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Price List All price indicated below is subject to change without prior notice. Makati Three Central - 500 (Female) Makati Three Central - 300 (Male) Perm: Setting | Digital | Cold 3D Perm L'Oreal X-tenso Alpha-Amino Acid; Any Length: 2500: 4000: 6000: Rebonding 3D Rebonding L'Oreal X-tenso by TONY & JACKEY. Like us on Facebook. Follow. Rebonding or Perm. ₱ 2,499 only. L'Oreal X-tenso Rebonding. or Setting / Digital Perm. plus Kera-Protein Treatment. plus Haircut. SAVE 53% Have shiny, beautiful hair with a hair rebond or digital perm at Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey for P2999 instead of P8800; Add volume to your hair and chase away tangled-up, stressed-out, and chemically damaged hair with these revitalizing treatments; The package includes rebond or digital perm (Prime Black Class Medicine) and haircu The original price of which is Php 7,500. The price included a haircut. The whole procedure lasted for about 2 hours. There are no hair treatments involved that's why it is an hour less than my previous perm. You may want to read about my previous experience using a Korean setting/digital service called Aqua (Php 1,999) here Tony & Jackey Digital Perm. February 8, 2014. November 1, 2014. • Violetology. I was browsing through my old photos and realized I have never changed my hairstyle. I look at my long black straight hair and I feel lifeless and uninteresting. I wanted to star 2014 with a big change. Right on cue, someone from this salon handed me a promotional.

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Tony & Jackey is one of the most popular and most trusted salons in the Philippines especially when it comes to digital perming and rebonding. It is owned by Koreans and the stylists are all professional Korean hair stylist assisted by Filipinos. I really trust this. salon. So when I decided to get a perm, I already know where to go They have a promo for digital perms that has been ongoing since early this year where you can get a haircut, hair treatment, and aqua setting/ digital perm for as low as P3,000 (using a Korean branded product), P5,000 (L'Oreal), and P7,000 (for a Korean product they call Hair Blessing Black Class)—all prices at any hair length. Hey! I'm Anne, a Filipino youtuber and I make videos about anything that interests me. MY CHARIS SHOP: https://hicharis.net/annelopez.. ULTIMATE MUCOTA. A) Mucota Rebond or Setting/Digital Perm + Mucota Clinic + Haircut --. ₱15,800 ₱10,000. B) Mucota Rebond or Setting/Digital Perm + Mucota Protector + Haircut -. ₱10,800 ₱9,000 Setting / Digital. Gentlemen Regular. Ladies Regular. Special. price start at 2500. price start at 3500. price start at 4000. Down Perm add 1000. Volume Perm add 1000

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  1. Look fabulous with this 3D Rebond or Digital Perm Package. Suitable for both virgin (non-treated) hair to normal hair. Includes stylist haircut service. Includes Kera Protein Treatment service. For all hair lengths. Fine Print. Voucher is valid 1 year from the date of purchase . Valid Mondays to Sundays from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM ( Voucher.
  2. I have my hair cut once a year, and I've never really had my hair colored. However, I have had my hair digital permed only at Tony & Jackey but usually in their Tomas Morato branch. I have usually been happy with their work. Cost/Damage. Overall, my digital perm cost me ₱5,250.00, which is still reasonable given my long hair
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Together with Mr. Sky (owner of Tony & Jackey), Ms. Rebecca analyzed my hair. my hair color was done! She cut my hair into layers to reduce volume. I had a fluffy hair so that plus the perm curls might have me end up looking like an afro. To remedy, layered locks is always a good idea. they have a promo for digital perms - from Php. Thankfully I found the two best salons for digital perms in the Philippines! #1 Tony and Jackey (Pricey) #2 Beauty Brick (Great but lasts only 4 months) RATING: 3 STARS. Based on the reviews, I went for Tony and Jackey because though it was more expensive their reviews said that their digital perm lasts 1yr+++! MY RATING: 4 STARS (MY OPINION) I.

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Here's a step-by-step Setting Perm procedure at Tony & Jackey: After leaving the hot oil on my hair for another 20 minutes, my hair was washed and blow dried for the second time. 3:13 to 3:16 Top, my Korean hairstylist, gave me a hair cut Tony and Jackey Digiperm Experience. Date: November 3, 2016 Author: SecretStudioUntold 0 Comments. For the past 21 years of my life, i only had same hairstyle- straight hair all the way! So one day i decided to have a major hair makeover and that would be having my hair permed. Thats right, and since i wanted a nice perm i pick Tony and Jackey. Digital Perm at Tony and Jackey. It started when I got so bored with my life and I'm having some personal issues with my so called love life back in 2010, that I wanted a new look! I've been hearing a lot about this new way of curling hairs. I am familiar with the usual cold perm process until I heard about this and started googling Digital.

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  1. I noticed myself tying my hair on a ponytail more often lately. For me, that's a sign that I need a new hairstyle. And then, I came across this deal from Metrodeal.com with Tony and Jackey's hair service. Deal is inclusive with: hair blessing rebond/digital perm; hair keratin; haircut; 1k worth of gift chec
  2. The step by step procedure of Tony and Jackey's perm service package includes hair shampoo, haircut, application of L'oreal Digital Perm medicine, Hair Manicure and Treatment. It costs Php 5,000. In my case, I chose the Php3,000 package- no haircut and hair treatment. Before I went to T&J Salon, I had my hair cut first in other salon
  3. Our Korean look by Tony & Jackey. I have been getting bored with my long hair and wanted a different look. I was considering a haircut and/or a digital perm so, I asked my friend, Nikki which I know can always accompany and support me with such activity and request. So, last June 2 before I reported to work and which is in time before my niece.
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  5. Ms. Yani of Tony & Jackey introduced me to Tony, the branch senior stylist who was going to do my hair. For that day, I decided to have a digital perm (P3,000), because Ms. Yani says that their salon is known for that hair treatment. I have had a perm years ago, but this time around will be a 'digital' one, and I honestly had no clue what.
  6. g Saturday is our flight to Puerto Princesa so I spent the entire day today buying some stuff and preparing myself. I just had my hair rebonded last February at Headway Salon in SM North Edsa Annex. It's a whooping Php 4,000 but I think it's all worth the price
  7. Re: Tony and Jackey Thread 4. « Reply #204 on: March 13, 2012, 01:19:49 pm ». Hi mga sis. Im a korean and ive done my hair at T&J ilan beses. And i wasnt satisfied. Their stylist are actually mga trainees sa Korea. They are here to train. Not all of them pero some of them. But then meron din magaling sakanila

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  1. Cost: Tony & Jackey: 3,000 - 6,000 (Regular price of 6,000 for L'oreal product, haircut not included) Tip: Once a year, they offer digi perm package that includes hair cut, hair color & keratin treatment. Azure Salon: 3,000 - 6,000 (includes hair cut) + 2,000 for full hair color (extra long) Tip: check out pinoypresyo.com or metrodeal or ensogo.
  2. Apparently, Tony & Jackey is quite expensive, The price for a digi-perm costs around 3.5k, and the price of a stra-perm (rebonded at the top, permed at the bottom), is I am planning to get a digital perm and I am thinking of getting it from 3 salons. david's salon - because my cousin had her hair rebonded there and it looks good.
  3. Digital Perm at Tony & Jackey Day 1 of my Digital Perm!! I got it done from Tony & Jackey Korean salon (Makati branch). I'm really satisfied with their service and especially the perm even though it's so expensive but it's worth it anyways


Tony & Jackey has been known to have good service especially hair rebonding & digital perming. According to Wikipedia: A digital perm is a perm which uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name Tony and Jackey Digital Perm. Posted by Miss Independent. I was always curious with Bang's Tony and Jackey Salon, especially their very famous DIGITAL PERM. I had my hair permed few years ago (the old way) but the curl was too fine that I looked like Sto. Nino (yeah, my classmates were teasing me back then) The starting price of a digital perm at Shin Hair Salon is $150. My hair at the time of my perm was medium length (a bit below my back) and considered thin by the stylist. Even so, my digital perm costs $200. 2. Make sure you're ready to commi For the price of Php 3,500, they can transform even the straightest of strands into bombshell waves worthy of wings. Tony and Jackey . 2, One Amazing, 403 N.S. Amoranto Sr. St. Cor. Speaker Perez S.t, Quezon/ 3/F, SM Manila, Concepcion Cor. Arroceros & San Marcelino, Ermita, Manila/ 5th Floor SM City North Edsa The Block, North Avenue, EDSA. Step 1: After washing your hair squeeze all excess water and wrap in a towel to dry or at least not as damp wet. Step 2: Remove towel after a few minutes then finger comb don't brush or comb so as not to stretch your curls Step 3: Twist your a little bit wet hair in portion. Step 4: Clip your hair and do other things. You can cook, put on your makeup, get dressed, eat, brush your teeth

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  1. T & J Salon uses imported and high-quality products for hair treatments, colouring and styling. I was advised to have the Rescue 911 hair treatment using the Rescue 911 Damage Clinic (Fee Php 1,400+ on promo regular rate is Php 4,000). After shampooing, the stylist applied the 911 spray solution and placed under the salon dryer/heater for 30.
  2. Price is inclusive of taxes and service charge. Tony and Jackey reserves the right to deny service regarding hair quality of customer, thus additional Hair treatment may be suggested by hair stylist depending on the hair condition of customer
  3. So anyway, I availed metrodeal's promo for rebonding or digiperm at t&j for P3000 (original price stated in the voucher is P8500) but i still ended up spending P9000 for my digi perm. After spending that much, I realized Tony & jackey's goal is to suck all the money that you have. They don't really care about your hair
  4. Bangs Prime Salon upscale brand of Tony & Jackey Salon . Our Salon is NOW back in full swing! Rebond, Digital Perm, Hair Color, Treatments and Stylish Cut are now available in all branch Starting July 06, 2020 . As we back we are offering a FREE PRIME KERATIN TREATMENT SERVICE for you and for your friends
  5. Explore our NEW digital education platform and subscribe to access over 300 techniques and global live webinars. Learning Online: All the time. Catch up now on our launch live webinar. Take a Tour. Lose yourself in TONI&GUY's breathtaking new collection, aimed to both educate and inspire
  6. According to the deal, Hair Blessing Rebond or Digital/Setting Perm & Haircut at Tony & Jackey for P2999 instead of P8500, the 8500php was for the rebonding alone. Seriously? I know it's a bit more expensive than your usual salon but 11,500 pesos for rebond and treatment? wow
  7. g to the scissors the stylists use. To ensure quality services, every hairstylist at Tony and Jackey attends beauty schools and is intensively trained. One step into the salon and you can feel being transported to Korea -- from the services Tony and.

Tony & Jackey is known for their crazy discounts and expert hair care. They do everything from regular haircuts, updos, and blow drying to rebonding, hot/cold perms, and revitalizing treatments. They also have services such as manicures and nail art. Like I said earlier, I wanted to change my hair color and the promo included the Mucota Scena. They Have a very nice promo in buyanihan, I bought 1 for myself, 61% OFF at Tony & Jackey! Only P4,499 for Choice of Hair Rebond or Digital Perm with Keratin Treatment, Hair Blessing and Stylish Haircut (Original Price: P11,500

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I'm planning on having my haircut again this October and I'll definitely go back to Tony & Jackey. The price I paid for my haircut is Php 500. To most people, that sounds expensive. I pay a fraction of that with my other stylists, but, I don't mind paying that again if the result will be exactly what I wanted. TIPS You can visit T & J Salon by Tony and Jackey at 2nd Level, SM Light Mall. Their haircut is only P200.00 and Kera-Protein starts at P800.00. I'm thinking of doing digital perm to try something new Tony & Jackey Salon West of Ayala Makati . This is the perfect time to visit Tony & Jackey Makati West of Ayala and to have your hair Rebond or Perm. Our lowest Rebond and Perm price of the year. Hurry up! available from October 15 to 31, 2019 only. Drop us a call at 0933817509

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Apart from that, Tony and Jackey also utilizes top-of-the-line equipment-- from digital perming to the scissors the stylists use. To ensure quality services, every hairstylist at Tony and Jackey attends beauty schools and is intensively trained With Tony and Jackey, after my second digiperm with them, I have spent 7k minimum because they have to treat my hair first and all so the curls will last longer. Maybe it would be the same with Beauty Brick if I have availed their treatment but then maybe I have to pay the same price, too I saw Tony and Jackey at SM North Edsa, the one in the Annex Building and decided to try their digital perm and ombre. Ombre is like combining 2 to 3 hair dye colors that can create different tones in your hair. Sarah was my Korean stylist. She did the treatment of my hair first then the perming afterwards

Hair Blessing Rebond or Digital/Setting Perm & Haircut at Tony & Jackey for P2999 instead of P8500 (16 Branches Nationwide) July 3, 2013 salezoneph Blessing , Blessing Rebond , Branches , budget deals , DigitalSetting , everythinginbudget , Hair Rebonding , Haircut , instead , Jackey , metro manila deals , Nationwide , P2999 , P8500 , Rebond. I can't remember the exact price but more or less P2000 for the 2 bottles good to last for more than a month. I know.. so mahal ! Tony and Jackey Salon (168 Branch) is currently having a promo and some officemates had their hair permed also Without thinking twice, I went to Tony and Jackey (SM San Lazaro branch) @ exactly 10AM to have my digital perm. As soon as I entered the salon, I was greeted in unison by their friendly staff. I told the salon manager/interpreter that I wanted the 5k package (Loreal product) digital perm

Tony & Jackey Salon. 6.3/ 10. 28. ratings. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing. Best digital perm in town :) sooo love it here! (2 Tips) The hair keratin treatment is really good, better than hot oil. (2 Tips Tony and Jackey's promo is P 3,000 for half rebond and half perm. I went to their SM North Edsa branch with my hubby and daughter as part of our weekend mall trip. When we got there I was attended to by a female receptionist. She asked me what service I will be availing. I told them that I want to get a digital perm and that I want to avail of. Found this ad Hair Blessing Rebond or Digital Perm & Haircut by Black Class products at Tony & Jackey for P2999 at Metrodeal and thought that I couldn't miss it this time since it was 65% off! Thanks to my sister, Duan, for tipping me about Metrodeal and also for getting me my voucher (since I couldn't do it myself around that time)

Loving Tony and Jackey K-Salon through the Years. Posted in Everything Korean, Korean Salon, tagged Bang's Tony and Jackey Salon Share Your Story 2, Ms. Angela of Tony and Jackey SM North The Block, Tony and Jackey Digiperm hair treatment, Tony and Jackey Hair Blessing Rebond/Digiperm treatment, Tony and Jackey Korean Salon, Tony and Jackey Korean Salon Experience, Tony and Jackey Salon Share. Tips 3. Photos 20. Tony & Jackey. 7.9/ 10. 8. ratings. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing 66% Off Tony & Jackey`s Rebond or Digital Perm Prom . Tony and Jackey, for me the price is expensive but their service is superb. I forgot to give tips to the stylist who cut my hair though. They are good in cutting your hair and make it look like korean-style hair

I chose the Tony and Jackey SM Dasma branch. I tried the SM Bacoor branch twice already, and twice they disappointed me. Also, SM Bacoor branch only has 1 Korean and 3 Filipino stylists. SM Dasma has 3 Korean stylists (not that I'm being racist with my own Filipino people. It's called Korean salon for a reason) Bang's Tony and Jackey Service Price List: Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey 15 / 15 stars. About Rochkirstin Santos-Sioco. Digital marketing strategist. Health and technology freak. and it was a rip off. i paid 2500 for a treatment and 500 for hairtcut. i really trusted them because i had a previous perm and treatment at sm manila. Digital Perm Is An Investment. If you're thinking about getting a perm, keep in mind that it's an investment on multiple levels. Digital perms take several hours to complete, because your stylist will be giving attention to every strand of hair Thankfully, Tony & Jackey opened a branch at the local SM a coupla years ago and the price for the procedure has gone down a bit. They currently have a promo, which I initially wanted to avail: digiperm digital perm Tony & Jackey SM Batangas City branch

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T & J Salon Professionals is the community brand of Tony and Jackey. The creation of community brand T & J Salon Professionals is to cater the potential market not served by the existing Bangs Prime Salon, the other market seeking for quality and economical, in terms of price and salon service Keratin treatment is a temporary straightening process that transforms unruly, frizzy, and dry hair into shiny, straight, and healthy hair. Using a high temp flat iron, the keratin treatment is infused into hair, sealing the cuticle, and repairing the damage. This process usually takes 60-90 minutes to complete T&J Salon Professionals SM Masinag Branch is the community brand of Tony and Jackey. The creation of community brand T&J Salon Professional is to cater the potential market not served by the existing Bangs Prime Salon, the other market seeking for quality and economical, in terms of price and salon service Bangs Tony & Jackey Salon was first established in 2001 in Remedios Street corner Guerrero Street Malate, Manila. A salon that would cater the needs of Koreans and give them the satisfaction that they are like in their own country. It started as a five-seated, one-shampoo station salon, but now, Tony and Jacky Beauty Salon is growing and taking.

The Digital Perm is a new technique from Japan being used to introduce a natural wave to the hair giving the sort of relaxed, tousled waves celebrities have made desirable I kind of found their prices expensive since, aaminin ko (I admit), I get my hair and nails done at those salons that offer them at Php 50 each. However, compared to other Korean salons like Tony and Jackey, Park Jun, and Simon Kim, their prices are pretty affordable. Genie/Ginny (I have bad memory for names Starting Price is P4000. ₱4,000. Rebond or Perm Package. Rebond or Setting / Digital Perm includes Haircut Medicine to be use: Prime Aqua L'Oreal X-Tenso Prime Black Class. see the image for the PACKAGE PROMO price. Hair Color. by length Root 2000 > 1000 ~ 50% OFF Short 2200 > 1760 ~ 20% OFF Medium 2500 > 2000 ~ 20% OFF Long 3000 > 2500 ~ 20%.

The branch also specializes in Digital Perm, Rebond and Stylish Haircut for men and women. They are keen on providing the highest level of salon experience and dedication when making your precious hair more beautiful. Tony and Jackey aspires to provide better services to clients to meet their satisfaction Tony & Jackey Hair Salon was established on and about year of 2001. Established by two Korean hair stylist name Mr. Tony and his friend and partner Mr. Jackey. Back then it was just small salon with 5 sits. Because of their great skill and qualities of works, Tony & Jackey hair salon have become known to the citizens of Manila Services & Prices. Let us spoil you. Expertly educated, our teams deliver superior hairdressing and treatments, and our beautifully designed salons offer you a space to relax. Haircuts. Our team of talented stylists interpret the latest trends for women, men and children, adapting them to suit your individual style Tony and Jackey aspires better services to our clients to meet their satisfaction. T&J Salon Professionals by Tony & Jackey is located at the 2nd Floor, near the elevator (beside Mang Inasal). Salon hours is from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Be updated on Tony & Jackey promos and updates, visit www.tnjsalon.com

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Digi perm way back then costed 5-8k and was only available in Tony and Jackey Salon. They say that when your hair is rebonded, the only way to perm it is digital. But I still go for traditional perming since I got this so much confidence with my hair that it will not get damage I researched about which salon I'd like to have my hair permed. My first choice was Tony and Jackey but then I came across blogs having positive reviews about BeautyBrick. I've read blog posts about the services and price list of BeautyBrick. For digital perming, its only 3,300-3,500. For stra-curl, its 5000 From Straight Hair to Curly Hair (Again) Last week, I spent my days off in Manila. I arrived Wednesday night and the following day, I spent my afternoon at Tony and Jackey Tomas Morato for my perm appointment. Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato Branch. My hair is naturally curly, but because I want to change my look every now and then, I had it.

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Korean perm [email protected] 11. 2017 Different perm hair for women Source Attractive Perm long curls hairstyles Source Beautiful Perm medium hair for girls 2017 Source Black women hairstyles for curly long hair Source Almost every woman at least once in life manifested itself in a situation where I want to bring to life some changes. And for men, an easier styling experience and a fuller. Tony & Jackey Address: G/F Centro Plaza Building, Tomas Morato corner Timog Ave., Quezon City Contact: 407-6928 Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Go for: Korean Digital Perm, P3,000. Why We Liked It: This treatment will definitely add some sex appeal to your strands. Once they apply the solution and rollers, they hook you up to an.

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But then with reputation of Tony and Jackey's excellent Korean hairstyling, it is certainly worth a try. Both male and female clients kept the stylists busy when I was having the rebond. The regular rates are P500 for women's haircut and P300 for men. Currently, they are on promo: P300 for women and P150 for men Thankfully I found the two best salons for digital perms in the Philippines! #1 Tony and Jackey (Pricey) #2 Beauty Brick (Great but lasts only 4 months) RATING: 3 STARS Based on the reviews, I went for Tony and Jackey because though it was more expensive their reviews said that their digital perm lasts 1yr+++ FIX: PRICE: Hair Cut: 185: 250: 350: 500: STYLE: Cleanse & Fix: 225: Semi Dress-up: 350: Cleanse, Fix & Dress-up/Stretch: 500: TREATMENTS: SHORT: LONG: Proteline. Tony & Jackey hair blessing rebond or digital perm with haircut for P2999 (P8500 value) Redeemable in 20 branches Aside from their entertainment gimmicks and catchy REQUEST TO REMOVE EYP.ph | Listings of Top Fitness Gyms, Medical Clinics and. Digital Perm! Event: My Ultimate Unnie/Noona. Digital Perm! By hanie, June 20, 2007 in soompi hangout.

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I was searching through the net and was looking for Tony and Jackey, the korean salon. I want to visit their salon and ask if i can have my hair permed already. because i had my hair straightened 6 months ago (relaxed) and colored. So i'm kind of in doubt. Bench fix also has digital perm but i'm not sure if they can do better than Tony and Jackey I was to meet them at 6750 Ayala Avenue Building where I would have to have my haircut while my cousin, Kat will have her digital perm. This was at Essensuals Toni & Guy. Katrina before her digital perm. The hair cut & digital perm process. Our new hair styles Digital Perm! Event: Thread spotlight - Discover Jung Il Woo, who has bossam (kidnap) many hearts! Digital Perm! By hanie, June 20, 2007 in soompi hangout. After a year of pondering, I took the plunge. I went to Tony and Jackey Salon, a Korean Salon in Buendia Makati, and tried their digital perm. I have extremely rebellious hair and been to different salon for hair rebonding. But it got boring after some time. I really wanted to try something new. A curly hair Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA Metro Area Phone: (818) 362-3456 Website: Digital Photo Lab Business Information Digital Photo Lab also does business as One Hour Photomax, Photo Max . REQUEST TO REMOVE Picture City - Digital Photo Lab and Studio Services.

The TONI&GUY Photographic Awards is an annual creative competition open to T&G students, staff and alumni from our nationwide network of cosmetology schools and hair salons. The awards have celebrated the best in cosmetology since 1996. Artists submit photos to compete in one of many award categories Rebond TONY AND JACKEY Let their Korean hair experts get you ready for the big party and shine like a star! Digital Perm YSTILO SALON Show off a new you at the office party by getting a. For someone who has a digipermed hair for years, I've road tested quite a few hair products in between. L'Oreal Professionnel Wave Contour Spray, however, is new to me. I got them when I went to the Korean Style Launch of L'Oreal and Tony & Jackey (more on that HERE) I usually avail their digital perm, meaning atleast every three months I would pay pretty much P8000. It is very costly especially if you really want shiny, easy & soft, perfect curls. I really was, really happy when I saw the hair blessing rebond or digital perm and haircut through class products at tony & jackey for P2999 from METRODEAL

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In the end, i was really satisfied with my Tony & Jackey experience. Sure, it was a little expensive compared to other salons but I felt like I really got my money's worth. I didn't get bored even if the treatment was 4 hours long thanks to their innovation of the smart mirror and as you can see they did a good job treating my hair I wanted to do gradient but I have nothing to use to do that effect so I did a sort of two-toned polish. 1. Apply 2-3 coats of the pink polish. 2. Apply the red polish on 1/3 of each nails. 3. Top with another coat of the pink polish to make it look a bit gradient-ish. 4. Design the flowers November 11-15 is Wear Your Color Proud Week! Loreal Professional Ph together with their partner salons are offering a 1+1 hair color promo! From November 11 to November 15 2013, enjoy a new hair color for you and for 1 friend for the price of 1! Visit Loreal's partner salons to know more about their promo! Tony and Jackey Starbucks is the most popular coffee shop not only in the Philippines, but the whole world today. The Seattle based international coffeehouse company has since taken over the global market spanning 20,891 stores worldwide

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