceiling Tiles are a snap to install in any drop ceiling and our Star Ceiling Panels are shipped as easy-to-install kits perfect for the home owner or custom installer
  4. The fiber optic installation included a twinkle-wheel to give the impression of the night sky. Key words: Fiber Optics, fiber optic lighting, fibers, fiber optic star ceiling, start ceiling, fiber optic lighting, fiber optics, fiber star ceiling, star ceiling, bedroom star ceiling Lighting idea for basement home spa and theatre - webuser.
  5. Panel tail. We have two lengths of panel tail: 1.6 metre and2.5 metres. All contain the following fibres: 80 x 0.50, 14 x 0.75,5 x 1.00 and 1 x 1.50 The 1.6m tail will be suitable for metre square panels or smaller, the 2.5m for plasterboard size panels 2.4 x 1.2 metres

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Fiber Optic and LED Lights. Bring the beauty and magic of the night sky into your home theater! These easy-to-install and affordable star ceiling panels and tiles will completely transform your room with their twinkling lights. Options include color perimeters, additional stars, and remote dimmers. We offer two types of star ceilings We will launches new products by this exhibition: indoor decoration custom pattern led fiber optic star ceiling panel. 02.22.2019. 2019 new product: fiber optic star ceiling panel. 1. Easy to transport and install. 12.21.2018. 2018 Hong Kong exhibition. 03.17.2018. 2018 Dubai exhibition

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Our Star circle Micro LED allows you to install a star effect ceiling. Available in 2 colours - plum red and midnight blue, the rings consist of a 1223mm diameter aluminium ring covered in a serge material. Fibre optic star points shine through the material creating a sparkling starry night effect Star light ceiling kit is a kind of complete safe DIY fiber optic star ceiling product. And used to make beautiful twinkle starry sky night for roof ceilings, floors, walls and counter tops. It is the best choice for home theaters, hotels and sauna rooms. 6 colors or RGBW color changing small fiber optic light source is first element for star.

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  1. LED Smartlight - Offering LED 15W Home Theatre Star Ceiling Optic Fiber Light, For Indoor Lighting at Rs 50/piece in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 1052788623
  2. ated colors, which include Kettleman, Steel, Pig Iron, Tin, Black Cat, Snowflake, Orient Blue, White, Dusky, Thamar Black, Medlar, Abo
  3. Since we design and manufacture our own fiber optic products, our star ceilings are higher quality than those offered elsewhere. As well as high quality British-made components, they come with mixed diameter fibers for a 3D 'near and far' effect, and also have small polycarbonate fittings to give you a neat finish in the ceiling or wall where.
  4. Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Fibers through drywall ceiling. They are easy to install through the existing ceiling or wall. Special panels are available that can be fitted in or just replace drop ceiling panels. The stars can twinkle or change color. The more fiber you pull through the hole, the brighter the star is
  5. Grid Ceiling Fiber-Optic Acoustical Panels StarcoustixTM GX Turn your grid ceiling into a thing of beauty - economically and easily • Standard sizes for lay-in grid ceilings • Economical • Easy installation • Easy connectivity with LED technology and low power consumption • Fast and convenient delivery in six-panel master-pack
  6. Star ceilings use fiber-optic technology that is custom placed into panels to create imagination inspiring visual effects. The ceiling can be controlled remotely (if desired) and will not negatively impact your viewing experience at all! These are not the old-school glow-in-the-dark stick-on-stars of yester-year

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The Galaxy Fiber Optic System is comprised of three parts: the illuminator, the harness/fibers and the ceiling panel. Please see diagrams below. All illuminators include 1.0mm fibers for the use as star points in ceiling panels. Fiber. All 1.0mm fibers are solid core consisting entirely of one acrylic material The custom fiber optic illuminators from FOSI use a 39w PAR 30 Metal Halide bulb and a very quiet effects motor, so placing it behind the stage was possible. Some less expensive illuminators use Halogen bulbs which heat up, requiring loud fans. Because I don't have access above the ceiling I decided to use three 4'x10′ 1/4″ MDF panels.

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3 fiber-optic strand diameters simulate dim, medium, and bright stars for a more natural night sky Alternating twinkling and static LEDs, controlled with on-board switch selection Lightweight 1″ deep fabric-wrapped fiberglass acoustic panels are available in Small (2'x2') and Large (2'x4') size Create a starry night sky in a bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house by installing one of our fibre optic star ceiling kits. Consisting of mixed diameter fibre for a 'near and far' effect, each fibre optic star kit comes with small polycarbonate fittings for a neat finish in the ceiling or chosen installation material Bring the beautiful night sky right into your own home with 4' x 4' fiber optic star ceilings. They twinkle, shine, and shoot across your media room like the real night sky! Even add features such as the Milkyway Galaxy or leave it as a beautiful calm night sky. All star ceilings contain approximately 3 fibers per squ Star ceiling fiber optics light fiber optic panel star ceiling home untrimmed fibre optic star ceiling spa bathroom ceiling lights star. Pics of : Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel. Chrome Ceramic 5 W Star Ceiling Fiber Optics Light Voltage 220 V Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling Home Theater Yo Fiber Optic Star Ceilings. At Easy Ceiling Technologies we supply and install an eclectic mix of stretch ceiling designs. But our favourite at the moment has to be fiber optic star ceilings. They never fail to achieve that wow factor - creating the dramatic impact of a starry night sky on your bedroom, lounge or spa ceiling

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The XLS336 Extra large star ceiling kit. has 336 star points (mix 0.75mm and 1.0mm dia for 'near + far effect') and fiber lengths ranging from 6.56′ up to 24.6′. This kit is particularly suited to commercial projects. It comes as standard with a Microled 1000 generator, a tiny 7 colour illuminator which is completely controlled by two. Build your own Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit to fit your needs. Our CoolSky Led unit holds up to 500 strands of .75mm Fibers which can create effects from Twinkling Stars, Shooting Stars, Dimming options, and Speed Adjustments. Fiber Optic Light Units ( Click Here to view our LED Light Units) Coolsky White. 120v Star Ceiling fiber optic LED light panels. We make the most realistic Fiber Optic Star Ceilings + LED light in the world. Plug and Play pre mounted panels (tiles, boards) with fiber optic.. Fiber optical star ceiling tile, oem fiber optic ceiling light kit. B站不支持收货地址 Start Port: Shanghai / Shenzhen Certification: CE, Rohs, CB Product Name: Fiber optic star panel Size: 60cm X 60cm Panel Material: Polyester fiber board Installation: Screw on the ceiling

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light LED Panels Tiles Bathroom Bedroom July 11, 2020 · 50 m² Fiber Optic Star Ceiling with about 8,000 twinkling stars and 7 meters milky way, stars of soft white, such as our relatively small not so hot sun to the cool white = large very hot star, this the largest starry ceiling with the most variation and. Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling: For my wife & I, a dream of ours has always been to have a home theater to watch movies with our family. This past winter we've finally been able to make it a reality. We had our basement finished and in doing so, I planned a good sized room to Infinity Star Ceiling Panel System - Fibre Optic 2M X 3M. This is a fibre optic infinity star ceiling system, complete with a installation system grid track. Individual panels have a bundle of 100 mixed diameter fibres (0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm) distributed in a natural star pattern across the face. LED light source features a nice, very.

Our Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panels make installations a breeze. Our star ceiling tiles are designed to attach directly to finished drywall. Fiber Optic Lighting. Our standard Surface Mount Panels are produced with 1 fiberglass. Each panel is wrapped in standard midnight black fabric. Each panel will have 7-12 stars per square foot and. Fiber Optic Star Ceiling. Fiber Optic Sky is a new type of lighting system. It is a brand new concept. It can present a starry sky effect in your room. It really has various constellations. It can even simulate the appearance of meteors and truly recreate a star. Read Mor

Mar 31, 2015 - Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling: For my wife & I, a dream of ours has always been to have a home theater to watch movies with our family. This past winter we've finally been able to make it a reality. We had our basement finished and in doing so, I planned a good sized room to Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Installers - manufacturer, factory, supplier from China (Total 24 Products for Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Installers) Fiber Optic For Led Mouse Pad. Brand: DSPOF. Packaging: pp bag or carton. Supply Ability: 10000sets/Month Oct 2, 2019 - Fibre optic star ceiling from Stellar Lighting. Different sizes, light options and colours are available. Bring the magic starry nights to your home

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Galaxy Ceilings, a night sky from Fiber Optic Lighting, varying the amount each fiber extends out of the panel or ceiling, will vary the width and brightness of star points creating a truly representative clear night sky. Contact :MAHESH RAO-Mobile : 09820869565 Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit from Guangzhou Mayki Lighting Limited. Search High Quality Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba.com SS112 +1 Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit. From: $215.00. Select options. Interior Lighting, Star Ceiling Kits Sep 19, 2016 - Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling: For my wife & I, a dream of ours has always been to have a home theater to watch movies with our family. This past winter we've finally been able to make it a reality. We had our basement finished and in doing so, I planned a good sized room t.. A Star ceiling can be one of the most delightful finishes to a home cinema room possible. We've partnered with Starscape to enable us to install their wonderful Infinity Star ceilings. These are made up of black felt covered panels populated with fibre-optic stars

Jan 18, 2016 - Explore Samantha Coughlin's board Star Ceiling on Pinterest. See more ideas about star ceiling, ceiling, fiber optic Large Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Ceiling Kit features 224 Star Points with fibre lengths ranging from 1.0m to 4.5m and is available with a choice of three different light sources (Twinkle Wheel, Manual Colour Changer or Colour Changer with remote control). Please pick your selection using the option set at the top of the page prior to.

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Our fibre optic star ceilings bring an awe-inspiring display of other-worldly beauty to your home, transforming any space into the ultimate chillout zone. Whilst they were initially conceptualized for a new-age home theatre ceiling, they can be used in any room that you see fit Car Use 16W LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit RGBW Light, 28 Keys Remote Sound Sensor Musical Lighting 0.03in/0.75mm .04in/1mm 0.06in/1.5mm 9.8ft/3m Long 430PCs ₹24,060.00 ₹ 24,060 . 00 Next pag

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The star ceiling light impact is generated with the use of fibre optic strands that spark at one end, this is the visible end on the ceiling. At the spot where numerous such ends glow fibre optic strands are gathered in random arrangement on the ceiling, they take after the effect generated by twinkling stars at night Fiber optic star ceiling kit is a complete safe & energy saving DIY decoration lighting kits. It is combinationed by three parts: the Cree LED illuminators, Various diamter PMMA fiber optic light cables: (Dia0.75mm, Dia 1.0mm, or Dia1.5mm) & the Various shapes of fiber optic fittings. 5W LED Fiber optic star ceiling ki Jan 18, 2015 - Explore Cristofre Charest's board Fiber Optic Ceiling on Pinterest. See more ideas about fiber optic ceiling, fiber optic, star ceiling

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Fibre optic light sources. At the heart of the system is the projector or light source which illuminates the fibres (These are also sometimes known as light engines). All our light sources are now based on super-economical LEDs and we have versions available that change colour, twinkle, dim and even strobe. Most models are supplied with radio. A galaxy of stars is created with fiber optic fiber. Optional twinkling effect is created by adding a twinkle wheel or color wheel. Galaxy Ceilings, a night sky from Fiber Optic Lighting, varying the amount each fiber extends out of the panel or ceiling, will vary the width and brightness of star points creating a truly representative clear.

Led ceiling star lights - 10 reasons to buy | Warisan LightingFibre optic ceiling light that produce light for yourFiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel With Day Time Stars : 14