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Redland Primary School Child Protection Policy Redland Primary School fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection. 1. Purpose of policy We recognise that because of their day to day contact with children, the staff at Redland Primary School is well placed to observe the outward signs of abuse This Child Protection policy is for all staff, parents, governors, volunteers and the wider school community. It forms part of the safeguarding arrangements for our school and should be read in conjunction with the following: Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE, 2020) the school Behaviour policy 4.3 Child(ren) In this policy, a child(ren) refers to a student who attends school whether day care, kindergarten (Pre-school), primary or secondary school and all those below the age of 18 years who are not in school. 4.4 Child Protection Is the term used to describe the responsibilities and activities undertaken t Stoke Primary School Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy . Also refer to additional Policy - Child Protection / Safeguarding through Covid-19 Policy. Date of Last Review: September 2019 : Reviewed by: Ann Marrs - Headteacher (up to 20/12/19

Toggle Navigation. About Us. Chrisland At A Glance; Founder's Note; Managing Director's Note; Codes & Policies. School Policy; Child Protection Policy; Swimming Pool Policy The Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the procedures) set out specific oversight requirements that apply to all school boards of management, including in relation to the provision by the school Principal of a Child Protection Oversight Report at every board of management meeting Child Protection Policy. Brighton Grammar School is committed to fulfilling its duty of care to all students and specifically students under the age of 16 in relation to the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic), which was amended in 2014 to include offences of: (i) failing to disclose a sexual offence; (ii) grooming for sexual conduct; and (iii) failing to. The Child Protection Policy for Schools is a comprehensive approach to ensure child safety and protection through inter-agency networking and inter-departmental convergence. However, the two primary legislations that govern child protection issues are the Juvenile Justice Act and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

Central Primary School fully recognises the contribution it makes to safeguarding and child protection. There are three main elements to our policy:  prevention through the teaching and pastoral support offered to pupils  procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse Safeguarding and child protection in schools Schools play an essential role in protecting children from abuse. They have regular contact with children and young people so are in a strong position to identify signs of abuse and neglect. Schools and Covid-1 CHILD PROTECTION POLICY FOR LEVERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL 1. Introduction Schools and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding system for children. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play in safeguarding children extended school and off-site activities. The policy covers child protection and the school's wider safeguarding practices and procedures. It refers to statutory guidance in 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' (KCSIE) September 2020 and 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' (2019). Child protection is part of safeguarding and. Child Protection Policy At Currie Primary School we are all committed to creating an environment where all children are safe from abuse and neglect. AIMS The well-being of the children takes precedence over any other consideration. In order to do this we will: Adhere to the procedures set out in the City of Edinburgh Child Protection Guidelines

received. In school, this common practice with all staff after the policy has been renewed. Any weaknesses in Child Protection are remedied immediately A member of the Governing Body, usually the Chair, is nominated to liaise with the LA on Child Protection issues and in the event of an allegation of abuse made against the Headteache Child Protection Policy for the Ministry of Education. The Children's Act 2014, requires us — along with other State services and organisations providing government-funded services to children and families — to have a Child Protection Policy (CPP). The Act requires our policy to: contain, at a minimum, how we identify and report child. Child protection policy. Children International's Child Protection Policy is made up of several components, all with the goal of keeping children and youth safe. It includes agency-specific child protection protocols, guidelines for reporting incidents, steps for preventing abuse, training for CI staff and volunteers, the rules we follow for.

Child Protection Policy. Our policy was last updated in January 2020 and can be found here Roundwood Primary School Page 3 of 45 September 2020 1. INTRODUCTION Safeguarding is defined as: protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of children's health or development, ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care and taking action to enable al At St David's CiW Primary School, we have separate policies within which, we aim to address many of the above areas. We have a Health & Safety Policy that addresses many of the areas including security, pupil welfare and educational visits; we also have a separate Anti Bullying Policy, Racial Equality Policy and eSafety Policy - these can be. the Department of Education (Northern Ireland) guidance Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools (DENI Circular 2017/04 and the Area Child Protection Committees' Regional Policy and Procedures (2005) The following principles form the basis of our Child Protection Policy. The child or young person's welfare is paramount Addendum (NY)to Elevate's Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 30.3.20 updated 15 01 21.pdf. Download. Addendum to Elevate's Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in Light of COVID 19.pdf. Download. Behaviour Policy Anti-bullying Policy Updated June 2019.pdf. Download. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy Updated April 2019.pdf

Child protection, safety and code of conduct. Our children are our greatest resource; their future, our greatest responsibility. All permanent, casual and temporary employees of the NSW Department of Education are bound by rules, policies and codes of conduct aimed to protect the welfare and wellbeing of students - our primary stakeholders A member of staff in each school has been appointed to be responsible for Child Protection matters and special training has been given to these people. Should you wish further advice about Child Protection and the safety of children, please feel free to contact the school Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. Teaching and Learning COVID-19 Appendix. Teaching and Learning Policy. Visitor and Parent Code of conduct. Wellbeing and Workload Policy. Whistle Blowing Policy. School Procedures and Expectations. These school policies are specific to Lavender Primary. They are currently not available to download

CHILD PROTECTION POLICY FOR LINCEWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL 1. Introduction Schools and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding system for children. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play in safeguarding children Policies & Procedures. The school maintains a collection of policies relevant to the smooth running of the school, many of which are of interest to parents. To access our statutory school policy documents, click the relevant download link below. Other policy documents are available on request by contacting the school office

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Inmans Primary School Child Protection & Safeguarding Advice and contact list September 2019 (For notice board display. This list should be made available to all staff) Role / Agency Name & role Contact details School Sue FellowsDesignated Safeguarding Lead/ Child Protection Coordinator sfellows@inmansprimaryschool.co.uk 01482 89948 14. Designate a governor for child protection who will oversee the schools child protection policy and practice. This governor will feed back to the Governing Body on child protection matters as and when required, and will be required to write an annual report to the Governing ody on the schools child protection activities. 4

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The department's policy on child protection is outlined in the child protection in schools, early childhood education and care policy (PDF 181KB). The department has an agreement with the non-government schooling sectors to jointly develop child protection related policies Data Protection Policy Child Protection Policy Addendum to St Anne's Child Protection Policy Attendance Policy Anti-Bullying Policy Parental Complaints Procedure Intimate Care (ACPC) Policy. 028 9061 5414. Saint Anne's Primary School 50 Kingsway, Finaghy, Belfast BT10 0NE. 028 9061 5414 The school's buildings and facilities, security and protection measures are compatible with child protection and related policies. The school takes measures to ensure the safety and protection of students in homestay accommodation or on residential trips and student-exchange programmes

CHILD PROTECTION POLICY FOR ASHDON PRIMARY SCHOOL, DURING SCHOOL CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19 1. Introduction Schools and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding system for children and, in conjunction with other agencies, they play a vital role in safeguarding children during the current emergency arrangements considered a child until the age of 18 years. See National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 (para 21-24) for more detailed guidance on this 5 Child: This procedure is in respect of all children. A child includes babies, children and young people from pre-birth up to 18 years Meadow Heights Primary School is a 'Sun Smart' school. Legionnaire or broad brimmed school hats MUST be worn by students during Term 1. New Prep students will be given a Legionnaire hat FREE conference and a child protection review conference and be able to attend and contribute to these effectively when required to do so 3. Ensure each member of staff has access to and understands the school's safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures, especially new and part time staff 4 childhood education settings, primary and secondary schools), it is hoped that it will also be useful for those working to promote child rights education through other channels, such as in the media, with children's organizations and through children's involvement in advocacy

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This section of the child protection policy should be used to list school policies, practices and activities that are particularly relevant to child protection (e.g. the Code of Behaviour/Anti-bullying Policy, Pupil Attendance Strategy, Supervision of Pupils, Sporting Activities/School Outings/Pupil Work Placements at post primary etc. Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment. Written Assessment of Risk of St. Brigid's Primary School In accordance with section 11 of the Children First Act 2015 and with the requirement of Chapter 8 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017, the following is the Written Risk Assessment of St. Brigid's Primary School. This policy is for all staff, parents, governors, volunteers and the wider school community. It forms part of the child protection and safeguarding arrangements for our school and is one of a suite of policies and procedures which encompass the safeguarding responsibilities of the school 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Introduction Safeguarding is the responsibility that an organisation has to ensure that their employees and volunteers, partners, vendors, operations and programmes do no harm to children, young people or vulnerable adults1 (together referred to as 'vulnerable people' under this policy); that they do not expose them to the risk o

Central Primary School Child Protection Policy . 2 Model Child Protection Policy for Schools Page 2 of 47 September 2020 CSF0034 THIS IS A PROFORMA POLICY AND THEREFORE SHOULD BE AMENDED TO FIT THE SCHOOL'S SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS AND TO REFLECT LOCAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Policy Review. School Child Protection Policy . 2 Contents times, what is in the best interests of the child 1 a. Thornhill Primary School recognises the importance of creating and maintaining a safeguarding culture that will help all pupils to feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel.

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  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection. Information and resources are provided for school Governors, Principals, Designated Teachers/Deputy Designated Teachers and for all EA staff including those with designated safeguarding responsibilities to support them in safeguarding children and young people
  2. The Child Protection policy is an intrinsic part of the overall pastoral programme of the School and aims to ensure that the welfare of all children in Steelstown Primary School is safeguarded and their safety preserved
  3. The school recognises its responsibilities and duties to report Child Protection concerns to the social work service within Children's Services and to assist Children's Services in Child Protection enquiries and in supporting Children in Need. This policy is in line with the London Child Protection Procedures 2017 (5th edition amended Octobe
  4. That child protection activities feature on the agenda of the Board of Governors meetings and termly updates & annual report are provided. That the school's child protection policy is reviewed annually and that parents and pupils receive a copy/summary of this policy at least once every 2 years. That confidentiality is paramount
  5. Child Protection Policy . Child Protection Policy. Back To Top. Contact Us. Knowsley Village Primary School Sugar Lane, Knowsley Village, Liverpool, L34 0ER. Telephone: 0151 289 534
  6. ated governor for child protection in this school is: Name: Roger Silk 3.3 The responsibilities placed on governing bodies and proprietors include: Ensuring that an effective child protection policy is in place and reviewed annually, together with a staff behaviour policy (code of conduct) and tha
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Child Protection During COVID-19 Response for Educators Latest Updates: Child Protection News Groomed: how a film-maker learned to confront a childhood of abuse (The Guardian, 17 March 2021); Half of men have had unwanted sexual experiences, UK study finds (The Guardian, 16 Feb 2021); DfE warns schools could be closed over 'rape culture' claims (The Guardian, 28 March 2021 Mill Lane, Broxbourne, Herts EN10 7AY (Sat Nav EN10 7AU) Tel/Fax: 01992 462419 Email: office@broxbourne-pri.herts.sch.u Child protection policy. Schools and colleges will have an effective child protection policy in place reflecting business as usual. This should already have been updated to reflect the response to. Safeguarding. It is the aim of all leaders, managers and governors at Harehills Primary School to create a culture of vigilance where our children's welfare is promoted and where timely and appropriate safeguarding action is taken if needed.. To enable us to ensure Safeguarding relates to all aspects of life we regularly review all aspects of Safeguarding within school

The purpose of this policy is to: ensure school staff are aware of and comply with their legal responsibilities to protect the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. explain the process following a report to Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Child Protection service (Child Protection) Online safeguarding training for teachers and school staff in primary and secondary schools. Learn to recognise, respond and report concerns. Interactive 3-hour course from the UK's experts in child protection child protection. This article examines policy and practice in relation to child protection in primary schools and reports the perspectives of child protection coordinators. It draws on the findings of the Social Work in Primary Schools (SWIPS) project based on qualitative research in 15 primary schools and a national questionnaire survey. Th and a child protection review conference and be able to attend and contribute to these effectively when required to do so 3. Ensure each member of staff has access to and understands the school's safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures, especially new and part time staff 4 • ensures that the child protection policy is updated annually; • keeps a record of staff attendance at early help and child protection training; • makes this policy available to parents; • In addition to transferring the child protection file when a child leaves the school, the DSL will consider if i

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  1. St. Joseph's RC Primary School, Jarrow Child Protection Policy the child understand the abuse, and is able to offer help and protection. The reactions of practitioners also have an impact on the child's ability to cope with what has happened, and on his or her feelings of self worth
  2. School Calendar; Inset Days 2020-21& links to Term Dates; COVID - 19 Information; Special Events and Celebrations. Eisteddfod 2017; World Book Day; Community News/Events & Training; E-Safety; Friends of Rumney Primary School (PTA) School Policies. Admission Arrangements; Anti - Bullying policy; Child Protection Policy; Complaints procedure.
  3. Hello, Craig, a child protection drama, was targeted at five‐ and six‐year olds in 28 primary schools in England. It aimed to encourage pupils to develop strategies to deal with appropriate and inappropriate touch in a variety of social settings. It also enabled teachers to introduce the sensitive issue of personal safety in a safe and stimulating way
  4. individual schools and colleges to have an effective child protection policy. The procedures contained in this policy apply to all staff, including and governors, temporary or third- party agency staff and volunteers) and are consistent with those outlined within KCSIE 2020
  5. Child Protection Policy. Home; Statutory Information; Policies; Child Protection Policy; Eastling Primary School Child Protection Policy 2020.pdf Website Menu. Home; All About Us. Welcome; Staff; School History. 1860-1880; 1880-1884 Headteacher: Miss Bessie Higham; 1884-1889 Headteacher: Mr John Smith.
  6. Johnson Fold will strive to ensure that all pupils remain safe and free from harm, and the school is committed to playing a full and active part in the multi-agency approach to child protection concerns. Additionally, the school has a legal duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and to have a child protection policy and.

Child Protection policy. Class Organisation in Primary Schools - March 2021. Email Policy - January 2020. Family Learning Policy March 2018. Head Lice Polic. Homework from August 2019. JGPS Clubs Statement. Languages cluster policy. Managing school anxiety and refusing to attend school. Modern Foreign Languages policy. Music-provision. Evaluation: This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three year review process. The Child Safe Policy was reviewed and updated by Oakleigh South Primary School Council on February 20, 2019 and is scheduled for review in February 2020 Part 5 Safeguarding and Child Protection Covid-19 Interim Policy. Part 6 Safeguarding and Child Protection Covid-19 Interim Policy. Admissions Policy. Anti Bullying Policy. Attendance Policy. Behaviour Management Policy (COVID) Charging and Remissions Policy. Complaints Policy. Data Protection Policy. Dealing with Extremism and Radicalisatio

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  1. Child Friendly Policies. The children and staff have written child friendly versions of the school policies that they feel are important to children. These have been discussed and agreed by the School Council. The children have other policies they want to work on so more will be added over time. Behaviour Policy For Home Learning (1.6.20
  2. child protection procedures and how we will safeguard and promote the welfare of their children through the publication of this school child protection policy These duties and responsibilities, as set out within the Education Act 2002 sec175 and 157, DfE Statutory Guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 and HM Workin
  3. Child Protection Policy . PDF Attachments. Child Protection Policy. NYSCP Covid 19 Child Protection Policy Addendum. Related Content. Safeguarding. Beckwithshaw Community Primary School. Church Row. Beckwithshaw. Harrogate. HG3 1QW Tel: 01423 504642 Main Contact: Catherine Drury. Headteacher: Lisa Jackson-Ward. Part of the . Footer menu
  4. PCC/Dept for Children and Schools/Child Protection Policy 8 November 2015 (b) The Safeguarding in Education Manager must be informed of all child protection referrals, preferably by sending her/him electronically a copy of the completed inter-agency referral form. (c) The Designated Child Protection Teacher should seek feedback from the Dut
  5. national goals for child protection: • Safety. All children have the right to live in an environment free from abuse and neglect. The safety of children is the paramount concern that must guide child protection efforts. • Permanency. Children need a family and a permanent place to call home. A sense of continuity and connectedness is.
  6. King David Primary School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures . Approved by: N Joseph and S Wiseglass Date: March 2019 Last reviewed on: March 2019 Next review due by: March 202

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  1. Parkmore Primary School Child Protection Policy and Procedures Page 1 of 4 1. Rationale: Parkmore Primary School is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of students and explain the roles and responsibilities to staff in accordance with DET guidelines
  2. RED HALL PRIMARY SCHOOL Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Date of Last Review: January 2020 Reviewed by: (name and date) Helen Tomlinson January 2020 Agreed by Governors: (date) 01.10.2018 Shared with all Staff: (date) 10.10.2018/07.01.2019 Frequency of Review: Annually Date of Next Review: September 202
  3. Bannockburn Primary School is a primary school with very high aspirations for pupils, their families and the community of Plumstead, Greenwich. Quick Links. Safeguarding Child & Protection Policy: Walking to School & Home Alone Policy: Bannockburn Primary School, Church Manor Way, Plumstead, London, SE2 0HY. 020 8317 5937; Headteacher Mrs Ford
  4. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Approved by Date Education Committee September 2018 Last reviewed on Next review due March 2020 March 2021 . INTRODUCTION University of Cambridge Primary School fully recognises the responsibility it has under section 157/175 of the Education Act 2002 to have arrangements in place to safeguard and.
  5. Molescroft Primary School Strategic Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy September 2020 For the purpose of this policy: o 'staff' refers to all paid adults, volunteers or students on placement, working in any capacity in the school or in activities organised by the school, which brings them into contact with pupils of the school
  6. An effective whole-school child protection policy is one which provides clear direction to staff and others about expected behaviour when dealing with child protection issues. An effective policy also makes explicit the school's commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures
  7. Below you will find a list of some of Westroyd's School policies: Accessibility Plan Sept 2019-2022. Attendance Policy 2021-2022. 82 - Anti-bullying policy 2019 - 2021. Behaviour-Principles-Statement. Behaviour Policy July 2021. Complaints Policy September 2020. Charging Policy - Nursery - 1 Sept 2020 - 31 August 2021

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Child Protection Policy 2020 - Haslington Primary School Safeguarding procedures at Orchard Community Primary School are underpinned by three key principles: Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility: all staff, governors and volunteers play their full part in keeping our children safe and protecting them from abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns. Orchard operates a child-centred approach. Molescroft Primary School Woodmansey CE Primary School C19 Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Written March 2020 4 We expect that children with a social worker and / or EHCP will attend, unless in consultation with the child's social worker and family it is agreed this is not in the best interests of the child PRIMARY 1 & NURSERY ADMISSIONS SEPTEMBER 2021. Parent Reopening Information September 2020. FREE MEALS SEPTEMBER 2020 - JUNE 2021. P1 ADMISSIONS SEPTEMBER 2020. Mrs. Murray. Miss. Braniff. Mrs. Markey. Miss. Cunningham. SEPTEMBER 2020 RE-OPENING UPDATES for safeguarding and child protection. It is applicable to the whole school community. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone's responsibility, whether they work or volunteer in the school. Everyone has a role to play in child protection and safeguarding

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Child protection in primary schools will help you to understand your role and responsibilities in protecting children and young people from abuse or harm. The course is for all teaching staff, teaching assistants, governors, support staff or volunteers who come into contact with children and young people in schools. Modules include Policy & Guidance Rationale The Policy and Guidance documents below (available via individual links) are provided on the basis that they may prove useful to support parents/carers throughout the duration of their child's learning journey, while attending Cannich Bridge Nursery and Primary School. The documents provided are not exhaustive, instead representing a collection of guidance. RLT Complaints Policy. RLT Constitution 2019. Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement. Windrush Church of England School Uniform Policy. Windrush CofE Primary Behaviour Principles Policy Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies. Pimperne Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of each and every child. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children can be defined as: protecting children from maltreatment; preventing impairment of children's health or development; ensuring that children grow. Mike Ion, Director of Education and Kekshan Salaria, Primary Head of School Improvement act as the Designated Safeguarding Leads for the central Trust Team. A member of the Board of Trustees will also oversee policy of Child Protection & Safeguarding. They provide strategic support and will delegate to the Principal and Designated Safeguardin

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  1. The Policy released on 5/3/2010 reflects revisions to Child Protection Legislation under Keep Them Safe: A shared approach to child wellbeing. From the beginning of the 2014 school year the requirement for Principals to provide a copy of Child Protection Form A reports to their Director, Public Schools NSW was removed
  2. Schools cannot charge fees or ask for contributions as a condition for admission or continued admission , with the exception of fee-charging secondary schools, boarding schools and admission to post leaving certificate or further education courses run by post-primary schools. Since 2018, primary schools are not allowed to use religion as a.
  3. CHILD PROTECTION POLICY FOR LEVERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL, DURING SCHOOL CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19 1. Introduction Schools and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding system for children and, in conjunction with other agencies, they play a vital role in safeguarding children during the current emergency arrangements
  4. Spotting the signs of neglect, supporting children and families affected by domestic abuse, trauma or grief, protecting young people from exploitation, and ensuring outstanding safeguarding cultures in our schools is crucial. Our 17th annual Child Protection in Education conference is your opportunity to network with leading educational lawyers.
  5. Brady Primary School. Please see below for a full list of our current policies: Curriculum. Maths policy.pdf-. Marking and feedback- September 2019.doc. phonics policy.docx-. Mathematics Calculation Policy 2020.pdf-. Mathematics Policy 2020.docx-. Literacy updated policy January 2019-V255014957.docx-
  6. Accountability Policy. anti bullying policy. Art Policy. Assessment Policy. Attendance Policy. Attendance Strategy for Schools September 2017. Behaviour Policy. Charging and Remissions Policy. Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy
  7. West Bengal: Child rights body seeks RTE in primary schools. KOLKATA: The West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, which is also the nodal agency for Right to Education in the state.

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CHILD PROTECTION POLICY & PROCEDURES | SEPT 2020 Child Protection Policy & Procedures Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide a policy as part of Grace Lutheran Primary School's written processes about how the school will respond to harm, or allegations or harm, to students under 18 years old, and th Catholic schools in NSW are committed to creating child-safe environments where the safety, well-being and dignity of all children is paramount. Catholic schools acknowledge the important legal, moral and spiritual responsibility to create a safe and nurturing environment for students and comply with all laws that apply in relation to child safety Child protection is the safeguarding of children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides for the protection of children in and out of the home. One of the ways to ensure this is by giving them quality education, the fourth of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to other child protection systems

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Safer organisations, safer children (2015), an inter-agency child protection policy guideline that outlines what a good child protection policy should contain, along with links to supporting resources. Bullying prevention and response: A guide for schools (2015) (PDF) from the Bullying Prevention Advisory Group Child Protection - information for parents; Fact sheets for school staff inclu ding teachers, allied health and other school based staff. Identifying - sexual exploitation (pdf - 300.63kb) Identifying - sexual exploitation (docx - 90.16kb) Responding - sexual exploitation (pdf - 278.04kb) Responding - sexual exploitation (docx - 86.89kb

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