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IPE - The Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable and hardwearing. Often specified by high end architects and widely used for commercial projects and luxury properties. Profile - machined smooth 2 sides, slightly rounded corners. IPE - The Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable and hardwearing Ipe is the finest hardwood decking material. As Ipe is extremely hard , stable & durable it is perfect for decking. View Stocklist. Delivery; Delivery. Most stock items available for delivery within three working days to UK mainland. However delivery of certain products is subject to availability. Please check our stocklist and contact our. IPE - The Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable and hardwearing. Often specified by high end architects and widely used for commercial projects and luxury properties. 0 products found SORT BY: Size 19 x 90mm 21 x 145mm 90 x 90mm Hidden fixings hardwood wrench tool 3/8 plugs. AND/OR. Profile 19 x 90mm 21 x 145mm 90 x 90mm Hidden. IPE hardwood decking profile. IPE Decking 21mm x 145mm. Planed all round decking boards with a small round on all 4 edges. Reversible to pick best face. Face fix only. Ipe will last for many decades without any treatment. Clean and clear with no knots Ipe makes a beautiful looking deck

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Ipe hardwood is a generally chosen for its high density and resistance to scratches, decay and insects. The lumber will last a long time, It is just as fire resistant as steel and remains strong as it ages. Ipe hardwood does not need to be treated with any chemical sealants or finishes Hardwood Decking - Ipe Smooth 21 x 145mm x 2.44m. 1+. £25.93. Out of stock. Hardwood Decking - Ipe Smooth 19 x 140mm x 3.05m. Add to cart. SKU: 14152 Categories: Hardwood Ipe Decking Supplier, Hardwood Decking Boards Suppliers. Description Ipe CONSTRUCTIONAL TIMBERS Uses: Ipe is ideal for bridge building, naval construction and dock work, exterior construction, etc. It is also used for turnery, factory flooring, decking, vehicle bodies, tool handles, archery bows, walking sticks and fishing rods, carpentry and cabinet work Oak decking in a range of sizes; Tropical hardwood Balau and Iroko decking; Composite IPE, Duradek and Smart Board decking; Why hardwood decking? If treated correctly, will last for at least 50 years vs. 15 years with soft wood. Please click below for further information about our new Siberian Larch and Dura Decking ranges

We saw hardwood decking to your exact requirements, offering UK delivery for private and commercial clients. Decking Dimensions We typically cut decking with a width of 125-200mm and a thickness of 25-42mm IPE Hardwood Decking A fantastic, durable product for garden decking One of the toughest hardwood decking products on the market, Ipe is the ultimate hardwood decking solution. Due to it's natural ability and resistance to decay, Ipe is three times harder the Oak and will last for years to come Thickness (mm): 19, 21, 28, 45, 70, 90. Width (mm): 90, 125, 140, 145, 190. Our standard hardwood decking species are listed below, and are some of the timber species that we have delivered to projects in the UK. However, other hardwood timber species, including Iroko, Opepe, Piquia, Padouk, Kapur and many others, are also available for quick. Hassle-Free Ipe Decking Ordering Online. Your best source for wholesale Ipe decking. Offering exotic Brazilian hardwood decking, with our goal being to provide the highest quality materials for your deck, siding, fencing or other projects that will last more than our lifetimes

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Our brand of Iron Woods® Ipe Hardwood Decking has established itself as the gold standard of naturally durable hardwoods. Recognized for its rich honey browns and dark walnut colours Iron Woods® Ipe represents the most highly sought after hardwood decking product in the market and POCO Building Supplies is proud to be the sole distributor of Iron Woods® Ipe in Central, Northern and Western. Profile - Extreme Hardwood Decking Clip *the best system on the market* Allows for Ipe decking to be fitted with out visible fixing. Boxes include stainless steel screws. Coverage guide 11m2 per box. IDEALLY USED WITH IPE HARDWOOD DECKING. Order Online & More Inf Read on to learn the truth about these common Ipe Decking problems. 1 . Ipe Is Too Hard. Ipe is, undoubtedly, one of the hardest woods in the world. There are harder species of wood, but not many. A Janka Hardness scale is used to measure and compare materials based on their hardness. Most reliable sources place Ipe in the top 10 of hardest woods

Osmo Decking Oil: A highly refined oil that is especially suited to dense, exotic, hardwood decking such as Ipe, Yellow Balau, Massaranduba Cumaru, Iroko, Merbau, Teak, and other tight grain wood species. Because of its very thin consistency, it is more able to penetrate into the tight, dense grain of exotic hardwoods used to make high end. Mataverde® Premium Ipe is one such spectacular exotic hardwood decking species. Mataverde® Premium Ipe hardwood displays a wide range of colors, graining and natural beauty. Typically there will be a full spectrum of color ranging from tans to olive browns, to reddish to dark browns, with this hardwood species IPE decking maintenance. Ipe Decking Maintenance: Close to 0, or 5 Golden Rules of 'Ironwood' Care. Every deck surface, no matter whether it's Ipe, treated wood or composite decking, can hardly avoid at least some of possible outdoor effects.. Generally, this can be the sun, rain, leaves, dirt, mildew, mold, insects and the like About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Ipe wood decking. One of the hardest woods/decking boards available, Ipé is the ultimate choice for decking due to its tremendous strength. Yellow Balau is a very durable hardwood and is regularly used for deck building in the UK. It is one of the most popular species of hardwood decking. It's warm colour tones vary from golden brown to. There are many species of hardwood trees used for decking. These have a very slow growth habit & different types include Oak, IPE, Cumaru & Teak. Because it has been grown slowly over many years in tropical conditions, it is an extremely durable wood Decking. Hardwood Balau Decking. Hardwood Ipe Decking. Millboard Composite Decking. Softwood Decking Boards Suppliers. Timber Decking Products. Our Online Q-Deck Shop. Decking Screws. Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System

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  1. Beautiful IPE hardwood timber for decking and landscaping. Ethically sourced. Available to order online at wholesale prices from our trade only website
  2. Looking for decking? Come on to Hardwood Discount. ️ Unbeatable prices ️ Ordered befor 12:00, delivered tomorrow
  3. Duradeck hardwood timber is ideal for a wide variety of timber structures, especially decking. Duradeck structures are strong and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather and can be custom manufactured to dimensions and to project requirements. The following hardwoods are available: Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Iroko, Teak and Yellow Balau

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The selection of hardwood decking includes, Ipe, Iroko, Indonesian Teak, Rustic Teak, Kebony, Merbau, Accoya and Elondo in Exterpark, smooth and bespoke profiles. The Magnet System is an innovative decking system which has 6 essential elements combining to form one of the best decking systems in the world Decking. Silva Timber is a leading supplier of speciality timber decking products in the UK with a range of hardwood, softwood, and composite decking boards suitable for all requirements. Select from species such as Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Yellow Balau (Bangkirai) and ThermoWood, as well as NEOLIFE and EasyDeck wood composite decking Ipe™ (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest-quality hardwood available. From the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk to your own backyard, Ipe decking is proven to keep its integrity and last longer than any other decking material. Ipe is naturally resistant to rot and is over 3 times harder than traditional Teak Hardwood Decking - Ipe Hardwood Decking x Various Lengths. £11.20-£25.93 View products

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  1. Invisible Fastening Systems For Exotic Hardwood Decking. The IPE CLIP® Fastener Company, LLC creates Deck Fasteners that are up to 3x stronger than other deck fastening systems. Our unique and patented deck fastener design offers fast and easy installation, while givin both do-it-yourselfers and expert deck builder a professionally finished look
  2. Cumaru is an exotic hardwood you can count on because it naturally resists rot, decay and insect attack. Check out how Cumaru compares to ipe, teak, and composite decking. Cumaru decking is the second hardest decking we sell. In Brazil, Cumaru is used in mansions, five-star hotels and major commercial projects
  3. Yellow Balau (Bangkirai) Decking. £75.92 £63.27 per sqm. Yellow Balau (pronounced Bal-Ow) - Bangkirai - is a very durable hardwood and one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking. It's a hard, heavy and strong timber that is well suited to deck construction. With a mixture of warm colours of golden browns, light browns and.
  4. (Hardwood ipe decking, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, tigerwood and garapa are the a few types of hardwood that can be restored following graying.) Wooden structures and wood in general trap dirt, dust, airborne, pollen and pollutants
  5. Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a Brazilian hardwood well-known for its beautiful brown and amber tones, as well as its impressive density. For these reasons, Ipe continues to be one of the most sought-after hardwoods for decking — and one of the priciest. Beneath the surface of positive-sounding claims — a purported 20-year life, a.

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Easy Application Exceptional Results. Ipe Oil ® Hardwood Deck Finish is an oil-based natural wood finish available in 2 low VOC formulas. This finish is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of exterior hardwood decks. Ipe Oil ® Hardwood Deck Finish provides excellent penetration of even the densest hardwoods with minimal raising of the grain When you buy decking from The Ipe Decking Company, you will save time & money because you are selecting just the right amount of decking to suit your specific deck plans. We feature low ipe prices, fast shipping times, convenient office hours, and a commitment to excellent customer service by having an expert staff on hand to answer your questions The Handyguys talk about Brian's IPE deck. We covered his deck soon after it was built but this video covers IPE maintenance and how it looks about 1.5 year..

IPE 21 x 145mm Smooth 2 sides - 1st Grade from: £9.75 metre. Machined smooth 2 sides, slightly rounded corners. IPE - The Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable and hardwearing. Online @ www.southgatetimber.co.uk #ipe #diy #decking. Yellow Balau 19 x 90mm Reeded/Smooth from: £3.35 metre (exc VAT) Ipe Decking Cost. The average Ipe deck costs $4,700 for a 10x15 foot space, including labor and materials. It can range between $3,500 and $9,800 depending on the wood grade quality and the level of difficulty to build. Expect to pay between $4 and $8 per linear foot for the lumber compared to $3 to $7 per foot for pressure-treated wood.Labor adds another $25 to $45 per square foot

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Less expensive than Ipe. Has a 25+ year life span as a deck wood. We like to say is that garapa decking is really your best budget option when it comes to hardwood decking, but Ipe Decking is still the standard for toughness, beauty, and life span. But that said the golden color of Garapa Decking is really beautiful and very popular in modern. Similar in appearance to mahogany, ipe is also popular for its durability and beauty as a warm, rich, hardwood. It's a smart choice that is becoming more popular in outdoor applications such as decking and patio furniture. Bought from a reliable source, ipe is often FSC certified, which makes it an environmental choice for your outdoor living. This finish was developed to enhance and protect the beauty of Ipe Hardwood Decking. $ 60.90. Buy Online. Advantage Anchorseal. This sealant is a coating for end grain cuts. Approx. 1 quart for every 500 square feet of decking. $ 22.00 /qt > All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice < GET YOUR IPE SAMPLE. SHOP ONLINE

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Free delivery is offered for all products in the accessories category when they are ordered with flooring , decking or worktops. We can not deliver any accessories on their own. Each pack contains: • 185 - DeckWise Clip Extreme4 Short Black Fasteners with stainless steel insert providing 4mm spacing between boards • 200 - #8x2 DeckWise Colormatch Black Stainless Trim. What is the Best IPE Deck Stain? Very good question as there are not many deck stains or sealers that work well for IPE or other exotic hardwoods. IPE is a Brazilian hardwood that is very difficult to penetrate. Many wood and deck stain will not properly penetrate into this wood type. This results in premature fading of the finish So, that's why we've got a list of 4 best composite decking materials and options to try in 2021. Don't go anywhere as we'll give you a detailed guide on which is best for your needs. Contents [ show] 1 Best Decking Material. 1.1 IPE Hardwood. 1.2 Redwood Kingfisher Decking is a family driven business and is managed by Rob and Ricky Jones. Started in the late 90's, the company has continued to expand year on year to become probably the best known and respected decking company in the south east. Their aim is to provide value for money whilst still maintaining the highest possible standards

Ipe Oil™ is an oil based product which is specially formulated for Ipe Exotic Hardwood Decking. This means that it protects and conditions Ipe while also maintaining a natural appearance. Ipe Oil™ was developed with professional results in mind, providing exceptional penetration, water repellency and U.V. protection An extremely durable hardwood which is highly resistant to preservative treatment. The heartwood is olive-brown with lighter or darker streaks and a straight to irregular grain. Ipe's appearance and durability make it one of the most long lasting and aesthetically pleasing forms of hardwood decking. Other hardwood decking available on request Ipe Hardwood. Native to South America, this is a remarkably long-lasting timber. Which is why Ipe gains the name of Ironwood. The colour is a deep, natural brown that complements most environments. Balau Hardwood. A tropical timber from Asia, Balau is more paler and yellow in colour than other hardwoods, it's a favoured choice for many

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  1. Our hardwood range includes ipe, balau, cumaru and oak. We do offer softwoods, but only species with high-end credentials such as cedar and Siberian larch. We are also the UK distributor of the eco-friendly Thermory range of ash and pine decking, which has been kilned to extremely high temperatures in a chemical-free process to add stability
  2. Ekki CONSTRUCTIONAL TIMBERS Uses: Suitable for heavy construction, all marine work, wharves, bridge building and decking, railway sleepers, very heavy duty flooring. Also for rollers, wagon work and superior joinery. Its acid resistance makes it ideal for filter press plates and frames
  3. Category: Ipe hardwood decking. 27/02/2012 18/11/2015. Ipe Harwood Decking Continue reading.
  4. Exterpark is the only hardwood decking with an invisible fixing profile making it the specifiers choice and an industry leader. Thermowood Exterpark Magnet Decking It is suitable in outdoor use including cladding, decking and fencing and is produced by using mostly Scandinavian (FSC/PEFC), Redwood Pine or Whitewood/Spruce
  5. Hardwood decking is made from slow-growing deciduous trees which makes it a more expensive option to hardwood as the trees take a long time to grow and therefore the process takes longer. Hardwood decking comes in a range of colours and finishes which will suit both traditional and contemporary settings

Premium ipe tropical hardwood deck boards are surfaced on 4 sides Superior durability - exotic-looking ipe decks can last for decades Actual measurements: 3/4 in. x 5.5 in. Excellent slip resistance - exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act standards Ipe naturally resists rot and termites High density hardwood decking species like Garapa, Cumaru, Machiche and Ipe decking can range from moderate to higher priced decking, depending on species, sizing and grade of material. Because these hardwood decking species last so long, they are considered the lowest price decking material over their lifetimes A.J. Smith and Son (Benfleet) Ltd supply a carefully selected range of hardwood decking for projects in the South East of England. Smooth faced premium hardwood decking is a speciality which meets the requirements of the most discerning customers. Species available include :- Ipe Bangkirai (Balau) Garapa Other species can sometimes be sourced to order

Premium hardwood decking systems such as Ipe are usually manufactured with a hidden groove on the side of the board. A hidden clip is then used to hold the board to the frame below. The end result is a sturdy decking system with a smooth surface and no screw or nail heads visible This tropical hardwood decking has been reclaimed from various piers and jetties around the South Coast. Contact Info Ashwells Timber, Brentwood Road Bulphan, Upminster Essex RM14 3T Ipe wood is expensive: Ipe wood costs more than other kinds of wood but it lasts longer than any other decking material. So, in the long run, it proves to be the lowest priced of all decking materials. Ipe Decking Maintenance. Prevent your deck from cracking: Seal the end-grain of your deck with paraffin wax within a couple of hours of cutting.

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  1. Our Yellow Balau (not to be confused with Red Balau) is a heavy hardwood with a yellow-brown and purplish-brown colour with red undertones. As with all timber left untreated it will weather to product deep brown. Grown in Malaysia where it is considered to be very durable, with TRADA rating it as durable, and a Janka Hardness of 1,600 lbf.
  2. The Best Coatings for Brazilian Ipe Wood. You can't find a more durable hardwood than Brazilian ipe, also known as Brazilian walnut. At the top of the Janka hardness scale, it's three times harder.
  3. At East Teak, we manufacture a wide range of top-quality hardwood products, including teak lumber, Marine Teak Decking , Ipe decking, architectural mouldings, Teak plywood, decking and ship timbers. Focusing on quality service, we stock a wide range of products that can be custom designed to fit your exact specifications
  4. Ideal for ultra-low thresholds. Our tiles are just 30mm in height which means combined with our 7mm fixed height pedestal you can deck up to a threshold as low as 37mm. Traditional decking methods using timber joists, even if suspended on a super-low support pad, will only allow you to deck up to a threshold of 130mm or higher
  5. Decking subframe for a hardwood deck using 6 inch bearers with weed proof matting placed underside. IPE hardwood decking seater . Softwood deck 145mm wide grooved profile decking with curved steps. email info@gardengurus.co.uk. cookie polic
  6. Quercast specialises in the milling of UK-grown hardwoods, primarily focusing on oak and sweet chestnut due to their high durability; both timbers have an expected lifespan of 15-25 years when exposed to the elements. We also opened two decking specific sites that offer online quotes and decking calculators; UK Oak Decking and UK Hardwood Decking

Ipe Wood Decking offers benefits such as: Low maintenance decking material. Durable, scratch resistant surface. All natural, chemical free decking. 75+ year lifespan. Resists wood boring insects. Up to a Class A fire rating for flame spread. COMMON TRADE REFERENCE TERMS INCLUDE: Finished size = 3/4x3 1/2 (19 mm x 90 mm Smooth Faced Hardwood Balau Decking (145mm x 21mm) This really is the Rolls Royce of decking! Balau hardwood decking is really suited to a country with a climate like ours as it is so hard-wearing, knot-free and very pleasing to the eye with its different shades of orangey browns. Balau has anti-slip properties which were originally used for. A recent IPE Oil review showed that it was the best solution for an exotic hardwood surface such as a deck, fence, or outdoor furniture. Due to the extremely hard nature of exotic hardwoods like IPE, tigerwood, cumaru, teak, mahogany, and other Brazilian hardwoods a special stain is required. IPE Oi [. UV Plus for Hardwood Decks is a penetrating wood deck stain and oil finish that beautifies and protects exterior wood, providing a natural appearance. It is ideal for use on ipe, brazilian redwood, mahogany, meranti, massaranduba, teak and other exotic dense hardwoods

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  1. Abaco Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood) Decking. ABSWood carries Abaco Massaranduba decking in 5/4x6 sizes at prices comparable to 4/4x6 of other Brazilian decking. Massaranduba is a beautiful plum color. Massaranduba or Brazilian Redwood is ideal for using in decking due to being affordable, more weather resistant and more durable than.
  2. g having to biscuit joint every fastener fixing. You have to make sure the biscuit joints are accurate or the opposite board will not go in
  3. 340 x 145 x 21mm. Planed smooth offcut from a decking board. Lovely timber
  4. How much does Ipe Cost? Example: As an example of a 200-square foot Ipe 1×6 deck, you can expect to pay about $2198 from us including shipping or close to $2872 retail for the same thing, Breakdown of Ipe Decking Price Example: Currently, $9.24 per square foot which is the same as $4.20 a linear foot and this includes shipping. $1,848 total for the 200/SF or 440/LF of Ipe
  5. IPE (pronounced Ee-pay) is a tropical hardwood from forests located in South America. Some other common names it is known by are: Amapa, Cortex, Guayacan, Flor Amarillo, Madera Negra and LaPache Negra. Large commercial importers have even tagged their own brand names to IPE tropical hardwood, for example: Ironwood™, Pau Lope™ and Brazilian.
  6. A typical, average-sized domestic decking area is around 20m² — which gives an approximate cost in the region of £800-£1100 + VAT for a mid-range hardwood deck. For a quality hardwood deck like this, expect at least 25 years of service with good upkeep

Below is is a client's deck finished with One TIME Golden Honey on Garapa Gold: On new exotic hardwood, like Mahogany, Cumaru, Ipe, etc., I like to see the wood dry and weather 2-3 months to lose a little of the surface oils, and draw in the sealer. Acetone wipe can be used for quicker application, but weathering a little is always best 21 x 145mm precision machined hardwood decking is grooved on one side and reeded on the other, giving you the choice of finishHardwood Balau - Bangkirai - is the most commonly used hardwood deck board in the UK it is a very durable hardwood.It is a dense hardwood, heavy, strong and has very little knots that is well suited to deck construction.Balau is hows the beauty of wood showing a mixture. Garapa Wood Decking - Brazilian Oak. Garapa is the ideal lumber for those who seek a durable deck in a light color. ABS proudly carries decking materials made from this exotic lumber, including 4-by-4 posts and handrails. Use the lumber alone for your deck or pair it with Ipe or another hardwood to give your structure a unique look Rare Ipe Hardwood Pergola in Chelsea Garden. 174 mm x 174 mm sections in solid Ipe which were possibly the largest sections of Ipe we have seen in the UK since we started supplying timber in 2003. The finished dimension was 150 x 150 x (up to 6.3 m) after we had planed and prepared these massive sections We carry a range of quality softwood pressure treated deck boards, decking posts & joists and balustrade - everything you'll need for your decking project. To order: Hardwood Decking - Red Balau, Yellow Balau, Ipe, Thermowood Decking, Keruing. This is a really nice deck built from TREX, you can also use softwood or even hardwood for that.

Re: Sanding Ipe decking with RO 150 and DX 93. Just so people know I have 2 parts to my deck. Top is 22ft x 12 ft and bottom section is 14ft x 12ft. Procedure to oil is: brush on penofin oil on 3 runs full length, wait 20 mins to absorb and wipe off excess oil with old soft rag Purchase Ipe Oil. ®. From a Certified Dealer. Enter your City, State, and Postal Code below to find your local dealer. If a dealer is unavailable in your area, you can call us directly: 1-866-427-2547. Contact us via online form and we will get back to you right away. Visit DeckWise.com to check out our entire line of deck building products. Compare Tigerwood Decking! Compare the available hardwood deck options. Visit the comparison section on this website and then give us a CALL.By any measure (hardness, strength, durability, appearance) our Tigerwood Decking is clearly a superior decking material across the board. Don't take our word for it, ask for a sample.Our Tigerwood Decking speaks for itself Red Balau, or batu wood, is an amazingly high quality, durable exotic hardwood.Imported from Indonesia, Red Balau's color makes it highly sought after. Red Balau decking has a beautiful reddish-brown color, but being a naturally oily wood, it needs to be sealed if you want it to retain that rich color through its potentially long lifespan. . Otherwise left untreated, red balau decks will. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives! Our Ipe Decking is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource

IPE Decking Maintenance: Ipe Deck Care And Maintenance. Allow Ipe to age. In doing so, Ipe decking becomes an unbelievable silver patina. But those who love deep natural wood colors should select Ipe decking maintenance of finish with periodical oiling. Though, patina Ipe won't rot or decay, remaining smooth and splinter free Ipe decking is a hardwood, therefore, it requires a high-quality carbide-tipped saw/router blade for cutting and sharp drill bits. Additionally, it is a very heavy board and may require assistance in moving and placing the deck board This hardwood is one of the most durable and sought after hardwoods in Europe. It has similar durability to Ipe Kayu™ Decking. 70% ¼ sawn and semi (vertical grain) Clear grade. Similar durability to Ipe, but pricing is 40% lower. Teak colour when oiled, darkens to a Rich Mahogany hue. Used to make our popular condo deck tiles

hardwood decking solutions. Smart Decking Supplies are a local, independent timber merchant based in Ottery St Mary & Torquay offering solutions for all your decking requirements. Call now on 01404 598 353 or email info@smartdeckingsupplies.co.uk for more information. Yellow-brown to golden brown. Extremely durable. Kiln dried at it's source Home / Flat Roofing / Timber Decking / Timber Decking Tiles / Wallbarn Ipe Hardwood Timber Decking Tile (500mm x 500mm x 30mm) Start right away with 4 months to pay. Enjoy 0% over 4 monthly instalments* * Subject to status. Minimum spend required. T&Cs apply. UK's Largest Online Roofing Supplies Store 6. 2.5L Decking Oil & Protector By Cuprinol. Sixth best decking oil to buy is the 2.5L Decking Oil & Protector By Cuprinol. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Cuprinol has been available in the market for over 75 years and is leading in the production of the best wood care decking oil products

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